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/lit/ Literature

Threads added between 2013/01/31 10:00 and 2013/01/31 16:00

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Hey, /lit/, I know that your opinion on audiobooks isn't that high, but can you guys give me some recommendations? I want to know what books do you think will be best translated to audiobooks and wont loose much quality. I listen to audiobooks when I'm training, I've gone through The Old Man and the Sea, Of Mice and Men, On the Road, Marc Aurelius' Meditations, Brave New World and some stories. They went OK I guess, I loved some of them. I tried with This Side of Paradise but I just couldn't follow (my fault maybe, I'm not a native speaker). Thanks in advance.


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tl;dr: 24 y/o qualified high school teacher. Cbf working so I can stay home and write. Pay bills by living off dole/tutoring. Mum DEMANDS I get a job or move out. I live with my mum. She owns the house so we pay no rent. I pay 1/3rd of all bills (split with her and sister). I have no job, get my money off the government (Australia) and tutor one hour a week for $40. This is enough to meet my expenses as I have no social life, eat cheap food, and walk everywhere. My main hobby is writing and I'm trying to get published. So far I've completed one novel and about to finish a second. My mother insists I get a job or she'll kick me out. My response is: Why? I can sustain myself as long as I live in this house, I cost nothing extra to you. Nothing would change if I left the house for 40 hours a week and brought in no extra money. I'm 24 years old and I have a teaching degree but can't be bothered dealing with shit heads in high school English classes. Am I a faggot? >pic related: man child thing
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/lit/, I want you help me understand something. What is the appeal of erotic fiction? I have tried, and tried on multiple occasions to get into it, but I just couldn't. There is just something inherently unerotic about text for me. Text can be joyful, it can be funny, it can be sincere and emotional, but it can't be erotic for me. Now normally, I would be okay chalking this up to personal taste differences, but everyday I see it popping up more and more. Both in the mainstream (Fifty Shades of Grey) and on the internet (the endless supply of erotic fanfiction.) So, help me /lit/. What about erotic fiction turns people so much?
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There was a thread on here recently that got me thinking. There seems to be a lot of bad feeling and misunderstanding of fantasy literature on this board, and maybe in general. So I though I'd open up the floor to a general definition and classification discussion. If you ask an editor what constitutes fantasy, they're going to say "fantastic elements or setting is crucial to the story" I know, because I'm an editor, and that's what I'd say. But you seem to have a lot of people who want to include dragons and elves in there, or it's not fantasy. and want to rule out fantastic elements, even when crucial to the story, if the purpose of the story is considered "higher" in some way. so the question I have is: what's fantasy to you guys? What are it's definitons and divisions, etc? What is its target audience? And please no "It's neckbeard shit." I think this board and others like it have pretty well established that all literature, and all discussion of it, is neckbeard shit.

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