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Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:18:43 No.6983898

[Missing image file: 1356638154983.png]


>"What is 'Flutterrape'?"
Stories about Fluttershy trying to rape Anon, who's the only human stranded in Equestria.
Fluttershy has zero self-control or sense of decency, while at the same time being all socially awkward and shy. This usually leads other ponies to disbelieve Anon when he needs help against her schemes.
There are several variations of Flutterrape:
-Fluttershy tries to get into Anon's pants but fails miserably every time.
-Fluttershy employs the help of her friends (who think she wants a relationship and she's just being cute and insecure) but still fails.
-Fluttershy tries to guess Anon's secret sexual fetish by demonstrating it in front of him, only to hear "this is not my fetish" every time.
-Be sure to check out Anon in Equestria first to see where your story belongs.
>NOTE: Please do not post Gore, guro, whatever you call it here, post it in the appropriate thread.
>Flutterrape is a type of greentext story. Writing it is very simple and just requires the use of “>”
EXAMPLE: http://i.imgur.com/7Ho3h.png
Directory of the common writefags

Previous thread: >>6958637

Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:21:19 No.6983989

Raritan 2012-12-31 06:23:53 No.6984085

[Missing image file: 1350708624383.jpg]
Wow we've hit that point already?

Damn I need to hurry up and finish part 7.

No more one-shots for me!

Ordnung 2012-12-31 06:24:00 No.6984088
>Day Shit Bang Theory in Equestria
>Wake up
>Shit, Shower, Shave
>Sit in your spot on the couch
>You're too autistic to sit anywhere else
>Start eating french toast
>Laugh track
>Fluttershy walks in the door
>Laugh track
>"Anon, how do I internet?"
Delte syst 32
>Laugh track
>"What's your wifi code? lol Im a nurd cuz I no wat wifi be."
Check yur fone.
>"What's a fone?"
>Laugh track
>You and Fluttershy stare in disgust at the abomination on the TV
Fluttershy, what the fuck did we just make?
>"I don't know, but is making bad TV shows with your lover your fetish?"
No. Get out.
>You scruff Fluttershy and throw her out the window
>Then you take the disc out of the CD player and break it in half
>Fucking Fluttershy

Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:24:49 No.6984120

What do you think?

Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:25:20 No.6984142

[Missing image file: scootaloo__s_eggcellent_b(...).png]
more flutter rape~

Ordnung 2012-12-31 06:25:59 No.6984163
too nonexistant

Scrabhunter 2012-12-31 06:26:52 No.6984193

[Missing image file: ticky. you bitch..jpg]
Bumping with a repost, as I am wont to do.

*Day James Cameron in Equestria*
>It's morning, and you're about to wake up
>Not quite yet, though; you're enjoying that peaceful, dozey feeling you get in that half-awake/half-asleep phase
>As you slowly become more aware of your surroundings, you become aware of a rhythmic contraction on your penis
>Fucking Fluttershy, it's too Goddamn early for this shit
>You hit your bedside light and fling back the sheets to reveal.... this.
(Pic Related)
>You're paralyzed with fear
>Fluttershy's laying next to the thing, and looks at it kind of enviously
>'So, Anon... are Xenomorphs your fetish?'
>Must not scream
>If you startle it, it could bite your penis clean off
>Meanwhile, the Alien continues to fellate you with its little mouth
>You feel a hard contraction work its way up the little throat in an attempt to milk you
>You get the strangest feeling that if it had eyes it'd be winking at you
No, Fluttershy, Alien Xenomorphs are not my fetish
>Fluttershy and the Alien both look a little disappointed
>'Really? Oh, well. Come on, Ticky, let's get you home.'
>The Alien unattaches from your penis and follows Fluttershy out of the room
>Before it leaves, it blows you a kiss
>*violent shudder*
>Jerkily, you get off the bed and zombie your way over to the bathroom
>You turn the shower on, crank the heat to 'scald', and crawl inside
>You're going to need all the hot water in Ponyville to feel clean after that
>Fucking Fluttershy

Don't ask me why I have this picture saved

Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:27:15 No.6984201

While you're finishing....

>Raritan crouched on one knee, hands behind his back. He felt as if all the eyes in the small Ponyville restaurant were on him and he wasn't that far off. Rarity looked beautiful but from his view she looked even more stunning.

>Her hooves were freshly manicured and lazily hung one of her shoes on one graceful end. Despite her expression of surprise, she looked radiant. She had a superior look that made him feel weightless.

>"Rarity," he said, pausing to collect his thoughts. Raritan had practiced for this moment for weeks, not counting the months of fantasy. "I've never felt for a mare as I feel for you. I know you were made for me and I love you. If you'll have me, I'd like to take you as my wife and be your husband."

Domino 2012-12-31 06:27:26 No.6984212
Holy shit, first time I've ever been early to a thread!

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 06:28:17 No.6984236

[Missing image file: 1353858156205.gif]
Something useful to add to the OP for next time would be Cellist Octavia's fantastically useful script. You can find it here:


It scans pastebins that you specify for updates! It's really good since there is no RSS feed for the pastebin pages. Check it out! It's actually legit!

Dananatuffs 2012-12-31 06:28:30 No.6984242
Never posted a story in Flutterrape, but I just wrote the first chapter of 1 after reading a bunch. Cool if I post?

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 06:29:24 No.6984273

[Missing image file: 21609__safe_lyra_human_hu(...).png]
Yay! A new writer! Go ahead!

Ordnung 2012-12-31 06:30:00 No.6984292
Oh yeah, I remember that. That one Octavia dude. Will keep that in mind.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:30:31 No.6984304
Yes go right ahead. You have the floor

Raritan 2012-12-31 06:30:45 No.6984312

[Missing image file: 1352223912081.jpg]

Dananatuffs 2012-12-31 06:30:58 No.6984317
Very well!

>Day Peaceful in Equestria
>The sun is shining
>The birds are singing
>You find yourself bored out of your mind as you meander through Ponyville, attempting to find something to do.
>These ponies are far too happy for your liking
>If only they'd tone it down a bit
>It’s not like you wanted them to suffer
>Oh no, not quite that bad
>It’s just nothing really exciting happened
>You turn a corner, spotting the one place remotely interesting in this whole town
>And even then it’s not that great
>Sugarcube Corner
>You find yourself walking over to the bakery, hoping for a little flash of light in this dreary life you live
>A few feet away from the door, you sense something behind you
>You turn around, only to see the one thing that could make a day like this worse


Dananatuffs 2012-12-31 06:31:51 No.6984342
>”H-hello Anon! I-I’ve got your f-fetish this time for sure!”
>That stutter is like a drill through your brain
>You smell a faint aroma coming from her
>It smells of sex
>You don’t attempt to hide your contempt, and glare down at her
I seriously doubt that, you pest, but I suspect you’ll try regardless. Go ahead.
>She squeak’s, whether in delight or in fear you aren’t sure. Either way, the aroma strengthens
>Fucking pony.
>She reaches into a bag hanging from her side, and pulls out a deck of cards
>”A-are card tricks y-your fetish, Anon?”
>You stare
>You are dumbfounded
>No one can be this stupid. No one
>How could this fucking pastel coloured pony possibly think that a card trick would be your fetish?
>You consider reaching down and killing her, right in bright daylight
>How easy it would be
>She must see what you’re thinking in your eyes.
>”I-is t-that a no, A-anon?” she squeaks out, and this time you’re sure it isn’t fear.
>Does she want you to hurt her or something?
>Oh god
>You groan
>This place may be hell, but it’s currently home
That’s a no Fluttershy. Now go away, before I throw you away
>”I w-wouldn’t mind if y-you threw me, Anon”
>She scurries off, giggling the whole time
>Fucking Fluttershy.
>You turn around again, and head into Sugarcube Corner


Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:31:57 No.6984347

[Missing image file: 1356203730422.png]
>don't ask why you have that picture
>implying anyone needs to

Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:32:23 No.6984359
bumping this thread with a old Flutterrape short that I had made.

>You are Anon
> Yet another day, bird chirping, sun's shining.
> You find out that the socks that Rarity made are extremely slick on your hardwood floor.
> you can't conceal your inner child.
> you start sliding around, doing the routine.
> unable to control your joy as you slide around the 2nd floor.
> You slide into the stairs and fall backwards.
> gaining momentum you do flips and barrel roles until you hit the hard-wood floor.
>You lay on the floor in so much pain.
> Fluttershy bursts through the door like a boss.
>F: ANON! Are you alright!?
> you see Fluttershy trying to move you to a open space.
> pain is so extreme you black out from shock.
> you wake up at the hospital.
>A: Where am I?
> The Doc walks in,
>D: Oh I see you are awake,
>A:Am I going to be ok?
>D: You have a broken leg, a bruised rib, and a broken arm.
> before you could say anything, Fluttershy came into the room.
>F: Hello Anon
>F: I really hope you get better
>A:So do I.
>Before you could say anything she leans close and kiss you.
> Surprised you tried to get away but a sharp pain goes through your body.
>F: Hey Anon
>A: What?
>She leans close and says
>F: Are socks your fetish?

Feedback would be great

Regular text usually fucks up story

Tried it once fucked up story by switching lines.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:32:57 No.6984377

>The well-dressed p0nies in the room was silent. It went well, he thought. It was exactly what his mom would have told him to say and went off without any mistakes or pauses. She looked at him with saphire eyes and stroked his cheek with one hoof.

>"But sweetie," she smiled as if this was all just a joke. "You're just a boy."

>He felt his cheeks flush as everyp0ny in the room gasped in shock. "I'm certainly old enough. That more than qualifies as a man."

>In this, Rarity knew what Raritan had meant and though it shocked her when she first discovered it, she had to admit that Raritan had one of the most gorgeous penises she had ever seen. On his young body it looked out of place; handsome in a strange, exotic way with a hefty, alluring glans and testicles she adored to play with in her hooves.

Dananatuffs 2012-12-31 06:33:23 No.6984391
>You smile as the pink blur charges into you full speed
>Pinkie may be almost as stupid as Fluttershy at times, but at least she was entertaining
Good morning, Pinkie. How are you?
>”Well I’m just fantastic silly, except I’m a little bored because there are not enough customers around!”
>Pinkie, bored?
>”But of course I’m not bored anymore now that you’re here Anon! Now we can hang out and you can eat some sweets and oh I just know you’ll love them all!”
>She zooms off before you can respond
>You pause, and decide to take a seat
>Moments later, Pinkie returns with a tray full of sweets
>Your mouth waters a little
These look great Pinkie!
>You’ve always had a sweet tooth, even back on Earth
>These ponies are mad about sweetness, and Pinkie brings it to a whole new level
>You suspect if you ever snapped, you’d let her live
>Not that you expect to snap


Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:33:49 No.6984401
Uh, I do.


Dananatuffs 2012-12-31 06:34:03 No.6984407
>You shake your head and start to eat, aware of Pinkie staring at you the whole time from the other side of the table
>You finish off the first treat and look back at her as something dawns on you
>”Yes Anon, are you going to tell me how wonderful these treats are?! I just knew they’d be fantastic even though they’re a new recipe and I was a little nervous so I figured I’d test them on you since you have such go-“
>You put a hand over her mouth
Yes, Pinkie, they’re great. But that’s not what I was going to say
>Pinkie stops trying to talk through your hand, and is suddenly right beside you
I was wondering, do you know anyone who isn’t always super friendly in Equestria?
>Pinkie stares at you, looking confused
>”Why would you want to know someone not friendly all the time?!”
Well, that’s not exactly what I mean. I’m just curious if there’s anyone who goes against the general rules of Equestria? Besides me, I suppose.
>Pinkie ponders for a moment
>Suddenly a light bulb appears above her head
>What the?
>Oh right, it’s Pinkie.
>”Well, I can think of one guy!”
>You feel your heart beat faster
>Perhaps you can find someone who will understand how boring all this peace is
Who, Pinkie?


Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:34:04 No.6984408

>He had never been with another mare and was serious when he said he didn't want anyone else. Rarity, as ashamed as it made her, was smitten with his organ and planned to make him live up to his promise.

>"We have to talk," was her only answer.

>Hearing the words he dreaded, Raritan stood to his feet and sat down without speaking. His expression changed from one of adoration to discomfort and frustration. She loved him, he knew that without question. Why then did she pause when he proposed?

>Although she cared for the boy, the object more than anything Rarity was fascinated with was his organ. If she could marry his cock she would have done so when she had first met it. As it happened, her heart's desire was attached to a man years younger and much too immature for her tastes.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:34:27 No.6984428
i liked it

Dananatuffs 2012-12-31 06:34:41 No.6984437
>What kind of name is Discord?
Pinkie, who is Discord?
>”You mean you don’t know?!”
…Pinkie, you do know I’ve only been here for a month, right?
>”Oh my gosh I totally forgot how silly of me! Discord is the spirit of chaos!
>Your heart beats even faster
Chaos you say?
>”Yup! Of course, he isn’t all bad; he just takes his jokes too far!
And where might one find this Discord fellow?
>”Well he’s a statue so I bet he doesn’t move much unless he had someone cart him around but…”
>You stop listening, letting Pinkie continue yammering on
>Stuck in a statue?
>That won’t do at all
>Your beam of light can’t be shot down so fast!
Pinkie, how did Discord become a statue?
>Pinkie shoots you a massive grin
>”Well we turned him into with our elements of harmony!
>Of course, magic.
>So there’s only one course of action left
>You stand, causing Pinkie, who was leaning on you at that point, to fall over laughing
Pinkie, can you take me to Discord’s statue?

End of Chapter 1


4PP138100M 2012-12-31 06:34:53 No.6984442

[Missing image file: 1.jpg]
>Not Dvds
No, but i did actually laugh at that!

Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:35:00 No.6984445

>Though she had been with many stallions, when she had first taken him to bed she found it was a thrilling experience that left an irrevocable impression on the psyche of Raritan. Though his technique was awkward and amateurish, his stamina and the "human" feel of it inside her more than made up for what he did not possess....she craved the ultimate control her stature wraught. He had an irresistible lost-puppy-dog charm that she found endearing; marking them as hers.

>At the end of the night she took him home to the Carousel and, on her command, he stripped bare. Once more she examined him. Save for a dusting around his penis, his body was devoid of pubic hair....she had seen to that herself. Rarity chuckled at the image of his adorable yips as she previously waxed him with magic. As always, he was fully erect before her and, fascinated by his exotic shape, she allowed herself a moment to stare at it before continuing.

>"You know about me, darling. You know of my past. I've been hurt before by stallions. Twice, in fact, and would not enter into a marriage lightly. It's not an act of love so much as a contract." She paused to let these words have resonance. When you enter into this contract with me I expect certain things and I want to know that you can live up to them."


Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:35:30 No.6984459

No idea how it didn't work, copied everything

Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:35:51 No.6984462

>He nodded, too eager. "Of course I can. Anything you ask."

>"You've never met a mare like me. I'm older and wiser, perhaps too much for you to handle. You're still a boy in many ways. In fact I've always thought of you this way."
His face turned to a frown, hurt by the words. He tried to speak but she silenced him before any words formed.

>"You must listen to me, Raritan. I know what's best between us. I will marry you and I will have you as my husband but it must be on my terms. I will be the center of the relationship and in all things you must defer to me."

>His erection stopped any disagreement he may have felt and he happily agreed so she stood and, with her back turned away, she elegantly slipped out of her hoof-made black dress so she stood in only her favorite lace corset and panties. Rummaging through her nightstand with her magic, Rarity pulled out something Raritan had never seen before.


Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:36:53 No.6984490

>She held it between them as he examined it. It was made of translucent gems and formed a clear tube with a slight diamond-shape cut out of the end. The nights spent together allowed Rarity to expertly...measure him. He looked to her for clarification.

>"I doubt you've ever seen one of these before but every mare should have one. You put it on your stallion's appendage to keep it from restless hooves and those it does not belong to. It keeps the penis under the control of who loves it the most, the mare."

>His mouth opened slightly, though it had not fully dawned on him yet.

>"If you choose to be my husband you will spend your life keeping me happy. You will wear this constantly, only being freed when I think it best for you or when I want."
Rartiy came to him and pressed her soft fur against him.

>His cock pressed urgently against her side, and she felt the dampness of his glans present the whole evening in an energetic light. She rose, and kissed him hungrily so he could not keep up and felt the welcome grip of his hands on her head. As their kiss broke she whispered playfully in his ear, "Is that what you want lover?"

>There was nothing Raritan could say but, "Yes. Please, Rarity. I want that so much."


Dananatuffs 2012-12-31 06:37:50 No.6984523
So, what do you think? Be honest, I'm curious.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:37:57 No.6984526
>She stepped back and, with satisfaction, trotted to the bed. As she did, her horn thummed and lowered her panties to the ground. Raritan watched the full cheeks of her ass and the fur of her pussy as it poked between her shapely, white thighs. Standing, she casually unhooked her corset and dropped it on the floor. Holding her hoof out to him, she pulled back the sheet of her bed and had him lay down.

>Raritan looked up at her with wide doe eyes. As he scanned every inch of her, he resisted the urge to grab her and pull her down on top of him. Subconsciously he yielded to her.

>A bottle of Canterlot lotion appeared and she coated her hoof with it. Squirting an amount into the center of her hoof, she held it above his cock and let it drop slowly onto the knob of his head. Slight coolness beaded on Raritan and he closed his eyes, eager for more sensations.

>Her hooves slid slowly down his shaft, squeezing the slickness onto him. He was unable to suppress a moan as her hooves finally came in contact with him. It sounded to Rarity as if he'd been waiting for it all evening. She found the base of his cock and squeezed gently with magic before continuing back up his length.

>She took her time, knowing this was more for her pleasure than his. She adored his penis and valued the time she spent with it. Already she felt it was hers and knew it was important to train it as she wanted.


Ordnung 2012-12-31 06:38:36 No.6984542
too unfinished
You should write more than that for a first part.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:38:38 No.6984543

>"Darling," she whispered to him. "I want you to feel good." Her hooves slipped further down his organ, her magical ring cascading behind. "I want you to let it all out for me. Let me have all you have. I want you to spurt."

>Raritan tried to answer but only managed gasping breaths.

>"That's it, darling. Feel how good I am, how wonderful you can feel when you're with me." She enjoyed herself, loving the shining, greasy cock under her control as her hooves played up and down his member.

>One hoof reached between his legs and carefully manipulated his balls. They were full and the moment she came in contact with them he opened himself wider, offering better access.

>"Once this is done my love, once you've had a good, long, healthy come, I'm going to lock you up tight. Your beautiful penis will be mine. I'll marry you and I'll love you but your penis will be trained to please me in my...sophisticated tastes."
>Her hoof-and-magic strokes quickened slightly and he made no protest at her words.


Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:39:12 No.6984562
Keep at it. I like where this is going

Scrabhunter 2012-12-31 06:40:08 No.6984591
It's for a friend, I swear.

tfw I legitimately saved this picture to show one of my friends and no one will ever believe me

Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:40:21 No.6984596
>"I'll let it come when I think it is earned, but its primary function will be to please me in it's diamond shrine however I like."

>She touched it like an expert, squeezing, pulling and stroking with hooves and magic just as she knew he'd like. She'd had enough experience with stallionhoods to know that you treat one right and it will always be there for you. It was a lot like stallions in that way- fuck them well and they'll do anything you say. Raritan was proof of that.

>He was close to the edge and Rarity did all she could to prolong it. She loved seeing him struggle to come; she loved the astonished/helpless/overwhelmed look on his face each time he almost peaked. With her magic ring gripping his glans, she slid hooves over and across, up and down his engorged member. The motions made him writhe and she was afraid he would erupt quickly and slightly. Rarity planned for more than that.

>"Come on now my darling, feel it. Feel how a true Lady makes you feel, how wonderful her hooves are on you. Never forget that."

He moaned loudly now, a lewd display that caused Rarity's feminine urges to alight. Her magic continues to grip his encircled cockhead protectively and she twisted her hoof, causing him to buck.


Clever Dick 2012-12-31 06:41:02 No.6984626

[Missing image file: 1354428165085.jpg]
Hurray! A new writer that linked to previous posts, posted with a progression counter and prewrote! And his story's pretty decent too! Welcome, Dananatuffs. I think you're gonna fit right in.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:41:27 No.6984644

>"That's it Raritan," she whispered, full of lust and venom. "Feels sooo good, doesn't it?"

>His head nodded wildly and she added. "After this I'll have you locked up. Is that something you want?"

>He stopped now, fighting the impulses of his body. Still her hooves softly floated over his cock and sore balls. His eyes pleaded to her and he wanted to speak but his body was in such pleasure he couldn't find the breath.

>He came powerfully. The look on his face warmed her heart and she knew she had performed her act well. As his body twisted she covered him with magical pinpricks of pleasure; on his nipples, collarbone, his chin, and his forehead while her magical ring tightened fiercely around his glans. Small tears formed in the corner of Raritan's eyes and she knew this was a special moment for him.

>Afterwards they lay together. Rarity rested on her side attop the elegant matress, her hoof in his hand. Her head was on his shoulder, watching his penis slowly deflate. Though he was young, she found humans made good lovers and knew his powers of recuperation were better than most stallions. If she was to do this, she must do it quickly.


4PP138100M 2012-12-31 06:41:30 No.6984646
I liked it! Oh, and its good you're writing this now, because, just think. Come January 19th, Discord will be redeemed, all thanks to our favorite yellow rapist. Fuck Hasbro

Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:42:44 No.6984680

>Raritan was lying motionless with his eyes closed, enjoying the moment and the serene post orgasm feeling that floated through him. At the moment Rarity spoke he was thinking how wonderful she was and how infatuated he had become with her.

>"Darling..." Her voice was almost a dream. "Eyes open, pretty little boy."
When he looked she was smiling down at him. Her eyes had an irresistible seduction to them. Her mouth curled in a mischievous smile. To her right levetated the crystal chastity belt. Resting between his legs, she held it for him to see.

>"This is called my Diamond Curve, sweetie. It will keep you protected and safe when I'm not around." His eyes protested but his mouth said nothing. A thum of magic cleaned him of the lotion and his expended juices. "It will keep my cock confined and well behaved." Raritan heard the words and agreed silently. HER cock. It belonged to Rarity. It had been since the day they met really.

>Though it was attached to his body it belonged to her more and more each day. Both of them knew it.

>When she touched it, it rose slightly and she placed a soft kiss on the sensitive rim. "A goodbye kiss," she said. At first Raritan thought she might allow him another climax, this time in her mouth and felt his penis swell even more. "No more," she teased, her magic tightly clenched around his shaft.


Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:43:37 No.6984717
Reposting from the other thread. My first Flutterrape.

>Day [Walt Jr. vomiting] in Equestria
>Today is going to be a bad day
>Fluttershy has nearly blown your whole operation more than once
>There was the time when she flooded your lab with mustard gas
>She wanted to know if chemical asphyxiation was your fetish
>She's gotten more and more dangerous in her fetish guessing, at once point even trying to pour hydroflouric acid on you
>"Is the flesh and tendons slowly being melted from your bones your fetish, Anon?"
>You shudder
>Crazy bitch has no respect for lab safety
>Geared up in your protective suit and all security measures in place to keep Fluttershy out, time to start the cook
>Corn starch
>The chemistry still fascinates you, even after all these years
>Making controlled substances with it is almost more exciting
>Now, you just have to wait until your brew breaks down into glucose
>Time to take a break
>By "break," you really mean "check all lab equipment and entrances for possible fetish contamination"
>As you're seeing to the many, many heavy bolts on the door, you hear a crash from behind you
>Fluttershy's head is poking out of one of the air vents on the wall
>"Hey, Anon! Is breaking and entering into a secure area your fetish?"
>Oh fuck
Get the hell out of here, Fluttershy!
>"Oh my, what is... Oh..." She says with a gasp
>Oh fuck

Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:43:54 No.6984719

>She carefully maneuvered his penis in the contraption and both felt as if a solemn rite was taking place. He was handing over his penis to the mare that would become his wife, the only mare he would ever love.

>The moment she locked the crystal seal around him he felt numb. She climbed up his body,
swaying her limbs like a cat as she angled over him. There was only tenderness and her control now. He was vulnerable and she wrapped her body around his, letting him feel only what she desired to be felt.

>The room was warm and Rarity had no need to force anything. She could feel sadness emanate from him and pressed her mouth to his lips and kissed his forehead, as if a pet.

>Her marehood rested on the belt and she instinctively clamped it between her legs. Her body was searching for relief, looking for his unhindered cock to fill and sate her.

>Rarity felt herself open and held the belt between her gently opened lips. Though new to Raritan, it felt warm and familiar against her flesh. Unconsciously she pressed against it and began riding it as the thick crystal slipped into her.

>Raritan was overwhelmed. Locked, emotionally spent and weak, he was forced to lay still and feel his fiancé as she pleasured herself on his locekd cock. Covered in a dense crystal he could only feel the heat from her body against his. His aching member filled the compartment to capacity, causing a dull ache that made him grit his teeth.


Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:44:12 No.6984731

[Missing image file: 1356068472803.png]
>Oh fuck
>"Are you making HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP?!"
>Oh fuck
>She knows
>"Anon! High fructose corn syrup is extremely illegal! You could be imprisoned! Or banished! Or banished and then imprisoned in-"
Yeah, yeah, I've watched the show, and that joke is lame so save it.
>"Anon... This Horsenberg I've heard about..."
>You fucking hated that horse pun
>Fucking ponies
>"The one who's been making that weird blue sweetener that's been on the streets..."
*Sigh* Yes, Fluttershy. I'm... Ugh... 'Horsenberg.'
>She's clearly shaken, only now realizing that the annoyed monkey whose dick she's been chasing for the last year is actually a hardened criminal
>Let alone a hardened criminal involved in narcotics production
>"U-um... I'll just leave n-now..."
You realize I can't let you leave, knowing who I am. Nobody is taking this away from me.
>She's trembling now under your harsh, cold gaze
>"B-but... I..."
This isn't how I wanted it to end, Fluttershy. You couldn't just leave well enough alone.
>She looks up at you timidly
>"Um... Are intense dramatic situations involving deceit, the slow descent into sociopathy, and pushing away the ones you love your fetish?"
>You spend the rest of the night
>Breaking Fluttershy

Urban 2012-12-31 06:44:40 No.6984742

[Missing image file: 1356055725120.gif]
What the fuck is wrong with you?!
> My left hand thanks you..

