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Anonymous 2012-12-20 04:23:28 No.30001702

[Missing image file: samsung-galaxy-s3-hands-on-15.jpg]

i have a us cellular locked galaxy s3. how can i go about getting service on it from another provider prepaid and/or contract?

its white, 16gb, SCH-R530U model, R530U.01 hardware, galaxy s3, us cellular stamped on back, starts up with us cellar screen. i got it for $100 from my cousin who got the new motorola touch screen as a replacement because he wasnt getting good signals or some shit. i still have the sim card and if i put it in the phone connects to towers and drains the battery even faster.

it has a sim card.

it does not currently have a contract/service on it. it still connects to towers and gets signal and sets time if i have the sim card in it.

can i unlock it and make it open to any service with a sim card? im not sure what unlocking a phone is. if i could do that, would i be able to buy a phone with a sim card and use that sim card in my s3 and have all the service from that phone on my s3?

i have a contract with verizon, its a pretty basic contract, no data. i have a shitty flip phone and i only use it for txt and call. i have always kept my multimedia handheld and cell phone seperate. ive never liked having to pay an extra 20-30 bucks for data. i dont mind only having internet when im connected to wifi.

thanks guys in advance. i know its kind of a lot to read and i appreciate any and all help.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 04:36:45 No.30001928

Anonymous 2012-12-20 04:40:59 No.30002006
There are two ways to unlock the phone. The easiest BY FAR is to have your cousin call USCellular and have them unlock it. They will do this if he's had the phone at least 6 months or is still under contract.

The second method is to pay some bullshit website for the unlock code. It costs like $20.

Regardless of what you do, at this point you'd better root that bitch and install a fresh rom.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 04:42:48 No.30002042
Alternately if you just want to use it as a portable media device you can leave it in airplane mode until you want to use it.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 04:44:59 No.30002090
Unlocking a phone means to release the SIM lock the provider placed on it which "locks" the phone into functioning only with their network. You can contact US Cellular and ask them about getting the SIM unlock code but they'll probably not give it to you - if your friend is still with them he/she might be able to get the code.

If US Cellular will not provide the SIM unlock code at all, then you'd be forced to find some service to do it for a fee - there are many available, online and off. You can probably find a local cellular shop to do it for you as well (it's just a code they enter - you can see the request by putting in a non-US Cellular SIM card, like one from AT&T or T-Mobile, when you do and you restart the phone it'll ask for the unlock code).

If you try that with another SIM card and it doesn't, and it works, then the phone is already unlocked (unlikely but possible), only one way to find out for sure.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 04:46:08 No.30002115
it does not have service, i cannot make calls or txts or anything with it. it doesnt have a number, my cousin got the service trandferred over to a motorola phone. but my s3 still has the sim card in it.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 04:47:29 No.30002140
i just dont have the sim card inserted.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 04:48:01 No.30002144

If your cousin simply transferred service to another phone but is still with US Cellular, he/she can contact them and ask for the unlock code for the S3 he/she was previously using with them, but as noted already, that usually requires someone having an account for at least 6 months and being a good customer (not like 3 months behind on payments, etc).

Your cousin should be able to call them, provide the IMEI of the S3, and get the unlock code in seconds.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 04:50:47 No.30002196
ok well cool thanks. i know how to unlock it but after that if i unlocked it and had no sim card but the original us cellular sim card,how would get new service on it and would i be able to get prepaid service on it?

Anonymous 2012-12-20 04:52:36 No.30002229

[Missing image file: 1350333238529.gif]
I just realized that you're probably a teenager and are more than likely retarded.

There is this web resource called "Google". It's a search engine which can be used to find information from a variety of sources on the "world wide web" often called "the internet".

You SHOULD have used that to find your way over to the xda forums where you would have found ALL of your answers from much more knowledgeable men than myself.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 04:54:29 No.30002269
Step one buy a prepaid sim(or better yet go with a US Cellular plan because they have great prepaid plans)

Step two put it in your phone.

