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/lit/ Literature

Threads added between 2013/05/21 04:00 and 2013/05/21 10:00

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Critique, please?
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> The Nobel Prize Since it's only going to be awarded to an author who has provided "in the field of literature the most outstanding work in an ideal direction," most Americans are out. Roth, McCarthy and Pynchon simply don't fall within the parameters. To be fair, international authors are excluded as well. Coetzee is probably deserving and would be a hip pick as a South African, but isn't optimistic enough to qualify as 'ideal' under the current committee's understanding of Nobel's will. My bet is that Achebe wins it posthumously this year, even though Things Fall Apart is a downer. Louise Erdrich is the only American dark horse, really. Anyway, > ITT: The most prestigious literature award is only given to happy endings and who will win next? no one is talking about books, comeon now. is it just nighttime?
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Would you say your family is passionate or dispassionate about reading?
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/lit/, My sister is sending my nephew to pretty "prestigious" prep school this fall. What books can I give him to help counteract the race-mixing, leftist, anti-American bullshit they are sure to try and force down his throat? He is too smart and I'm not letting them make him another cog in the liberal machine.
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This board is currently dead... Where is everyone?
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I have just got done reading The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie, excellent read. Fantasy pulp? Yeah, it was but it was entertaining pulp. Best Served Cold was a good one as well. But I have a question. Is it too late to go back and read The First Law trilogy? I feel as if I already know the broad strokes of the trilogy by reading BSC and The Heroes. I wish I could've read The First Law before the standalone stuff but the bookstores near me seem determined to keep it off their shelves. Plenty of copies of BSC, The Heroes and Red Country, though. Should I just go back and start from "the beginning" or just move on to Red Country at this point?
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/sci/ keeps banning me for posting philosophy What is the best non-emo "nothing matters" philosophy to live by? Right now I'm trying to achieve all that is in my potential, down the pathway of what I love and what I am fascinated by. I am trying to supplement this life with as much social adventure, experiences, emotions, fun and any other exhilerating and fulfilling experiences i can get my hands on. I am not motivated by money and do not care what people think about me, nor do i watse my time thinking about or judging other peoples lives. it gets me by, apart from the biweekly existential crisis
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good evening /lit/ a misguided /g/entoomen here looking for some information: aside from: #bookz, google books, thempaabay, librarypirate, and the long deceased demonoid. are there any good sources for non-fiction books that are readily availible. prefferably a torrent tracker. inb4 library picture entirely unrelated
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"Pierre Bayard contends that in this age of infinite publication, the truly cultivated person is not the one who has read a book, but the one who understands the book's place in our culture." Have you read this, c/lit/s? I found it, for lack of better words, the book of the year. If you read it sardonically it is delicious. If you read it academically, it is a critique of the pitfalls of our time. Discuss.
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In this thread we post books that left the most disturbing feeling ever. Pic related, this book kept me up at night for days when I was younger; I kept having dreams I was looking through the ice on a frozen lake and seeing faces and undeveloped bloody babies in shoe boxes.

Anyone have a link to this audiobook?

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Sorry if /lit/ has something against audiobooks, but I've been trying to find this forever. I heard that the audiobook is much better than the book itself and I loved the book. If anyone would be willing to upload it or if someone has a link, I'd love you forever.
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You're a hotshot at an ivy league and this guy grabs your girl's thigh. What do you do /lit/? http://nymag.com/nymetro/news/features/n_9932/
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"I am sufficiently proud of my knowing something to be modest about my not knowing all" This is a quote from Lolita. I cannot, for the life of me understand it. What is he saying here?
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Where should i start with him? I mean, what's his most entry-level book?
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Hey, /lit/ I'm getting ready to start a job as a night stocker in a supermarket and, to make better use of my time earning that almighty dollar, I've decided to load my ipod up with audio books. This brings me to a question for you. What resources do you use to download audio books? These have proved a little harder to find than proper ebooks.
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>talk with drawfag >lay out a setting and plot >he wants to make a comic out of it, pretty good at what he does >"just send it to me in a screenplay format, breh" How do I into writing screenplay, il/lit/erates?

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