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/m/ Mecha

Warning: All the content of this page originally come from 4chan.org. This is only a partial archive made to avoid destruction. Some posts and images may be missing. All the messages below have been posted by anonymous users and we do not guarantee any truth of what they said.
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Anonymous 2013-03-12 15:04:29 No.8864114

[Missing image file: Riders.png]

Every group that's ever worked on Kamen Rider SPIRITS has died, no exception. Snoopycool lasted for a few years before slowly puttering out. The Nevada Child Rapist managed for a bit longer before totally vanishing. And Midnight Crew Subs released about two volumes before shutting down, despite having broken one curse already.

Is SPIRITS the new Kuuga?

Anonymous 2013-03-12 15:17:52 No.8864157
Spirits started in 2003ish and is much longer then Kuuga is so it's pretty much a category all on it's own.

Anonymous 2013-03-12 15:18:50 No.8864165
How many volumes have been subb-er translated?

Anonymous 2013-03-12 15:20:35 No.8864174
Seven or eight, I think.

Of course, people have been trying to translate it since, like, 2006 or so. So that's roughly a volume a year?

Anonymous 2013-03-12 15:21:21 No.8864177
Meant to reply to >>8864165

But, yeah, the first volume was pushed out when 'scanslation' was a term that people still used.

Anonymous 2013-03-12 15:23:08 No.8864183
We haven't even gotten to shin Kamen Rider Spirits yet here.

Anonymous 2013-03-12 15:36:49 No.8864219
It's a shame really. SPIRITS is pretty great.

Anonymous 2013-03-12 15:43:02 No.8864229
Yeah, we're barely into the plot now.

Anonymous 2013-03-12 15:43:10 No.8864230
Well we have official release here in my country and it's already past volume 12

Anonymous 2013-03-12 15:44:44 No.8864231

What country?

Anonymous 2013-03-12 15:52:31 No.8864249
Probably Italy, the European countries seem to have gotten a ton of Ishinomori stuff that we haven't.

Anonymous 2013-03-12 15:54:55 No.8864255

Not really.

We got Cyborg 009 complete, but that's it.

Other than that, just the original Kamen Rider manga, Genshi Shonen Ryu, the first volume of Ryu no Michi (which it's a shame, because it's a awesome manga) and Hokusai.

Anonymous 2013-03-12 15:55:47 No.8864257
I don't know about them, but for Hong Kong and Taiwan, their translated versions come out mere months after its published in Japan.

Anonymous 2013-03-12 15:57:17 No.8864260
Indonesian, last time i check we already past king dark battle but kinda forgot which volume it is.

Anonymous 2013-03-12 16:00:52 No.8864269

>Is SPIRITS the new Kuuga?

But OP, SPIRITS is actually good.

Anonymous 2013-03-12 16:01:01 No.8864271
Well, we have actually reached last volume of SPIRITS here, 16th volume.

Anonymous 2013-03-12 16:01:53 No.8864275
Have you got Shin SPIRITS yet?

Anonymous 2013-03-12 16:03:13 No.8864279
>Last volume
Really, it's been a while since i go to book store

Anonymous 2013-03-12 16:06:02 No.8864285

[Missing image file: sadman.jpg]
Not yet.
It was released like two years ago.

Anonymous 2013-03-12 16:18:08 No.8864307

[Missing image file: Boring Tsundere is bored.jpg]
No wonder that king dark volume is already opened

Anonymous 2013-03-12 16:19:42 No.8864313
The sole Singaporean manga publisher only did up to volume 2 back then. I don't miss them though, they were downsized from the Japanese B6 format to A5 format and I believe there were censorship.

Anonymous 2013-03-12 16:43:02 No.8864371
What? Where did you buy that?

That one Ultimate Knight Windom loving Anonymous 2013-03-12 16:53:03 No.8864395
If anyone's interested, I have the translation script for volume 9 and 10, that only needs a bit QC (since the english might or might not be a bit messed up) and then someone can slap it to the raws that are available (but I lost mine so I dunno where you can find it, sorry).


MCS did up to volume 9, actually, but I personally find their volume 9 release really bad when it comes to the typesetting. They are planning to re-release from 8 and from what they said, they have up to volume 13 translated already. Dunno when will they release it, if ever.

In the meantime though, if someone else want to try their hand at shooping texts to some japanese manga about kickass bugmen, we practically will have a new volume available to read.

