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/k/ Weapons

Threads added between 2017/03/18 10:00 and 2017/03/18 16:00

Stolen Valor

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Hi /k/. I've been in an online chat for a while now and there's a woman claiming to have served in the United States Military. I think she is lying. This has been going on for a while now but I'm finally going to speak up. I've had enough of it. The latest thing she said is that she was shot in the head but the helmet stopped it. What do I need to know/what are some questions I can ask to expose her, if it even is a girl? Thanks.

Bizarre battles

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What are the most unusual, bizarre, or surreal battles that have been fought? Here's a good example: >Lima Site 85, Laos, 1968 >The first and only shoot-down of a Biplane by a Helicopter >CIA Spooks working for Air America are resupplying a secret US Radar base in Laos >3 North Vietnamese AN-2 Biplanes attack the radar base with bombs and strafing runs >Literally just gooks throwing mortar shells and bombs out of agricultural utility biplanes >Spooks chase the AN-2s in their Air America Huey and engage the AN-2s with, of all things, an AK-47 >Rain bullets down on the AN-2s from above >2 AN-2s shot down You can't make this shit up. CIA guys flying a Huey painted to look like a front company civil helo shoot down North Vietnamese crop dusters attacking a secret base in Laos by throwing mortars at them by hand. What other bizarre battles have happened through history that just make you go "Wait, what?"
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Let us take a moment to remember the time a Finnish guy took about 30 Pervitin tablets and went on some kind of vision quest. 73 years ago today, a Finnish soldier became the first person in Finland to OD on methamphetamines. While trying to evade a Russian patrol, Aimo Koivunen took the entire patrol's Pervitin ration. Apparently counting pills while wearing mittens and cross country skiing is hard. After blacking out for a while, he regained of consciousness to discover he had lost all of his ammo and the rest of his patrol. During the days that followed, Koivunen successfully fled Russian partisan forces, was injured by a land mine, and lay for a week in a pit in the snow waiting for help to arrive. He skied for more than 400 kilometres in temperatures of -20 C. During two weeks the only food he had are pine buds and a Siberian jay (likely his spirit guide) that he caught and ate raw. My best theory is that he chased the bird down while flapping his arms and prophesying about the coming of the /k/ube. When he is finally rescued and taken to a hospital his pulse rate is nearly 200 beats per minute and his weight has dropped to 43 kilos. I can't believe that this guy's heart was still teaching like that weeks later.
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http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39314250 >At the airport 90 minutes later the man approached a military patrol and tried to seize a weapon from one of the soldiers, French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said. She managed to keep hold of the gun, and two other soldiers opened fire on the attacker, killing him. >She managed to keep hold of the gun >She Do you think it was just a cause that a female soldier was targeted by somebody willing to steal a soldier's weapon, or was it according to a a wittingly identification of the weakest... operator?


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I want to saw off my nugget, but i dont want to turn it into sbr or saw off the stock because i want it to still be shoulder able, just not so damn long. where approximately do I need to begin the barrel length measurement from? blue line is where i want to cut, but im moderately concerned that may be sbr also qtddtot

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