Captcha: General mOTors

Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:44:56 No.6984751

>Rarity paid no notice. Her nipples had hardened and, as her hooves pressed his shoulders to the mattress, her shoulders rose above him like a predator staking out its prey as she neared orgasm.

>Raritan had seen her climax before but this time it seemed to take on a new intensity. Raritan twitched and shook and he could feel the wetness of her orgasm pass onto his legs on the side of his belt. Instinctiveley, he bucked his hips up, elicting a sharp moan from his owner. It stimulated him that much further.

>When her peak was over she lay with her ear to his chest, taking comfort in the steady beat of his heart. It still pained him but he felt a certain comfort in being locked. He felt her snow-white body fur against him and while it would have excited him any other night but that one, then it brought him a sublime peace and submission he could not explain. Her breathing slowed and he knew she had fallen asleep. His hand reached to her and stroked her mane gently until he too, closed his eyes.

>In the morning he awoke certain the night before was a strange lust-inspired dream. Rarity lay soundly beside him, her legs wrapped around his. She was at his side now, one arm above her head. Half asleep, he openly eyed her breasts.
Raritan felt himself grow hard and reached down to palm his shaft, only to pull it back a moment later.

>Slowly disentangling himself from Rarity he made his way, naked, across the room to the bathroom where he stood in front of the full length mirror where reality dawned on him. Tentatively he fingered the belt, a frustrated look appearing on his face as he noticed her in the mirror.


Domino 2012-12-31 06:45:26 No.6984767
Has potential, enjoying it so far, keep up the good work!

Dananatuffs 2012-12-31 06:46:52 No.6984811
Will do. I'll see if I can get Chapter 2 up soon.
Hah, good to hear I got the etiquette down. Been reading a fair bit of Flutterrape recently, it grew on me fast.
Discord... redeemed? Oh man, I stopped paying attention, what's happening?
Si Senor

Hand-Made 2012-12-31 06:47:06 No.6984823

>She stood in the doorway and watched him make the discovery. A sense of worry permeated her thoughts on the morning after. Like most mares, she knew stallions would make any promises, cater to any wish a mare may have for the promise of sexual relief.

>Once that feeling passed they are left with the undeniable reality that was now obvious on Raritan's face. Knowing what she must do, she slinked in behind him and pressed her dripping sex against him. Her hooves roamed over him as if he was fine cotton, as her lips and tongued kissed and licked his neck.

>"My new pet," she whispered throatily, "It's for the best." She could see the questions in his eyes and she rested a hoof comfortable against his needy, longing groin. She would snuff them out with thouroughness. "It makes me happy."

>Finally realizing what he had gotten himself into he turned to her. Now fully aware he pleaded, "Promise me you won't take advantage of this." Raritan searched for the words, unsure how to phrase what he felt. "Please don't abuse this...please understand..."

>Rarity stopped him. "I know. You are my human now and I will cherish you as mine. I know there are things you think you 'need' and, though you will have no control over the when or how, I'm sure you'll find satisfaction in this new arrangement..." Rarity licked her lips, knowing that his throbbing exotic treasure was now hers to tease at her leasure.
>She wondered if Spike still liked licking saphire gems...


Critique, anyone?

Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:49:06 No.6984882
>day bunnies and shit in equestria
>you are fluttershy
>wake up
>shit, shower, preen
>pour a bowl of hay flakes
>it's a wonderful day out the birds are chirping the bunnies are playing and
-knock- -knock-
>and my day just got worse
"i-im coming"
>you swing open the door to see anon
"are you here to guess my fetish?"
>he nods
>and not with his head
"hurry up I've got things to do"
>he takes his monkey dick in both hands and starts pissing all over everything
>he drenches you and poor angel bunny in piss
>you feel you stomach turning upside down
>"Is Urolagnia your fetish?"
>you turn around and buck him all the way to canterlot
"fucking anon"
>"fucking role reversal"

4PP138100M 2012-12-31 06:49:19 No.6984892
January 19th's episode will be based on the concept that everyone deserves a second ( or in this case third) chance. Celestia tasks the main 6 with redeeming Discord, but nop0ny will give him a fair chance except for Fluttershy. I personally think this will be the death of the show, but these are all just opinions

Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:49:32 No.6984900
So coming back to these threads. I'm getting a meh feeling. Some so far are alright. Christ this shit has grown. I don't think I could possibly bother to look through what you guys have made so far.

Domino 2012-12-31 06:49:53 No.6984916

[Missing image file: bueno.jpg]

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 06:50:05 No.6984925

[Missing image file: 1353192319779.gif]
Wow... Just... Wow. This is some finely crafted clop! Your vocabulary is something to learn from and your imagery is fantastic! Very well done!

Urban 2012-12-31 06:50:24 No.6984940
I liked it,
Keep going

Domino 2012-12-31 06:51:42 No.6984976
We need to get Raritan in here, he needs to read this.

Fagdude 2012-12-31 06:52:28 No.6985004
I liked it a lot. Good use of diction.
Great "bad end". Devious, sadistic.
Chastity play isn't my thing, but it made me laugh a whole lot. And that's not an insult, I find these things comedic and that's top tier stuff you've got going. Great job.

Dananatuffs 2012-12-31 06:52:29 No.6985006
Just looked the episode list. This pains me. I've been loving this season, but to bring Discord back in such a way? I'm a mix of terrified and hopeful.

Ordnung 2012-12-31 06:53:44 No.6985039
I personally think it's going to go well.


Clever Dick 2012-12-31 06:55:04 No.6985075

[Missing image file: 2012-11-13_2121.png]
Hello there. I just read your paste. If I remember right you posted it in a previous thread as well, did you not?

Ordnung is right. This part is too short to really make a judgement call. In general I don't like posting until I've gotten to the "hook" of a story. So far we can summarise your first part as "Anon arrives in P0nyville." That's not particularly interesting. You need to set out your premise in your first or second parts, or at least lay the foundations. Keep going with prewriting until you have written something that YOU are happy with. Then post it here and we'll tell you how we think you can improve. Don't be scared, we won't bite. U-unless that's your fetish, Anon...

Domino 2012-12-31 06:55:34 No.6985089
I haven't watched the show since season 1, I don't give a fuck.

Ordnung 2012-12-31 06:56:12 No.6985114
>this nigga

Scrabhunter 2012-12-31 06:56:56 No.6985130
I liked this story and am awaiting moar, but the thing that I'm enjoying most is the mental image of Raritan printing out a thousand copies of this story, shredding them, and spreading them out on his bed so he can bask in its RarityxRaritan-ness constantly.

Raritan 2012-12-31 06:57:01 No.6985135

[Missing image file: rarity-s-cutie-mark-815-2(...).jpg]
I have no words for this.

Within me I now hold the utmost admiration for someone who wishes to immortalize me in a story. Any time I am mentioned, whether in jest or on a more serious tone, I take it to heart.

Chastity play is not my fetish. That did not stop my boner from agreeing with your expert cloptsmanship.

I really don't know how to react to this my friend. You made me stop writing and just hit 'Update' a ton of times.

4PP138100M 2012-12-31 06:57:58 No.6985153
Y-You what? So you haven't even seen the discord episodes? You sir, need to watch them right now!

Hand-Made 2012-12-31 06:58:48 No.6985171

Thank you.

I've only posted twice before, simple shorts. If you recognize the trip, that is, you'll see I mostly wrote little things about Sweetie Belle raping Anon, whom she is madly in love with.

I'd like to take the time to thank Slasher, who is a lovely inspiration...and throws far too much fuel on my fire for best filly.

As for Raritan? I'm sure he's already reading this. ...and I certainly hope he might enjoy his cage-time with his "wife" in part two.

Domino 2012-12-31 06:59:11 No.6985177
No, I have seen them. I just didn't watch anything after that.

Fagdude 2012-12-31 06:59:18 No.6985179
Royal Wedding is pretty solid too. Honestly I have some feeling that Discord is going to be Flanderized, though Q going "hi-diddly-doodly-doo-elements-o-harmino" might be funny.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 06:59:24 No.6985185

[Missing image file: 1353545977154.gif]

Domino 2012-12-31 07:01:14 No.6985233
How do I spaghetti?

Dananatuffs 2012-12-31 07:02:31 No.6985262
Oh yeah Raritan, I actually read all of your stuff recently. And by recently I mean yesterday morning. Loved it, I can't wait to see what happens next.

Wuten 2012-12-31 07:03:02 No.6985282

That is how you spaghetti. >>6985185

Hand-Made 2012-12-31 07:03:05 No.6985284

Well, I'm certainly glad you enjoyed it.

Maybe I'll write stories a bit more often.

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 07:04:59 No.6985338

[Missing image file: 1354499624402.png]
I can confirm that you have rustled Raritan's jimmies something fierce.

Have you got a pastebin that you'd like to get added to the master list? If your other works are anything like this, they should be immortalised and distributed to as many people as a shining example of well written clop.

What have you got planned next?

Raritan 2012-12-31 07:06:53 No.6985391

[Missing image file: 1350879343836.png]
Glad you liked it, I'm working on Part 7, and hopefully I can have it out within the hour.
Please do. If I may put in a request, perhaps more cutesy/depressy romance?

Hand-Made 2012-12-31 07:08:32 No.6985435

>rustled Raritan's jimmies

Ohoho? There is some evidence of this? I'd love to see~

I don't have a pastebin, unfortunately.

...and although I have gotten my next few ideas lined up, I always take requests.

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 07:12:35 No.6985555

[Missing image file: how_to_basic.gif]

[06:57:24] Raritan: I replied.
[06:57:28] Raritan: I am a broken man.
[06:57:35] picklehead42: picklehead42 set off with purpose towards Flutterbutts house.
[06:57:51] AlexAnon: It's okay Raritan,
[07:00:27] Raritan: It really isnt
[07:00:43] Fagdude: For what reasons specifically?
[07:00:57] Fagdude: I just find these things interesting, disregard me if I sound like an ass.
[07:01:08] Raritan: I literally stopped writing
[07:01:20] Raritan: And now I've lost my train of thought on my story
[07:01:23] Raritan: <_<
[07:02:57] AlexAnon: AlexAnon pats Raritan on the shoulder
[07:03:26] AlexAnon: Too much attention is a bad thing sometimes man...

Hand-Made 2012-12-31 07:13:49 No.6985592

I'm always open to ideas.

If you're a good little writer, and perhaps write your own version of a certain pink-and-white-filly raping a certain named or un-named Anon for his seed....Rarity might let you out of the diamond cage in part two. But I don't know for sure; her past lovers call her "The Lady-Warden" for a reason...

Hand-Made 2012-12-31 07:16:15 No.6985650

Nothing wrong with a little jerking. After all, we're all shameless hypocrites in the end.

Most of my other stories will be Anon, but sometimes theres nothing better than rustling a writefag or two.

Raritan 2012-12-31 07:22:34 No.6985837

[Missing image file: 23707387.jpg]
You propose blackmail, now?

Truly you are an enigma.

Or are you...


Ol' Commissar 2012-12-31 07:22:48 No.6985846

[Missing image file: 1356758417014.jpg]

Greggums 2012-12-31 07:32:31 No.6986136

Ummmm....I'm confused.

Gemini 2012-12-31 07:33:00 No.6986152
For anyone who still cares, I'll have the second part of my story involving Gerald and Michael (which I've dubbed Two "Best Friends" in Equestria) will be up within the next couple of days.

Domino 2012-12-31 07:33:37 No.6986173
Do not question, only accept it.

Hand-Made 2012-12-31 07:33:56 No.6986180

Oh, not blackmail. Just creative exchange.

Certainly seems as though the thread has passed.



Gemini 2012-12-31 07:34:21 No.6986188
I kinda goofed up my grammar there.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 07:34:22 No.6986191
my sides are in the oort cloud

Anonymous 2012-12-31 07:34:52 No.6986205

Dananatuffs 2012-12-31 07:36:11 No.6986240
>Day Peaceful in Equestria, Part 2
>Train rides
>So tranquil
>The gentle rattling
>The peaceful view
>Yup, shit sucks
>At least Pinkie was making it interesting
>”Oh boy I haven’t seen Discord’s statue in so long I can’t wait I bet it’ll be just like how I remember it and…”
>The attendants had stopped attempting to calm her down after the 5th or so try, and had simply moved you both to one of those train rooms with a door
>A room that Pinkie was bouncing around
>As she ricochets off another corner, you reach out our hand and grab her, plopping her down on the seat in front of you
So, Pinkie! Tell me more of this Discord fellow…
>Pinkies eyes widen, and you see her muscles tense
…While sitting, please.
>She huffs, but quickly gets over it, smiling wide
>”Well Anon Discord is a funny looking guy to say the least! He’s like a big bag of party mix!
>”You know, he’s a bunch of stuff thrown together! Like a big mix! And what better mix than PARTY mix?!
>Well that cleared up absolutely nothing
>Pinkie carries on regardless
>”Apparently him and the Princesses knew each other way back over a thousand years ago but they didn’t get along like how we didn’t get along so they must have fought or something and he got turned into stone!”
So that’s why he’s stone?
>”Well sort of, he broke free a couple years ago and started playing a bunch of jokes on people except soon the whole wide world went wacky and oh wow did you just hear how many w’s were in there that sounded crazy and”
>You give Pinkie a pointed glance
>”Oh sorry Anon anyways so we had to put a stop to him and then well you know Elements of Harmony power play and tada he’s in stone again!”
>So, Discord and the Princesses didn’t like each other.
>That works out well
>Perfectly, in fact
>You aren’t too fond of the two either


Clever Dick 2012-12-31 07:36:14 No.6986243

[Missing image file: 124730__UNOPT__safe_rarit(...).png]
Ah, there you are! Good to see you again!

Dananatuffs 2012-12-31 07:36:54 No.6986262
>You walk through Canterlot with Pinkie leading the way
>Unfortunately she regularly gets distracted
>Would it be inappropriate to put her on a leash?
>You’ve been to Canterlot before, when you first arrived in Equestria
>Unfortunately, you were shipped out before you could really get any mental map going
>Despite the random detours, the castle was getting larger
>Your hand twitches in anticipation
>Eventually you reach the gates
>The guards out front look fairly tough, especially if you ignored the fact that they were a good foot and a half shorter than you
>They take one look at Pinkie and open the gates, giving you looks as you walk through
>You ignore them
So Pinkie, where exactly is this statue anyways?
>”Well it is right in the back of the garden Anon! It used to be near the center, but after the whole “Oh hey I can come back from being a statue” incident Celestia decided letting the general tours see him on a regular basis wasn’t such a good idea”
>You stop walking for a moment
>She put him on display
>He got out
>So when he got turned to stone again, she put him farther back
>And left him alone once again
>…Still smarter than Fluttershy
>”Coming Anon?!”
Oh, sorry Pinkie!


Dananatuffs 2012-12-31 07:37:42 No.6986284
>Soon you reach the far end of the gardens
>You stopped seeing other ponies a fair while ago
>Big walls of shrubbery reach up on either side of you, causing the walking to be in the shadow
>You hated the sun
Pinkie, are you sure you know where you’re going?
>Pinkie pops up in front of you
>”Well of course silly! It’s just been a bit!”
If you insist
>15 minutes later, you are sure Pinkie has gotten you both terribly lost
>Maybe Celestia isn’t as slow as you originally thought
>How big is this damn maze?
>Just as you’re about to ask Pinkie again if we aren’t lost, you turn a corner, and Pinkie squees
>You’ll never understand how they make that a joke
>It’s like a chew toy
>”Found you Discord!”


Dananatuffs 2012-12-31 07:38:53 No.6986323
>You look at the statue Pinkie is now running circles around
>Party Mix
>Suddenly, that makes a lot more sense
>Before you stands an amalgamation of body parts, frozen in a picture of shock
>You walk up slowly to it, oblivious to your surroundings
>You think you hear Pinkie chattering on, but you don’t care
>All that matters is the potential you see in this creature
>An end to boredom
>An end to trivialities
>All that stood before a return to happiness and excitement was some enchantment
>You raise your hand
>”Uhm, Anon? Why did you want to see Discord again?”
>She sounds nervous
>You chuckle
>It's been a while since you've genuinely laughed
>You smile at her
No reason in particular, Pinkie.
>You place your hand on Discords chest
>You see a bright glow appear beside you, but not before you hear a crack

End of Chapter 2


A fairly short chapter, but I didn't want to keep going or else it would be a pretty long chapter before another good time to stop happened.

Also, I made a pastebin, should I post the link?

Anonymous 2012-12-31 07:39:53 No.6986357
yes post the link.

Raritan 2012-12-31 07:40:21 No.6986370

[Missing image file: 87723 - artist-jewelweed-(...).png]
Stop asking for permission and just do it broham.

Also I like your story so far, but write more please.

Four posts does not a good story make.

Greggums 2012-12-31 07:41:02 No.6986394

I don't like accepting things. That's why I only take suppositories.

Dananatuffs 2012-12-31 07:42:31 No.6986430
Hell I figured I'd make sure. And I wanted to write more, but I figured then was a good time to stop story wise.


Clever Dick 2012-12-31 07:42:59 No.6986446

[Missing image file: 1352391298119.gif]
Yes to the pastebin, for sure.

Gotta agree with Raritan. Having a high throughput is great, but don't rush it. It's fine to hold off and write more, and to also proof read your work before posting. I noticed a few errors in this part.

Personally if I were writing this story I would have posted all 9 posts as one part. It's really only now that you've gotten to the hook of the story, so here is a good place to stop. You don't have to stop a part at each and every time skip.

Domino 2012-12-31 07:43:02 No.6986449
Let's hope Yellowtimid doesn't figure that out. It sure would be a shame if someone told her.

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 07:44:05 No.6986467
Morning, do your thing when you're awake, please.

Greggums 2012-12-31 07:45:01 No.6986490

Yessss.....a shame.....

Dananatuffs 2012-12-31 07:46:26 No.6986519
Hmmm. I'll keep that in mind, chapter 3 will be longer. Especially since I have a lot more planned now.

Raritan 2012-12-31 07:51:22 No.6986625

[Missing image file: 26645_427380730649258_202(...).jpg]
Previously on A Helping Hoof

Greggums 2012-12-31 07:52:09 No.6986647


Dananatuffs 2012-12-31 07:52:33 No.6986655

Domino 2012-12-31 07:53:05 No.6986674
My body is ready

Raritan 2012-12-31 07:54:21 No.6986698

[Missing image file: fluttershy_and_rarity_by_(...).png]
>The 6 of you head out towards the station.
>They all ask where Fluttershy is.
>You can only answer them with a vague “She’ll show up.”
>Rarity continues her drunken escapade, embarrassing you by insisting you hold her close to your side the entire way.
>She even asked you to carry her, once.
>The other ponies looked at you, stifling laughter. Pinkie nearly had a cutegasm when you actually complied.
>She wrapped her hooves around your neck and held on. It was the single most embarrassing moment of your life but you still enjoyed it.
>And not because she kept planting tiny kisses on your neck when the others weren’t looking.
>Though that part was pretty nice.
>You arrive at the station, the Yellow Terror waiting there for you.
>She seemed to be attempting to stare a hole straight through you.
>Rarity blows a raspberry at her.
>You roll your eyes and set the marshmallow down.
>”Oh hey Fluttershy! Anon said you’d meet us here.” Twilight says, ever the figurehead.
>”Yeah, I figured we should all travel together. We’re all friends here, right?” Fluttershy says, in her normal voice, the comment obviously headed toward you.
>You are the ant under the magnifying glass.
“Of course we are, Flutterbooboo.” Rarity quips, grinning.
>You can see the anger flood over Fluttershy and you swear her hair was about to go super saiyan.
>Oh god this is going to be a long ride isn’t it.
>”Calm down you two, we’re about to be cramped into a train car for hours together. You two can at least get along.”
>Twilight ever the great mediator.
>The 7 of you board the train. Apparently Twilight had a “Board the train free” card.
>The conductor shoots you an odd look as you step by him, and you reply with an awkward wave.
>You also bump your head on the door, forgetting to quack.

Raritan 2012-12-31 07:55:22 No.6986723
>You make your way to the cabin where the rest of the ponies have gathered.
>You seem to have the whole thing to yourselves.
>Immediately you can feel the tension in the air.
>Fluttershy is glaring at Rarity, who is ignoring her, idly playing with her hair.
>The other four sort of back off and watch the two, a near visible stream of lightning shooting between them, anime style.
>As you enter, Rarity immediately springs up and trots to you, wrapping her tail around your leg.
>The two of you make your way to the seats and you slump into them with a sigh.
>”Darling, I’m so glad you’re here. Flutterbooboo has been giving me the most DREADFUL of looks. Would you be a dear and…stand in her way?”
>You’re already seated between them, and can feel the tension attempting to bore a hole in your side.
>You turn and look at Fluttershy and she is indeed unhappy.
“Uh…Fluttershy? Is everything okay with you?”
>Probably the wrong thing to say.
>”Of COURSE Anon. I’ve never felt BETTER.” She exclaims, clearly not even close to being okay.
>”Anon…what in the world did you do to Fluttershy?” Twilight asks, a bit wary to test the situation.
“I…uh…might of mentioned something about her uh…murdering me.”
>”She did what now, Anon?”
>”You sure yer talkin bout the same Fluttershy?
>Pinkie merely gasps and seems to faint.
>”Oh no, you heard him right girls. It seems Anon doesn’t like me all that much.”
>She leans in a little closer to you, making you edge a little backward.
“That’s not true at all Fluttershy, I just…I’m being honest!”
>You look to Applejack, a bit frantic.

Raritan 2012-12-31 07:55:54 No.6986732
>She catches your glance and you see her sigh.
>”Well, I’ve a nose for a lies like were a dead raccoon in a haystack…but…Anon don’t seem to be any kinda liar…”
>”Lying is something a meaniehead would do. Anon isn’t a meaniehead!” Pinkie gallantly defends you.
>”…but something has really ruffled Fluttershy’s feathers. One or both of them are hiding something.”
>You swallow hard.
>Were you hiding something? You didn’t think you were.
>”Anon isn’t telling the truth, Applejack. He even plans on lying to the Princess!”
>“Oh come on Fluttershy, we all know she can read minds. She’ll be able to tell who’s telling the truth regardless of what you say.” Rainbow says, surprisingly coming to defend you.
>”Good you bring that up, Rainbow, because I plan on convincing her without her having to even double check you.”
>“By Celestia…Fluttershy, what’s gotten into you?” Twilight says, going to Fluttershy’s side, looking shocked.
>”Hey Anon?”
>You turn your head from the insuing argument to Rarity, who has remained silent this whole time.
“Yeah, Rarity?”
>”You…you think we could move to another car? All of this shouting is giving me quite the painful headache.”
>You turn again and look at the rest of them starting to squabble over each other. Applejack and Twilight seem to be on Fluttershy’s side, while Rainbow and Pinkie are seemingly trying to convince them otherwise.
>Wow you actually had friends.
>You’re honestly taken a little aback by this.
>Rarity snaps you out of it, nudging you slightly with a hoof.

Raritan 2012-12-31 07:56:34 No.6986748
“Sorry, yeah I guess that’d be best. It seems like Fluttershy doesn’t want us here anyway.”
>”She’s just jealous. You’ve seen how she looks at you. It’s SO obvious.”
>It really isn’t.
>The two of you rise, saying you’re going to go somewhere a little quieter.
>Rainbow seems to be the only one losing her shit over the situation, her mane rather flustered.
>”Where do you think YOU’RE going, Anon? Don’t you want to try and convince your FRIENDS that you’re not lying to all of them?”
>You go to speak and Rarity interrupts.
>”I’m sorry, what was that Flutterbooboo? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of someone too jealous to keep her mouth shut.”
>Oh shit why
>You quickly grab Rarity as Fluttershy charges the both of you, her teal eyes merely pinpricks of rage.
>You rush out the cabin door and shut it quickly.
>You see Rainbow and the others pulling Fluttershy back. You can hear her shouting, but can’t make out any words.
>She’s so mad.
>”Anon, now I am curious. What in the world did you say to her to set her off like that?”, Rarity pipes up, smiling as you cradle her in your arms.
>You roll your eyes and walk to an empty booth, setting her down and then sitting next to her.
“I just told her that she was the pers-pony who killed me. Or at least, from what I remember. And that I was going to tell the Princess everything. She’s…really not taking it well.”
>Rarity’s eyes light up and she blinks rapidly.
>”I…beg your pardon? Why in the world would you tell the Princess?”

Raritan 2012-12-31 07:57:20 No.6986761
“Rarity, I don’t know about you, but I’m having a bit of a hard situation in Equestria. I’ve died three times and I’m running on life support. I’ve also been raped twice, and now the only friends I have are arguing on if I’m lying or not. The only damn saving grace I have is that I’ve got you.”
>You sigh running a hand through her soft silky hair idly.
“Even if you’re kind of a drunkard.”
>She goes to bite your hand, blushing furiously.
>”Anon I’ll have you know that I am NOT a drunkard. That sort of term is used to describe layabouts and wasteaways who spend their lives in a dingy old bar. I just happen to partake of a nice wine or spirit here and there to freshen life up a tad.”
>She ends the sentence with her nose in the hair, eyes closed and looking as haughty as ever.
>She’s so adorable.
>You bring her close to you and she rests her head on your lap idly.
>”Whatever you say Rarity.
>You chuckle slightly. The alcoholism bothers you but it doesn’t seem to be hurting her very much. Maybe ponies are different.
“Why don’t we just…relax a little. I’m kind of nervous to meet the Princess again and all this stress is kind of getting to me.”
>”Well then, Anon, why didn’t you simply ask me?”

>Her ears perk up and she moves her nose closer to your crotch, looking up at you with sapphires that gleam with the fire of a bedroom.
“Uh…Rarity, no I meant…I kind of want to take a nap.”

