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/m/ Mecha

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Anonymous 2014-09-16 01:55:58 No.11376436

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/m/, pitch ideas at me for me a mecha or space-based anime about lesbians.
I'm deadly serious.
The best one will receive a fantastic prize beyond your wildest imaginings and an anime adaptation by Satoshi Urushihara.

Anonymous 2014-09-16 01:57:45 No.11376446

Didn't Xenosaga has a lesbo robot, or am I imagining things?

Anonymous 2014-09-16 01:58:56 No.11376453
Every male died from a weird disease.
Now there are only women and fembots with dicks.

Anonymous 2014-09-16 01:58:57 No.11376454

Anonymous 2014-09-16 02:00:50 No.11376460
n the year 2074, in a desperate attempt to reverse the effects of climate change, the UN had resorted to what was known as Project Pinatubo. This consisted of a naval effort of shooting aerosol filled artillery shells into the atmosphere in order to cool the planet by reflecting sunlight in a manner emulating sulfur dioxide shrouds of a volcano. The effort was pyrrhic success in that there was significant drop in temperature, though not enough, and yet the sudden rapid cooling affected the hydrological cycle in a way that caused a severe drought.

Sensing they were too far gone, the remainders of Japan, the United States, and Europe cerated the Haruna-Ark Program, led by eccentric scientist Michiyo Hiraga. This robotic space ship, possessing the most advanced A.I. and English/Swiss Thorium reactors, was designed to search for a habitable planet and terraform it, though it had no human passengers. Instead, it carried genetic samples of not only the human race, but enough of flora and fauna to hopefully create a suitable ecosystem, as well as a breadth of archived information of Earth for the revived humans. However, before the ship was launched, Hiraga was able to the creator of the ship’s ai to do something though impossible, to copy her mind into part of the Haruna Ark’s program.

It was only a couple years before the Haruna Ark’s communication with Nasa and the European Space Union was cut completely, a split second compared to how long it took for the Haruna Ark to complete the mission. Hiraga was arguably driven insane from a lack of human contact, keeping her brain occupied with media loaded onto the computer, and the ship partially cannibalizing itself to stay running. However, she experienced the greatest joy of her life when a suitable planet was found. However, before reaching the planet, the ship suffered a tragic accident in the form of being hit by an asteroid that effectively split it in half.


Anonymous 2014-09-16 02:03:18 No.11376470
One half, which possessed the data from Hiraga’s brain, was able to stay course and reach the intended planet, which Hiraga named Ebisu, after the Japanese luck god who was born a quadriplegic and cast off by his parents and village elders to float in the ocean for centuries before being found and made whole by the dragon god Ryuken. The planet Ebisu was perfectly habitable even had a thorium reserve nearly as plentiful as Earth’s, which gave Hiraga the potential of almost unlimited fuel. The one problem was that Hiraga’s half of the ship contained none of the genetic samples, no Earth life to inhabit the new world. Hiraga heavily considered shutting herself down before finally some life of her own creation for the planet, androids, using her program as a base, and declared herself Maeter, or mother, to them. Although she gave the androids free will, both loyalist, who call themselves The Children, and their heavily armed battle mechs known as E.C.U.S. (Enhanced Combat Unity System) mostly kept the population in check to Maeter’s wishes until the end of a civil war. A parliament was eventually formed, but has always kept a sizable amount of The Children in its ranks, leading to the nickname of "The Children’s Council."

I'll get to the lesbians when I get to them.


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