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Anonymous 2013-07-31 14:56:29 No.12481722

[Missing image file: HumanizedGildaFeetTickling.png]

Humanized feet thread.
Tickling, massaging, sniffing -- discussion, pics, and stories.

Fully in accordance with all board rules.

Anonymous 2013-07-31 14:57:21 No.12481734

[Missing image file: 1375269040962.png]
Fucking Scruffy I'm tired of his shit

Anonymous 2013-07-31 14:58:04 No.12481741

[Missing image file: 1375275176971.png]
Good news guys, I finished the Fluttershy story for you.

I'll pastebin the whole thing, and heres the Pinkie one too, for those who missed it.

Anonymous 2013-07-31 14:58:35 No.12481749

[Missing image file: 229070__oc_anthro_suggest(...).png]
Goddammit wrong image wow what a shitty day

Anonymous 2013-07-31 15:00:07 No.12481769
No, seriously, that yellow lipstick makes her look like a damn duck!
Just imagine her quacking instead of laughing like a normal person.

Anonymous 2013-07-31 15:01:02 No.12481785
Well, she's supposed to be like a griffon, so it's probably intentional.

Anonymous 2013-07-31 15:01:03 No.12481786

[Missing image file: Yunarukami_bows.png]
thanks for that error, that image makes me moist

Anonymous 2013-07-31 15:01:06 No.12481787
Right as that damn story was getting good

Anonymous 2013-07-31 15:04:48 No.12481833
Enjoy the Flutterfeets, friends. Heres the last part that I didn't get to post in the last thread for those who just want that anyway. Plus it feels just feels right to finish it here. Who cares.

>It was obvious Fluttershy took a glance or two at your manhood, which was erect to the point of it hurting.
>Through glazed eyes you saw her move up your body a little, and then it happened.
>She had sat on your dick, straddling the entirety of your girth up her tight butt.
>You let out a loud moan, synchronized with hers.
>Things were getting more rough. Instead of her waving her gooey feet around in front of your face, she laid them flat over it, covering almost everything.
>All you could smell, see and taste was her feet and the honey that coated them.
>You could still lick at them a little however, and you did so aplenty as you could feel her butt bounce up and down on your dick.
>Fluttershy, being the pent up girl she is, came in but a few movements of her rear, almost squealing in pleasure as she pushed her feet down even harder, just as her butt did, causing you to empty about ten buckets worth of cum in those few seconds of absolute bliss.
>The waves of pleasure had stopped hitting you both, and there was one helluva mess.
>You think its time for another bath...
The end.

Anonymous 2013-07-31 15:05:50 No.12481853
>Plus it feels just feels
Probably a sign I should stop writing for the night. Thanks for reading friends. I'll drop by and write more if this thread is around, if not, I'll post in general fetish threads or just random oneshots.

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