Raritan 2012-12-31 07:58:02 No.6986775
>To your surprise, you’re actually tired. Suppose dying twice in one day does that to you?
>She huffs quietly, clearly disappointed.
>”You’re no fun. Who takes a nap on a train when we’re all alone and no one can hear us?”
>Though she had a point, your boner wasn’t really in the mood.
“Rarity…it’s not that I don’t want you or anything I…I’m just…I don’t to die again.”
>She hangs her head, knowing that you’re probably right.
>”Well then. I’m going to head to little filly’s room. Do make yourself comfortable?”
>You nod at her, and let her out of the booth.
>You take note of her swishing her tail gently at you, the subtle violet curls bouncing along, barely hiding her already moist entrance.
>Your penis also takes note, but you manage to suppress it slightly.
>Cool it man, we don’t like that whole ‘dying’ thing.
>But…dude…she’s got a really good point.
>Well…you didn’t die when she gave you a blowjob or whatever. Maybe try that again?
>Shit that sounds great penis.
>Guys I hate to interrupt but someone’s at the door.
>Sure enough, Rainbow slowly trots through the door, taking a seat across from you and resting her chin on a hoof.
>”Anon…you’re really something else, you know that?”
“Uh…thank you?”
>”Before you came…there wasn’t any uh…rape or whatever. If any of us got into some kind of fight with one another it’d be settled pretty quick.”
>She glances back to the door, and sighs, turning back to you.
>”And there sure as heck wasn’t any death or murder. Or whatever happened.”
>She leans in inquisitively.

Raritan 2012-12-31 07:58:33 No.6986786
“All I know is all I know, Rainbow. I mean, I blacked out for a bit of the whole event but I can remember the important parts.”
>She continues to stare at you, raising an eyebrow exaggeratedly.
“Uh…how is Fluttershy.”
>She pulls back and rolls her magenta eyes.
>”She’s acting weird, Applejack and Pinkie Pie keep trying to calm her down. What did you do to her man?”
“Long story short, I kind of broke her heart, I think.”
>”Oh right, I almost forgot about all that.”
>You give her a puzzled look.
>How the hell do you forget something like that?
>You catch Rarity coming in from the other side of the car, levitating a tray with what seems to be a plate of snacks and a bottle of…
>Of course.
>”Rainbow, darling, care to join us for some refreshments?” Rarity calls out as she approaches.
>She stumbles a little in her step, but corrects herself and acts like nothing’s wrong.
>You have a feeling that’s not the first bottle of wine she found.
>Rainbow looks over to Rarity, whose face is now very much flushed.
>She then looks back at you, and you shake your head, shrugging.
>”Uh…no thanks Rarity, I…I think I’m gonna go back to the other car.”
>She rises to the air and flits towards the door.
>She catches you off guard with a very un-subtle wink, and absconds through the door.
>Rarity sets down the tray, pouring the both of you a glass of wine and settling into the spot next to you, forcing you to scoot closer to the wall so she can have some room.

Raritan 2012-12-31 07:59:27 No.6986804
>She seems to have a few sandwiches and some cookies set in a little plate, as well as the two glasses of wine.
>You’re about to wonder where she got them, but stop yourself as you see Rarity down the crimson liquid in one gulp.
“Uh, Rarity, aren’t you hitting that a little hard? We’re about to meet the Princess, you know.”
>”Oh, Anon, how many times have I told you that it takes more than a few bott-glasses of wine to affect this mare.”
>She exaggeratedly brushes against you, looking up at you with twinkling eyes…
>…that are very familiar all of the sudden.
>These are the same eyes that you saw back when she surprised you in your room the other day.
>These are the eyes that scream WANT.
>Oh god finally someone is speaking my language.
“Are…are you sure, Rarity? You…uh…seem a bit excited.”
>”Anon, I’m sitting here cuddled up next to you in a comfortable booth, all alone. Do you realize how rare that is?”
“Yeah well…I’m just worried and nervous and I…”
>She shuts you up by planting a deep kiss directly on your lips.
>”Anonymous, I think I know why I love you.”
>You stagger to your senses.
“Why’s that?”
>”Because you’re absolutely the worst possible partner for me, and that makes you all the more appealing.”
>That doesn’t make sense at all Rarity.
“Uh…thank you?”
>She slides closer to you and begins to kiss your side.
>”You wear way too many clothes, darling. I mean, even though I’m the one who made them for you doesn’t mean you need to wear them all the time…”
>She looks at you slyly.

Raritan 2012-12-31 08:00:09 No.6986818
>You know where this is headed and you’re not sure if you’re willing to comply.
>She’s drunk again, and the other 5 are in the booth next to you.
>…but shit, publicity is one of your fetishes.
>You’re on the way to the Princess? What if some kind of magical shenanigans happens again?
>Well, you’re on the way to the Princess either way, and I’m sure she knows enough to help you out somehow.
>Guys, why don’t we just let me decide?
>Penis, you always get to decide.
>Your internal monologue is interrupted by Rarity violently stripping your shirt off with her magic.
“Woah hey Rarity calm down what the-“
>She then shines her horn at your pants, but seems to have some trouble, even with her magic.
>”Anonymous, be a dear and help a lady out, would you?”
“What, no, Rarity what are you doing?”
>”Oh fine, be like that.”
>She reaches down with her teeth and fumbles with your button.
>Your hand idly goes to help her, unbuttoning your pants.
>”Much obliged, darling.”
>And with a subtle shine of her magic, off go your pants.
>You finally move your hands and attempt to cover yourself, slumping into the booth.
>No one can see you though, unless they entered from either door. There’s also a window on the door, but it’d be probably pretty easy to notice somep0ny staring in on you.
>Rarity begins to nuzzle your crotch gently, pushing your hands out of the way with no resistance from you, her soft coat brushing against your skin, causing goosebumps to show down your leg.
>Your erection rises to the occasion happily.
>”Why are you so hesitant, Anon? And here I thought you loved it when I touched your body…”

Raritan 2012-12-31 08:00:54 No.6986830
>She HAD to say something like that, didn’t she.
“I…I do Rarity it’s just that…”
>She kisses haphazardly up your thighs, finally making her way to your member.
>Her kisses are slow, soft, and you feel the tip of her tongue brush against you ever so slightly.
>Your member pulses happily, secreting a drop of precum.
>You groan slightly. Goddamn she’s good when she’s drunk.
>”Just that what, Anon?”
>She pauses, looking up at you and grinning.
“…it’s just that…fuck it.”
>She grins wildly, stepping out of the booth and into the main runway.
>Anyone could see you if they looked through the window, now.
>”Come here, Anonymous. I think I have just what you need to calm those jittery nerves of yours…”
>She licks her lips at you, before bending down and lifting her tail towards you.
>Oh no
>As soon as the marshmallow scent fills the air you find it hard to control yourself as you leap over to her.
>And the fact that…somep0ny could be watching you…
>You get down on your knees behind her, quickly running your tongue up her already drenched slit.
>You take a momentary pause as you reach her alabaster hole, and shrug.
>Why not.
>And with that you slide your tongue up and over her balloon knot, and you can feel her whole body shiver.
>”Anon…d-do that again…” she coos softly, and you see her clit beginning to wink.
>You oblige, and take a wide lick from the bottom of her sex all the way up to the base of her tail, ‘accidentally’ slipping the the tip of your tongue inside of her other hole.
>…she tastes of vanilla.

Raritan 2012-12-31 08:01:36 No.6986845
>Whelp, sorry brain, that settles it.
>You immediately grab her flanks, and hold her opening wide for you.
>”Anonymous…” she breathes excitedly.
>You catch her looking directly at you as you put your tongue to work.
>This was a first.
>You trace her hole with the tip of your tongue, slowly spiraling your way to the entrance.
>Rarity exhales rapidly, enjoying your tease, and you smile at her.
>Spreading her just a tad wider, you place the tip of your tongue at her opening and then inside of her.
>Vanilla pudding.
>You bury your face in her rump, your tongue exploring every bit of her spot that it can, your member pulsing excitedly below you.
>Surely you’re making stains on the carpet by now.
>Rarity is, and there is no doubt about that, the clear fluid running down her legs and pooling at her feet, a large dark spot forming.
>The smell of marshmallow now overpowers the cabin, her musk driving you into a frenzy, forcing your taster to go deeper.
>Though you can only manage a little less than an inch inside of her, and that’s even with her muscles relaxing and allowing you inside.
>”Anon…ah…please…” she groans, her tail wrapping weakly around her neck.
>You dig your nails into her flank slightly, causing her to yelp.
>You take this opportunity to change places, thrusting your mouth muscle deep into her, the flavor of marshmallow mixing with the ‘nilla and making you hungry, actually.
>Her moans cancel that feeling as she orgasms, your mouth taking the brunt of the fluid, lapping it up eagerly.
>She slumps to the ground slightly, panting.
>”I…that’s…I’ve never had that…um…spot…teased before, Anon...”
>You smirk.
“Well…I have an idea…”
>You raise an eyebrow suggestively.
>She catches your idea, nodding a bit hesitantly.

Raritan 2012-12-31 08:02:16 No.6986859
>She turns, levitating the bottle of wine over to her, guzzling it madly, some of the crimson liquid streaming down her cheek.
>Within moments she downs the entire wine bottle, licking her lips greedily, looking back at you with a boozy, lustful hunger.
>Your boner is at maximum capacity.
>Apparently drunken Rarity was your fetish.
>Who knew?
>You can feel your brain trying to scream something at you…
> …fuck it.
>Not important.
>Her plot wiggles in front of you, her tail lifted and dangling over her pristine white back.
>She bares a toothy smile.
>”Ride me Anon. Make me scream so even Flutterbitch can hear it,” she exclaims, volume control clearly lost.
>Okay wow that was completely unexpected.
>And you’re WAY too horny to care.
>You rise to the occasion, positioning your throbbing sex over her rump.
>You place your palms on her cutie marks, the very touch of them making her coo softly, her plot wriggling excitedly.
>You place your tip at her entrance, your conscience making one final bid: look to the window.
>You swear you see a pink blur all of the sudden.
>And the evil inside of you mutters ‘Perfect.’
>You harden (as if you could get any harder), and push the tip of your rod into her moist cave, her lips parting for you like the gates to your royal palace.
>Your king enters slowly, wanting to take his time and to be admired.
>Her muscles immediately begin to work as you enter her slowly.
>You see her biting her lip.
>”Anonymous, don’t play with me, just bloody rut me!”

Raritan 2012-12-31 08:02:55 No.6986875
>You don’t give in, and after a moment you are hilted, a gasp escaping her perfect lips.
>You wiggle your hips slightly, your rod moving around.
>She is clearly frustrated with this, and clamps down on your member.
>Intense pain grips your
“Rarity stop what the hell.”
>”Did you not hear me?” She snarls, her eye twitching a bit.
>Okay, she’s drunk as hell. She’s got your dick in a vice grip. Be nice to the lady.
“Fine fine stop damnit that hurts.”
>You are Fluttershy.
>And you were trying your hardest to calm down.
>Pinkie Pie and the others managed to un-rustle your jimmies a bit, but you were still a little peeved.
>You were convinced he was just trying to rub salt (Mmmmm) in the wound.
>Him and Rarity were an item, now, and that was something you needed to SOMEHOW come to terms with.
>But you were still SO jealous.
>You still loved him, after all.
>Rainbow had been sent as an envoy to the Rari-non cabin, to get a report, and returned with good news.
>Anon isn’t mad at you, and apparently Rarity is just drunk.
>That seems to happen with her, but you don’t mind.
>Before all of this, she was a really good friend.
>Now she’s stealing your man.
>”Fluttershy, at least try and calm down for the Princess, alright?” Twilight asks, a bit exasperated.
>You nod, and slide a little further into the booth.
>You felt helpless, even after your outbursts.
>They were in the other cabin…alone…
>Oh Celestia help you if he’s…

Raritan 2012-12-31 08:03:39 No.6986890
>You quickly glance to the door.
>The rest of the ponies have all sort of left you alone, assuming that you’d calm down given some time.
>They’re all at the other end of the cabin.
>You hear a loud yell coming from the other cabin.
>You weren’t connected, but it was only a few feet between the two of you.
>The others don’t seem to catch it.
>…they had better not be doing what I think they’re doing or so help you…
>You had better go check. This is starting to drive you mad.
>You flit to the little window that looks through both doors.
>Hm, it’s kind of blurry.
>You open the door.
>”Where ya headed Flutters?” Applejack calls out to you.
“I’m…going to go..uhm…apologize.”
>That was a lie.
>She pauses a second, and gives you a little look, letting you know she knows you’re lying.
>”Well…be careful sugarcube.”
>You nod and head out the door.
>You are now fluttering in the space between the two cabins.
>You peek into the window and…
>Oh my.

Raritan 2012-12-31 08:04:48 No.6986904
>You are Anonymous
>And you are pumping into Rarity like it’s the last thing you do on this Earth.
>Her velvety insides are writhing against you, nearly milking your shaft.
>Fluttershy was watching you, you knew that.
>It only made your dick that much harder.
>You lean over her, pumping a little slower.
“You know she’s watching Rarity…” you whisper into her ear.
>You can see her grin, and she pulls you into a kiss, your hips slapping against her plot wetly.
>You pull back, and glance back at the door.
>A pink fluff, and the top of a teal eye.
>You grip tightly on to her flanks, slapping her cutie mark with an open palm.
>Following through, you slam into her as deep as you can go, her warmth wrapping around you and squeezing.
>This causes her to squeal a little, her legs shuddering into her now second orgasm.
>The cabin smells like someone dumped a few bottle of marshmallow fluff on the set of a porno flick.
>And the smell is intoxicating.
>You thrust into the marshmallow mare with wild abandon, throwing your head back in a throaty moan.
>You feel yourself getting close.
>Your brain panics a little, but then remembers your plan.
>You slowly pull out of her.
>You grin at her and then move yourself to her other entrance, your tip pressing excitedly against her.
>She sees your plan, and nods wildly.

Raritan 2012-12-31 08:05:29 No.6986912
>”Give it to me, Anonymous…I’ve been a baaaaad mare.”
>She licks her lips and wriggles her rump at you.
>Plan Hope we Don’t Die is a go.
>You push against her opening, and it begins to give, allowing your tip to grace her.
>It’s so much tighter in here.
>”Darling…slow please…”
>You grunt in agreement.
>You push into her, groaning with immense pleasure.
>She relaxes, as you gently slide into her, finally hilting her.
>You’re surprised you haven’t came already.
>”Ah…how does it…feel…Anon?”
>She pushes her soft rump against your groin, grinding against you slightly.
>”It’s…amazing Rar…but…what if…”
>That was about as far as you got, as she takes control, pulling back slowly and bouncing against you.
>You exhale sharply as she gains rythym.
>”Just cum for me, darling…”
>She slams down on you, causing you to brace yourself with your hands on her flanks.
>”Pleaaasseee…” she pleads.
>Your breathing speeds up, and your dick pulses a final pulse, letting you know it’s about time..
>It has become as hard as Dragonforce.
>You take the lead, and initiate operation pound her into the ground.
>It does not last long.
>You thrust into her a few times, diving yourself inside of her as deep as your little spelunker can go, and then feel the sense of sweet release overtake you.
>Your knees buckle.
>Your legs quake.
>She clenches down on you as your roar in passion, unloading yourself into her nethers in short bursts.
>You flop your sweaty self on to her back, and she follows suit under your weight, falling to the ground with a thud.
>”Anon?” she breathes quietly.
“Yeah…”, you reply weakly, your body definitely no longer 100%.
>”Just checking, love.”
>You nuzzle into her coat slightly and drift off into slumber.
>You make sure to snore, this time.

Raritan 2012-12-31 08:06:23 No.6986934
>You are Fluttershy
>And you have never mashed your twat harder than that.
>You actually had to land for a while there to get your bearings between orgasms.
>Anonymous was a sexy beast.
>His long rod thrusting in and out of…
>You sigh a little as Anon slumps over Rarity, a smug grin on her face.
>You guess that means he’s dead again.
>At least, according to what Twilight and the others told you.
>Something about him being kept alive by Twilight’s magic or something.
>You didn’t pay attention, it didn’t mean much to you.
>Magic was silly.
>You are jolted to the door as the train begins braking.
>Wow this train is faster than it was last time.
>You flit upward and look into the window.
>Rarity is attempting to re-clothe anonymous with her magic.
>Then she stops to drink the glass of wine Anonymous didn’t drink.
>…that mare has a drinking problem…probably.
>You make your way back to the other cabin. The others have probably worried about you, like they always do.
>TS:”Fluttershy! Are you okay?”
>AJ:”Where’d ya go sugarcube, we hadn’t heard from ya in somethin’ like an hour!”
>RD:”Yeah Flutters, did everything go alright with Anon?”
>PP:”Well, it’s not like it could have gone any worse.”
“E-everything was fine. We…had a nice chat?”
>You hope that question mark wasn’t obvious.
>Applejack gives you a once over.
>She probably knows you’re lying, regardless.
>”Well…I reckon you should get your things together in a jiffy. Looks like we’re here.”
>The train slows to a halt right as she speaks.
>You should probably wash up at the very least.
>Rainbow seems to have caught your scent.
>Oh man this pony needs to cool it down.
>She’s been trying to get with you since Flight School.
>She attempts to pull you to the side as the others are grabbing their bags.
>”Hey Flutters…you okay?”
“I’m fine, Rainbow. I-I’m just nervous.”
>”You don’t smell nervous, ‘Shy.”

Raritan 2012-12-31 08:07:02 No.6986945
>You swallow hard.
>Need a distraction!
>Nothing happens, of course.
>”Look, ‘Shy, it’s fine. Stop worrying. Stress relief. Your secret’s safe with me. Just…be cool alright? Anon’s been through a lot.”
>You’re not too sure on all of that, but you nod anyway.
>So Anon ‘died’ and came back to life or whatever.
>He’s living with the ‘prettiest’ pony in Ponyville.
>You scoff at the notion.
>She’s so full of herself…she’s only pretty to herself.
>Loads of makeup doesn’t make you pretty.
>Styling your hair for hours straight doesn’t make you pretty.
>And…just hold on a second.
>Twilight said that Anon ‘died’ after having sex.
>You just saw him and…he didn’t die.
>You can feel the rage building up yet again.
>Cool it Flutters. Leave that for the Princess.
>You grab your bags and walk out the cabin and into the Canterlot station.
>Not a lot of ponies around the station.
>You look around and…you don’t even see Rarity or Anonymous yet.
>You weren’t really sure how to confront them anyway.
>Anon turned and…you know he saw you at the window.
>Oh man what if he says something to the Princess?
>Focus Fluttershy.
>You’ve gotta clear your name to the Princess and to Anon.
>And…maybe put Rarity in her place.
>Then…maybe he’ll love you?

Raritan 2012-12-31 08:13:23 No.6987063
>You are now Anon.
>And you feel something nudging your side.
>”Anonymous wake up, the train’s stopped. We gotta go.”
>You blink a few times and finally manage to open your eyes.
”Yeah…” you struggle, your mouth rather dry.
>You attempt to push yourself up with your hands, but your whole body trembles in weakness.
>Shit, is this what it feels like to wake up after a great round of coitus?
>Great now you’re making jokes about yourself.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 08:19:09 No.6987161

Anonymous 2012-12-31 08:22:06 No.6987217

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 08:23:39 No.6987245

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Raritan 2012-12-31 08:23:50 No.6987251
>”Anonymous, come on. Don’t make me leave you here.”
>The ground beneath you is stained with her scent...
>Staying here is starting to sound tempting.
>She slams a hoof down right in front of you.
>You jump a little and manage to rise to a sitting position, your head spinning slightly.

Technical difficulty. I've been flagged as spam.

Domino 2012-12-31 08:24:27 No.6987262
>It has become as hard as Dragonforce.
I lol'd

Raritan 2012-12-31 08:24:52 No.6987268
>You take your first glance at her and…she’s not even tried to look her best.
>Her squiggles are unkempt, loose bits of hair poking out through her violet mane. Her mascara has smeared slightly, and there’s a very prominent pink stain on her chin.
“Rarity…don’t you think you should…clean up or something?”
>”Nonsense, darling. I’m beautiful regardless of who I smell like.”
>She winks at you.
>Oh dear god.
>You take another sniff.
>The whole cabin smells like marshmallow and cum.
>She takes a gulp from…another wine bottle?
>Where is she getting these?
“Rarity, quit drinking so damn much. Fuck, maybe Twilight has a sobriety spell.”
>This is going downhill quickly.
>”Why would I want to be sober, Anon? Everything is so much more fun when I’m nice and lubricated…”
>She flutters bedroom eyes at you.
>Today must be a holiday in Anon Jr.’s life.
>”…don’t you think?”
>You go to open your mouth for a reply and find nothing.
>Damnit this mare is something else.
>”Come along, I’m sure the others are dying to see you.”
>You brace yourself against a wall and stand, shaking slightly in the knees.
>Wait a tic
>You pat yourself down.
>Weren’t you naked?
>Well she IS a seamstress. Maybe she unstitched your clothes and restitched them around your naked sleeping body?

Raritan 2012-12-31 08:25:24 No.6987277
>You’ve got to see the Princess…
>You struggle out of the cabin, nearly falling down the stairs.
>”Woah, easy big guy, you okay?” a blue blur replies, rushing to your side.
>Did she just sniff me?
“Yeah I’m just-“
>”He decided to take a nap. Train rides seem to tire him out so.” Rarity interrupts.
>You see Fluttershy out of the corner of your eye, standing furthest from you.
>She’s still trying to insert a cerebral bore with her eyes.
>Jesus christ stop that
>”Um…Rarity, did you take a nap too?” Twilight replies, feigning a grin.

>She nods solemnly.
>”I had the most terrible nightmare…someone kept trying to take my Anon away and wouldn’t stop…and..I started crying and…”
>She starts bawling, on cue.
>Holy crap she’s good.
>”Aw shucks Rarity, we didn’t know! Calm down, everything’s gonna be fine. He’s right here.”
>Rainbow pushes you over to her, and she nuzzles into your side, wiping her tears on your pants.
>”Thank you…I don’t know what I would do with my Anonymous.”
>She smiles warmly and your heart melts a little.
>Drunk Rarity is… a sight to behold.
>Literally the entire spectrum of Rarity at random intervals, it seems.
>”Well, let’s go ahead and hurry to the Palace. It looks like it’s almost time for the Princess to start setting the sun.”
“Sounds like a plan. Lead the way I’d only get everyone lost.”
>They all give you a funny look and you shrug.
“I’ve only ever been here once, guys.”
>Twilight rolls her eyes and the group trots forward.
>Rarity lets you brace yourself on her to keep up, but it isn’t long before Twilight notices the two of you lagging behind.

Raritan 2012-12-31 08:26:00 No.6987289
>”Come on Anon, we have to make it before the Princess changes with Luna.”
“Sorry, I’m just a little…tired is all.”
>Truth be told you felt like hammered shit.
>Your whole body groaned and creaked with every step.
>It was a wonder you were walking straight at all.
>Twilight stops for a second and blinks, seemingly thinking about something.
>”Are you sure you’re okay? You’re not …dying again are you?”
“No no no no I’m fine. I’ll pick up the pace. Sorry.”
>She shrugs and turns around, continuing the journey.
>God that was close.
>How were you going to explain that you were tired because you just had sex with Rarity not a few feet from all of them?
>While Fluttershy watched.
>You catch Rarity stifling a giggle, grinning wildly at you.
>You glance over to Fluttershy, but she seems to be ignoring you, instead looking straight ahead and nowhere else.
>The seven of you stride through Canterlot at a steady pace.
>You push your body to go faster and it barely complies
> Rarity’s pretty much dragging you at this point, anyway.
>Some ponies give you an odd glance and you catch a few “My word”s and “What in Equestria is that?”s.
>It’s to be expected, you were a semi-normal sight in Ponyville.
>Here you were back to being the strange creature that nop0ny knew anything about.
>That’s fine with you.
>Rarity sighs wistfully and you acknowledge her with a glance.
>”Ah the city…did you know I grew up in the city, Anon? Wonderful place. So many seedy taverns…”
>Of course.

Raritan 2012-12-31 08:26:38 No.6987295
>She continues on her rant of the local alcohol, the distilleries and breweries she knows about.
>You’d be impressed if the whole thing wasn’t starting to make you a little depressed.
>You’d heard of alcohol destroying families and stuff back on Earth.
>…well she IS an alcoholic.
>Maybe Celestia can help.
>Well that’s what you WOULD be thinking.
>If the Princess didn’t intimidate you so hard.
>You really had no other choice though, especially since you think you’re probably dying again.
>Apparently sex is bad for you.
>Who knew?
>Soon, your party reaches the front gates of the Equestrian Royal Palace AKA Canterlot Castle.
>You’d only caught a glance of it before, but that’s to be understood.
>You were being hauled in chains.
>The place was huge, adorned with purple and gold in all manner of designs.
>Turrets, domes…anything that could be on a castle seemed to find its place here.
>It looked kind of silly now that you put it that way.
>As you approach the drawbridge, the guards look to you first, then to Twilight.
>They open the gates without a word.
>Perks of being teacher’s pet, apparently.
>You notice your palms are getting rather sweaty, the further you approach the Princess’ abode.
>You were not prepared for this.

Raritan 2012-12-31 08:27:41 No.6987318

[Missing image file: rarity_being_herself_by_z(...).png]
>As the seven of you enter the Castle proper, you decide now is as good as time as any to count your blessings, as it were.
>There was Twilight Sparkle, Celestia’s favorite, and the resident skeptic. You knew she didn’t really believe anything you said about Fluttershy, but as far as the magic/death nonsense went you were pretty safe.
>Applejack was a sort of enigma. You could tell she had some kind of built in lie-detector, and that would help, but she’d stayed out of your business for the most part. You really had no idea if she would help or not.
>Then there was Pinkie Pie. She was like your best friend, so you know she’d have your back, regardless.
>Rainbow Dash had said that Fluttershy had been acting funny when the two of them entered the closet at the party. She’d definitely have something to help you.
>And then there was Rarity.
>Who was drunk off her rocker, apparently still horny, and…your only real witness to any of the >rape.
>And to top it off, you had no material evidence of any kind.
>…you really should of at least taken that purple vial back at Fluttershy’s.
>Was accusing a national hero of murder really that bad of crime?
End Part 7

Domino 2012-12-31 08:31:19 No.6987380
Loved it. You're doing God's work, son.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 08:32:36 No.6987404
give us the pastebin, i'd like to keep reading

Anonymous 2012-12-31 08:32:42 No.6987405
>>6987318 Can't wait for part 8. Loving this.

