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/lit/ Literature

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Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:03:18 No.6568844

[Missing image file: ]

>this is the voice of Thomas Pinecone


Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:09:01 No.6568856
I hate the way Americans say the letter 'R'. They sound like whiny pirates.

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:13:26 No.6568866
>Tommy Pynchon's voice is like Tommy Chong's

it's like you don't wanna see the truth

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:15:38 No.6568875
That Ruggles really tied the room together.

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:17:25 No.6568884
That's because Thomas Pynchon is a pseudonym of Tommy Chong

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:31:37 No.6568945
That's my point.

Born around the same era.
Chong always sports long hair and beard (which difficult making out his features)
His name is Thomas King Chong
Ruggles, who the fuck has a surname like Ruggles, that's obviously one of his gimmick quirky character names.
Those fucking dead fish eyes.
"Pinecone" has a longer face, but that might as well be editing or plastic or some shit.

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:36:28 No.6568963

this isn't chong

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:41:35 No.6568983
honestly, unless he's putting on an act, he sounds like a complete moron. maybe i shouldn't be surprised.

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:42:32 No.6568988
he sounds like an american

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:43:16 No.6568990
he has a great voice. ridiculously chill

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:44:10 No.6568993
He was doing it as Doc Sportello from Inherent Vice, a character whose brain is all but fried due to the sheer amount of dope he's consumed.

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:45:00 No.6568997
Essentially Pynchon himself

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:45:58 No.6569003
>all americans speak the same
thanks brilliant foreigner

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:46:02 No.6569004
yes that's what I said; a moron.

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:47:46 No.6569009
Yeah, pretty much. I don't hear much variance across the country.

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:49:46 No.6569015
>I don't hear much variance across the country
You don't have the ear for it. All Britbong accents sound the same to American. America has a shitload of regional accents.

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:49:56 No.6569017
There is an undeniable autobiographical aspect there, yeah.

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:50:45 No.6569021
And British accents sound extremely different. Compare southern English to a Scottish or Northern Irish accent, they sound totally different.

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:53:27 No.6569028
you don't hear the difference between matthew mcconaughey and al pacino?

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:54:07 No.6569030
Oh, boy. Let's go step-by-step.

>Born around the same era.
Literally among millions of others.

>Chong always sports long hair and beard (which difficult making out his features)
Perhaps the band members of ZZ Top are all collectively writing his books.

>His name is Thomas King Chong
Oh man, same first name! And with a name like Thomas, it's bound the be the same person. I guess Matt Damon and Matthew McConaughey are the same dude!

>Ruggles, who the fuck has a surname like Ruggles, that's obviously one of his gimmick quirky character names.
Pynchon is of English ancestry and Ruggles is an English last name. I'm sure it's in his family history.

>Those fucking dead fish eyes.
Silly shit.

>"Pinecone" has a longer face, but that might as well be editing or plastic or some shit.
If you go the "editing or plastic or some shit" route, literally anyone can be literally anyone else. OMG Julia Roberts is Brian Dennehy! Finkle is Einhorn!

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:54:16 No.6569032
>Scottish or Northern Irish accent
Well yeah, these are essentially different countries from the British mainland. Though I don't think it's greater than say New York to Texas, Denver to LA, or Chicago to Philadelphia.

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:54:50 No.6569036
i can hear the difference in britbong accents and the difference in american accents because i have fucking ears. if you're pretending you can't tell the difference between a southern and northern US accent or an irish and english accent you're just faking deafness

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:55:18 No.6569037
Pinecone pls, the ruse is through

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:55:32 No.6569039
>Matthew McConaughey

What a bizarre coincidence.

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:58:17 No.6569051
why is he such an inconspicuous faggot?

Anonymous 2015-05-21 04:59:28 No.6569055
I don't know who they are.
Scotland is on the British 'mainland', otherwise known as Great Britain.

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