Anonymous 2013-03-12 17:01:25 No.8864406

No, that's not right; You can buy the full series of Spirits. Now, I'll have to say something -

The final boss fight of ZX's arc is against A SHOWA DECADE. (Judo, the cosmic horror who's appearance is hinted at.) Basically Judo keeps switching form from one Kamen Rider to the next (Consecutively, skipping Riderman) as he continuously lays down the hurt on ZX.

ZX only wins by realizing that Judo has the skills of the Riders at the beginning of their careers, not the experiences and skills they developed over time. He becomes a titanic ZX (The entire battle is in a bizarre alternate dimension, where will shapes the landscape) and crushes him to death.

Meanwhile, King Dark's head is blown up by a rocket launcher, so Apollo Geist turns himself into a GIANT FLAMING HEAD to control it. Eventually, King Dark is knocked underwater, and Kamen Rider X uses that twisting piledriver move he has to rip it to shreds.

Anonymous 2013-03-12 17:03:43 No.8864409
Isn't the reason he skips Riderman because Riderman's a traitor?

Anonymous 2013-03-12 17:04:58 No.8864411
>Lemme just spoil the fuck out of what's gonna happen for you

Anonymous 2013-03-12 17:09:18 No.8864416
No, it's just because riderman is just a human with mechanized right arm, not cyborgs like the others.

Well, it didn't explain about Amazon though. Did Judo use Amazon's form?

Anonymous 2013-03-12 17:10:26 No.8864418

It's...left ambiguous. The Shogun comments on this, I think.

Riderman does leave V3 his Cassette arm. (This is because V3 can no longer transform, after using the secret 27th move to blow up this bizarre floating formation that Judo would've used to enter reality. It's one hell of a kick.)

Man, where would I start? So much awesome stuff happens - But I particularly liked the duel between Judo and ZX. It just escalates INSANELY: Judo goes from a Rider-1 clone missing an arm, to slitting ZX's throat as Amazon and suckerpunching him as X.

The final clash of ZX versus Judo's version of ZX (Gold, with a bitchin' cape) takes place in SPACE, and the impact of their Rider Kicks meeting creates a big bang. (Also, a Rider who looks weirdly like a spectral Kamen Rider Black watches the fight and commentates.)

Anonymous 2013-03-12 17:11:06 No.8864419
Amazon's powered by magic, but he's got "Incan super science" in him.

Anonymous 2013-03-12 17:11:54 No.8864420

Yeah, he used it. He used Dai-Setsu-Dan to slash ZX across the torso; Then, as ZX reels back, he uses Amazon's sharp 'fins' to cut his throat.

(The thing is, ZX can regenerate. And ZX *is* pretty powerful as a Rider...With some of the stunts he pulls to take down the various forms are actually quite inspired. Most of the fight, though, he's getting his ass beat six ways to sunday.)

Anonymous 2013-03-12 17:12:08 No.8864423
That's his 26th secret, not the 27th. He's always had the Nuclear Kick.

Anonymous 2013-03-12 17:13:12 No.8864427

Ah, crap, my bad. Sorry, I must have misread that: My Chinese is a little patchy.

Anonymous 2013-03-12 17:16:42 No.8864432

Holy shit, that sounds fucking awesome. How does he beat Stronger?

Anonymous 2013-03-12 17:31:52 No.8864448

Well, when Judo copies Stronger, the place shifts to a lightning storm; He immediately unleashes his electro-fire attack, and zaps ZX. The thing is, ZX has been training with the real Stronger, allowing him to resist longer...Until he pops his grappling cable, and lashes it around Judo's arm.

Now BOTH of them are getting electrocuted. Judo ceases shocking ZX, and moves on to the next form.

RedHood 2013-03-12 22:27:27 No.8865246
We haven't forgotten about Spirits, just that we're working some other side projects.

Anonymous 2013-03-12 22:30:13 No.8865248
What's the matter, you can't handle a good, serious Police show? I bet you liked Den-O.

Anonymous 2013-03-12 22:36:20 No.8865263
>Start reading
>Suddenly hit by huge spoilers

God dammit, and I can't even read the manga.

Anonymous 2013-03-12 23:46:13 No.8865430
weren't they asking for help one year ago or so?
their raws were missing one page and no one helped

Anonymous 2013-03-13 00:09:11 No.8865501
>Midnight Crew Subs released about two volumes before shutting down
>Goes to Midnight Crew blog
Don't scare me like that you fucker.

Anonymous 2013-03-13 00:30:00 No.8865553
Editing manga is much more involved than subbing, and has a higher entry req of skill. It's a hard position to fill.

Anonymous 2013-03-13 00:38:11 No.8865578
Just like Gundam and Macross,

Anonymous 2013-03-13 00:41:33 No.8865585

Kuuga was not subbed 5 years ago.

