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Anonymous 2016-06-02 05:47:52 No.27532843

[Missing image file: ]

Last thread: >>27418742

Welcome to the official Equestria Girls Edits thread. The primary objective of this thread is to create, share and ultimately dump decent vector edits of the girls. You can post your own edits, take requests from anons lurking or either make your own requests in hope some editfag takes it and doesn't mess it up.

Contributors are welcome to join and collaborate.
By the way, please consider these tips before posting:
>It is encouraged to create 2 versions of every pic: one with the girl(s) in underwear/lingerie and another naked.
>Post here the one with underwear and upload the naked one to imgur.
>Links to imgur should be direct. Don't link to a imgur page, use the direct image link.
>Use some vectoring software like Illustrator, Inkscape, Photoshop, Gimp, etc. Avoid using Paint.
>It is not required to make the edits barefoot. By the way, every good work is much appreciated.
>Requests are marked with a "/r/" in the post subject.
>If you tell someone you're willling to take some request, finish the job you lazy faggot.
>Your first edit will probably suck. Don't give up. Listen to the comments and keep trying.
>clothed Ponies Edits are allowed
>If you are not putting clothes or lingerie on ponies you are wrong
>No other edits besides Equestria Girls Edits and Clothed Ponies Edits allowed
>metaposting is not allowed

Tip for requesters:
>Be patient. It takes a while to complete a picture.

Post, share, edit and enjoy!

Imgur Album:

/r/ 2016-06-02 05:56:59 No.27532911
Requesting lewd edit of

Anonymous 2016-06-02 07:01:04 No.27533482

Anonymous 2016-06-02 07:13:07 No.27533561
>Clothed ponies edits are allowed



Anonymous 2016-06-02 07:16:12 No.27533591

Anonymous 2016-06-02 07:28:50 No.27533673
Metaposting is not allowed

Anonymous 2016-06-02 07:49:52 No.27533862
Requesting nude

Anonymous 2016-06-02 07:53:43 No.27533884
Requesting clothes on pony Pinkie and human Pinkie nude

A clothes swap if you will

Anonymous 2016-06-02 09:12:59 No.27534169
Any chance for someone to edit these images so that they have grey nipples?


Anonymous 2016-06-02 09:45:41 No.27534251

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