Raritan 2012-12-31 08:33:23 No.6987422

[Missing image file: 1352789910843.png]

Start at Helping Hand P1. Helping Hoof is the sequel to it.

Dananatuffs 2012-12-31 08:34:08 No.6987439

[Missing image file: 132625350539.jpg]
Oh yeah, shits about to go down. Can't wait.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 08:34:10 No.6987441

So wait....Anon dies if he cums inside of Rarity's pussy?

Explain that to me.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 08:36:15 No.6987473
Rarity thinks of Anon as the worst possible aprtner for him,a dn only gets horny for him when she's drunk?

Wow. How depressing. Is this how the entire relationship is?

Anonymous 2012-12-31 08:40:03 No.6987539

[Missing image file: mlfw1002_1319521595257613.png]
It's getting good Raritan
I'd like to see Rarity have a drunk argument with Celestia
But I expect some rage on account of Fluttershy

Anonymous 2012-12-31 08:44:27 No.6987626

God. Damn. It.

Get back to work writing about Twilight and the INDEX, Slasher.

Raritan 2012-12-31 08:45:45 No.6987656

[Missing image file: 1338246857772-588x345.png]
Reread part 4.


Anonymous 2012-12-31 08:48:31 No.6987704

[Missing image file: 1354494104952.gif]
Added more parts, 98 lines

Domino 2012-12-31 08:50:55 No.6987753
That was an unexpected end to an unexpected gif

Anonymous 2012-12-31 08:53:05 No.6987803

Wow. Again, how very depressing. Why would Rarity be like this in the first place? Why would Anon even tolerate that; it is clear she must not care for him too much.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 08:59:17 No.6987911
Rarity doesn't care for anyone too much. Look how it took her getting jealous to show Sweetie Belle love. She's almost as big of a bitch as Rainbow Dash.

Fagdude 2012-12-31 08:59:46 No.6987920
Anonymous is a generally worthless individual who is making her leave the status quo, has little to offer, and is possibly going to destroy the Justice Friends by virtue of being an outlier of the human element (which of course means he brought nasty things like rape and murder with him by virtue of existing). Which is what I took out of it anyway. Sex gives her pleasure, which she's somewhat emotionally distant and devoid of outside her work. Anonymous is not more trouble than he's worth, but she likes him, thus the drink.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:01:10 No.6987952

His story is actually making me hate Rarity.
I don't know if it is the intent, but it sure is fucking happening. This Anon certainly is pissing me off; he seems blissfully, willfully ignorant about this.

Cripple juice 2012-12-31 09:03:18 No.6987995
Go home rarity you're drunk

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:03:53 No.6988007

I'd lol if this rarity dies of liver failiure somewhere at the end.


....you know, I kinda see this guy's point. Fuck you for ruining the theme for me.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:10:54 No.6988176

But when she gets there, its more like "go drink, Rarity, you're sober."

Domino 2012-12-31 09:12:21 No.6988207
Wash, rinse, repeat...

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:20:35 No.6988404
I'm guessing all of the writefags are /soc/ing it up in Skype and not really putting much into these threads.

Shame we can't just ist and chat about stories, I dunno, in the fucking thread.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:21:48 No.6988440
This thread is for posting stories. Why waste the reply limit for other authors with inane circlejerking?

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:25:27 No.6988530
because then at least it may inspire new authors to come in rather than having a dead fucking thread half the time and story discussion q&a that never seems to garner attention.

That's the problem with these threads. They get more and more segregated as time goes on by dumb little circles withing the "goup".

At least circlejerking in the threads can inspire stories. In skype, they can just suck eachother off forever. Hell, I bet plenty of authors do it already and just check threads to see if their names have come up about anything.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:26:52 No.6988569
Some people just ignores the smaller posts because people want to focus on the bigger stuff like Raritan or other writefags.

Raritan 2012-12-31 09:28:10 No.6988599

[Missing image file: 1350878162187.png]
Sorry, I've stayed up nearly three hours past, and I have work early in the morning. If this thread is still here I'd be glad to chat the nuances of my story, or chit chat about yours

For now, though, sleep.

Also pic related.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:32:29 No.6988704

I didn't write anything.

Anon the Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:32:33 No.6988707

[Missing image file: poop.jpg]
One shot repost cause nothins happenin

>Night fuck in Equestria
>You're dreaming
>You walk down a hallway
>The hallway starts stretching out
>Seemingly endless
>Start running
>Hear clopping of hooves behind you
>Run faster
>Clopping gets louder
>A hoof touches your back
>You shit your pants, rocketting forward and covering your attacker in poop
>You smack into the door at the end
>You wake up
>Fluttershy is on top of you
What the fuck are you doing here?!
>She pulls her hoof away from her horse cunt
>"I...t-this isn't what it looks li-"
The fuck is that smell?
>You check your pants
>You shit yourself
When you poop in your dreams...you poop for real!
>Fluttershy smiles
>You grab her and throw her out the window
>Fucking Shit
>Fucking Family Guy
>Fucking Fluttershy

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:36:24 No.6988788

Also anybody want to repost something?
For the sake of the thread and all..

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:40:49 No.6988898
Well, I won't repost
But I did just write a Flutterrape story
Because I'm bored and sleep deprived
Also it's clop
Sort of
Should I post it? Just remember, I can't write for shit so don't expect much.

Anon the Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:42:14 No.6988933
Do it

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:42:35 No.6988937
I for one welcome anyone who wants to post some flutterape. Good or not at least you're trying.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:44:22 No.6988966

[Missing image file: 1354865441128.gif]
bumping this thread with a old Flutterrape short that I had made.

>You are Anon

> Yet another day, bird chirping, sun's shining.

> You find out that the socks that Rarity made are extremely slick on your hardwood floor.

> you can't conceal your inner child.

> you start sliding around, doing the routine.

> unable to control your joy as you slide around the 2nd floor.

> You slide into the stairs and fall backwards.

> gaining momentum you do flips and barrel roles until you hit the hard-wood floor.


>You lay on the floor in so much pain.

> Fluttershy bursts through the door like a boss.

>F: ANON! Are you alright!?


> you see Fluttershy trying to move you to a open space.

> pain is so extreme you black out from shock.


> you wake up at the hospital.

>A: Where am I?

> The Doc walks in,

>D: Oh I see you are awake,

>A:Am I going to be ok?

>D: You have a broken leg, a bruised rib, and a broken arm.

> before you could say anything, Fluttershy came into the room.

>F: Hello Anon


>F: I really hope you get better

>A:So do I.

>Before you could say anything she leans close and kiss you.

> Surprised you tried to get away but a sharp pain goes through your body.

>F: Hey Anon

>A: What?

>She leans close and says

>F: Are socks your fetish?


Feedback would be great

Bet no one ever took notice, feels.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:44:48 No.6988971
Alright, here goes nothing
>Day 1 in Equestria
>No idea how the fuck I got here, but whatever
>These p0nies seem pretty cool
>Made friends with a few
>One named Fluttershy is really nice
>Like REALLY nice.
>Come to think of it, it’s kind of scary
>Turn to see Fluttershy staring at you through your window
>”Oh, I’m sorry I scared you, I was just checking up on you”
Well, thanks I suppose.
>This is the fifth fucking time you’ve caught her doing that
>In the past hour
>Fuck it, I’m gonna sleep.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:45:10 No.6988975

[Missing image file: 1350516138801.png]
Don't ask to post
Just post
Also I don't think we should re post so much
It's alright to let it sit for a while
AiE does fine as such

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:46:03 No.6988997
>Next day, knocking at door wakes you up
>You answer it, pissed at being woken up at fucking 8A.M.
>”Hi Anon, is being woken up early than usual your fetish?”
>What the fuck is she talking about?
No, of course not Fluttershy. Let me get some sleep please.
>Fucking Fluttershy
>And so it began

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:47:28 No.6989020
Sorry if the posts are kinda short, the story isn't very long
>You try to calm yourself down
>You go see each of the Mane 6 and ask to meet at Twilight’s library
>Except Fluttershy
>Ask RD to tell Fluttershy about what you said afterwards
I’m gonna be staying in the Everfree forest
>They all nod and you walk away, satisfied
>Go to the Everfree forest
>Find empty, secluded clearing to relax in
Finally some peace around here

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:48:11 No.6989030
Shit forgot to say it's 3/?

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:49:12 No.6989040
>Hear a voice behind you
>”Uh, Anon, is your fetish being all alone with me?”
>You turn around to see Fluttershy giving you the bedroom eyes
>The rage boils up
>You start shaking with anger
>Jimmies are beyond rustled
>She looks excited
>”Oh yes!” she says with a squee

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:49:23 No.6989043
The 5th image in your pictures is Fluttershy's fetish, make a story using that fetish.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:50:40 No.6989065
If you don't like graphic depictions of rape, please... Do whatever the fuck you want, this isn't exactly a graphic depiction.
>You grab her violently and slap her across the face, hard
>Shove her face into the ground
>”Is your fetish rough sex Anon?” she asks with a face full of dirt
>Pull on her mane as hard as you can
>She starts crying
>”I’m not sure if I can do this Anon”
>Force her to bend over
>This shoves her face back into the ground
>She tries to say something
>Pull down your pants
>Forcefully enter her
>She yelps in surprise and pain
>Begin thrusting as hard as you can
>She’s crying harder now
>You feel her twitch slightly, trying to escape
>This makes you grin with excitement
>After about a minute, she goes limp and gives up
>You continue to rape her until you cum in her

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:51:47 No.6989084
>Leave her lying there crying
>Go back home
>The rest of the Mane 6 are waiting there
>”You feeling better now Anon?” Twilight asks
>You smile as you remember Fluttershy lying there, shaking and crying
Yeah, much better.
>”That’s good to hear”
>Suddenly, loud crash
>Door is open
>Fluttershy standing there, looking pleased with herself
>She looks at you, smiling
>”Did I play the part well?”
>You’re confused as fuck

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:53:21 No.6989113
>She giggles and says “You don’t think I really didn’t enjoy that, do you?”
>The rest of the Mane 6 stare at you
>”Anon, what is Fluttershy talking about?”
>Fuckfuckfuck I didn’t think she’d say anything
Uh, nothing, she just means, uh, the uhm- The breakfast I made her!
>Yeah that’s it
>Fuck I’m a terrible liar
>Fluttershy grins at you smugly.
>The rest of the Mane 6 leave, confused as Fluttershy shoos them away
>”Now Anon, that was amazing. But if you don’t want me to tell them what you did
>you’ll have to keep doing it”
>You look at her in disgust
>I guess you have no choice but to be
>Fucking Fluttershy

Please tell me what you thought of it, also keep in mind I wrote this in half an hour. About 45 minutes ago.

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 09:55:15 No.6989154

[Missing image file: 25135__safe_pinkie-pie_an(...).gif]
The portrayal of the Anon in this relationship is typical of someone who has had many bad relationships or has been in an abusive one for a long time. He's ignorant because he believes it to be normal. He even thinks he's lucky. It's tragic, but it happens all the time.

The circlejerk was started because people were complaining about the authors talking in the threads. We can certainly have discussion in the threads. Just look at what we're doing now. I don't believe there's much segregation in this community. I think that actually on this board, we're quite welcoming and accepting of new readers and authors, and we provide a pretty good support for people who continue to write.

The reason the threads have been dead is because it's the holiday period. Whether it's a matter of being away with family, or just being less enthusiastic because you're full of turkey and the holiday spirit, people aren't around. Unfortunately that leaves you 2 options: You can either wait and read pastebins to pass the time, or you can write some stories yourself to fill the threads. Both of those are more positive and productive than casting aspersions on what we get up to on skype.

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 09:56:46 No.6989174

[Missing image file: 1354183522350.jpg]
<This was my exact reaction to this piece.

A wonderful twist to be sure. Well done, Anon!

Anonymous 2012-12-31 09:57:56 No.6989187
I liked it. Very entertaining.
I suggest you keep at it.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 10:02:00 No.6989239
Thanks a lot guys... If I do write more I may use a name for you to identify me with.
If I used one it'll for sure be Zen Pulse

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 10:04:05 No.6989273

[Missing image file: 37930__safe_rarity_happy_(...).png]
Please do write more! That'd be two new writers this thread! MORE AUTHORS FOR THE AUTHOR THRONE!

Zen Pulse 2012-12-31 10:07:54 No.6989320
Welp, you've made up my mind
I'm off to see if I can write something random
Also, how do I cover up what I wrote with that black box sorta thing? Sorry, this is the first thread I've ever actually posted in, I lurk a lot.

Wuten 2012-12-31 10:09:02 No.6989329

[Missing image file: 1353449453564.png]

Learn the ways of the spoiler and the greentext, young one...

Anonymous 2012-12-31 10:10:49 No.6989350
That gif man.

That fucking gif freaks me the fuck out. Like what if she tries to jerk you off with her feathery wings or something.

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 10:11:03 No.6989353

[Missing image file: 156592__UNOPT__.png]
[spoiler ]Text goes here.[/spoiler ]
Remove the spaces and you're clear for takeoff.

That's more about how to get >inline greentext.
But it shows the format of the tags nicely.

Zen Pulse 2012-12-31 10:12:20 No.6989368

Anonymous 2012-12-31 10:17:51 No.6989429

[Missing image file: 1342276792641.jpg]
>mfw I think about rainbow dash jerking me with her strong flexible wings with the feather grip

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 10:21:27 No.6989479
Well I was planning to include that in one of my fics at some point... There's a lot of potential there.
And I also want to write about Squiggletail's purple prehensile pleasure protrusion that pokes out from her plush posterior.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 10:27:35 No.6989561
Rainbow Dash giving a wing job...
Just found my new fetish. Fluttershy must never know

Anonymous 2012-12-31 10:27:38 No.6989563

[Missing image file: 1355465911919.gif]
>Any day in Ponyville
>Shit, Shower, Shave routine
>You decide to make traps to keep the pink and yellow devil away.
>Before you went to bed, you watched all the Home Alone movies.
> Set tripwire traps everywhere around your door.
>You hide and wait for yellowquiet to knock at the door.
>She's like clockwork, knocking at the same time everyday.
>Suddenly trap goes off
> She is earlier than her usual time.
>You walk outside, nothing was there.
> Confused you look around if she was here
Guess it was nothing.
> you walk back to bed, relieved because no Fluttershy.
> As soon as you walk into your room, a large plastic box engulfs you.
> Fluttershy flies down, she's with you in your prison.
>F: so Anon, is being trapped your fetish?
No Fluttershy
>F: oh you think your going to get away so easily?
>She grabs a cloth and puts it on your mouth.
> You hold your breath until our lungs are burning.
> You grab the cloth and pull it away.
> You knock out Fluttershy with her own chloroform.
> It was a normal day

Feedback would be wonderful.

A Flock of Yorkshire Puddings 2012-12-31 10:29:35 No.6989586

[Missing image file: youre-gettin-raped.jpg]
Who is ready for Chapter II of How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Love the Glorious White Arse?


Anonymous 2012-12-31 10:29:44 No.6989587
Made me lol
Keep up the good work

Zen Pulse 2012-12-31 10:30:50 No.6989597
I liked it. It entertained me. I give you my thanks and love
Wanted to test out that spoiler see if I got it.

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 10:31:35 No.6989607

[Missing image file: 1354092000264.gif]
Great idea! You could have expanded this into a big Home Alone parody, actually, with the two of them trying to trap the other. This is pretty good though. Nicely done!

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 10:32:38 No.6989620

[Missing image file: 157660__UNOPT__safe_spike(...).png]
Oh boy!

Anonymous 2012-12-31 10:33:09 No.6989625
I have that in something I wrote
It's filly Rainbow though

Anonymous 2012-12-31 10:34:22 No.6989636
Different guy

My other works

Thanks though :D

Anonymous 2012-12-31 10:36:50 No.6989670
My mistake typed it wrong


A Flock of Yorkshire Puddings 2012-12-31 10:37:55 No.6989684

[Missing image file: Luna_accepting_Celestia's(...).png]

>You are Lord Anonymous and you were sleeping in today, without a care in the world.
>You just know something is wrong, though
>It then hit you. Your eyes dart open and you lean up in bed. Princess Celestia is pregnant with your child, well children really. She’s expecting twins.
>You let out an incredibly loud scream, alerting everyone within a 100-foot radius that you are awake.
>”I think he’s awake, now.” You hear one of your smartarsed guards from beyond the door, “you can go in there, now.”
>The door opens with you noticeably sweating. It’s both Princesses Luna and Celestia, although she’s still a little groggy, she’s presentable.
>”First things first, Luna know about us and obviously, the situation that we’re together” Celestia explains
>”Also, we need to do something, Anon. I am pregnant with your children and ...
“And what?” you shout “Yes, I know you’re knocked up. I fainted from the shock, I got concussion from the shock and I vomited during the night from the shock. I KNOW IT.”
>You let out an exhausted sigh.
“I think it has sunk in. I’m going to be a father in the future but how? Human and horse genetics aren’t compatible and how did the fertilisation happen?

Zen Pulse 2012-12-31 10:40:58 No.6989721
Once Yorkshire Pudding finishes with his story, I'll post the intro to a story I just thought of.

A Flock of Yorkshire Puddings 2012-12-31 10:44:52 No.6989767

[Missing image file: 243564698768.png]
Thanks, Zen.


>Luna speaks up “One has researched such matters and well, it’s a long story.”
“I ain’t going anyway. I’ll break open the crisps and popcorn.”
>She begins and basically empties her of the knowledge, “Well, alicorns a rare breed; male births are generally within one-in-a-hundred. So, we adapted and evolved so that we were able to breed with other pony to ensure our own long-term survival.
“Yeah, that explains the Cadence/Shining Armour affair but that doesn’t help the Anon/Celestia affair.”

>Celestia pipes in, “There’s something more with that. Magic also help out the process but the magic can become blinded by love. If the female has such strong and passionate feelings for the male, the love intertwines with the magic and that tricks the egg into receiving the sperm, saying that it’s a male stallion’s.
“Let me get this straight. Magic and passion can help out the fertilisation process and that explains why you’re still here. But has it ever happened to inter-species relationships?
>Luna interjects, “It’s been recorded twice but they’re so far in history, there’s no point in explaining them.”
“So, despite all the odds, you’re pregnant because of me?”
>”Yes, I’ve had more comprehensive exams and physicals and they say the same thing.” Celestia says.
“Okay.” You breathe in heavily to digest the information you’ve received.

A Flock of Yorkshire Puddings 2012-12-31 10:47:48 No.6989808

>You’re gonna be a dad. But, Celestia said it needed more than just magic. It also took love. You always thought that someday you’d be seen more than just a sex-mad human by her; maybe take it to the next level. To be seen as a boyfriend, maybe.
>But, she used words like “love”, “passion” and “the”. These aren’t just words you throw around; they have strong connotations of romance. She HAS feelings for you, probably since the beginning. You were just too stupid or ignorant to find out. And now, in an unorthodox fashion, they have been expressed.
>You both loved each other, whole heartily. You breathed out and stepped out of bed and embraced Her Majesty and began to weep with joy. She loved you, she loved you, she fuckin’ loved you, man.
>Celestia began to weep onto your shoulder; she knew your feelings towards her as well.
>”Oh, Anon...”
“Oh, Celestia...”
>You two began to kiss passionately but a cough from Princess Luna implies you need to stop.
“Hehe, sorry Luna, got caught up there.”
>”It’s quite alright, you two. In all honesty, I think I’ll leave so you two can discuss the future.”
>And will that, she’s leaves as you and Princess Celestia fall onto the bed.
>”It’s not a good idea to go in there for the time being. Things are being discussed, guard”
>Then a loud rhythmic banging starts on the wall.
>”Must be discussing whether they need that wall plastering again.” the guard says, reading his newspaper.

A Flock of Yorkshire Puddings 2012-12-31 10:53:53 No.6989875

[Missing image file: 24881471-851-938.png]

>It’s afternoon, now. You’re cleanly dressed. Not in royal regalia but a clean fresh black suit and royal purple tie.
>You’re walking through Ponyville towards Twilight Sparkle’s treehouse/library.
>You’re not alone in your travel; two members of your personal bodyguards are in company.
>You arrive and knock on the door. Spike answers it, “Oh, hey man. Why are you here?
“Hey, laddie, I need to see Twilight, okay? I need to talk to her.”
>Spike shouts “Twilight! Anon’s here!”
>Her Purpleness comes down the stairs with a smile on her face. You spin around and talk to your guards.
“Right, circle the perimeter, guys. Keep an eye out for Custard. It’s a code yellow if you see her.”
>They give you a simple nod of acknowledgement and go about their duties. You saunter in as Twilight greets you.
>“Hi Anon. Or is it your Lordship.” She chuckles “What do you want.” You both sit down on her tiny settee.
“Right, I’m going to share with you something that only 15 people know about. That’s me, the Princesses, ten doctors, consultants and physicians and two guards on my detail. You have to be the 16th to allow me to continue.”
>”Of course, what is it?” Twilight inquires.

A Flock of Yorkshire Puddings 2012-12-31 10:58:59 No.6989927

[Missing image file: 6778969-996-723.png]

“Princess Celestia is pregnant. And, I’m the father. Now, you have to keep this an official secret for as long it can take.”
>Her eyes widen in shock and surprise. “Seriously? Is she really? And are you really ...”
>You cut her off.
“Yes, it’s all true, trust me. Now, to business.” You lean back on the settee and cross your legs “do you have any books or research on this matter of dealing with pregnancy or rising young?”
>”Yes, I do” Twilight answers “but if this pregnancy claim is 100% genuinely true, you and Celestia aren’t the typical breeding pair anyway so whatever is written down might not translate into real life.”
>You nod your head sagely, agreeing with her. She had a point; neither of you are the typical couple and whatever would result may not be typical foals.
“Well, isn’t it to be prepared for it instead of just waiting for the best?”
>”Oh, of course” Twilight agreeing with you “the books over there in the biology section”
>As you stand to visit this section, one of your guards charges inside, panting “Code yellow, sir. We have to get you to safety immediately.”
>You say goodbye to Twilight and leave quickly and the trio makes haste to the train station, weary from a yellow coloured air-strike.
>You eventually end up at the Castle, safe and sound but you know something will go down with your stalker.

A Flock of Yorkshire Puddings 2012-12-31 11:06:33 No.6990024

[Missing image file: princess_celestia_by_plat(...).png]

2 months later...
>You been married to Celestia for a month now. The pair of you considers this a good step; you’re madly in love with each other and you need to care for your unborn.
>It’s middle of the night and you're awoken by something soft and fuzzy brushing against your foot. Groggily, you look across the dark room where the red lights of your alarm clock reach out at you.
>You roll over to the other side of the bed and expect to see the pastel multi-coloured mane of your love. But what greets you is the outline of her tail.
> You sit up, pulling aside the blankets. She's curled up under them, facing the opposite way as you. You can't see much of her in the dark room, but now that the blankets are aside you can hear a soft sniffle.
>You know that the pregnancy hasn’t been too smooth. She may have been happy on the outside but on the inside, she felt different. She wasn’t eating right for the first few weeks.
>You asked the kitchen staff and monitor food around the castle before you start your work, and discover she's been skipping meals. You decide to sit her down with her sister and her student, knowing you'll be no good at this sort of thing.
>In the end, she agrees with Twilight Sparkle and Princess Luna that something has to change; but the end result is yours to oversee. You put yourself in charge of making sure she bulks up, putting emphasis on how important it is for developing foals to have extra calories to draw upon.

A Flock of Yorkshire Puddings 2012-12-31 11:14:18 No.6990135

[Missing image file: 1356720039576.png]

>Your eyes adjust to the darkness and you her as she sees you. She’s aware of the intentions and buries herself in her pale hooves.
>”D-don’t. Don’t look. It’s...it’s nothing. Just...go back to sleep”
“Why?” you ask, “It’s not nothing, what’s wrong?”
>Tia perks up a bit, “It’s nothing.”
>You curl up next to her, arm draped over her, mindful of her pregnant bulge, trying to get comfortable around her body.
>Your hand runs a course gently up around her stomach, tight and swollen at the very apex, and yet soft and squishy as it makes for her body. As your hand lingers, you feel a subtle gurgle from her belly, causing her to make more whimpering and sobbing from her. This again?
“This again?” you say, “Tia, it’s normal for a pony to put on weight during pregnancy, you know”
>You shift yourself, arms wrapping around her, pulling her frame in close to yours. She gives up hiding the source of her sadness from you, burying her face in your arms.
>”I know, I know. But it doesn’t feel right.” You stroke her hair and rub her tummy to comfort her.
“I’ve got an idea, Tia. Come with me.” You say in a coy voice, as you step out of bed, to tempt her out.
>”Wh-what is it?” she asks as she sniffles.
“Just follow my lead.” You outstretch your hand as a sign of comradeship.
>She eventually steps out and onto all four. Even with her pregnant and enlarged form, she was still regal and grand looking.