Step three pay your bill every month.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 04:58:10 No.30002339
OP if you can't find out how to unlock your phone on your own you should probably stay away from rooting your phone. Just unlock it and pop a new sim in there and youre gtg.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 05:01:32 No.30002419
i googled it dude and found a site that would unlock it just like you said for like $7. i already know how to show the imei then get the code and unlock it but didnt know that i could get it from us cellular for free. i googled that while waiting for a response from you guys. now i just want to know as much as possible about getting new service on it. id like to just put minutes on it like a track phone or something and not have to pay a lot for all that 3g data shit.

im 22 and use google to figure out everything. this time for this matter, i figured you guys would be the best way to find out.

i googled my way into figuring out theres no awesome free app store like on ios and that the best and pretty much only way is to download and install files. thats the one thing i really miss from my ipod touch, cydia and the free app store. it was a near exact copy of the app store but everything was free. updating was so easy..im getting off topic. on the subject of ios and android, i really like android so much more user control over the performance of the device that ios. im running version 4.0.4 but i think the new version is finally coming to us cellular this friday so ill insert my sim card and download that when it comes out.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 05:04:48 No.30002474

The best overall prepaid plan in the US right now is the T-Mobile $30/month 100 minutes talk/unlimited text/5GB data up to 4G speeds then it's EDGE from 5GB on but not limited at all, just throttled. If you have a need to make a lot more than 100 minutes of actual calls, use Google Voice + Talkatone or some other VoIP service and leave the 100 minutes alone entirely.

Other companies that have relatively easy plans are Simple Mobile, NET10, and SmartTalk which offer $45/$50 month unlimited plans (it's not unlimited data, more like 2GB then seriously throttling or cut off completely).

Go to the HowardForums and do research in the prepaid section to find deals like those or better ones. XDA is for learning about ROMs/rooting/etc, not phone plans - that's where HowardForums excels.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 05:05:42 No.30002490
been a while since I had US Cellular
but last I remembered they are a CDMA carrier, which means no sim
the sim in the phone is likely for LTE...Verizon is similar in this way, the sim is LTE only
it will be difficult to put on a different carrier
but you can probably put it on US Cellular prepaid if you visited a store etc.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 05:07:19 No.30002524

[Missing image file: OhReally.gif]
>no awesome free App store

Google: Galaxy S3 xdaforums

Your mind will explode with knowledge young one. Your journey begins today. Tomorrow you will awaken to a world of free Gnu/Linux based software.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 05:08:34 No.30002552
What about Virgin Mobile? It's like 35 bucks for unlimited data and 300 minutes, which you can use with google voice, right? Wouldn't that be a better choice?

Anonymous 2012-12-20 05:09:13 No.30002569
Forgot, Unlimited texts too.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 05:10:05 No.30002582
dude hell yeah thats what im talking about. that t-mobile sounds good. i have no idea about activating a prepaid phone that isnt purchased together with the minutes and activation kit. does t-mobile prepaid sell lines alone or do you need to purchase a phone? if they do, do they sell sim cards with the activation kit? if not or if so do..etc. you get what im wanting to figure out

Anonymous 2012-12-20 05:10:23 No.30002591
Shit's pretty fucking choice alright, but they've got shit coverage. A lot of people won't be in their service areas.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 05:13:32 No.30002653

[Missing image file: TheAngryDome.gif]
>tfw trapped on sprints 'unlimited' network with maximum speeds of 1-2 mps on '4g'.

I'm seriously getting tired of these providers bullshitting about their service.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 05:14:04 No.30002663
I think they use the Sprint towers. Solution would be to find friends who use Sprint in the area and check their satisfaction.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 05:14:29 No.30002668

[Missing image file: 1349520762368.jpg]
forgot the best part

$95 a month.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 05:19:11 No.30002750
so how do i get my unlocked gs3 on a t-mobile prepaid line? or on a boost mobile line? or on a virgin mobile line?

the only person around here i know with prepaid has boost mobile and they had pretty decent service. i know someone else in my hometown 90 miles away with boost and they also tell me its good and have actually recommended it to me. it appeals to me from what ive seen, unlimited everything? for $50 a month.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 05:21:13 No.30002783

[Missing image file: porco_rosso_image.jpg]
Find out if your phone is CDMA or GSM.

Find a network that supports your phones communication tech.

Take your unlocked phone to their store OR if you can manage it(no offense but you don't seem to tech savy) go to their website and sign up for prepaid service.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 05:22:43 No.30002808
it is cdma/lte

Anonymous 2012-12-20 05:26:23 No.30002870
Then go to boostmobile or Virgin and check out their prepaid plans. Whichever you prefer, buy. Their customer service should talk you through the rest.

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