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Threads added between 2015/12/06 16:00 and 2015/12/06 22:00

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>he still watches porn
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Should I read it?
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zizek has ruined me /lit/ whenever someone says something i just shout 'PURE IDEOLOGY MY GOTT' at them and rant about hegel what should i read in order to be able to function again pic related
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>read E.T.A. Hoffmann "The Sandman" >literally what the hell What is the purpose of the Sandman? The whole plot is just - What the fuck Can someone help me with this book? I had to read it. And yes, I was never before on /lit/


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Notes of a dirty old Man, >everywhere we hang onto the walls of the world, and in the darkest part of hangover, I think of two friends who advise me on various methods of suicide. what better proof of loving camaraderie? one of my friends has razor scars running all along his left arm. the other jams pills by the bucketloads into a mass of black beard. they both write poetry. there is something about writing poetry that brings a man close to the cliff’s edge. probably, though, all three of us will live into our nineties. can you imagine the world of 2010 a.d.? of course, the way it will look will depend a lot on what is done with the Bomb. I suppose men will still eat eggs for breakfast, have sex problems. write poetry. commit suicide. >I think that it was in 1954 that I last tried suicide. anyone read this? The collection is pretty good, with rare cases of Buk writing fiction, like a short story that seems inspired by Metamorphosis. In "Notes", Buk is old and is more bitter than ever. What was absent from his earlier work is recurring themes of murder and vengeance. He also writes about current events, the death of the Kennedies, all the left-wing getting shot, the coming revolution (before 1968) (he says contradictory things, that revolution is ugly and that a revolutionary is someone who wants the power, like anyone else, so nothing gets better after a revolution ; and then he says he's happy to live in a time where he sees the little man uprising) he also often talks about other writers ("poets"), most of whom he has known personally. He realizes that they're all supported by the wife or Mommy, which explains why their poetry is so gay. He expresses his feelings after reading a Movable Feast by Hemingway : some of them good writers, but the disappointment of seeing them smiling in pictures, selling out to rich aristocrat Gertrude Stein, who paid them to entertain them in Paris and write shit. I'm not doing well these days, so this is the only thing I can read, quite relevant to my interests. He shits on most writers, except a few that he saves, like Kafka, Fante or Turgeniev. Oh, and most importantly, in "Notes" (basically a collection of magazine articles), you see a sometimes suicidal Bukowski, who's bitter about the happiness of the faggots, the feminine mamma's boys, the wussies, the sellouts... Very honestly, he wonders if he's not weak too. He spent his life pushing people away, and when black thoughts are coming, he stares at his phone for hours, wondering which x-mistress he will call, or which friend. He realizes that always playing the tough guy who doesn't need anyone brought him to loneliness. And he still has money problems. All in all, lots of interesting feels. Now post anything Buk related. Indulge. Have a drink.
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How can I learn to read faster and better?

Recent Purchases Thread

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which one should i read first someone also tell me if they like lord of the flies, not heard alot about it but it was only 50p
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I'm tired of looking up words on my kindle and finding that they are not available in the default dictionary. Does anyone have a far more complete dictionary that they are using on their ereader?

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