A Flock of Yorkshire Puddings 2012-12-31 11:20:46 No.6990210

[Missing image file: wiggle.jpg]

>You guide her into one of the castle’s lounges, not far from the castle’s kitchen and pantry.
>You sit on one of the settees and allow her head and upper body to rest on your lower body. Anymore and you’ll more than likely put up crushed.
>Once there, she rolls onto her side, snuggling her head in your lap. You rub her swollen stomach with one hand and scratch behind her ears with your other. Her front legs kick slightly as she happily nuzzles into your slowly stiffening crotch.
>“Well what do we have here? Did you get all of this from just rubbing this little old belly of mine? I had no idea your tastes were so...” She struggles for a moment with a word befitting her manner, “rubenesque.”
“You know me so well, don’t you?” you say as the scratching and rubbing intensifies.
>Her horn glows with magic as a cupboard opens in the kitchen and a bag of chocolates flies across both rooms and rest onto her belly.
>You pop in the first one and she chews happily. By the end of the bag, the chewing has slowed and she's obviously struggling to keep a smile on her face.
“Look stop with the worry, it’s all good.” You say to comfort her
>You had to deal with her embarrassment the first time round and now, it has come flooding back. Not for the last time either.

A Flock of Yorkshire Puddings 2012-12-31 11:25:27 No.6990268

[Missing image file: princess_celestia-d5btl2g.png]

>You've rolled over in the night to find her missing on more than one occasion, her cravings getting the better. Every time you've wandered into the kitchen, snuggling up against her warm back, trying your best to be supportive as she indulges in her private shame.
>You saunter into the kitchen with her in tow
>”Could you stop this, I getting tired of it, I don't want to be like... like this anymore. I know it’s for the greater good. But I know you look at me less and less.”
“Wait, what?” You sound puzzled, “I know I’m not good with words and I am only flesh and blood but I would never do that to you, don’t be so silly.”
>“Well, it's TRUE isn't it? I'm an... an old, ugly, fat... I'm just so...” Celestia breaks down into tears again. You try to comfort her but you slip and fall and catch yourself on a fridge door handle, which opens.
>Light blinds both your eyes, you manage to stand as the cold floats out. You shield her from the assault. You lean for a kiss and your hands work magically up and down her stomach, sliding closer to her womanhood, and she stifles an unexpected yelp as you begin to rub her down there.
>She breaks the kiss and says “What? Do you really? You like this?”
“I really don’t mind, I married you for you, not your body. I need to understand that.”
>She snuggles you again, mindful again of the stiffie pressing to freed from your pyjama bottoms.

A Flock of Yorkshire Puddings 2012-12-31 11:31:19 No.6990329

[Missing image file: 1356389629907.png]

> Surely she was beautiful when your eyes first met: tight, muscular, lean. But since then you've seen entirely different sides of her, sides that have nothing to do with body or shape. And, to be honest, you love the way her more well figured body jiggles as she walks.
>You slightly turn to make sure hands can reach around her glorious white arse, while kissing up and down her sweet neck.
>You ever-so delicately slipping a finger into her, causing her to stiffen in reply. “You...? You don't care either way. You really...”
>You break from the kissing and say
"Like I said, I married you for you, not for anything else.”
>You glide out and gently set her onto the floor, still in front of the open fridge and fell next to her.

A Flock of Yorkshire Puddings 2012-12-31 11:34:06 No.6990351

[Missing image file: datarse.png]

>"Mmm, I've got an idea, Anon. Just wait."
>She gently slides out your throbber with one with her hooves and magics out a slice of chocolate cake in the fridge, leftover from a banquet.
>She takes out a bite of the slice and then, quickly and smoothly, presses her lips around your manhood.
"Oh-oh, good God, yes" you say, quaking either from the joy or the freezing cold
>She licks the tip and the underside, covering it in slobber and cake icing but the sensations of it are unbelievable. She continues to bob her head up and down, rubbing it with her tongue, bring you near to the edge, but you manage to override the sensation in your testicles.
>She stops to take a larger bit of the cake and raises an eyebrow at you, "Mmm, you like this?"
"Oh, God, yes, Tia" you respond without thinking.
>"Then take it." She answers. Abandoning all ladylike procedure, she stuffs the whole slice into her mouth, swallows it and proceeds to start kissing your chest and crotch, covering it in more cake and slobber.
"Oh, Tia, I SO need it now." You manage to say.

A Flock of Yorkshire Puddings 2012-12-31 11:40:10 No.6990430

[Missing image file: m8sr3npIPy1r3gomwo1_500.jpg]

>She chuckles as she leans up and manages to glide you into her already moistening love hole.
>The sensations of her grasp are wonderful. She leans in to kiss you, and you her a tongue twist, replying your joy.
>You start to thrust into her, pumping your hips up and down, as she throws her head back, allowing her mane to glint and shimmer in the light
>"Oh, I know I...I needed something and I ju...just thought cookies would give me ples...pleasure" Celestia said in a series of moans
>You can't help but laugh and say
"Cookies can't give you this pleasure."
>Both start laughing and those sensations put you into overdrive and start seriously pumping her, like a Texan oil pump jack.
>Each thrust making slight ripples in her widening frame.
>She begins to shudder in orgasm, wiggling in joy as you continue penetrating her.
>"Mindful of the bab-iiiieeeesss!” she cries out in orgasm
"I a-mmmmmm!" You shout out in your orgasm, spraying her womb wth your seed.
>She falls onto you, you slide out of her and with what little strength you two have, stagger back to the bedroom and fall into the bed.
>"I love you, Anonymous" She says
"And I love you, Princess." You say back.
>And you both fall asleep in each others' embrace, only using each other as warmth.

A Flock of Yorkshire Puddings 2012-12-31 11:45:42 No.6990493

[Missing image file: 30969263-2400-1500.png]

>You awake again to a tipping noise on your balcony door.
>It was still dark out but the sky was a royal blue, not its primeval black colour.
>You slide out, praying that Celestia doesn't wake, grab a dressing gown and walk out onto the balcony.
>Sitting in one of the chairs was Fluttershy.
"Fluttershy? Is that you? What are you doing here?
>She answers without looking at you, "Oh, you still remember me, do you?"
"Yeah, I would recognise my own stalker. Now, I'll repeat: What are you doing here?
>She flashes you a coy smile, "I know you're in love with Celestia and you're married to Celestia but I know a way that you can express your love to me."
You remain stoic, "What love? I've got more chance expressing my feelings to a good sandwich."
>"Just hear me out" Fluttershy says "You can still be married to Celestia but you can have me as your mistress. Good idea?"
"No." You reply "That's the worse idea since Abe Lincoln once said 'Oh, I'm bored of loitering around this house, let's go to the theatre'."
>"What?" Flutters gives you a confused look.
"Never mind. I ain't pulling a Prince Charles and be married to someone else and keep an affair with you"
>Again, Fluttershy flashes you a determined look, "I know I will make you mine." She flies off into the distance.
"What was that all about?" You mutter to yourself, wander inside and climb into bed.
>And yet, there is a ball of worry inside of you. What did she mean?... what did she mean?
>What did she mean by "I will make you mine"?
>You sleep, snuggling next to your love.


Blood 2012-12-31 11:47:45 No.6990515
>You wake up in the middle of a pentagram drawn on the stone ground with blood and surrounded by candles.
>You are in your cellar and you must have passed out during your meager attempt to appease the lords of the underworld by flaying yourself.
>Motherfucking Lords of the Underworld never answer your damn prayers or summons.
>You make your way upstairs to clean your wounds and get something to eat.
>Can't worship Satan properly if your dead now can you?
>After the morning routine you hear a loud knocking coming from your front door.
>Is that Fluttershy? She is usually allot quieter than that.
>You open the door and what you see leaves you speechless.
>Fluttershy stands before you and is covered in scrapes and cuts.
>Her eyes are a solid blood red with red tears flowing from them.
>Her cuteymark is covered by a pentagram carved into her flanks.
>Your boner is at 50%
>She smirks revealing a row of serrated teeth, and laughs.
>Her voice sounds like she replaced her voice box with a chainsaw.
>"Is Demon Worship and Possession your fetish?"
>Holy shit she got it.
>How the fuck can she even know about shit like this?!?
>These are supposed to be innocent fucking ponies that have never even heard of war!
>And this is the supposed element of KINDNESS for fucks sake.
>She'd have to do some pretty fucked up shit to catch the attention of a demon.
>And then it hits you.
>She somehow manages to not only attract the attention of a demon, but get it to grant her power through possession.


Blood 2012-12-31 11:48:19 No.6990519
>You have spent your entire life Worshiping the the denizens of hell and offering sacrifices only to be at most mocked or severely beaten.
>Not that you didn't like the poor treatment, though.
>You were taught at a very young age by your cultist "family" to enjoy even the most brutal of treatments by the demons as it was a blessing that one even take the time to interact with you.
>But this bitch...
>She's "served" these beings for what? A few days at most?
>Fuck this shit.
>You aren't falling for this One-Uping bitch's bullshit.
Fuck off, Fluttershy. T-this isn't my fetish.
>She drops her smirk and dawns a deep scowl.
>Her face fills with rage.
>"Y-you... You LIAR!!!"
She takes a step forward. Her body is shaking from the anger building in her.
>"They said you would love this!"
>Great. They?
>She probably got to go before a demon council.
>This bitch just gets all the fucking luck, doesn't she?
Well, guess what. They lied. Welcom to Hell, bitch.
>You go back inside making sure to conceal your raging hard-on and slam the door.
>You bet those fucking demons think this shit is funny.
>Before you can start your next angry thought, you are interrupted by a blood curdling scream coming from Fluttershy.
>Something large slams into your door.


Blood 2012-12-31 11:48:54 No.6990526
>Great now a demon possessed pony wants your dick and there's probably not much you're going to be able to do about it.
>With a load crack, a hoof bursts through the door, although you probably can't call it a hoof anymore.
>The yellow blood covered appendage now ends in four bloody claws that appear to be made from nothing but bone.
>Your boner is probably hard enough now to fend off Flutterdemon, but that plan is risky and should probably be saved for a last resort.
>As more of the surprisingly resilient door is ripped apart Possessedshy peers through.
>You should probably do something before you get ripped limb from limb and possibly raped.
>Maybe twilight knows how to deal with possessions.
>Alright it's settled, you'll head over to Twilight's whilst trying to stay out of Yellowdeath's clutches.
>this is going to be fun.
Well.. um.. I-i'll just be in the basement if um... you know... you need me... um... yea.
>You slowly walk to the kitchen and close the door as Murdershy continues to assault your front door.
>Damn, these ponies know how to make good motherfucking doors.
>You open your cellar door and slam it.
>Hopefully, that should convince her.
>Opening the window, you jump into your back yard and start booking it to the library.
>As you reach Ponyville, you hear a distant but powerful scream that slightly rumbles the ground.
>Yea. She probably figured it out.
>Renovations are gona be a bitch.


Blood 2012-12-31 11:49:28 No.6990534
>You reach Twilight's house and hurriedly knock on the door.
>Demonic screams can be heard off in the distance and its getting loader by the second.
>"Oh hey, An- Ah!"
>As the door opens you push yourself in knocking spike on his ass.
>"Huh? Oh, she's upsta-"
>"Anon? Is something going on? Whats wrong?"
>Ok. Now for the hard part.
Alright, you know how Fluttershy is crazy and she keeps trying to get in my pants?
>"Ugh! Fluttershy is not crazy! She just really likes you, and she has trouble showing it. Why can't you just see that, Anon?"
Alright, I'm not gona argue with you here, but we have a serious problem here. Do you know anything about exorcisms?
>"What? Yea, I think I have a book on it somewhere. Why? Whats going on?"
>The screams are now clearly audible from outside and something slams against the tree.
>Again, Fluttershy slams into the tree.
>T"Sweet Cellestia! was THAT Fluttershy?!? Anon, what happened?"
Well... she may have gotten the idea that Devil Worshiping was my fetish and somehow got into contact with demons that are able to grant greate and terrible powers...
Told you she was crazy.
>T"But... how..she's... supposed to be the Element of Kindness!"
>A clawed hoof smashes through the door throwing splinders everywhere.
>Some of the skin/fur is peeling away revealing the muscle underneath.
>F"Oooooooh AaaaaAAAAAANOOON!!!!"


Blood 2012-12-31 11:50:01 No.6990538
>You doubt your dick can possibly get any harder at this point.
>Twilight is starting to freak out.
>T"Not good, not good, not good!"
>She starts frantically searching for her book.
>T"Can you do anything to slow her down?!"
Meh. I doubt it but I'll try.
>You walk towards the door making sure to stay out of Flutterbloody's reach.
Sooooo... Flutters, whats it like being possessed?
>Again, you have never actually forged any kind of contract with a demon and were justifiably curious.
>She stops thrashing at the door and looks through it and at you lustfully.
>F"Oooh, Anon. It feels SOOOOOO gooooood! Come closer and I'll show you."
>She pushes her claw through the hole in the door and tries to grasp you.
Yeeeeaaaaa.... not gona happen, sorry.
Finally. So, what do we need to fix this?
>She starts rapidly flipping through the pages of the book muttering as she goes.
>F"Grrrrrrrr! What do you think you're doing, Anon?"
>You turn to her with a smile on your face.
Don't worry. Well have this mess all sorted out in a moment.
>You silently wonder why she hasn't tried going through the windows yet.
>As you think this Flutershy lets out another growl and starts to climb the tree house.
Fucking mind reading bitch!


Blood 2012-12-31 11:50:35 No.6990545
>T"Alright, I think I have the spell I need. I just need to cast it on Fluttershy... w-where is she?"
Give it a moment she'll be here.
>Right on cue you hear a scream and glass breaking coming from up stairs.
>T"Oh Celestia damn it."
What? You think this is bad? I doubt my house is still standing after this shit.
>T"We need to get outside for this spell to work properly"
Well you don't need to tell me twice. Hurry spike lets bail.
>The three of you make your way through the clusterfuck that used to be a wooden door.
>After you are outside Twilight starts preparing the spell.
>You hear more growls and things breaking inside.
>She probably hasn't realized that you all have left the house yet.
>Ah, there she is.
>as she makes her way out of the house you notice that her condition has gotten steadily worse.
>All of her appendages now end in bloody claws.
>Her wings have greatly grown in size and blood oozes from gaps in her skin.
>The flesh below her cheekbones has been shredded revealing several rows of sharp serrated teeth.
>She looks menacing as fuck and your dong is about to tear it's way out of your pants.
>F"Heheheh. Come HERE, Anooon! Mama's got something for you."
>T"Alright everyone, stand back!"
>A beem of white light shoots from her horn and hits Fluttershy surrounding her in a white aura.
>F"What!?! NO!!"


Anonymous 2012-12-31 11:51:40 No.6990552

[Missing image file: lolfag.jpg]

Blood 2012-12-31 11:52:26 No.6990559
>She starts to scream as dark spots appear in the aura.
>The spots begin to grow until you can make out figures.
>Yea, those are probably demons.
>The figures float away from the aura and disappear into the ground.
>As the demons are expelled Fluttershy starts to look more and more normal although most of her injuries aren't going away.
>She's definitely gona need some medical attention after this.
>As the last of the demons are driven out the white aura disappears and Fluttershy slumps to the ground.
>Before you or Twilight can make you way to her the ground beneath her splits open and she begins to slide in.
>She screams and desperately tries to cling to the earth.
>But dark hands spring from the hole and start to drag her down.
>Yea, deals with the devils usually don't end well.
>She probably didn't know what she was getting in to.
>Twilight tries using her magic to pull Fluttershy out of the pit but as the magic makes contact it dissipates.
>T"Anon, do something! My magic isn't working!"
Rrrrr, Fine.
>You make your way over to Fluttershy but before you can reach her another hands bursts from the pt and pushes you back.
Damn it...
>F"Anon... before i go... I just want you to know... that I love you"
>And with those last words she is pulled screaming into the Dark Pit leading to Hell.


I'm also making a part 2
Unless you think this is crap and that I should stop
Please tell me this is crap and that I should stop

Anonymous 2012-12-31 11:53:25 No.6990569

[Missing image file: 4296-kill-yourself.jpg]

If you are trying to insult us, get it right, fuckwit

Anonymous 2012-12-31 11:54:03 No.6990575
When you write, it take a good couple minutes in between parts of parts. Do you make stuff as you go or do you have a prewrite you copy/ paste from.

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 11:54:37 No.6990581

[Missing image file: 23829__safe_celestia_pregnant.png]
I love your portrayal of Celestia and Anon's supportive relationship. It's really great, and is especially a good contrast to Raritan's story above.

I do have some criticisms though.

You left a lot of time between posts. Were you writing post to post? If so, please don't do that. Prewriting is always better unless it's for one shots.


>moistening love hole

Uh... don't do that. You're right to not be clinical about your descriptions. The major boner killer for any aspiring clop writer is to use the actual words: penis, vagina or testicles in their stories. But you could have picked some better words. Work on your vocabulary for your clop scenes. Use this for future reference:


I'll leave you to decide which ones are the better words to use from that list.

If you intend for people to clop to these scenes, make them longer. What you've done here is pretty good, but I think you just need more practice. You'll improve and develop as time goes on. Keep it up!

Zen Pulse 2012-12-31 11:59:35 No.6990625
Alright, gonna post a bit of an idea, tell me what you guys think of it and if I should continue.
Flutterrape 2
>You are Anon
>You are a 23 year old who is obsessed with My Little Pony
>Everyone calls you a faggot for it
>You’re constantly bullied
>You can’t get a girlfriend, you’re too much of a weirdo
>So you decided that you’ll spend the rest of your life locked in your room
>Alone with the internet and all your pony merchandise
>You sit there reading about ponies
>And looking at ponies
>And generally being a huge nor/mlp/erson
>You fall asleep that night thinking about ponies, wishing that your life could be like these stories
They’re Flutterrape stories
>You have an odd dream about someone saying they’d grant your wish
>You wake up in the middle on P0nyville
>You look around and nearly shit yourself with excitement
Wow, it’s just what I had wished for!
>The ponies are looking at you funny
>You walk away, towards Fluttershy’s cottage
>You are a virgin, but not for long!
>This will be just like the threads say it is!
>Because no one would ever go on the internet and lie
>Knock on her door
>”H-hello?” Fluttershy says as she opens the door
>She sees you and says “Oh my, come in”
>”What kind of animal are you, little guy?”
Hey, I’m not an animal!
>She squeals and hides behind her Angel
>He looks at you and shakes his head
Well? What are you waiting for?
>”Wh-what do you mean?”
I mean, when are you going to start trying to rape me!
>She immediately runs the fuck outta there.
>Well that was weird
>Whatever, she’ll do it at around 8, she always does
>Decide to go meet the other p0nies.

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 12:00:04 No.6990630

[Missing image file: 118393__UNOPT__safe_twili(...).png]
I've got to say, Blood, that this is the most interesting of your stories that I've read so far. I do actually want to see a sequel in which Anon goes to get Fluttershy back.

Maybe he meets some hot demons along the way and gets to indulge in his fetish slightly. Fluttershy will keep for a while, right?

A Flock of Yorkshire Puddings 2012-12-31 12:00:58 No.6990642

[Missing image file: 1355182783289.png]

And je suis fini for the time being.
All comments, thoughts, criticisms and death threads are welcomed.

Thanks for your thoughts, Dick. I will use that website. I do prewrite, my interweb connection is little flakey, today. And the clops scenes will eventfully extend as I improve and continue.

Your story's is quite good. Keep it up

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 12:02:15 No.6990653

[Missing image file: 102264__UNOPT__safe_princ(...).png]
>Posting the same image as me

What witchcraft is this?!

A Flock of Yorkshire Puddings 2012-12-31 12:04:37 No.6990666

[Missing image file: 6778969-996-723.png]

Simple resizing the file and mindraping.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:05:29 No.6990669
Anyone got the version of that picture that has her blushing and smiling instead?

Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:06:41 No.6990676

[Missing image file: 1356728469550.gif]
I sure hope Fluttershy doesn't try anything
Sure hope she doesn't do something

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 12:06:41 No.6990677

[Missing image file: 118391__UNOPT__.png]
Ah, fair enough. I didn't check the sizes.

Blood 2012-12-31 12:07:42 No.6990685
That wasn't what I was planning, but now that I think about it that would fit in perfectly.
Thanks for the idea.

morning 2012-12-31 12:11:18 No.6990718

[Missing image file: Slumber.gif]



However, any description/basic idea on where this is heading?
I don't want to leave you blank

Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:11:23 No.6990721
This was meant for this >>6990493 dammit

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 12:12:01 No.6990725

[Missing image file: 53557__safe_twilight-spar(...).gif]
Is that all so far, Zen Pulse? Because I'm intrigued.

The Anons in my comedy stories have a knowledge of Flutterrape threads and access to /mlp/ through a magical computer. But it'd be very interesting to see a story where Anon comes into Equestria with foreknowledge about Fluttershy's methods. That, or he has incorrect preconceptions about what the p0nies get up to.

>Anon starts fortifying his house against rape attacks.
>Fluttershy comes round one morning to invite him out to breakfast.
>She gets a pie to the face and is thrown out of his house.
>She runs home crying.
>She keeps trying to make friends with Anon at the behest of her friends who keep on coming up with different methods she should try.
>Anon views these as different fetish attempts and comes up with ways to shoot them down.
>Hilarity ensues.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:18:19 No.6990785

[Missing image file: Twi and Luna Hug.png]
Princess Luna says:
Go ahead and go back to sleep for 5 more minutes. You won't be late for work... maybe.
You can read the previous chapters here: http://pastebin.com/u/getmeouttahere

Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:18:52 No.6990792
>Day that shitty Aerosmith song would be appropriate right now in Equestria
>You pull out your trusty flask and lightly shake it.
Damn, almost empty. Oh well, down the hatch!
>Discarding the flask after knocking back the remainder of its contents, you put on your comically oversized sunglasses (A welcoming gift; Thanks, Pinkie!) and deposit yourself in the beach chair conveniently set up nearby.
>Such a nice day to be out here, enjoying the warm breeze from the Golden Oaks Library's topmost balcony.
>You can almost tune out the screams of the panicking p0nies below. The sound of the giant meteor currently shredding Equestria's atmosphere from above is a bit harder to ignore.
>"This is all your fault, you know."
>You sit up, indignantly remove your sunglasses and glare at the purple p0ny standing beside you.
How in the hell is this in any way my fault? Do I look like I can do fucking magic, much less summon giant fucking meteors whenever I please?! I seem to remember you were the one who cracked open that forbidden tome and started jizzing sparks and eldritch runes everywhere from your horn!
>"And I wouldn't have had to do that if you had just been cooperative! You outright refused every item on the list! Every single one!"
Well I'm sorry if I don't see how me putting my dick in your ass or forcing me to drink p0ny milk from the tap is necessary for a 'cultural exchange'!
>She gasps and rears back as if she'd been slapped.


Zen Pulse 2012-12-31 12:19:21 No.6990795
That's all for now because I haven't slept in two days.It's just the beginning of an intro I think... It all depends on how I feel as I write I guess. I'll be sure to post more as soon as possible. Thanks for the feedback!

Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:19:28 No.6990798
>"It's absolutely necessary! Extremely necessary! Princess Celestia and the professors at the Canterlot University Primatology Department demand only the best, most rigorously documented observational data! I am NOT turning in incomplete or inaccurate results, and how else do you expect me to report how the human-p0ny body temperature difference affects the sensation of anal intercourse or how much suction a human mouth can produce when suckling a p0ny teat unless we experiment?!"
>You sigh and facepalm, shifting your fingers a bit to peer at the little egghead from between them. Her mane's messed up beyond belief, her little lab coat is shredded and stained from an explosion, her cheeks are red and puffed out, and she's got that cute look of annoyance on her face as she gazes at an interesting spot on the ground. Even despite all of this it's tough to stay mad at her.
You know what... I don't even care anymore. C'mon, let's sit back and enjoy the end of the world together, Twilight.
>You reach down, pick her up and set her on your lap. Her cheeks turn an even deeper red than the doomsday meteor above as you calmly begin to stroke her mane.
>"Th-The world's not going to end, Anon. Princess Celestia will come and fix everything like she always does." She gulps. "I hope."


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:20:02 No.6990802
>Earlier That Morning

>Man, you hate Thursdays. It's a well-known fact.
>So much so that it's become a running joke in the daily comic strip about you in the Foal Free Press.
>You take a sip of your coffee, turn the page of today's issue and sure enough, there it is.
>Title: 'Anonymous' by Jim Rettulf (Fucking authors and their pseudonyms...)
| Panel 1 | You're sleeping in your cute human bed with the covers over you. There's a calendar on the wall that says today is Thursday.
| Panel 2 | You wake up and look at the calendar.
| Panel 3 | You look at the reader and say: 'Man, I hate Thursdays'.
>You turn when you hear laughter coming from p0nies at a nearby table at the cafe where you're having breakfast and you notice they have a copy of the paper opened to the comics page as well.
>For some reason, this comic is wildly popular and has a syndication contract for 40+ years of strips, merchandising, and a few movie deals.
>You sigh and finish off your coffee. Just another unexplainable aspect of magical horse land, you guess. You gather your paper, leave a few bits on the table and step out into the overcast P0nyville streets.


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:20:36 No.6990808
>There's a reason you hate Thursdays. Her name is Twilight Sparkle and she's a miniature purple horse.
>As part of your naturalization as a citizen of Equestria, Princess Celestia requested that you spend some time each Thursday with Twilight, merely talking about whatever came to mind between the two of you. She must've figured it would help you adapt to your new home, and learning from you would expand her prized student's horizons even further. Win-win, right?
>Unfortunately she forgot her little unicorn protégé is a huge autist. These sessions have been torture, with Twilight obsessively attempting to extract and record information about you and your world as well as perform various retarded and/or painful experiments on you. Not to mention the rape attempts.
>At first it was kind of innocent, with things like her asking to see your genitals so she could document them for some kind of scientific journal.
>But since Fluttershy started showing an interest in you, it's like she suddenly realized that you can use your dick to have sex with horses. Her horizons have definitely expended from this discovery, though not in the way Celestia probably wanted.
>You're dreading today's visit, especially since you pissed her off last night during Luna's game. You nervously tap your enchanted wristwatch. Were it not for this, you'd have probably been--- huh?


