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/ic/ Artwork/Critique

Threads added between 2013/10/04 16:00 and 2013/10/04 22:00

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Tell me what to draw /ic/:) My style: Asian inspired stylized (No explicit gore/sex..)
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What is your opinion on this "NOVOREALISM" thing /ic/? Is it an actual art movement or just some contemporary realist circlejerk? Personally I agree with most of the ideology but for some reason I don't see this changing much of the current art world tendencies.
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I have a big problem. I dont know how to improve myslef. I draw for 4 years and i suck. In this year im getting really into digital drawing/painting. Im drawing for hours every day... I cant shade that good and im new to blending. I dont know how to make all those details and perfect shapes... Its cool when I have to draw something from my head or when its a nature like branch, i can shade that. But when it comes to something in particualr i just give up. I wanted to paint armor... but I just cant fucking do it even when i look at pictures thers no way i can blend anything that will look like on reference... The question for you guys is what do i do to master shading and blending everything.. like armor plate, wood, ice, glass, everything.. how do I make those fucking details..reference dont help me also i dont know how to make my objects symetrical, when its something other than nature I just cant do it... I think im hopeless. the way I do stuff is usualy like this: sketch what i want to draw then i put cuple of shades on it with 60 % opacity. Then by useing eyedrop tool and same opacity I mix those shades with eachother. Then I go with 30 % opacity and mix even more mostly with lighter tone. Picture related some balls I shaded long time ago. They are not that bad but I cant shade more complex looking stuff. halp.
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Art is a serious thing.

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