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Threads added between 2015/06/15 22:00 and 2015/06/16 04:00

How many people here are legitimately under 18 and how old are you??

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Can we at least agree that reading serves no purpose in this world? Sure, it's fine to be well-read. Maybe you get 'richer', but honestly you don't. Say you loved studying languages, you'd actually get somewhere in life. You would meet more people. You would get opportunities. But reading novels or books on philosophy and history.. It really only tingles one person's mind and stays there tingling: yours. It doesn't help you at all. I wasted my years being impassionate about this, spending a huge chunk of my time and money on this. I was happy. But in the end I can't even mention nything I've learned up in conversation. It's a bonus point worth nothing.
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anti-blackness anyone

Disappointed with the book in comparison to the film(s)

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Seen all 4 JP movies, read none of the books. After JW, decided to read the original after hearing from so many it is superior to the book. It really wasn't...
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>Can you catch the expression of the Sperm Whale's there? It is the same he died with, only some of the longer wrinkles in the forehead seem now faded away. I think his broad brow to be full of a prairie-like placidity, born of a speculative indifference as to death. But mark the other head's expression. See that amazing lower lip, pressed by accident against the vessel's side, so as firmly to embrace the jaw. Does not this whole head seem to speak of an enormous practical resolution in facing death? This Right Whale I take to have been a Stoic; the Sperm Whale, a Platonian, who might have taken up Spinoza in his latter years. This is the greatest fucking book I've ever read in my life
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any good book about sex and society?
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Do you guys drink alcohol sometimes when you are writing? If so what kind and what do you think is the best or most fun to while writing
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Is Nietzsche just the most insane fucking person ever to have lived?

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