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:21:09 No.6990813
>It seems all the p0nies in the street are staring at you. Shit, did you forget to put on pants again or something?
>No, you're fully clothed. You carefully look around for anything strange; you haven't seen Yellowquiet this morning and shit like this usually has her name written all over it.
>The sunlight causes you to squint your eyes a bit and... wait... the paper said today was supposed to be overcast with an afternoon shower...
>Looking above and behind you, you spy a massive trench running through the clouds, as if someone took a bulldozer and cleared a path through the sky. It starts from the cafe you just left and runs all the way to the spot where you're currently standing. You catch sight of a multicolored tail as it darts back and forth across the trench. Soon enough, two magenta eyes peer over the far edge of the clouds, directly meeting your own. This results in a surprised yelp and the immediate retreat of the cyan pegasus.
>"Yer own personal sunny weather, huh? She must really like ya, Anon."
>Standing before you underneath the trench is an oddly hatless Applejack. "Hope ya'll don't mind if ah borrow a bit of it fer myself. Ah ain't a fan of rainy days." The sparkles of sunlight dancing across the golden strands of her mane are mesmerizing and you have to rub your eyes a bit to snap yourself out of a trance.
Uh, sure. Rainbow won't get in trouble for this, will she?


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:21:41 No.6990819
>"Nah, as the leader of the P0nyville Weather Team she can do as she pleases, within reason a'course."
Well that's reassuring, I guess. What're you doing in town so early today, anyway?
>She smiles and winks. "Ah'm here for -you-, sugarcube."
>Uh oh.
>In one smooth motion, her tail flicks across her back and launches something directly at you. You barely react in time but manage to catch the object before it smacks you in the face. Fuming, you open your mouth to tell the orange horse off for assaulting you with...
...An apple fritter?
>"On the house. Two cups'a coffee alone ain't what ah'd call a balanced breakfast, Anon."
How'd you know that's all I had? I didn't see you at the cafe.
>She chuckles. "Yer a creature of habit. Ya do the same thing every Thursday mornin': Wake up late, go to that little restaurant, drink two cups'a coffee and head straight over to see Twi, complainin' all the way. Don't ya read those cartoons in the paper? Whoever writes 'em really has ya pegged."
>Looks like it. You make a mental note to find out who Jim Rettulf really is, then take a bite of your fritter and ohgodit'sincredible.
>While you're distracted by the flavor orgy in your mouth, the limber Apple Pone closes the distance between you, brushing her body and tail against your legs and dropping her voice to a sultry whisper. "Ah also wanted ta remind ya that mah offer from last night still stands..." Before you can react she's reared up and going in for a stealthy kiss.


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:22:26 No.6990827
>You nearly choke on your goddamn fritter. Mental warning sirens are going haywire, but your body refuses to move. W-was Treekicker always this sexy?!
>Thankfully the sound of a pegasus loudly touching down nearby draws your attention. "Hooves off him, AJ."
>Applejack steps away from you and smiles. "Ah figured that'd get ya down here. Brought one fer you too." She tosses a fritter and Rainbow catches it in her mouth and starts munching away immediately. "Ah have one left fer Fluttershy; figured she'd be around. Either of ya'll seen her today?"
N-No, she--she didn't come by this morning...
>Nice recovery, sperglord. Applejack's grin gets a little bigger as she catches your stutter.
>Rainbow shakes her head, still chewing on her fritter. "Hafn seen er."
>"Ah well, maybe she's actually takin' care of the animals instead'a stalkin' Anon fer once. Speakin' of which, ah need ta get back ta the farm before Mac gives me an earful for skippin' out on mornin' chores. Take care now." She starts to move away but a desperate whine from Dash stops her.
>You turn to see Rainbow swallow the last of her fritter and put on the best begging puppy dog face she can muster. You have to stifle a laugh, but AJ doesn't look amused.
>"Oh fer cryin' out loud, yer worse than Winona sometimes." She sighs and tosses the remaining fritter, which Rainbow gleefully nabs out of the air. "Don't you bother Anon too much today, ya hear? He's got enough ta worry about dealin' with Twi."


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:23:03 No.6990829

[Missing image file: 1345513239073.gif]
Why make so many parts with little in each page?

Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:23:09 No.6990830
>While Rainbow has her eyes closed with joy eating her fritter, AJ catches your gaze, winks, turns her back to you, swishes her tail aside to show you the goods, -winks again-, and then makes her way down the road back to the Acres.
>GOD DAMN. You sit down on a nearby park bench and hold your head in your hands, trying to fight off the memories of the hours upon hours of intimate time you spent with that ass and the boner that's threatening to make the rest of your walk to the library awkward.
>You can already tell this is gonna be one of those days.
>"What's the matter Anon, you gettin' a headache or something?" You look up to see Rainbow hovering in front of you. As soon as your eyes meet she blushes a bit which actually calms you down.
Nah, I think it's passed. What're you up to?
>She lands and rubs a hoof on her chest. "Oh, you know, going fast, taking care of the weather, being awesome, the usual. Hey, we're still on for pizza and movies Saturday night, right? I've got a good one for the feature this time: 'The Creature from the Swamp II: The Swampening'! The costume for the monster is so lame, you can totally see the hooves of the p0nies sticking out in some shots. It'll be a laugh riot!"
>Oh shit, Saturday? That's when Luna scheduled your dinner date together in Canterlot and you completely forgot you made plans with Dash beforehand. You feel like an ass for having to blow her off, but she'll probably understand.


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:23:50 No.6990834
Er, umm, actually something came up and I won't be able to make it. Sorry, Rainbow. Luna asked me to--
>Oh. Fuck. No.
>The look on her face. Oh god, it's like you just told her she'll never be a Wonderbolt or something.
>"Oh? Th-that's cool, Anon. I know you're b-busy and stuff sometimes. Luna's a Princess and you c-can't hang out together with me all the time, right? Heh. Heh..."
>Holy shit Anon you gigantic asshole DO SOMETHING!! If the tears start it's fucking over, man!
>*sniff* "Huh?"
How about Sunday night instead? And don't worry about bringing the beer, I've got it covered.
>She smiles and blinks back the tears that were threatening to fall. "Really?"
Totally. I Pinkie Promise.
>You start to do the motions but Rainbow holds up a hoof to stop you. "It's okay Anon, I know you're good for it. But you'd better be ready for some B-Movie mayhem on Sunday!"
I'll be ready, so bring it on.
>She takes to the air and waves back at you. "Oh I will! I'd better get back before Weather Control gets on my flank. Have a good one Anon, don't let Twilight push you around too much!"
>She breaks through the low hanging clouds and disappears. Whew, crisis averted. You rise from the bench and continue on your way.
>Just one more obstacle to overcome and maybe this'll turn into a good day after all.
>The Golden Oaks Library comes into view before you. You take a cleansing breath and push open the door.


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:24:23 No.6990841
>Man, this place is a disaster. Books fucking everywhere and no Twilight Spergle in sight. Spike sits in the middle of the chaos looking dazed.
What the heck happened here?
>The little dragon rubs his eyes when he hears your voice. "Dude, I was hoping you could tell me. Twilight came back from that party last night and woke me up pulling books from the shelves. I don't think she slept at all, and when I asked what she was doing she said something about Luna and the perfect experiment."
...Sounds dangerous.
>"Tell me about it. She's really dialed up the crazy lately. Now that you're here I think I'm gonna head out."
You're just gonna leave me here alone with her when she's like this?!
>He shrugs. "You've got your fancy watch and that gem that can teleport you, right? You'll live." Shit, sounds like he's still a little pissed at being used as your personal grievance delivery system to Celestia. But that was important!
>Spike slicks his head spines back and wiggles his eyes. "Besides, I've gotta couple of new moves to try on Rarity. Try to keep Twilight from destroying P0nyville while I'm gone, will ya?"
No promises.
>He heads out the door. "Yeah, that's what I figured. Later Anon. Wish me luck!"
>He doesn't even wait for you to reply before he's gone. Fucking dragons.
>You sigh. Maybe it's for the best. You wouldn't want any (debatably) innocent children getting caught up in whatever's going to happen here today, would you? That'd just be irresponsible.


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:24:40 No.6990843
Don't mind me and my >rape games .

Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:24:55 No.6990846
>You look at the mountains of books everywhere. Twilight doesn't seem to be around and you're not exactly eager to find her. What to do?
>You go into your mental submenus to check your mission objectives.

=[ MISSION: Another Fucking Thursday ]=
[X] Primary: Reach the Library
[ ] Primary: Converse with Twilight Sparkle
[ ] Secondary: Research Princess Luna's Past for Gift Ideas
[ ] Secondary: Don't Get Raped

>Hey, that's right! You wanted to learn more about Luna to get her a simple gift she might like for your date on Saturday.
>Even though she probably already has everything she could ever want and more, there must be something she likes - a favorite flower or gemstone or something similar that you can bring with you. Yeah, you're gonna woo the fuck outta that mystical horse god-princess, Anon!
>Considering she's like thousands of years old, there should be lots of books here about her that could point you in the right direction. To be honest, you don't know much about Equestrian history because it's boring as shit, especially when Twilight talks about it, but even if you don't find anything knowing more about her would still be nice.
>It's decided. Instead of searching for Magichorn or questioning why "Don't Get Raped" is a -secondary- objective, you decide to start sifting through the piles of books looking for something related to Luna.


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:25:27 No.6990852
>You find something promising and start reading. Eternal Night, Nightmare Moon, 1000 Year Banishment, Elements of Harmony, yadda yadda yadda. Yeah, you know most of this already.
>Tossing that book aside, you spy another open book with a picture of Luna on one of the pages. You pick it up and read the title: 'The History of Dream Magic: A Study of the School's Origins and Development'.
>Dream Magic, huh? Yeah, as a human your knowledge of magic is limited to stuff you picked up from videogames and shit that crazy Chinaman Horse Shopkeeper tries to sell you whenever you go into his shop. (Though the teleportation gem and smoke bombs turned out to be extremely useful, so that guy's actually pretty based...)
>But anyway, Dream Magic. From what you can tell Luna's really good at it, and her picture is in this book, so why not? You crack it open and start reading...
>...only to have a magical aura surround the book and snatch it from your grasp.
>"Ah, there it is! Exactly the book I was looking for!" Here we go...
>She scowls. "It's TWI--- Hmmmm, you're learning... maybe there's hope for you after all!" She glances at the book in her telekinetic grip, then sets it aside and picks up a cup of coffee instead.
>Yeah, Purplesmart's not looking too hot this morning. Her mane's messed up, she's jittery from too much caffeine and she's got some major bags under her eyes. "Interested in Dream Magic, Anon? I don't blame you, I am too, especially after last night!"


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:26:00 No.6990855
What was so special about last night?
>She nearly spits out her coffee. "W-What was special about last night? EVERYTHING! Anon, do you even realize what happened... what Luna actually DID back there?! It was amazing! Astonishing! Students of Magic across Equestria would give their HORNS to see something like that and I was there to experience it firsthoof!!"
>Oh boy, this is getting good. But you know what they say, more talking is less raping, so...
Enlighten me.
>Lecture mode activated. "I didn't recognize it myself until after I managed to dispel the enchantment and get Pinkie off my tail, but what we experienced was Level 10 Dream Magic... something extremely difficult to perform even for masters of the school, but Luna not only made it look effortless, she was able to continue to cast spells and even fight Rainbow Dash while maintaining the incantations! Since I was stuck in the forest, I started casting scan spells to find out what was really going on. Did you know there were no less than 16 individual spells across 3 schools that went into creating and maintaining that dream? Not only that, but the time dilation involved allowed us to experience over half a day's worth of time in the dream while only several hours passed in the real world! Do you realize what this MEANS?!"


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:26:33 No.6990860
>"Dreams, Anon. It means dreams are the key to my future studies and research. By using Dream Magic to construct a dream which has everything I need-- the proper environment, lab equipment, materials, etc. and then dilating time, I can triple or even quadruple my efficiency! I could try new or untested spells without any impact in the real world! And by pulling others into the dream, we can experiment with no harm to our physical bodies..." Cue the patented Sparkle bedroom eyes!
>Twilight sighs and her excitement fades a bit. "But in order to do something like that, I'd need to not only study for years to become a Master of the Dream School, but would likely need training from Luna herself. As the progenitor of all Dream Magic, she's the only p0ny who could offer the insight necessary to train somep0ny else to reach that level..."
>You let out a sigh of relief. You're not sure about Celestia, but there's no way in hell Luna would ever let this spergy little unicorn learn those types of dangerous-ass spells. You notice Twilight perk up again with a huge smile as she levitates a book from upstairs.
>"Or, at least that's what I would've said before this morning!"


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:27:05 No.6990867
>"While Spike was trying to clean up and restock the shelves, he happened to find ANOTHER hidden compartment that just happened to have THIS!" She places an ancient tome in front of you. It looks like something that Gandalf would've put into a rent-a-storage place after moving out of his ex's apartment and then forgotten about for 500 years...
>"Believe it or not, this tome of forbidden magic can allow a p0ny to cast spells beyond their level without having to master them when used as a focus! I've already tested it and it works perfectly!" She rears up and clops her hooves together. "Oh Anon, we're going to have so much fun doing science together!"
>Yeah, no. You immediately reach into your pocket for your teleportation ge-wherethefuckisit?!
>"Looking for this, Anon?" Twilight holds the gem in her telekinetic grasp. "After I analyzed the dream we were in, I used a scrying spell to observe how you beat Luna. Clever, but it won't help you here."
Twilight, I think you should reconsider this. I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure using dangerous magical artifacts beyond ones control in order to gain a quick powerup has never worked out for anyone, in the history of anything, ever.
>Twilight giggles. "Oh Anon, you've been reading too much fiction! That stuff'll rot your brain! Case in point: Rainbow Dash. And besides, that rule only applies to villains anyway."
Right, what -was- I thinking?


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:27:38 No.6990871
>"Now, first we construct the dream. Here we go!" Twilight aims her horn at the tome and begins casting. There's a blinding surge of magic that forces your eyes shut. When you recover, you find yourself in the same spot in the library, but instead of a cluttered mess each shelf is neatly stocked with books, all in the proper order. The Forbidden Tome sits on a small table in the middle of the room.
>Twilight beams. "Excellent! I chose the Library as our dream environment in order to keep things simple for now. And considering you're here as well, Anon, it looks like things are going exactly according to plan!" She magics over a little lab coat which she quickly puts on. "Are you ready for today's human-p0ny cultural exchange?"
If I say no can I go home?
>"As Applejack's big brother would say, 'eeeee-NOPE'!"
>Twilight levitates a clipboard in front of her. "Now that we're in a dream and there are no physical consequences for our actions, I think we should try some of the experiments I've been putting off due to your reluctance to participate. Specifically subsections IV.d throuh XVII.aa covering all types of heterosexual oral, vaginal, and anal foreplay and intercourse between a male human and female p0ny. Anon, please remove your clothes so we can begin."
No, Twilight. I don't want this.


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:28:10 No.6990874
>She scoffs. "Enough playing around, Anon. I know you're attracted to p0nies. I saw how you kissed Luna in last night's dream. Even if it was part of your ploy to defeat her, the enjoyment on your face was obvious. And don't get me started with that goofy kiss you shared with Rainbow afterwards. It was only for a second but the two of you were grinning like idiots!" Twilight drops her clipboard and begins to approach you. "Look, I'm not a bad p0ny, but I NEED this. For... for science. I'll even make it easy on you. Choose whatever you like from that list and that's what we'll do first."
>She kicks the clipboard over to you and you retrieve it. This is actually good; while you pretend to read this stupidly long list of fetishes maybe you can think of a way to get out of this mess.
>You've got to disrupt the spell or wake yourself up somehow, but if this works like Luna's Dream Magic, that's easier said than done. Man, this list is thorough. She's even got lactation on here, and... NO! Focus, Anon. What can you do?!
>"Having trouble deciding?"
Uh, yeah, I really don't feel like doing any of these things today. Um... it's reaaaally hard for me to get aroused to anything that's not my super crazy secret fetish that's probably not even possible in this universe, so let's call it a day and get some lunch. In the name of friendship. Whaddya say?


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:28:54 No.6990882
>Her eyes narrow. "If it's a matter of motivation, I have a spell for that." Her horn starts to charge. "When I was in school Moondancer and the others teased that I'd have to learn this one in order to ever get a stallion. Ha! How absurd!" She points her horn at you and fires.
>It's a direct hit and the spell washes over your body but you feel no different after a few seconds. Twilight, on the other hand, is fuming mad.
>"HOW?! First Want-It-Need-It, and now not even my Uncontrollable Arousal spell works! You-you-you're resistant to Mind Control magic somehow, aren't you, Anon? That's how you've escaped it so many times in the past! I'll need to add this to my notes..." She gets a devilish grin as she jots the information down. "However, it doesn't matter how strong your resistance is. With the power of this Tome I can overcome it. I... I could probably even move the stars themselves, just like your precious Luna! I'll prove it to you!!"
>Her horn ignites and she fires at the Tome again, this time using an intense amount of magical power. The Tome shines, then starts feeding back energy into her horn. Her eyes blaze with magical light and runes begin to project all across the walls of the library. Then, with a deafening crack and explosion the flow ceases and Twilight collapses.
>You rush over to her, but she's nearly back on her hooves by the time you get there. Her lab coat is pretty messed up from the explosion but otherwise she seems okay.


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:29:26 No.6990891
>"I'm... I'm fine. Follow me to the observation deck and I'll show you..." She wobbles a bit as you climb the stairs to the library's topmost balcony. You follow her mainly to make sure she doesn't fall on the way up.
>As soon as you get outside, both of you notice it immediately. The sky is blood red and a giant fiery meteor is blocking out the sun. Both your jaws drop at the sight.
H-Holy shit, Twilight!!
>"B-B-But I only meant to move a star in Orion's Belt just a little bit! What the hay!?!"
Who cares what happened, just fix it!
>"I-I don't think I can. That spell exhausted me, but it doesn't matter anyway. The meteor will obliterate us, but as soon as that happens we'll just wake up. That's the genius of this plan, Anon! It's foolproof!"
>And then you hear the screams from below. Twilight rushes to the edge of the balcony and starts looking around. "Huh, looks like I created a perfect copy of P0nyville for my dream environment. Oh, and the Everfree forest, and Canterlot too. And all the townsp0nies... heh heh is that Cloudsdale over there?"
>"Now Anon, there's no need to say anything ridiculous like maybe instead of sending us into a dream version of the library that first spell just cleaned it up like I envisioned it should be. That would mean that we're in the real world and that we're completely doomed and WHY DIDN'T I TEST TO MAKE SURE WE WERE IN A DREAM OR NOT?!"


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:29:59 No.6990897
>Yeah, she's fucking lost it. You run over and shake her shoulders to snap her back to reality.
How much time do we have before that thing hits us?!
>"Oh, by my estimation I'd say... two to three minutes. Time to panic!"
>Two fucking minutes?! That's not even enough time to track down Spike to send a letter to Celestia. Yeah, without some kind of divine intervention you're screwed.
>There's only one thing to do. You pull out your trusty flask and lightly shake it...

>The Present

>You continue to pet Twilight's mane as the Equestria's final moments tick away.
Yeah, Twilight?
>"Before the end, I'd like to know, and please, be honest... what's wrong with me? Am... am I really that repulsive to you? I know I'm plain looking and an egghead, but what do p0nies like Rainbow Dash and Applejack have that I don't?"
>She starts to tear up. "It's not just you, it's kind of been this way all my life. Stallions have always ignored me. Moondancer and the others were right! I'm just..."
Twilight! Look at me.
>She turns her head and stares at you with tear-filled violet eyes.


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:30:31 No.6990904
Listen, the only thing unattractive about you is, well, the fact that you constantly try to rape me and perform weird experiments during our visits. As far as your other quirks and habits... everybody has some. Even me, even Applejack, even Rainbow, and even Luna. As far as I'm concerned, you're a very pretty p0ny, and a good p0ny too. I know you didn't mean for any of this to happen...
>She closes her eyes and leans into chest. You pull her into a hug.
...and I know that you'll find that special somep0ny that'll see you like I do.
>You feel the patter of a few tears as they fall onto your shirt. "Thank you, Anon. I'm glad I could spend this moment with you, and I'm sorry. I'm so sorry..."
It's okay.
>"Oh my. Are heartfelt reconciliations during the apocalypse your secret fetish, Anon? You were right, that is a hard one to guess. It would've taken me a while to figure it out for sure."
>You can't fucking believe it. Yep, it's Butter Squeak all right. She's standing there on the balcony in a variation of the Moon Armor she had during Luna's game last night, though this version seems to be much lighter and suited to her body type.
>"Fluttershy, how long have you been here?!"


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:31:04 No.6990909
>Her ears fold back and she blushes. "Oh... the entire time actually. I've been with Anon all day, i-in his shadow, I mean. It's one of the enchantments on this armor Princess Luna gave to me. I wanted to come out earlier, but everything that was happening was so scary I... couldn't."
>Initiating maximum facepalm. Luna... Luna gave Fluttershit, your #1 stalker and general pain in the ass, armor that MAKES HER PERFECTLY INVISIBLE! You are going to have a LONG fucking conversation with Moon Horse if you manage to live through this. Twilight looks just as shocked as you are. She quickly jumps out of your arms and starts circling around Fluttershy, examining the armor like the meteor isn't even there!
>"That's amazing! This armor isn't the normal issue for the Night Guard Patrols, or even the Officers! I've read about this... it's reserved for the most elite of the elite of her soldiers, the Knights of the Moon! To even see this armor in person is an absolutely amazing opportunity! It just oozes magic!
>You loudly clear your throat.
Uh, this is great and all, but... giant meteor?! If that armor really is from Luna, is there any way you can contact her or something?
>Fluttershy perks up. "Oh! Um, the Princess was actually waiting for me when I got home to the cottage last night, and she told me what to do in case we ever needed her..." She proceeds to lay down and curl up into a ball. It's cute as hell but also NOT HELPING!


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:31:36 No.6990916
>"Fluttershy, what are you doing?"
>"I'm going to sleep. That's what Luna said to do." You and Twilight exchange a glance.
>"I'm-I'm sorry. This is really hard to do under pressure."
>Twilight ponders for a moment. "Don't worry, I think I have a solution." She points her hoof in a random direction. "Oh no! A full grown dragon is heading straight for P0nyville!"
>"A D-D-D-D-eeeeeep!" Fluttershy immediately seizes up, baas like a goat and collapses. Twilight smirks. "Works every time!"
I'll have to remember that one!
>You both kind of stand there and look at each other in silence until an arcane circle of light begins to shine underneath Fluttershy's body. Previously invisible runes appear on the armor which produce mystical blue flames that surround her and encase her wings, extending their length. Her entire body seems to grow in stature as she stands and her mane and tail take on a mist-like quality, almost like flowing clouds of pink perfume. A phantom horn of flame appears on her forehead and when her eyes finally open they seem to radiate pure magic.
>The Fluttercorn looks around a bit, then pauses when she spots you. "Ah, 'Tis Kindness. The insatiable lust which consumes this body when gazing upon thee can mean no other. It's a wonder she can even function in your presence. We... we feel a strong desire to either ravage you or go somewhere and 'clop'."


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:32:08 No.6990923
>She smiles. "Indeed. Greetings fair Anonymous, and the Element of Magic too. For what purpose have you called us away from our weekly visit to the Crystal Empire with Sister?"
>You point at the doomsday meteor.
>"Oh. Fair enough, then."
>She charges a spell and quickly obliterates it. The sky returns to normal and you hear a collective sigh of relief from the p0nies below.
>Lunashy faces Twilight. "We assume there is an explanation for this...?" The little unicorn instantly cowers and starts sweating bullets. You stand next to her and put a reassuring hand on her withers.
An honest mistake that resulted from a misunderstanding between us. Even though I can't do magic, I'm at fault too and should share in any punishment.
>Twilight looks up at you, tears in her eyes. You simply wink back at her.
>Lunashy just sighs and turns away, a small smile tugging at her lips. "...You are too kind hearted for your own good sometimes, Anonymous. Sister shall expect a full friendship report, from both of you, about this incident by the end of the day. We feel this is all the punishment needed since no harm came to anyp0ny." She steps away and lays back on the ground. "Give our regards to Kindness when she awakes. Until next time." Her head touches the ground and the enchantments fade, leaving the familiar form of Fluttershy behind. She lets out a cute little snore and giggle in her sleep.


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:32:23 No.6990928
As normal, loved it.

However, whilst you need to sometimes avoid being clinical (You insert your penis inside of her vagina, your testicles hanging beneath), you also need to be careful with euphemisms.

'Throbber' is fine. A bit silly, but fine.

Moistening love hole sounds like something a fourteen year old would write.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:32:41 No.6990935
>You crouch down and whisper to Twilight.
Guess we have a report to write, huh?
>"Let's go back down to the Library and we can get started." You both quietly make your way down the stairs. Once you're safely inside, Twilight rears up and hugs you.
>"Anon... thank you... thank you for everything today."
Don't mention it. Friends?
>She pulls out a piece of paper and the two of you get started.
>Oddly enough, it looks like the day was saved by:
>Fucking rapist p0nies
>Fucking Luna
>And Fucking Fluttershy
>Though in magical horse land, stranger things have and will continue to happen, you suppose.

The End.


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:34:41 No.6990943
Well that's it for this one. Next chapter is the date in Canterlot, so expect shenanigans aplenty.

4chan posts have a character limit of around ~1500 or so, so the story has to be broken into chunks of that size. I find it annoying too.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:39:46 No.6990980
gosh dangit.
>no spaces
>front only
>back only

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 12:41:25 No.6990993

[Missing image file: 103895__UNOPT__safe_anima(...).gif]
This story is fantastic! I absolutely love your sense of humour and imagination. The solutions to your stories are so creative! I've got to say that this is one of my favourite stories in these threads at the moment, and I can't wait for more.

A Flock of Yorkshire Puddings 2012-12-31 12:42:42 No.6991008

[Missing image file: bbcomedown.jpg]

This organisation does not tolerate failure, Anonymous. Thanks anway, it's good to have followers.

Yeah, my euphemisms do need some work so that's why, to take me to my main point, I am going to take a sabbatical from writing How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Love the Glorious White Arse.

