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/k/ Weapons

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Anonymous 2012-10-11 02:55:10 No.12998352

[Missing image file: door_gunner.jpg]

hey /k/ i have a question, if i were to go to a air force recruitment office tomorrow, would i still be able to sign up for 1a7x1 aerial gunner. The reason im asking is because of this article

I know there had been alot of talk over the years about the air force getting rid of the aerial gunner job but is this the official end?

Anonymous 2012-10-11 03:09:48 No.12998556

[Missing image file: 1323461115261.jpg]
>Enjoy getting your guts shot out by this man when you are laying down suppressive fire at a hawt LZ

Anonymous 2012-10-11 03:19:26 No.12998644

Anonymous 2012-10-11 04:52:46 No.12999758

[Missing image file: 1340347291826.jpg]
bump for answer

Anonymous 2012-10-11 05:32:56 No.13000088
You can't get your job guaranteed in a contract.

Here's how enlisting in the Air Force works:

You take the ASVAB, then list your top 10 jobs that you want. Based on your qualifications and the needs of the Air Force, they try to get you one of those 10 jobs. Sure, some people get their number 1 pick, but more often than not, you'll end up with something you really weren't expecting.

If you want something guaranteed, do Army or Navy. The Air Force is sort of a shot in the dark, unless you go for Special Operations Forces AFSCs. They desperately need people who can complete the CCT/PJ/TAC-P/SOWT/EOD pipelines, because more than half of the recruits who attempt it don't make it though tech school.

My advice, study up, get in the best shape possible, and talk to a recruiter about getting yourself into a good position.

Anonymous 2012-10-11 05:44:43 No.13000166

aerial gunners are mostly just mechanics. it's not as cool as it seems.

Anonymous 2012-10-11 06:45:20 No.13000632
I know for the Marine Corps: aerial gunners are drawn from volunteers in the aviation field who are usually mechanics and what not.

Anonymous 2012-10-11 07:20:31 No.13000906
>You can't get your job guaranteed in a contract.
Are you certain? There was a time you could get a guaranteed job, though you might have to wait for several months before shipping out to basic and then tech school. If it has changed due to high retention/recruitment you can be certain it will change back when the economy picks up and folks leave the military (it's a cycle).>>13000166
>aerial gunners are mostly just mechanics. it's not as cool as it seems.
One of my guys cross-trained from Civil Engineers into the first class of aerial gunners/flight engineers. He really struggled with the academics and was disappointed that he wouldn't just be shooting all the time. That said, he loves his job.

Just talk to your recruiter and ask the question

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