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Anonymous 2016-03-13 20:04:18 No.14917775

[Missing image file: ]

? Mega.nz Folder of Ar tonelico / Atelier goodies
Flash Cosmospheres, AT3 Yokkora fan disc and original /jp/ stuff.

? EXA_PICO Visual Collection
info: pastebin.com/UzwjkAUY

? Gust Memorial Cards (social.gust.co.jp/pc/event/a16v/mcard)
Countdown: mega.nz/#!9YAA0KrC!7ZkRSoRsIvr_wSEIIvUCY6CVoF7ay-gYRcA95NpWfkA
Valentine: mega.nz/#!cIonSbTT!SHJxP5keZuy-K6D3BKoQihVn3fEyIzM42ETp1AaD594
If you got a card that is not in the folders, please share them in the thread. For New Year and Christmas cards see outdated links.

? Miscellaneous Translations
Flash Cosmospheres, Ciel\Ar novel, etc: ar-ciel.unit03.net/
Ciel Nosurge English Story Playlist: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhWtcwZ5Bzm10RI1TElB3Dnf7kj9UoARJ
Ciel Nosurge Story Summary: unit03.net/view/Ciel_nosurge/Story

? Ar Tonelico for Lazy People Pack

? [FLAC] EXA_PICO Autistic Music Collection
Info: pastebin.com/Pc88NuEC

? [MP3] EXA_PICO Musical Collection
info: pastebin.com/aPxrK3zh

? [FLAC] C89 Gust Sampler CD

? [FLAC] Tagged Atelier Sophie Music (OST and Vocal, for Archives see outdated links)

? Atelier Sophie CG rip
pw: /jp/

? Outdated links:

? Previous thread

Anonymous 2016-03-14 06:06:41 No.14919973
I wish I lived in a comfy peaceful world like in Sophie...

Anonymous 2016-03-14 14:27:02 No.14921158
Peaceful? It's full of creatures like the savage puni.

Anonymous 2016-03-14 14:30:01 No.14921169
Why does Sophie look so happy all the time?

Anonymous 2016-03-14 15:50:21 No.14921362
high on alchemy fumes

Anonymous 2016-03-14 23:29:03 No.14923114
Because she has a cute book girlfriend that she dresses up in cute, lewd outfits and does naughty things with every night. She definitely rims that nice little Plachta butt.

Anonymous 2016-03-15 00:14:40 No.14923324
She was an interesting character and the game was richer with her

Anonymous 2016-03-15 00:43:26 No.14923466
Which is supported by the JP players' opinions and also what Tsuchiya and Kawachi themselves said they had on mind when they created her for Ar tonelico II.

Anonymous 2016-03-15 13:53:26 No.14926008

I went with Luca my first playthrough and didn't regret it. She was really interesting, because she wasn't a nice person, and I thought the pay off was worth it, especially hearing Hartes ciel, melenas walasye in the game and just getting to see how she'd changed by the end of the game.

But I thought the great thing was you couldn't go wrong in that game. The Jakuri ending is excellent, Cloche is a great character, and Luca is a really interesting character.

Anonymous 2016-03-15 14:21:45 No.14926077
Speaking of Jakuri, after checking auction sites every day for four months, I finally found a Mir dakimakura cover. I was getting ready for a bid war, but I ended up being the only bidder.

I'm glad I didn't post about it here, fuck that one anon four months ago, I bet he doesn't even love Mir.

Anonymous 2016-03-15 18:39:23 No.14926806
Finally done with Tyria's Binary field but i have never been so frustrated with bugs. In my 40+ hour playthrough I've ran into text glitches and it even freeze up in a few times with Harvestasha Boss fight but none can compare to the audio sync in Tyria's CS3. I did all i can like restarting the game, cleaning up the disc and the problem persists!

Much to my horror Ar Nosurge has more glitches than Qoga and what's more, those glitches were "ported" over to the Vita version.
Bravo Gust.

Anonymous 2016-03-15 18:45:25 No.14926828
>Much to my horror Ar Nosurge has more glitches than Qoga and what's more, those glitches were "ported" over to the Vita version.
"It isn't a bug, it's a feature". The only game-breaking bug I encountered was Delta's lightning attack against a car enemy. Quite frustrating, but avoidable. Recently I started replaying it and the patch fixed quite a bit of minor errors, usually in the localization field. It's interesting what you're saying about AT3, though. The game froze only once for me (same battle) and I didn't spot other obvious bugs. Maybe some of them are "malicious" enough to show up only in certain circumstances.

Anonymous 2016-03-15 21:25:17 No.14927368
The audio sync issue in the JP voicebtrack is a widely known and documented NISA-introduced bug.

Anonymous 2016-03-17 03:35:31 No.14933681
Happy Birthday to Totori!

Anonymous 2016-03-17 04:47:43 No.14933885
the cutest

Anonymous 2016-03-17 05:00:12 No.14933911
One more.

Anonymous 2016-03-17 14:19:50 No.14934988
Happy Birthday Totori chan.

Anonymous 2016-03-17 21:14:46 No.14936061
Thank you for reminding me.
Happy Birthday Totori!

Anonymous 2016-03-18 01:47:47 No.14937515
Ion really makes you want to hug her sometimes. For various reasons.

Anonymous 2016-03-18 01:51:02 No.14937536
Honest to god i wish i could hug her.

Anonymous 2016-03-18 01:53:50 No.14937555
Then why are you hugging Nay?

Anonymous 2016-03-18 04:53:24 No.14938215
Apparently the Atelier Sophie LE got leak. NISA deleted the tweet.

Anonymous 2016-03-18 13:32:10 No.14939596
PS4 and digital on vita
10th june
I'm happy kt didn't ditch vita completely at least.

Anonymous 2016-03-18 13:44:21 No.14939626
Still, I'd rather have a physical copy, and not consume space on the memory card.

Anonymous 2016-03-18 15:33:23 No.14939940
This Vita digital only shit needs to stop. I didn't buy a Vita for that.

Anonymous 2016-03-18 15:34:33 No.14939944
For the record, they stated on their FB page that it'll have dual audio. Guess it's time to finally buy a PS4.

Anonymous 2016-03-18 15:47:16 No.14939968
With the way the vita is doing in the west, plus the fact that this is a niche game, it's to be expected sadly.

Anonymous 2016-03-18 16:48:48 No.14940118
I hate to be that guy, but does anyone know where I can get the instrumental versions of La Ciel that play at the end of some of Ciel Nosurge's chapters? I can't seem to find them in the soundtracks, and my google-fu isn't helping either.

Anonymous 2016-03-18 18:30:15 No.14940474
I'm really looking foward to this. It's honestly looking like it could be one of the best in the series.

Anonymous 2016-03-18 18:59:54 No.14940557
To be fair, vita's cost for it's proprietary card is what holds back physical copies on niche games that's why they only put it on limited edition games.

Anonymous 2016-03-18 19:05:38 No.14940575
None of the Ra Ciel versions can't be gotten anywhere short of ripping them out from the game itself.

Anonymous 2016-03-18 21:07:15 No.14940926
Fucking hell, another LE I won't get because of how overpriced they are.

Anonymous 2016-03-19 09:22:22 No.14943411
>? [FLAC] Tagged Atelier Sophie Music (OST and Vocal, for Archives see outdated links)
MP3 when?

Anonymous 2016-03-19 10:57:23 No.14943728
Why not just download it and then convert it? There are a ton of programs for that, I think.
Since it is lossless to lossy conversion you can even choose the quality-to-space ratio yourself.

Anonymous 2016-03-20 09:26:54 No.14948504
Does Sophie have multiple endings or just one?

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