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/jp/ Otaku Culture

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Anonymous 2012-12-02 02:20:16 No.10153157

[Missing image file: 1_1352270228_m_SfAw5.jpg]

Onahole thread.

Some new arrivals with interesting gimmicks. Although, they'll probably be shit.


Anonymous 2012-12-02 02:28:14 No.10153182

[Missing image file: 1_1352270229_6_5m6mR.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-12-02 02:28:50 No.10153186
I want a clear onahole so I can see my penis ejaculating inside. It seems like that'd be really erotic to see. Has anyone used a clear onahole?

Anonymous 2012-12-02 02:30:41 No.10153192
muh dick

Anonymous 2012-12-02 02:31:37 No.10153197
Are you a bad enough dude to break all three hymens?

Anonymous 2012-12-02 02:33:36 No.10153209

[Missing image file: usbonahole[1].jpg]
>usb onahole
Thank you, based technology.

Serkit 2012-12-02 02:36:25 No.10153226

[Missing image file: 1_1352270229_5_Ez8qv.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-12-02 02:40:09 No.10153248
Is there video of people using these?

Anonymous 2012-12-02 02:42:04 No.10153260
I asked in the other thread but do any of these sites have the Nyaruko parody hole up? It's on jlist but the shipping is highway robbery.

RDC 2012-12-02 02:44:07 No.10153271
They look rather gimmicky and cheap; maybe they could be actually good, but when shipping costs more than the onahole, I'd be reluctant to buy them.
I wouldn't try the himekishi Catue one, looks far too gimmicky;
hotpowers.co.jp sells some nice clear onahole; and have their own brand of onahole; the closest thing to doujin onahole.
Though, you'd have to use a proxy. Clear onahole are blurry anyway, due to refraction and shit, trust me, I'm an expert on this shit.
n1.sin(i1)=n2.sin(i2) - stuff like that.

On other news http://en-nls.com/pict1-32720?c2=1111 was a bit of a disapointment : it comes with a small onahole that's only 6 cm deep and the instertable part is too small for any other hole. Do not buy this if you don't have a fetish or loli pussy so small you can't penetrate them; or if you don't intend to modify the doll (ie rip it open and fill it with material to make it a solid instead of inftlatable)
But I have to say the body shape is lolitastic. Except for the swimsuit, her small breasts keep slipping out as if she was a slut loli.

Also I would recomend http://en-nls.com/pict1-27557?c2=12001111 for anyone that loves SOFT onahole.
It is a solid 9/10, totally worth buying twice.
It is the softest onahole I have ever owned, and I regret not buying both versions now.
It has a few weak spot but it is a soft onahole, so not for rough play anyway; it does its job perfectly and I love it.
If you guys want picture of box art and what it looks like I could upload them; I'd rather wait until I have a working OS, using a knoppix right now.

Also, anyone ever owned any of the AKD hole by magic eyes? I hearrd they are quite soft too, and you idol otaku must have bought them in several examplaries already.

Anonymous 2012-12-02 02:44:11 No.10153273

[Missing image file: 1351294271027.gif]
I'm looking to get my first hip for under $300. Any recommendations? Loli is a plus.

Anonymous 2012-12-02 02:46:45 No.10153287
Over 20 lbs of Pussy And Ass

RDC 2012-12-02 02:48:10 No.10153294
it's just elastic rubber that will rub either the top or the bottom of your penis when you slide inside it.
Interestin design I'd say, it makes a cheap onahole more thrilling.
The ribbed pattern it has is what most low budget cost/performance onahole have, because it works well; with this addition it might get less boring.

It's probably one of those cheap (and almost always bad) parody by tama toys; if it's neither on NLS nor loveshop.hk you might have to look for obscure shops; or even look for japanese shop and use a proxy; not so worth it.

Anonymous 2012-12-02 02:48:51 No.10153297
My right hand is better than those toys

Anonymous 2012-12-02 02:49:55 No.10153302
>It's probably one of those cheap (and almost always bad) parody by tama toys
Eh I'll stay away from it then, thanks for the heads up. I just liked the idea of it at first, but it would make sense someone making a knock off something licensed might not be too concerned with quality.

