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Anonymous 2013-09-30 03:46:33 No.11478593

[Missing image file: 1367286024014.jpg]

Previous thread: >>11422589

Denpa song English guide:
Denpa no Sekai Blog:
Music downloads:
Denpa song bot (new songs every day):
In-detail analysis of denpa aesthetic:
takeshi0406's blog (very informative):
Denpunk bot:
Japanese guy who makes denpa and moe songs mixes:
moep's blog, he posts buy lists for events like Comiket and M3:

?????? 2013-09-30 03:56:06 No.11478615

[Missing image file: mmbk5.jpg]
Go! ho! loli seems to be quite a popular song

Anonymous 2013-09-30 04:12:46 No.11478644
Well lolis are usually pretty popular.

Anonymous 2013-09-30 09:15:46 No.11479429

New MOSAIC.WAV album for their 10th anniversary. Article says about half the album is new songs. First print edition comes with a special DVD.

Anonymous 2013-09-30 09:20:18 No.11479441
who crazy here?

Anonymous 2013-09-30 10:13:44 No.11479514



Anonymous 2013-09-30 10:26:59 No.11479531
I am delighted.

Anonymous 2013-09-30 20:19:44 No.11481024
Oh my fucking god. Am I dreaming?

Anonymous 2013-10-01 02:50:51 No.11482474
Oh the memories.

>fripSide nao Project!
I never liked fripside. I'm glad nao is pursuing her own career.

Anonymous 2013-10-01 02:55:13 No.11482497
i crazy here

Anonymous 2013-10-01 04:11:51 No.11482894


Anonymous 2013-10-01 10:00:41 No.11484031

[Missing image file: main_img.png]
looks like mosaic.wav is going for the double release with the new vocaloid release on the same day. pretty wild cover this time for their original album....

Anonymous 2013-10-01 10:38:08 No.11484112

[Missing image file: 1380587379247.jpg]
This looks good. Is it wrong that I enjoy the art to all of this stuff way more than the music itself? I just can't really get into denpa stuff; though I do adobe the OP to Denpa Onna.

Anonymous 2013-10-01 11:18:48 No.11484192
Why are they using Vocaloid if they have miko? Getting real tired of this shit.

Anonymous 2013-10-01 11:26:42 No.11484210
vocaloid sells, and exposes mosaic.wav to a new audience too. but i agree that the heartsnative series is pretty weak compared to their usual output....

Anonymous 2013-10-01 14:32:35 No.11484680
Did you upload this? If so, thanks. 33.turbo is my favorite denpa group.

Anonymous 2013-10-01 22:18:01 No.11485858
Beautiful orchestra arrange of Märchen Debut.

Some people can't see the nice composition behind some denpa songs just because they hate them beforehand and call it shit music and whatnot.

Man same here. And Satsuki is doing the same thing.

Indeed, probably their lewdest art yet.

Anonymous 2013-10-01 22:59:56 No.11485941
gudatte poyotte jankenpoi!

Anonymous 2013-10-01 23:02:22 No.11485949
It has been said before, but shrshr is the best gdgd.

Anonymous 2013-10-01 23:05:06 No.11485956
Also I love the way she talks.

Anonymous 2013-10-01 23:25:35 No.11486002
Me too. I'm not sure if she does that voice for any other character besides shrshr and Misao, which is a shame.


I guess this might be denpa enough for this thread.

Anonymous 2013-10-01 23:30:28 No.11486013
Damn, that orchestra arrange is pretty neat.

Anonymous 2013-10-01 23:38:31 No.11486033
Talking about the gdgd Fairies OST, the composer published a series of posts describing his experience making each song.

(The song name links to the respective post)

Pretty interesting read. It seems he got interested in denpa songs after working on this. As I thought, they first compose -> arrange -> make lyrics -> record vocals.

Anonymous 2013-10-02 00:07:28 No.11486102
uuuu... I wish I knew enough Japanese to read this. I could barely understand episode 0 of season 2...

Anonymous 2013-10-02 00:30:58 No.11486158
Interesting. I read through the first one and it was pretty funny, I guess I'll have to read through the rest of them too.

Anonymous 2013-10-02 03:57:50 No.11486852
I'm really sad that they never made the full version of gdgd?????. I find it funny that the composer mentioned that he didn't worry too much about making it denpa-ish but due to the joking nature of it and the poor mixing it ended up being the most crazy sounding track.


Anonymous 2013-10-02 20:42:21 No.11489041
...Are those angels wearing diapers? Cute.