Anonymous 2013-03-13 00:43:51 No.8865590
What point are you trying to make with that?

Anonymous 2013-03-13 00:45:08 No.8865592

>Cool Guy

Nobody is perfect, I guess.

Anonymous 2013-03-13 00:48:14 No.8865598
There were already lots of fans of Kuuga back then. We had shitty hk subs too. Kuuga has always been one of the more popular shows even among the Jap fandom. The only thing that brought the ''shittiest fans'' into the fold is the fact that the fandom has grown considerably in the last few years.

Anonymous 2013-03-13 00:55:39 No.8865625

Of course, he created it just after crying for Saban's Masked Rider, the Goranger sequel manga and of course, the manga that Hongo Takeshi becomes Hakaider.

Anonymous 2013-03-13 00:55:40 No.8865626
>Autistic retards ruining a Spirits thread.
If I were part of a scanlator group working on Spirits I would drop the project forever after reading this thread.
You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

Anonymous 2013-03-13 01:01:50 No.8865651

Did you know that was exactly what happened to Happy Scans first translator, right?

Anonymous 2013-03-13 01:14:49 No.8865689

People like to spread silly rumors around here. One of them is that Ishinomori created Kuuga as his last project (he was actually working on the end of Cyborg 009 God's War). Another one is that Saban gave up on the Kamen Rider franchise because Ishinomori hated Masked Rider, but he didn't even watched it, it was canceled because of the lack of more stock footage.

Anonymous 2013-03-13 01:19:02 No.8865701

[Missing image file: sekai-068.jpg]

Remember that people here tend to think that Ishinomori took Kamen Rider very seriously, but it was not even one of his favorite works.

Here's his personal Top 10 list.

Anonymous 2013-03-13 01:21:59 No.8865705

[Missing image file: sekai-069.jpg]

1º Nikyu Tenshi (his debut work)
2º Terebi-kun
3º Ryujin Numa
4º Cyborg 009
5º Sarutobi Ecchan
6º Bon Bon
7º Fantasy World Jun
8º Sabu to Ichi Torimono Hikae
9º Ryu no Michi
10º Kamen Rider

Anonymous 2013-03-13 02:01:17 No.8865830
>Haven't said a word on their blog in three months

Seems dead to me.

Anonymous 2013-03-13 02:07:45 No.8865853
They've been working with happy scans, haven't you been paying attention?

Anonymous 2013-03-13 02:24:52 No.8865887
Haven't seen a mention of it, not even in this thread.

Anonymous 2013-03-13 02:34:05 No.8865906
Click on "Midnight Crew Scans" tag.Read.

Anonymous 2013-03-13 02:38:58 No.8865915
>Do so
>Still no activity from Midnight Crew Subs since early January. No activity from Midnight Crew Scans since November.

Well, shit.

Anonymous 2013-03-13 02:42:36 No.8865930
About the joint with Happy Scans dude.

RedHood 2013-03-13 02:49:30 No.8865953
As i was saying before the horrible shitposting . We're making shit happen. Not the kind of stuff y'all expecting. But we're making progess.

Anonymous 2013-03-13 04:00:49 No.8866108

[Missing image file: 1320092059961.jpg]
Whoa, I left this thread for several hours and it has already turned from a decent and civil spirits thread into shitflinging fest. I thought you were better than /a/.

So, back on the topic, anything past Shin spirits chapter 1 gets scanned?

Anonymous 2013-03-13 04:43:40 No.8866239
Based moot.

Any progress is better than no progress.

Anonymous 2013-03-13 04:52:30 No.8866273
I want MCS to finish Kamen Rider Black first.

Anonymous 2013-03-13 05:06:49 No.8866324
All of these shitposts gone...

Bless the janitor.

Anonymous 2013-03-13 05:14:14 No.8866356
I got raw scans of KR Spirits 1-16 and Shin KR Spirits 1-6.

Anonymous 2013-03-13 05:33:53 No.8866384

He also autosaged a lot of non-troll threads just because they're about old toku.

Anonymous 2013-03-13 05:46:26 No.8866406
That was because he got trolled into autosaging. The guy is really one righteous dude.

Anonymous 2013-03-13 05:52:30 No.8866413

>got trolled into autosaging

How exactly it works?

Anonymous 2013-03-13 06:02:58 No.8866430
are they tank scans or magazine scans? you should contact the mcs guys

Anonymous 2013-03-13 06:10:12 No.8866443
The trolls came in and said "it's a troll", "this troll again.." and such.

Anonymous 2013-03-13 06:53:17 No.8866525


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