Anonymous 2012-12-02 02:51:43 No.10153307

RDC 2012-12-02 02:53:18 No.10153313
Puni Ana DX was hyped up on /jp/ but I haven't read any reviews of it; must've missed it.
You could try the korean meiki cherry v2, but it is quite cheap: it leaks a lot of oil, and the entrances will rip after some use, quite fragile. The holes are good, though; a pain to wash.
It's better to do some research work before buying any onahole, ending up disapointed is far too easy.
>kanojo toys
#1 most jewish shop of the century award

Anonymous 2012-12-02 02:54:23 No.10153317

Anonymous 2012-12-02 02:54:48 No.10153321
Eww, you like stroking cock?

Anonymous 2012-12-02 02:55:50 No.10153324
What's a decent onahole for under 30 pounds including delivery?

Anonymous 2012-12-02 02:59:09 No.10153341
I'd like to see pictures of the box and onahole if you have the free time. Preferably, the Hana Kanazawa one if you don't mind. I was considering on adding http://en-nls.com/pict1-32623?c2=1111 to my next order, but I'm thinking of replacing it with one of the two you recommended.

Anonymous 2012-12-02 03:00:05 No.10153349
Onaholes aren't exactly 30 pounds of pussy

Unless you get 30 pounds of lube

Anonymous 2012-12-02 03:03:28 No.10153362
Looks nice, but I'm dubious of the quality. Anyone have first hand experience with this? Also, a bit more weight would be nice.

Anonymous 2012-12-02 03:15:52 No.10153422
My Secret Twin Tales tore twice at the entrance of the outer structure. It isn't a big deal and there's just a bit of lube that will leak out. I want to get another one, though, preferably another double structure with a loli theme. Real undecided though, nothing jumps out at me like Kana and Sana did.

RDC 2012-12-02 03:21:26 No.10153456
Pick your poison m8
http://en-nls.com/pict1-28466 < perfect shape, tasty loli butt and belly
http://en-nls.com/pict1-15431 // http://en-nls.com/pict1-15430 <somewhat popular
http://en-nls.com/pict1-13976 < 3d tunnel
http://en-nls.com/pict1-30800 < very popular
http://en-nls.com/pict1-30929 < good cost/p, stretchy
http://en-nls.com/pict1-27551 < one of the softest
http://en-nls.com/pict1-31187 < loli themed, very good
http://en-nls.com/pict1-17274 <winding structure = very stimulating

Don't forget lubricant.

I only own Mayui Aina yet.
Will post pictures tomorrow probably; I haven't even listened to the cd yet.

Secret twin tale was a very good onahole indeed, but the durability is just so bad.
If you really like loli, I'd recomend either the sujiman or girl in box, maybe the tsurupetta.
If you really like the secret twin tale, stocking up on them to negate the durability problem is a valid solution.

Anonymous 2012-12-02 03:26:56 No.10153481
Is there any noticeable difference between the two tsurupettas?

Anonymous 2012-12-02 03:30:27 No.10153501
Do you know of any that are both soft but durable? I bought some of the softer ones from Toy's Heart but they broke very quickly.

Anonymous 2012-12-02 03:45:07 No.10153549
>If you really like loli, I'd recomend either the sujiman or girl in box, maybe the tsurupetta.

I'm leaning towards the Tsurupetta, girl in box is a bit too expensive for me. Which one is the sujiman?

Anonymous 2012-12-02 08:54:34 No.10154755
It's called "Open My Pussy!" on e-nls

Anonymous 2012-12-02 10:21:18 No.10154934
could you upload the CDs?

Anonymous 2012-12-02 14:12:56 No.10155384
based on what?

Anonymous 2012-12-02 14:25:00 No.10155400
Puni hole dx

Anonymous 2012-12-02 14:31:36 No.10155417
Did you forget your trip, Descartes?

Anonymous 2012-12-02 14:35:29 No.10155431
he dropped it because it made people angry

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