Anonymous 2013-10-03 00:26:35 No.11489842

[Missing image file: cover.jpg]
Anyone care to translate the lyrics of all three songs in this album? I feel like I'm missing a fuckton of good lyrics.

Anonymous 2013-10-03 01:41:19 No.11490002
I will if you find me the Japanese lyrics.

...although I don't know what I could do with the third track.

Anonymous 2013-10-03 03:11:53 No.11490161
I'll just leave this classic here


Anonymous 2013-10-04 01:24:47 No.11492850
That song isn't even catchy. I found it pretty boring, to be honest.

Anonymous 2013-10-04 09:06:13 No.11494001

[Missing image file: jacket.jpg]

I wish there was a full version of the cover somewhere. I looked on the artist's pixiv and it wasn't there. Includes booklet scans, although I don't know how to scan shit so they're pretty bad but readable. The cover I scanned myself is particularly horrible but it can't be helped.

Anonymous 2013-10-04 17:38:32 No.11495029
That sounds pretty great, I usually can't listen to Vocaloids but I'll just go for the experimental style, o-okay?

Anonymous 2013-10-04 17:41:12 No.11495039

[Missing image file: tapestry400.jpg]

Anonymous 2013-10-04 17:43:15 No.11495046

[Missing image file: three_1000.jpg]

Anonymous 2013-10-04 19:58:43 No.11495343
Could anyone recommend more hyper-denpa like this? http://youtu.be/X4mwxXCo4o8 I absolute love ave;new and the stuff ARM has made which is more like this... But it's hard to find stuff that is up to par with it in terms of being hyper and ultracute.

Anonymous 2013-10-04 23:20:26 No.11495917
Fucking delicious

Anonymous 2013-10-05 03:44:21 No.11496704

Anonymous 2013-10-05 04:26:13 No.11496787
Anyone know where I can buy CDs?
I want to get the ones from SHAKING PINK and I have no idea from where I can order them... please don't tell me those are Comiket only releases...

Anonymous 2013-10-05 04:43:45 No.11496816
If you could, may I request just the first track from 0:21 to 0:34?
Should be simple enough by ear, and I kinda need it for something.


Anonymous 2013-10-05 05:31:09 No.11496891
What do you need it for? I'm interested.

Anonymous 2013-10-05 07:40:06 No.11497154

Anonymous 2013-10-05 08:31:16 No.11497263

[rabu rabu] love
loving tornado
[rabu rabu] love
secret tornado
[rabu rabu] love
sweet tornado

operations, objective, perfectly under control


(tl note: rabu means love.)

Anonymous 2013-10-05 09:19:01 No.11497417
This track

Anonymous 2013-10-05 10:01:56 No.11497536

[Missing image file: 1377793167741.gif]
Pic related

Thanks dude

Anonymous 2013-10-05 13:27:41 No.11497836
What is that? a cover of the denpa ona OP?
I like it, where can I get more?

Anonymous 2013-10-05 21:25:29 No.11498908
It's the original version, actually.
The Denpa Onna OP is a self-cover of this song.

Anonymous 2013-10-06 23:42:49 No.11502617
I actually like the last song, the others are trash.
Why did they have a pedo draw the cover?

Anonymous 2013-10-07 06:27:46 No.11503822

Is it just me or does time fly by slower when listening to denpa? Whenever I listen to denpa songs, they always feel really long even though they're about 3 minutes long.

Anonymous 2013-10-08 06:42:08 No.11507282

[Missing image file: ?echo?PROJECT.jpg]
I made another one of these for you guys.

Please enjoy warmly.


Anonymous 2013-10-08 08:15:42 No.11507422
I like it. I've been playing War Thunder lately, but I'm absolutely terrible at it. I hope I am able to play full real battles, one day.

Anonymous 2013-10-08 08:29:11 No.11507442
Just keep practicing, anon.
I believe in you.

Also practice FRB takeoffs in test-flight so you don't annoy people in official games by crashing.

Anonymous 2013-10-09 19:43:03 No.11511828
I am trying to cut back on illegally downloading music, just as an experiment. Are there any denpa albums that are legally freely available?

Anonymous 2013-10-09 19:45:22 No.11511832
Why are you doing this experiment? Do you have any sort of goal or reason? Not critical, just curious.

Anonymous 2013-10-09 20:08:38 No.11511926

[Missing image file: dmp (2).jpg]
Are there more denpa groups like ??????? and this album specifically? Like denpa where the voice is cute but not crazy high pitch and the tracks are fast but not crazy speed? Sorry if this isn't a recommendation thread, but this is probably my favorite album this year and I'm just wondering if there's any more like it.

