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/k/ Weapons

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Anonymous 2017-03-17 03:15:55 No.33332260

[Missing image file: ]

/k/ why the fuck does the army have such a low score to be able to get in, and why the fuck did they lower it....I was considering signing up to be a drone operator but I dont want to be surrounded by fucking idiots. seriously, how the fuck can you not score above a 30....

Anonymous 2017-03-17 03:33:12 No.33332461
Where can I get more of these pictures?

Anonymous 2017-03-17 03:39:40 No.33332534
You see fellow West Virginian, it is an organization that is built on manpower. Without those that fill the requirement of "can breathe, can run, can lift" then no branch of the military can function. Those with 45s and below are there because, when invading foreign lands, there is none of the equipment that would normally make someone of such stupidity useless. There will always be a low man needed for an organization that operates independently of the rest of the world. You have to realize that the low tier workers around you are all in that 30-45 range, it is just that you overlook it. only when drone pilot and grunt are put side by side do you see how much society needs retards to be manual labor.

You will be surrounded by retards and assholes even if you work with no one with a score below 85, it's just how it goes. Some people enjoy it for that fact, you get to experience shit you would never see, hear, or witness. otherwise. Being around some real whisky tango motherfuckers broadens your horizons.

In the end everyone's intelligence kind of neutralizes. Where everyone wears off on each other till everyone is just screaming "hooah" and "more PT" then getting your shit done. Military life is all about structure, not who makes up that structure.

>airforce for the greatest lack of retards
>followed by army for the opportunity to live the grunt life and have actual opertunity in life
>then the Marines to go all out and be real fucking oorah
>and the coast gaurd so you can be a beach bum and remove drug cartels
>last is navy, because fuck those guys and they are the worst for enlisted and the most retarded

Have one from my home state.

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