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/lit/ Literature

Threads added between 2013/05/19 16:00 and 2013/05/19 22:00

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Holy shit how I hate right wingers and their bullshit artistry. It's not that left wing is good, it's just that right wing is synonymous with self-deluding, intellectualy lazy and manipulative. If I wanted cheap thrills I would just masturbate. Name me ONE book from the right wing perspective that produced some insight and isn't a self-serving load of wankery.
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How does /lit/ feel about Beckett. I know he's better known for his plays, but I've recently read some of his novels and found them very interesting in style and content.
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How has this not been made into a movie yet? It would be amazing.

Good books about North Korea?

21 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 51qPbxZDOUL._SY346_PJlook-inside-v2(...).jpg]
Sup /lit/ I just read Escape from Camp 14 and it really awakened my interest about North Korea. I Strongly recommend reading it. Its about a man who escaped a north korean gulag. He was born tin the camp. http://www.amazon.com/Escape-Camp-14-Remarkable-Odyssey/dp/0143122916/ref=sr_1_1_ha?ie=UTF8&qid=1368995496&sr=8-1&keywords=escape+from+camp+14 Can you recommend other books about North Korea? I just started reading this book about the korean war.
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So I just finished reading pic related. While I was reading it, I thought to myself " Wow this is pretty disappointing for a book that's lauded so much. It feels like a short story extended and stuffed with filler". Sure enough that when I listened to an interview with Bradbury, he mentions that Faraienhiet 451 started off as a collection of short stories. Knew it. The books plays on the cliches of the dystopian genre. "Magic empty headed pixie girl intrigues protag". A great betrayal occurs. You know that kind of stuff. Characters weren't particularly likable, the prose was either very dry or very purple. Some lines however stuck out--but most of it felt like pure filler. Have you read the book /int/? What did you think? Want to discuss its themes, motifs, etc? I would love to do that, like for example, at the end with the "ancient elders" who have all those books memorized: it harkens back to Platos philosophies about the oral tradition and how it's superior to writing and all that. Thoughts?
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Why does /lit/ recommend the Lord of the fucking Rings? Those books are so shit. The characters are little wooden dolls, all the dialogue is plastic, fuck.
11 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1327941844066.png]
got stoned off my face and wrote this.. on a scale of 1 to Tao Lin, how little sense does it make? "The cosmonautian cannabis grew out of the ruttyholes of walls and the wallyruts of floors and in the crackycracks of the vertebrae of the non-believers of the world. In the atrium of the heart of the word the seismologicologistical leaders of leads gathered, discussed, and ramblytalked the ground to sleep. Rivers of rivers cried and skies splintered into crammyhooks of clouds. Ideas grew out of buds of thoughtrees and roots arcing back to the renaissance reconnaissance branched into unexlopred territories of the inner workings of the mind of things that could be and the memories of things that never were. Boundaries shifted and the mortal coil of life uncoiled into a tangled mess of life, being, and the unreal. Everything merged together and together merged with everything as nothing consumated with everything and produced its offspring of something. Things died, lived, and lived and died at the same time .:. resistance shifted :. shifts resisted .: stance reshifted and restance hifted and lifted and shrugged and every.:.thing collapsed in on itself it's back to front insides and outsides. Boundaries became obstacles over which the immovable jumped and daytime went to sleep. Time was busy elsewhere as faceclocks and clockfaces echoed the threat of the immemorial. Time stopped its aching and retted hands from moving and arms grew tired and wearysome and stiff as the heads of armclocks rested still and stationary, and a tad confused. Confused and abused and used and fused solid like a thousand souls of dead men and headeads deadheads and bodydeads and the rotting corpses of newlyweds. Enter stage front centre-back and off to both sides, Seargent Lefteelius Monk, of the Left Heel of the Law. He smiled and smiled on and smiled off his face off his head into his hair and out of his hair into his head. And at the end of it all, life rumblytumps and tumblythumps on."
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Her drink is spiked. By none other than Willy Wonka himself. She notices a slight blueberry flavor in her liquor, followed by a slight pressure in her belly... Oh dear, what's going to happen to Jordan Baker, professional golfer?
39 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: foucault-m.jpg]
Question: does wasting your money on higher education turn you into a masochist?
10 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: MakaCatFace.png]
>How to read a book by Mortimer J. Adler >uses words like "harangue" and "hortatory" Fucking hell /lit/, I have to stop every page to look up 1 or 2 words. Is there a better way going about learning the meaning of words and remembering them?

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