Anonymous 2013-10-09 20:29:38 No.11511985
these threads practically thrive on recommendations, but craziness in moderation =/= denpa
moe-denpa shouldn't even be considered denpa at all, i don't think

Anonymous 2013-10-09 20:32:45 No.11511997

[Missing image file: trudempa.jpg]
fugg :^)

Anonymous 2013-10-09 20:32:46 No.11511998
Is Toromi moe-denpa? I like her songs that are more laid back.

Anonymous 2013-10-09 20:37:58 No.11512011
i think it's more on a song-by-song basis rather than artist
i'm only really familiar of her work with iosys, but from what i know of her, she's done some pretty TRUDEMPA songs

wanna go

Anonymous 2013-10-09 20:43:31 No.11512027
Yeah though her older songs were a bit more of ?????


Talking about it, takeshi posted an article of him reviewing the English Wikipedia article of Denpa Song. Overall he liked it and he said it was impressive how we could talk about it in a relaxed manner and be mostly right about everything (it seems the Japanese argue about it much more than we do; What's denpa-kei!? That's not denpakei!! etc).

The only thing is that, while the information was correct and accurate, he noted "the article talked only about the otaku part of it". I don't know what else is there, and I don't think most people do. We are za otaku culture anthropologists after all, I don't know much about anything else about Japan.

Anonymous 2013-10-09 20:49:19 No.11512040
Try ?????????, they're good.
Also ????? and ???? albums, even though I'm not much of a fan but you'll like them I think.
If you want to go crazier but still keep the pace try Holic Service.

Also we're happy to recommend stuff, don't worry.

Anonymous 2013-10-09 21:27:48 No.11512120
>I don't know what else is there
Well the denpa song bot sometimes links things that sound pretty normal, like with male singers and all. There was one song where the guy was complaining how no one ever calls him, and then there was that construction work song too, I think it was something about tearing down buildings but I didn't really pay much attention. Oh, the newest song the bot has linked happens to be actually relevant:


So I guess anything can be considered to be "denpakei" if the lyrics are weird and catchy enough, but I'm not really sure how that's different from other comedy and parody songs. And like you said, I don't think there's much interest in those here.

Anonymous 2013-10-09 22:14:39 No.11512258
> that construction work song
This one? It's awesome.

It seems it's constantly known as a denpa song but as you I still don't know why.
He even appeared in a Haruko Momoi live event so the connection is there.

If I had to guess, I'd say ????? songs are actually catchy parody/self-reference songs, and ???? would be the same except they parody otaku culture. But still not sure.

Anonymous 2013-10-09 22:17:15 No.11512264
Also manzo has done anime songs too, but it's probably unrelated.

Anonymous 2013-10-09 22:25:51 No.11512283
Waiting warmly for the release of the full version of this song~

Anonymous 2013-10-10 02:32:21 No.11512739

[Missing image file: 2c87390d7c41ed74248adc912(...).png]
I'm wondering if adopting a stronger personal ethical code will make me feel like I'm living a more fulfilling life.

Anonymous 2013-10-10 03:39:55 No.11512830
You're just following rules imposed by people who benefit for those rules, they're not rules to benefit you.

Anonymous 2013-10-10 04:46:36 No.11512923
>This one?
Yeah, that's the one. I guess I was thinking of ?? instead of ?? for some reason. Him appearing in a Halko event is pretty crazy though.

>If I had to guess, I'd say ????? songs are actually catchy parody/self-reference songs, and ???? would be the same except they parody otaku culture.
I can't really see any other explanation, but like I said, I'm not sure why they can't call them parody songs or something.

I guess they could also use ????? just to mean an earworm? I guess that kinda fits the radio wave thing, what with the song getting "broadcast" nonstop into your head. The Japanese Wikipedia actually has an article on earworms, but doesn't seem to mention anything about denpa, although overall it just seems to be going over the same ground as the English article.

Actually, it feels like I'm just completely off with this train of thought, but here's something I found pretty interesting (from the earworm article):

>Jean Harris, who murdered Dr. Herman Tarnower, was obsessed by the song "Put the Blame on Mame", which she first heard in the film Gilda. She would recall this regularly for over 33 years and could hold a conversation while playing it in her mind.
This is pretty denpa.

That's interesting too, but I'm not really sure what to make of that.

Anonymous 2013-10-10 04:53:13 No.11512933
I want to have bunny sex with her.

Anonymous 2013-10-10 06:54:57 No.11513119

[Missing image file: fripSide+NAO+project+rabb(...).jpg]

Anonymous 2013-10-10 18:52:50 No.11514701
Is there a torrent of either of the collections in the OP or does everybody download everything manually?

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