My brain isn't firing on all 12 cylinders and I want Chapter III to be better. Also, I've got pressing commitments, coursework and study to catch up on. I'll still float around here but I need my hiatus, so no more writing. A best guessimate says I'll be back by the end of the week, Saturday by the latest.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:44:22 No.6991025

Feedback would be wonderful,

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 12:49:15 No.6991067

[Missing image file: 173517__UNOPT__twilight-s(...).gif]
It's looking better than your last draft. It's looking pretty standard right now. It's a basic setup, with all the staples of the Flutterrape universe. To that end, I still can't see the hook. So far you've set up what other stories take for granted. What makes your story different? Could you just summarise what your plot is here? Put it in spoiler tags if you don't want to wreck it for everyone.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:55:24 No.6991130

[Missing image file: hardcore_fluttershy_appro(...).png]
>You are Fluttershy.
>Or more recently, 'Fetish X'.
>You are the leader of the part-time guild of ponies: 'Rape Squad X'.
>The guild had been created after several failed attempts by you and your friends to get in the pants of a human named Anon.
>There was Rarity: 'BDSM X', Applejack: 'Paddle X', Pinkie Pie: 'Cupcake X' (what was her problem?), Rainbow Dash: 'Sodomy X' and...
>Twilight Sparkle: 'Sexy Gurl X'.
>Poor Twilight...
>She tried so hard.
>But she was just so... Awkward.
>Not like your kind of awkward, but a special kind of dead-silent-room-sweaty-hoof kind of awkward.
>It had taken hours of her begging to let her into the guild.
>It didn't matter though.
>There was no way she could succeed at getting with Anon with those supreme pastamancy skills.
>You clear your throat and call the meeting to order.
A-alright Rape Squad... T-today we launch a full attack on A-Anon's home!
If that's okay with you...

Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:57:07 No.6991145

[Missing image file: pinkie_pie_smile_by_lolke(...).png]

>You are Anon.
>And something is NOT right already today.
>You wake up and go about your morning routine in a paranoid fashion.
>Any moment now Fluttershy should-
>*Knock knock*
>There's her timid clops on the door.
>What could it be today?
>A 'centipedes in your urethra' fetish?
>You open the door.
>There's Fluttershy.
>But she's not alone.
>The mane six all stand in a pose.
>Fluttershy is wearing a diaper.
>A fucking diaper with a black 'FX' on it.
>Applejack is holding huge wooden paddle with a black 'PX' on it.
>Rainbow Dash has... Two dragon dildos that simply say 'SODOMY' on each one.
>Pinkie Pie is in a giant fucking cupcake suit complete with diabeetus smile.
>Rarity has a full latex outfit on.
>And Twilight is in a Catholic student outfit.
>Her name tag reads 'Hello my name is: Sexy Gurl X'.
>Fluttershy laughs as Spike sets off a dramatic firework behind them, "we are Rape Squad X and we're here to r-rape stuff!"
>You sigh.
Get the fuck off my lawn.
>You slam the door.


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:57:33 No.6991152
New to writefag threads like these. How do I do a spoiler tag

Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:58:39 No.6991160

[Missing image file: 1352186250852.png]

>The door explodes off the frame.
>"Go go Rape Squad X!"
>Not today motherfucker!
>You turn with your baseball bat in hand.
>All six ponies jump into your house.
>God they look retarded with all that stuff on.
>Rarity jumps at you and smacks you with a riding crop.
>You fall and the bat rolls from your hands.
What is this? A poorly written movie?!
>She uses her magic to lift a rope and begins tying you down.
What is this? A poorly written fanfiction?!
>Fluttershy stands over your head.
>"W-we have you now Anon... Now um,"
>She puts a hoof to her mouth and ponders.
>She doesn't even know what to do now that she has you?!
>"WE FUCKEM BUTT!" Rainbow Dash shouts and brandishes her dragon dildos.
>Satan have mercy.
>Fluttershy perks up, "r-right! We r-rape him."
>Applejack smacks Rarity out of her way with the giant paddle, "ah called first! He needs a spankin'!"
>Rainbow Dash slaps her in the face with a meaty dildo and sends her flying, "no way! I'm gonna pork him with this thing and it's gonna be AWESOME!"
>Pinkie Pie bowls through in her giant outfit, "can I go first?!"
>Rarity cracks a whip, "what do you even plan to do in that tacky GAUDY suit?"
>Pinkie Pie steps toward you with a smile.
>"What do you think silly?"
>Your pants are gone in a flash.
>"I'm gonna suck his dick!"


Anonymous 2012-12-31 12:59:06 No.6991169

You haven't stayed in second person. 'I' should only really be used in direct speech.

If one person speaks through reported speech (the Mayor asked if I needed a house), you should respon in reported (I answered her, letting her know that'd be most excellent).

You need to be consistent on speaking - I tend to use >X "words", where X is the ponies initial, or ust the speechmark (no greentext) for Anon.
>Fluttershy walks into your house, dressed as a robot.
"Fluttershy, what the hell are you doing in my house dressed as a robot?"
>F "Are the borg your fetish?"
>What? Why would she even ask you that?
"No, Fluttershy, murderous space cryborgs are not my fetish."
>F "It doesn't matter. You shall be assimilated into the Borg!"

Getting a job and a house within a day or two of moving in doesn't work fantastically, unless that is the point.
For example, part one can be:
-Anon lands in Equestria, and the ponies of ponyville find him. They ask about him, and after deciding he isn't a threat, the Mayor asks who he could live with.
Fluttershy recommends the empty house, and says she'll show the way. You then have the rest of the first part is her flirting with Anon, who either rejects, or doesn't understand, her advances.

You also need your hook. There was nothing to set your story apart from any of the others that have appeared.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 13:00:39 No.6991189

[Missing image file: 1350682949410.jpg]

>Fluttershy jumps between the two of you.
>"I-I'm the leader of the rape mob-
Rape squad.
>"Right, r-rape squad, s-s-so I get to go first!"
>They all break out in loud butthurt.
>In the chaos you manage to crawl away.
>It takes some time but you make it to your kitchen.
>You knock a knife from the counter and use it to cut the rope.
>With that done, you sneak up to your room.
>You lock the door and sigh.
>A purple magic aura surrounds you and you're lifted against the wall.
>Twilight Sparkle slipped out while everyone was distracted.
>She smiles and mounts you.
>"Looks like this Sexy Guuuurl is first..."
Wait Twilight, let's think about this!
>She releases you, "wait, you don't want to be raped?"
>You back away
>She looks disappointed.
>"Oh... I'm sorry, I'll leave..."
>As she walks away you notice her skirt brushing the bottom of her butt.
>Damn this fetish.
>Damn dat ass.
Wait Twilight...
>The whole afternoon you roleplay as Twilight's teacher as you fuck in your room.
>The other ponies argue and smash things downstairs.
>Twilight may smell like cream cheese and be a mouth breather,
>But at least you aren't
>Fucking Fluttershy.


Zen Pulse 2012-12-31 13:00:43 No.6991191
Fucking sleep is being a dick. Since I can't sleep, I'll post the rest of what I have (I wrote a bit more in the past like 5 minutes). Still not done the intro though...
>Walk over to Rarity’s Boutique
>Knock loudly on door
>”Yes, who i-“ She stops mid-sentence, looking at you oddly
>”Excuse me dear but, what are you exactly?”
I’m a human, obviously.
>”Oh, of course, you’re a… human.”
>Then she catches a glimpse of what you’re wearing
>Pony shirt that hasn’t been taken off in weeks
>Pants which are literally crusty (although you’re not sure what with)
>She faints immediately, thank Celestia for that, it would’ve been much worse if she also had the time to take in your hair
> You shrug and walk away, deciding you’d like to see Applejack
>Walk to Sweet Apple Acres, by the time you get there you’re covered in sweat and panting
Hey Applejack!
>”Who- What in the wide world of Equestria are you?”
Seriously? This question again? I’m a human named Anon
>”Well nice to meet you Anon, I’m-“
Yeah, I know who you are Applejack.
>You absent-mindedly pick your nose, examine it and then flick it in the general direction of Applejack
>She stares at you, disgusted and then walks away, shouting something about chores to do
>You try to follow, but Big Mac sees you and simply says “Eenope” after he smells you from 10 feet away
>You decide it’s best not to annoy him and walk over to Twilights
>Surely she’ll let you hang out with her

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 13:04:11 No.6991235

[Missing image file: 176973__UNOPT__safe_image(...).jpg]
May I refer you to:

Also this anon: >>6991169
Has some very good points for you to acknowledge.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 13:07:09 No.6991266
See, I tried >greentexting in the middle of lines, but it doesn't normally work.

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 13:08:47 No.6991279

[Missing image file: 105865__UNOPT__safe_spike(...).gif]
Very nicely done, Anon. This brought a smile to my face. Well done!

Anonymous 2012-12-31 13:09:20 No.6991285
Deleted story, try to think up something more creative, not so creative when it comes to writing.

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 13:10:18 No.6991294

[Missing image file: 1354827643990.gif]
Inline greentexting is now achieved by placing a space in between the spoiler tags just before the thing you want to >greentext.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 13:11:32 No.6991314
Well that's just fucking stupid. I want my >rape without difficulties.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 13:12:20 No.6991324
>But at least you aren't
>Fucking Fluttershy.
My sides

Clever Dick 2012-12-31 13:13:29 No.6991341

[Missing image file: tumblr_mbdv1iczSa1ri5fdko1_250.gif]
Go and have a good brainstorm session. Think of something wacky and funny and you can fit it into the universe. Something like...

>Fluttershy comes up to Anon one day dressed as a bee.
>Anon gets a half chub, but denies it as his fetish.
>She comes back the next day dressed as a bunny.
>Same thing happens again, but Anon starts questioning himself.
>Fluttershy returns on the third day dressed as a giant hotdog.
>Anon now realises that his fetish is mascots.
>He has to cope with this, and Fluttershy trying to sniff out his boner, at a theme park.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 13:20:34 No.6991418

[Missing image file: 1356903023470.gif]
I am when it comes to short writes, but when it comes to a series of writes, mind dead.

Look at some of my shorts that I made

morning 2012-12-31 13:25:15 No.6991464

First of all, decide what your anon is going to be.

For example, in MOST of mine, he's resigned himself to being a horsefucker. Not even resigned himself to it really, he enjoys it.
But he doesn't want Fluttershy.
Primarily because she's a creepy stalker, but also because she doesn't wash, and smells of animals.

You could have Anon who doesn't want to have sex with ponies at all, or one who wouldn't mind it, but wants to wait for marriage (has anyone done one of them yet?).

then you want to figure out Fluttershy's plan. Before we took the hiatus, we had degenerated into mostly
>"is REDACTED your fetish?"
>Fucking Fluttershy.

This wasn't funny. This was just a list of fetishes. I'll admit, some made me smile, and I contributed back then (under no name though), but it was hard to make them last more than a single post.

So give Fluttershy a plan.
My second story, for example (tkvmkRU8) has Anon going on a date with Roseluck, the flower pony.
Fluttershy tries to catch anon by jumping out a bush at him, then by trying to 'net' him, and then drugging a drink.
All of these fail, and mostly because Fluttershy's story is tragic - she doesn't think things through. The drink was ONLY drugs. The net was a small butterfly net.

Writing, itself, isn't hard. Writing well is, and writing well enough to stand out is incredibly so.
But if you can come up with a semi-decent idea, then you'll be fine.

If you want an idea, take one I've been trying to do and not making work:
Fluttershy succeeds in capturing Anon (however, it doesn't matter), but doesn't actually know what rape entails. She has him tied up, and strips Anon, then sees his dick, and has no idea what to do next.
So she lets him go.

morning 2012-12-31 13:26:01 No.6991473

[Missing image file: RainbowWat.jpg]
What the fuck?

Damned spoiler tags.

Slasher Science 2012-12-31 13:29:33 No.6991515

[Missing image file: 1351583907110.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-12-31 13:34:50 No.6991556

[Missing image file: 1356912185336.gif]
Randomly thought this up

In an alternative universe.

>Just like any other day.
>Shit, Shower, no shave.
> Time to play guess the fetish with Anon
> Knock on door.
> You open it to find nothing.
What the fuck?
> You guess it was nothing.
>Suddenly Anon drops on top of you.
>A: Are ninja ambushes your fetish yFluttershy?
>You throw him off.
No Anon, ninja ambushes are not my fetish.
> He throws down a smoke pellet.
>Fucking Anon

Urban 2012-12-31 13:39:20 No.6991580

[Missing image file: 1356843756976.jpg]
morning slasher

Anonymous 2012-12-31 13:41:13 No.6991590
i find it funny this pic somehow manages to shows up in every one of these threads.

Urban 2012-12-31 13:42:33 No.6991599

[Missing image file: 1356844218211.jpg]
I find this one funniest imo

Anonymous 2012-12-31 13:42:59 No.6991607

[Missing image file: 1356843756976.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-12-31 13:45:20 No.6991627

[Missing image file: 1345875475482.jpg]
stahp you're making my sides hurt

Anonymous 2012-12-31 13:47:45 No.6991639

[Missing image file: 1356735497247.png]
Well thanks, hearing that means a lot to me. Snugglerape is actually the story that pushed me into writing for this thread in the first place. I've never done fiction before, much less >fanfiction so it's been a learning experience, but I've gotta say it's fun as hell to do.

Urban 2012-12-31 13:53:55 No.6991682

[Missing image file: getaloadofthisanon.jpg]

Just took a trip to paint..
> dat skill

Slasher Science 2012-12-31 13:55:35 No.6991700

[Missing image file: 1350567118177.jpg]
It is most certainly not
I just got out of the ER
Several days of migrains
And I think I might be dying
hopefully not anytime soon
But I'm writing

Anonymous 2012-12-31 13:58:06 No.6991720

[Missing image file: 1347178640220.png]
Damn it! Cease your Tom Foolery! I'm trying to write!

Urban 2012-12-31 13:59:38 No.6991737
Uhm, well shit.
I'm not terrible proficient with head injuries or head related symptoms, I'd need to like, see your transcription to know what's wrong. Get in the circlejerk and share?

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:00:01 No.6991743

[Missing image file: 1355559745098.gif]
Back to writing
Here's a cat to help you.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:01:28 No.6991762
YOU AGAIN! Aww yeah!
When cats get posted I really get writting
2nd Day of Peace part 6 shall be awesome!

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:07:31 No.6991820

[Missing image file: 1356826519361.gif]

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:08:49 No.6991834

[Missing image file: 1355655356633.gif]
In the cat family.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:10:01 No.6991841
meh I'll take it.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:11:34 No.6991856

[Missing image file: 1353650042070.gif]

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:13:16 No.6991873

[Missing image file: Dat smile.jpg]

>mfw my writing causes pussy to come out of the woodworks

Feelin' like a boss
Don't take this away from me

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:16:17 No.6991892

[Missing image file: 1352948986358.gif]

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:17:36 No.6991911

[Missing image file: 1353105790355.gif]
How about a dog?

Slasher Science 2012-12-31 14:18:29 No.6991913

[Missing image file: 1351400568230.png]
Is this what you guys do now?

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:19:35 No.6991919

[Missing image file: 1348387664638.jpg]
No, must be funny cats
You killed the mojo
2nd day of peace part 6 is ruined

Urban 2012-12-31 14:21:09 No.6991931


Get back to writing wit ta both of chu..

CAPTCHA: Tech N9Eir20$
> Tech N9NE

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:21:54 No.6991939

[Missing image file: 1356723084040.gif]
I'm sorry

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:23:40 No.6991965

[Missing image file: 1347241375456.jpg]
i'm watching you. Don't goof it up.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:26:05 No.6991988
Is a story where Fluttershy really does get anon's dick inside her vagina allowed?

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:27:40 No.6992006

[Missing image file: 1356889256398.gif]

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:28:22 No.6992010
of course, why?

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:30:22 No.6992028

[Missing image file: 1356707726654.gif]

Slasher Science 2012-12-31 14:31:51 No.6992046
I say yes
And what I say sometimes goes

I'll get on later and creep

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:32:32 No.6992053

[Missing image file: 1355655267923.gif]

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:33:35 No.6992067

[Missing image file: 1347240716233.png]
mojo is back. You can chill out with the cats now.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:35:33 No.6992083

[Missing image file: 1356806752000.gif]
Alright one more

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:37:25 No.6992101

[Missing image file: smooth guy.png]
thanks for the help.

alright folks nothing to see here move along.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:47:32 No.6992197

[Missing image file: octavia_in_a_maid_outfit_(...).jpg]

Someone add this to their story.

Also, I'm writing my first story, which involves a maid octavia. Please be gentle when I post it

Anonymous 2012-12-31 14:58:29 No.6992295

[Missing image file: 1356332975215.gif]

>maid octavia

Anonymous 2012-12-31 15:15:10 No.6992425
Where is everyone?

Anonymous 2012-12-31 15:17:20 No.6992448

[Missing image file: i-like-it.png]

>maid Octavia

This is relevant to my interests.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 15:20:36 No.6992471
Writing 2nd Day Of Peace part 6
Should be done in the next hour

That one guy with cats. 2012-12-31 15:23:49 No.6992501

Anonymous 2012-12-31 15:28:43 No.6992556

[Missing image file: TaviLeash.png]
I, too, find Octavia relevant

A Flock of Yorkshire Puddings 2012-12-31 15:34:50 No.6992622

[Missing image file: rapeface.jpg]

I've been napping, I'm shattered.
I leave for a few hours and this happens, derailment gifs and Slasher saying about his head wounds

Anyway, I've updated my pastebin, Chapter II is in it, with a few changes:

Anonymous 2012-12-31 15:35:04 No.6992626
>Day young money cash money billionaire in Equestria
>You're anon, owner of The Gay Bathhouse, and billionaire neckbeard
>You wake up in your mansion, shit, shave and shower
>No Applejack Daniels today, you've got something planned
>Making money was a lot easier than you'd expect here in Equestria, since most ponies don't seem understand how businesses work
>However, despite being a billionaire, you are still the same untidy neckbeard you were before.
>Rich people are supposed to superheroes, with a shit load gadgets, like Batman
>but instead. you are a level 99 wizard in PonyCraft, with a shit load of empty soda cans
>Good thing now you can afford maids to clean up your shit

Anonymous 2012-12-31 15:35:46 No.6992639

>You're now Octavia
>How is this your life?
>It'll started 2 month ago
>Rumours of what happened between you and Vinyl back in college started spreading
>You lost your job, and then kicked out of your apartment in Canterlot
>Worst of all, you're now the maid of a dirty hairless monkey known as Anonymous
>Of course you had to refer to him as "master"
>it's 6 AM
>Time to get up, shit, shower and get to work
>You arrive at the mansion
>oh hello Octavia
Greetings master
>I got this fancy new tea from Canterlot, I think I'll be having these this morning.
As you wish master
>You boil the odd looking tea
>You bring them to your master, who is now displaying the most annoying grin
>Now dear, why don't you sit down here and enjoy this tea with me?
>Oh Celestia you hate the way he tries to sound like a gentlecolt
That would be nice master, thank you

Anonymous 2012-12-31 15:36:18 No.6992645

>You're now Anon
>You managed to get yourself some special tea made with poison joke added into it. It is supposed to be some kind of pony aphrodisiac, at least according to your yellow rapist
>Of course to the disappointment of Rapistshy, pony drugs don't work well on humans
>Octavia however, is not a human being
>Her plot looks glorious in that maid outfit
>She didn't know maids are your fetish
Fluttershy must never know
>Octavia appears to be blushing
>It's happening
>You finish your tea
My dear Octavia, I think I'll go and check up on Braebun at the bath house, polish those trophies for me will ya?
>You walk out, and enter the conveniently nearby Gay Bath House through its backdoor. Big Mac winks at you on your way in
>You'll leave your little naughty maid alone for a little bit

Anonymous 2012-12-31 15:37:01 No.6992656

>You're now Octavia
>This tea makes you feel warm, like a fine bottle of Berry Punch Wine™
>The warmth however, spread through your entire body
>Even to where no proper mare should be thinking about
>The warmth is turning into heat, you blush, shifting your legs nervously
>The pretentious human said something about cleaning his trophy and checking out Braebun
>The snob leaves
>As the large wooden door closes, you drop to the floor panting
>The heat is now no longer bearable
>It's been so long since you left your Vinyl all by herself in Canterlot
>All those nights alone, with no mare to satisfy your needs
>Your hooves move the place nop0ny except Vinyl was allowed to touch
"A-Ahhh…Not there Vinyl.."
>You miss her soft touch on your body
>All those nights spent together, embracing each other's warmth
>Making the most passionate love…

Anonymous 2012-12-31 15:38:41 No.6992681

>You're now the filthy snob, AKA anon
>Little Braebunny sure knows how to have fun
>But it's now time see what what kind of fun your maid has been having
>You hope its the type of fun that you can punish her for...
>You're now Octavia
>Lying in a pool of your own juices, you stare into nothing
>A grin of pure ecstasy stamped onto your face
>You've came over five times, but you still needed something more
>Something a mare couldn't provide

Should I make Octavia slutty or make her struggle a little before giving in? I'm guessing that resistance would be more to the people's liking.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 15:56:53 No.6992900

[Missing image file: PPplsrespond.jpg]
>no response

I know I rushed a little between the scenes, but it's not that bad right? Right?

Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:02:02 No.6992992
Calm down now. We're all a little bit busy writing. I'll be glad to read it once I finished.
I'm sure none of us meant to cause a panic.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:02:05 No.6992994
her resistance only makes me harder

Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:02:47 No.6993010
I stand corrected we all aren't busy

Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:03:06 No.6993017
Make her struggle, it could lead to rape.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:03:25 No.6993021
im still here duno about the others but make her struggle abit

picklehead42 2012-12-31 16:04:38 No.6993042
>Anon fat neckbeard
Make her resist. Don't make it complete rape, but make her not want the D until he's actually doing the Deed.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:04:43 No.6993043

Struggling it is. I hope have Fluttershy rape her too somehow, maybe in the part after

Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:06:42 No.6993071
you should some how have Vinyl pitch up while this is all happing and see what octavia does

Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:07:56 No.6993090

[Missing image file: VinylMaid.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:09:38 No.6993123

So maybe after Octavia gets off the rape train, she is found by Vinyl? I guess they'll be
having consensual sex

Minion of Lulu 2012-12-31 16:16:19 No.6993240

[Missing image file: deal with it.gif]
I'm liking where this is going.

I...I came... 10/10

Well, at least Anon didn't died. As always, loving it and always wanting more.

Basically what this guy says. There's not that much circlejerking going on in the threads. Mainly discussion, praise, and critiques about stories.

Good job! Home Alone 1 and 2 were my favorites.

>Pic related

Anon the Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:18:37 No.6993275
This is my new story. It's gonna be a long one.

>Day time in Equestria
>Wake up
>Shit and shower
>walk downstairs to make food
>There's a knock on the door
>Open it
>Fluttershy stands there with a clock
What fetish do you have for me to decline today?
>"Twilight gave me this to help me find you're fetish!"
>Shes really excited
Okay? That didn’t answer my question. What is that?
>”Twilight said it was a…’Instantaneous time teleporting device’ “
So a time machine?
That isn’t even anything sexual.
>”Just wait.”
>She turns the clock over and starts poking at it with her hooves
Are you sure you know how to use that?
>”Yeah…well, not really. I think I just do this…”
>She pushes a red button on the back and now you are standing in a field
What the fuck?
>Fluttershy is gone
>You look around
>It’s still Ponyville…and it doesn’t look that different…
>Except your house and Fluttershy’s cottage aren’t there
>You have no idea what to do


Anon the Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:19:12 No.6993284

>You sit next to a tree
Well fuck.
>You hear singing
>That’s not a new thing in Equestria but the voice is surprisingly familiar
>You stand up and lean around the tree trying to hide yourself
>A cute long legged and awkward looking Pegasus is singing while surrounded by animals
What the fuck…
>You whisper to yourself
>Then there’s an explosion
>You jump in fear
>And fall into a bush
>The squirrel there took off fucking terrified
>You can’t move
>Guess you have to scare the hell out of this filly
>Here goes
Hello? Can you help me?
>You hear a loud eep
>Wait a minute
>Something grabs your legs and pulls you out
>You lay there looking at the hole
Oh hey thanks.
>You turn and look at the filly
>Its yellow…with a pink mane
>Oh shit
>It’s Fluttershy
>”H-how can you talk?”
>You stand there in shock trying to think of something to say
>”You did talk right?”
Oh um…yeah. Hi.
>Her wings shoot up
>”What animal are you?”


Anon the Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:19:57 No.6993294

>She flies around you examining you
Uh…I’m a human.
>”I’ve never heard of that animal before! How did you get here?”
>She sits in front of you looking up curiously
>She actually looks kinda cute…
I don’t know if you would believe me if I told you.
>”Oh. It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it now. Where do you live?”
Well…nowhere now I guess.
>”Aw you poor thing! You can live with me if you want…”
Really? You just met me a couple minutes ago.
>”You seem like a nice…uh…hooman was it?”
>”Oh…s-sorry. We should get going to Cloudsdale so I can get you set up to live there.”
I can’t walk on clouds.
>She looks irritated
>”Oh shoot!”
>She lightly kicks the ground
>You smile a bit because that was too cute to keep inside
>”Oh I know!”
>”Where you can live!”
Where’s that?
>”There’s a broken down tree house on the farmland across Ponyville. We could remodel it and you can live there!”
>She hops up and down excitedly
>She takes your hand
>”This feels weird…”
>She tilts her head while moving her hooves on your hand
>She quickly lets go and blushes


Anon the Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:20:28 No.6993306

>”S-sorry. Okay lets go! But we’re gonna go through the trees so that ponies don’t get scared.”
>You nod and both of you walk through the forest
>”So what’s your name?”
>”Hi Anon. I’m Fluttershy.”
>So you were right
>The rest of the walk was her asking you basic questions like what you eat and such
>"There it is!"
>She flies over to the busted up tree house
>"It'll need a lot of work...but I think it will do just fine!"
>She smiles brightly at you
>"I'll make sure you get a place to sleep mister."
That's very nice of you. But I need to find out how to get back to um...my place.
>"I thought you said you didn't have a home?"
Well...I did have a home...and then something happened and now I'm here.
>She looks confused
>"Why won't you just tell me what happened to you?"
>She looks so innocent
>Wait a minute...
>How can she be so innocent now, but a rapist later?
>What the fuck happened?
>She notices you staring off into the sky
>"Are you okay?"
Huh? Oh yeah I was just thinking.
>"About what?"
Do you know where the train to Canterlot is? I never pay attention when I go there.
>Her jaws drops
I uh...yeah. I have been. But not yet.
>"What that doesnt make sense..."


Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:20:29 No.6993307

[Missing image file: 15968-animated-artist-mih(...).gif]
Good shit. Will wait for more.

Urban 2012-12-31 16:20:34 No.6993308
It's been worked on, improved repeatedly, and postponed for weeks at a time.
It's finally here
> Chapter 3

Anon the Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:21:11 No.6993317

>Fuck this just tell her
Okay I'll explain.
>She pulls you over to a fallen tree to sit
Okay. So I'm from the future.
>"Really? Do humans live here in the future?"
Well no just me. I was somehow brought into this universe.
So in the future, I met you. But you were older.
>"I thought you meant really far in the future! You mean in my lifetime?!"
Yes. You are a little strange in the future.
>"Strange how?"
>You put your hand to your chin and look up
>Trying to think of what to say
Well...do you know what sex is?
>She nods
Oh good that makes the rest of this a little easier to say.
>You take a deep breath in
Okay so the first time I met you in the future you fell in love with me but I didn't feel the same way so you tried to find my fetish so I would love you and one of those fetishes was time travel and future you messed up and only sent me back.
>She just stares at you
>Then she slowly nods in understanding
>"I think I get it."
Good. Now I need to talk to one of the Princesses to see if they have some kind of time spell or something. Can you help me?
>"Well I have an idea but I'm not sure it will work."
Lets do it.
>Cant believe you said that
>Her idea was to send you out into town and wait for somep0ny to freak out and call the authorities
>Some guards come walking up to you confused but determined
Now hold on don't hurt me.


Urban 2012-12-31 16:21:58 No.6993326
Chapter 3: SIM-13

>You begin to wake up, you don't bother to open your eyes though. You only nuzzle against the bed, and feel around for Fluttershy.
>There's nop0ny else in your bed though, she might have just gotten up early.
>You try to fall back asleep...
>However, you don't smell the roses,
>You don't smell or feel the chill of the snow..
>You don't feel the comfort of the sheets you had in your old bed.
>You smell car exhaust, weed, and Chinese takeout.
>You burst your eyes open, to find yourself back in your room, on Earth.
>Your weapon you took from the Marine is on your back once more,
>And then it hits you, you remember that Celestia shut down the portal.
>You weren't going to see Fluttershy ever again.
>And of course, it had to be the fucking night after you admit your love to her.
God fucking damn it...
>You take your weapon off your back.. and look around the room.
>The guitars and music equipment have been moved, someone or something's been through your house.
>You just then remember, the picture you and the Mane 6 took with Celestia.
>Your search frantically through your wallet for the photo, however... any bits you had, any photos you had, have disappeared.
>You set down the weapon... and head downstairs.
>You know it wasn't a dream, you didn't have a weapon like that when you were last on earth.
>The possibilities that you may have gotten drunk and stole a firearm come to mind...
>You set up and make your coffee for the morning. You take your occasional vitamins.. and turn on the news.
>Much bullshit goes by,
Fuckin media...
>However, you're literally forced to pause the feed as your picture comes up.
>'"WANTED: Death of 4 US Marines, 2 Reno Police officers, Anon Y. Mous. Heavily armed and location is unknown of at this point."'


Anon the Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:21:59 No.6993327

>They stagger back in awe
Yes I can talk. I need to see Princess Celestia.
>They both nod and you are escorted to a carriage
>They take off flying to Canterlot
>Damn that was easy
>They must think you're a god
>Or they're just afraid
>They land in front of the castle
>You step off the carriage
Thank you kind sirs.
>They nod still shocked
>P0nies gasp as you walk directly up to the guard at the door
>He gives you a threatening look
Hey man I'm here to speak to the Princess.
>His jaw drops and he opens the door
>Seriously what the fuck is wrong with these guards
>You think to yourself as you walk into the throne room
>Celestia is writing letters and not paying attention
>Without looking she responds
>"What is it?"
I need your help.
>She looks over her papers and drops them all with the ink
>Thats gonna leave a stain
>"What...what-how did...?"
>She stares open eyed
I am a human.
>She gives you a glare
>"Are you here as a spy?!"
>before you can respond she shouts again


Anon the Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:22:30 No.6993338

>"Or are you here to take the throne?!"
>You put your hands up
Hold on Princess. Let me explain myself.
>She stops talking and looks at you
>You explain what happened and that you are from the future
>She just stares
>"This is...unbelievable! May I ask some questions?"
>"What is it like in the future?"
Well there's more buildings in Ponyville...not much changes in the castle here. I mean Discord gets loose like once or twice. Yeah make sure you prepare the elements for that.
>She looks confused
>"How do you know of the fillies growing now that will take my place as the elements?"
Well in the future, they are my best friends.
>She gasps
Like I was saying before...I need your help.
>"With what?"
Don't you have any kind of spell that can send me back to my time?
>She looks at the floor thinking
>Then she perks up
>"Oh yes I do think we have one! Follow me."
>She walks you to the magic scroll library
>And levitates a scroll up to herself
>She reads it and starts to charge up her horn
>"One more question Anon."


Anon the Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:23:01 No.6993347

>"You didnt interfere with anything else besides give a few p0nies the jumps did you?"
>"If you did, the future you return to will not be the same."
Alright. I'm ready.
>She touches your chest with her glowing horn
>You are in the library in present time now
>She isnt there
>You walk out of the library and bump into Twilight
>"Anon? What are you doing here?"
Oh me? Just looking at some spells.
>She gives you a confused look
>"Whatever you say."
>You leave the castle
>You decide to go to Fluttershy's cottage to rub in that she was wrong about the fetish
>You are walking down the path to her cottage, its in view now
>Suddenly you are takled with a pink blur
>You look
>Pinkie sits on your chest
Oh hey Pinkie! How're you?
>You move in to hug her and she starts making out with you
>You pull back shocked and confused
I...what, why did you do that?
>"Ya mean kiss you? Because we're married duh!"
>You stand up launching her from your chest
What? When and how did that happen?!


Urban 2012-12-31 16:23:03 No.6993349
>You squirm, you think, wanted?
>Your brother Bro-Anon comes down, and sees you.. his eyes shoot open.
>Bro-Anon: What the hell? Where have you been dude?
Places? How long have I been gone?
>Bro-Anon:" At least a week, week and a half.
>Bro-Anon walks toward you, and notices your clothing
>Bro-Anon:" I don't ever remember you buying that, so you've been murdering and shoplifting? What the fuck dude?
Christ almighty, I don't need this..
>You finish your coffee, grab your keys to the truck and go.
>You reach inside your pockets for warmth.. you also find a note.
>On the note it reads, "ORDNUNG, 9:34AM"
>You study the note, you try and guess what it means, but it doesn't matter. You decide to head toward Ordnung's house.. it's 9:25AM
>You get out of the truck.. you walk towards the door, knock.
>Ordnung answers.. he looks like he's seen some shit
>He reaches out for a bro-five.. you keep your arms to yourself..
>Ordnung:" What's up duuude? "
Nothin much, can I come in?
>Ordnung:" My house is a pretty big mess from last night, you sure? "
I don't mind.. but I need to tell you somethin
>Ordnung:" Okay?? "
>You both step inside, drunk, passed out people everywhere.. Tostito bags everywhere, seems like a real hard party was here.
>You both head into the garage, you see some people awake.. backs turned to you on the couch.
>You notice it's your friends. ThatoneGuy, Raritan, Page, Clever.. Pickle, Alex and even Disc too.. all chilling on the couch..


Anon the Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:23:33 No.6993355

>She looks at you confused
>"What do you mean Anon?"
We never got married!
>"Are you feeling okay sweetie? Maybe we should have Twilight look at you."
>Tears start forming in her eyes
>"Y-you don't remember that night at the diner...when you bent down and proposed?"
No I don't because it didn't happen!
>She bursts into tears and her mane depoofs
>Oh shit
>Before you can try to calm her she zooms off into town
>You're never gonna hear the end of that it seems
>You continue to walk to Fluttershy's cottage
>You knock on the door
>It slowly opens
>You see Fluttershy poke her head out a little
>Then she slams the door shut
>"I thought I told you to go away!"
What did I do?
>She opens the door again
>"You don't remember?"
>"Come inside."
>She opens it enough for you to come in
>Its dark as shit when she closes the door
>"How can you not remember what you did to me?!"
>She shows her front legs
>They have cuts all over them
Fluttershy...what happened to you?
>"You happened to me."


Dananatuffs 2012-12-31 16:23:53 No.6993361
Er, sorry for leaving you hanging, I kind of dozed off. Noticed the description though, that works fine.

Anon the Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:24:06 No.6993367

I did this?
>"Not directly. But the pain you gave me...I had to take it out somehow."
Oh my god...Fluttershy?
Do you remember when you were a filly and you got your cutie mark?
>"Yes...and you were there."
Thats because you sent me there with Twilight's clock thing. Remember?
>"No I don't remember. All I remember was you breaking my heart by proposing to Pinkie last year."
>Hold on a minute
>Someone was manning this shit while you were going forward in time
>You walk into her bathroom and look in the mirror
Holy shit...
>You look about 10 years older
>Hair on head slightly graying
What the fuck happened to me?!
>You run out of her cottage
>And head to Twilight's
>She has to have an answer...
>She has to


End Chapter One

Urban 2012-12-31 16:25:50 No.6993391
>Passing the bodies on the floor, sleeping.. you chill on the couch next to Raritan and Clever.
>Ordnung:" Look who I found guise "
>Raritan:" Dude you look like shit, what happened? "
>Page:" Where the fuck you been dude? You missed a party of a lifetime "
Something a bit weird.. kindof p0ny related
>Ordnung:" Well, you know we're all /mlp/ fags, what's up? "
You won't believe me
>ThatoneGuy:" We've seen some shit, don't think your the first friendo. "
>You explain your "dream" to them, their faces blank.. finishing the part at the end is the hardest..
And so.. that's when I supposedly came back.
>Raritan:" I thought Rarity was your favorite p0ny.. "
>Clever:" Cool story dude, I like it "
Uhmmm.. i-,-it's not a story though.
>Disc:" Haha dude what are you talking about, that's some crazy bullshit "
>Ordnung reaches in the fridge
>Ordnung:" Here dude, have a beer, you've earned it. "
I'm not kidding though dude, it really happened.
>Clever:" Hate to break it to you dude, but p0nies aren't real, no matter how much we wish they were. "
'" But of course we're real "'
>We all snap our heads to the sound of the voice,
>Pickle:" You guys heard that right? "
>Ordnung:" Twilight? "
'" Ahh! Don't forget mee! "'
>Raritan:" Ohgawd, it's happening!!! "
>You see Twilight and Rarity approach you and the others..
>What the hell? Why would they show themselves like this?


Urban 2012-12-31 16:26:23 No.6993401
>Raritan full on sprints toward Rarity, Rarity squee's, Raritan is literally almost pissing himself as you can tell.
Why are you both here? And why am I here?
>You see an Alicorn approach you as well
>Celestia:" We needed you and your friends to tackle a major threat against our world.
>Ordnung:" Whoa, isn't that a bit edgy though? Just letting people you don't know, well.. know? "
>Twilight:" We've studied you for the past week, checking and testing to see if you'd qualify to help suit our needs. "
>Pickle:" Those needs being? "
>Celestia:" A small team, to help our friend Anon. "
What's happening now?
>Rarity:" Horrible things deary, "
>You can't tell the rest of what she's saying, fucking Raritan is hugging her too tight.
>Celestia:" Your people have broken through the portal once more.. and p0ny blood has been shed once more. "
>Twilight Sparkle:" Yes, and we fear of retaliating and causing war between us both. "
This is our government again?
>Rarity:" Sadly yes,"
Why'd you send me back? Why not send me immediately?
>Celestia:" We needed you to meet with your friends, we would have hoped you'd try to tell your story of our home. "
>Alex:" So what do you want us to do? "
>Rarity:" Whatever you can. "
>Disc arises from his seat,
>Disc:" See you later guise.. "
Okay, but what about weapons?
>Celestia:" You plan to kill them again? "
>Rarity:" We left you a stash of weapons at your house Anon "
Okay.. I guess we should get going..
>Twilight:" Meet us at the portal gate you last discovered once you're ready, hurry though please. "


Urban 2012-12-31 16:26:55 No.6993414
>You, Page, Thatoneguy, Clever, Pickle, Ordnung, Alex and Raritan arrive at your house.
>The door's been opened.. the house is a mess, somebody's been here.
>You and the others quickly look around the house for the weapons.
>Raritan:" I found them! Down here in the basement! "
>You and the others go downstairs in the basement, Ordnung turns the light on.
>Spaghetti has begun to boil, all your hot p0ny nudes on the walls.. p0ny figures everywhere.
>Raritan manages to steal all of your Rarity figurines..
>Thank god the others weren't here.
I'll explain it later, grab your weapons and suit up I suppose.
>You put your jumpsuit on and grab your M16A1.
>You and the rest meet up in the living room,
>Raritan:" Ordnung, want to switch? "
>Ordnung:" Your mp5a7 for this? No thanks.. "
>Pickle:" Piss on you all, I got the MK.48 and a pickle launcher.. "
Ok, enough.. we've all been to /k/ at least once,
>Nathan comes downstairs.. oh god no..
>Nate: Fucking neckbeards.. get out of here Anon..
>Steal all the chips'ahoy before we leave.
>You lead your cavalry to the mountaintop.
The cave opening is just over this hill boys..
>You turn around to see no crew
>Raritan:" Anon get over here! "


Urban 2012-12-31 16:27:33 No.6993426
>You run behind the boulder to see Celestia, Twilight, Rarity and your crew sitting..
What's going on?
>Celestia:" Apparently your government is surrounding the portal.. we can't reach it without being discovered. "
God damnit.. are you guys ready?
>Raritan:" I think we should hold here, I mean.. they've got guns too.."
>Clever:" We'll be much safer during the night. "
We need to get going now.. we can't just wait and hope they haven't done anything yet.
>Pickle:" Relax, I'm pretty sure we're fine right? "
>Twilight looks at you and gives a shrug..
>You just want to go through and get this shit over with
>You want to see Fluttershy again..
>There's only 10-12 guards stationed around the cave..
>You grab your M16 and walk toward the cave enterance..
>It's military and CIA, fuck them...
>You don't take chances, you shoot first.
>Officers fall to the ground everywhere, you run past and go full commando on every nigger in that cave.
>Officers and Agents cry in agony inside the cave.. you run to the controls by the portal.
>You notice radio equipment, sounds coming from the headset, you run to go pick up the headset
>""*-ccc-c--csssstttt--shsh- Copy, do you copy? This is dispatch.*""
>""*I repeat, do you copy? Requiring response immediately, over.*""
>""*ttshdshsshshshshsh.....-tch,sshshhhhththhhshhh -tch do you copy.. Dispatch can you hear me?*""
>""*Adjust your dial, it's hard to pick up what you're saying.*""


Urban 2012-12-31 16:28:46 No.6993444

[Missing image file: 535px-Fluttershy_very_cute.png]
>""*Radio can you hear me now?*""
>""*Loud and clear team, we need your LZ immediately, we've lost contact with your tracker.*""
>Static overcomes the radio once more
>""*SIM-13, respond please""*
>""*Copy that, 13°35?28.8?N 107°42?46?E*""
>""*Received, thank you SIM-13. Proceed on with your objectives, we'll be listening from here on.*""
>""*10/4, we've arrived at our destination. MSG. Miles was correct, we successfully made our entry.*""
>""*Good work, proceed onwards.*""
>You grab the portable radio on the desk, you turn to the portal and run through it.
>You get a slight headache upon arrival. You grab your weapon and charge into the forest.
>As far as you can tell now, there's a team A and a team B.. you heard B go left at the plains, you try them first.
>It's almost dark, you keep running towards B,
>Hours of hiking and running, you begin to see smoke from a fire, probably their camp.
>You stop to take a breath, might as well rest a little bit.
>You turn around to look at the plains from the hill above..
>They've changed slightly, you see lines other than yours.
>You hear leaves being rustled, twigs snapping.
>The sound draws nearer, you ready your weapon and approach it.
>Ordnung and Raritan are jogging.. they notice you and run toward you.


Urban 2012-12-31 16:29:19 No.6993454
>You walk up to them, they're out of breath.
You two okay?
>Ordnung:" Yeah, HUUUEEEHUHHHHHEHUUUUEEEEEHUHHH, just give us a minute "
>A minute or two passes, they've regained their breath, the three of you get moving.
>You approach the camp, you can see the fire.
>Turn around to Ordnung and Raritan, you give a slow nod.
>You, Raritan and Ordnung ready your weapons, and spring from the bushes..
>You alone rush into the camp in front of the two.. it's abandoned.
>Ordnung and Raritan seem to have stopped following.. you enter one of the tents and find a unit's member.
>He's sleeping.. you take your knife and grab him by the collar of his shit and hold the knife to his neck
>The unit begins to panic, you read his name off tag.. "SSgt. Miles"
>You look back at him and smirk, you push the knife toward his neck, he begins to squirm
Where the fuck is the rest of B, best you tell me, before you end up where your dad is.
>SSgt. Miles:" What the fuck are you talking about?!"
>You pull him out of the tent and hold the knife to his neck, you pop out and notice the rest of the unit pointing guns at you, Ordnung and Raritan.


Urban 2012-12-31 16:29:50 No.6993466
>You keep the knife held, you look to Ordnung, to Raritan.. in worry.
>An idea has sprung, you decapitate SSgt. Miles and hold him as a meat shield, bullets load the man's chest.
>You spring on the 4 units with your knife and disarm each one, managing to slice their tendon's at the same time, Raritan and Ordnung spraying the rest of the unit with lead.
>You finish them all quickly except for the team leader, a blondie.. kindof cute.
>Kneeling by her, you take the knife out of her shoulder, pick her up by the collar and putting her against a tree.
>Ordnung:" I got this, I'm smooth with the ladies. "
>You look over and put her down, Ordnung approaches her with a cool smile.. he slicks back his hair.
>Ordnung:" Well hello there little lady, we were hoping you could tell us the directions to your A-Tea-
>She swiftly kicks him in the balls
>Okay, this isn't working. One of them is bound to have a map or something anyway of their direction.
>You tap her on the shoulder, and knock dat punk bitch out..
>You turn towards Ordnung, Raritan is laughing his ass off..
>You and your crew begin to search B team, you find maps, directions, radios, photos?
>Team A-, to Golf, to Hotel, to Indiana, to Lima, to Kilo, to November.
>You search Miles, and surprisingly, he had a gps on him, how convenient. Even has tracks of A- team and their points.
>Ordnung still in pain, and Raritan trying to get the funnies out of himself.. you throw Ordnung over your shoulder and head west.
>Raritan whines about his tummy hurting from the funnies, Ordnung's balls apparently ache like a thousand suns..
>This team is proving itself..
>You're almost 200m from team A when you notice a building complex, radio tower and all.. maybe an old p0ny radio station?


Urban 2012-12-31 16:30:23 No.6993473
>However, from the hill you recon.. you study the surroundings and notice another building..
>Your heart begins to race.. it's Fluttershy's cottage. Lights on and everything.
>You can quit now, spend the rest of your time with her, and hope team-A leaves or gets killed by somep0ny else, or proceed, and risk yourself even more.
>Ordnung and Raritan notice the cottage as well, they pat you on the back and literally yell behind your ear, "HEEY, IT'S FLUTTERSHY'S HOUSE.."
>You hear another sound of movement rushing to your position from behind
>Ordnung and Raritan begin firing at the sound.
>Ordnung and Raritan stop firing, Alex slowly approaches breathing heavy, since when did everybody become a track star? Running 20+ miles.
>The 4 of you rest for a bit, snack on some of the chips'ahoy you stole from your brother Bro-Anon.
>You all get up and advance the hill, the radio station is just a 100m or so away.
>The radio picks up signal again, you pulled it off your back and set it down
>Alex:" What's that? "
>Raritan:" Obviously a radio silly, listen "
>""*Bravo, check in, need a report.*""
>""*Bravo, respond, or risk compromisation of your mission.*""
>You get an idea, might as well.. what's the worst that could happen.
>SND""*This is Bravo team, we were investigating surround areas around camp.*""
>""*Copy that, we need your updated coordinates, and we need the safeword.*""
>SND""*Roger on the coordinates, N 35` 16` 40. W 81` 24` 41.*""


Urban 2012-12-31 16:31:04 No.6993482
>""*Noted, we require the safeword.*""
>Ordnung:" Shit, do we know the safeword?*""
>Raritan:" I don't think so.."
>Alex:" What the hell is going on? "
>SND""*I did not receive the safeword ma'am, should I proceed on mission?*""
>""*Negative, your mission has been compromised, everyone had recited the safeword, we're sending in a team to sanitize the area.*""
>Raritan:" SHIT, You know what this means?! They're going to kill everything and everybody!"
>Ordnung:" I'm sure we can stop them "
>Alex:" I don't think you can stop a nuke.. if that's what they're doing."
Damnit, I know. The only hope we have left is to get to A-Team right now and take their commander, maybe he can call it off.
>Raritan:" I don't think it'll work."
>Alex:" It might if you just hope for once.."
>Ordnung:" Hey, we pulled a ton of shit so far! You only just arrived!"
>Your crew begins to argue and bicker.. you alone, decide to leave and head for the radio station.
>Raritan:" Of all damn things that had to happen, it had to be defending something I can't, and then get shit for it by someone how hasn't done anything"
>Alex:" Fuck! Okay!, wait shit.. where's Anon?"
>You arrive at the door, it's surprisingly not guarded, it's abandoned and literally in shit condition.
>You breach the door, cover both hallways.. you head upstairs and find radio equipment scattered around..
>No sign of A-Team.. you slam your fist against the board, breaking it.
>You hear a door slam.. your heart stops for a second.
>You head back downstairs, you see a stairwell leading down.. to a heavily armored door?


Urban 2012-12-31 16:34:22 No.6993528
>You attempt to pick the lock of the door, tough to crack..
>Your concentration lies on the window through the door, you hope nobody hears you.
>Another idea comes to mind.. you stand up and prepare to kick the door,
>But you're grabbed by somebody.. you're being put in a sleeper hold.
>You attempt to fight it, and break free.
>You turn around, only to be knocked out from a hay maker..

>Your mind is racing.. you attempt to get up with the worst headache ever.
>You try to touch the wound, your skull is cracked.. you're bleeding horribly. shit sux
>The doors to the cell are locked.. you can tell you're still in the station.. everything's been taken from you.
>Seems like you found A-Team..
>At least you're past the door now.
>A guard stands in front of your cell door.. another by the cell wall..
>You attempt to kick the rusty cell door down, including the guard. Works on first try..
>The guard by the cell wall readies his weapon, you take his gun and toss it on the ground.
>He throws a hook at you, you take his arm and break it.. you throw awesomely fast hooks at his ribs.. and an uppercut to his jaw. Knocking him unconscious.
>You take his P226, and his double cross sword.
>Hopefully the cameras here don't work..
>You rush down the hall and go left.. your head is beginning to throb from the stress.


Urban 2012-12-31 16:37:24 No.6993578
>You find another two guards down the hall.. backs turned to you.. you take the cross swords and rush.. stabbing them through the chest, raising them from the ground and throwing them down again.
>They seem to only have secondary arms.. unless these are just cell guards..
>You come under fire.. from an automatic weapon from down the hall.. you were right, again.
>You wait for the man to come down the hall, you grab him from around the corner, and choke-slam him.
>The guard has a different jumpsuit from the rest of the team.. you check his tag and see "C Division".
>Dispatch must have sent this and or several other teams.. you fear for Ordnung, Raritan, the entire team in general.
>You walk further down the hall, when the intercom stops you.
>""Glad to see you're awake Anon, we hoped you were going to wake up sooner or later.""
>""We see you've got a sweet egg going on your head there, why don't you stop and take a rest and listen to what I have to say.""
>You search around for cameras.. he's obviously watching you.
>You sit down.. try to console your pain.
>""As I understand it, you hold the citizens of this dimension close to your heart.. I admire that, and it seems to me that on your way here, you came across one of their homes.""
>No.. please no.. not Fluttershy.
>""The resident of that home appears to be with us.. she charged in and attempted to get you away from the guards that put you in that cell..""
>""Just too bad of a shame that she offered to sacrifice her soul instead of yours.. but be thankful we didn't, we only held you in that cell, she's still alive, for now.""
What do you want from me?!
>""All we want is for you to give up.. you don't stand a chance against a 70 man army, give up now and surrender to U.S government, or else the horse dies..."


Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:37:50 No.6993585

[Missing image file: flutterbutter.jpg]

Urban 2012-12-31 16:37:56 No.6993587
>""Come to the 4th floor, floor D. The elevator shouldn't be too far from where you are now.. I suspect you'll find it Anon, just as you found us, we'll be seeing you soon.""
>The intercom stops transmitting.. your heart pounds with rage and anger.. your head begins to bleed again.
>First thing's first.. you need to get bandaged up.. you search the halls for First aid boxes and come across one near Floor B, near your holding cell.
>You go back and take the guard's weapon and sling it on your shoulder, you make your way to hall C.
>Elevator's wouldn't be the smartest choice, you make your way through the stairwell. Several armed guards patrol the area.
>You easily hope over the rail and penetrate the guards with the blades..
>The guards fall.. you check the suit and see "Division F". Christ almighty.
>This radio station is huge.. it takes several minutes to run down the stairs to floor C.
>You approach the door labeled "Floor C"
>Two guards are posted at the door, you take the first one out by ramming the door into the guard, into the wall.
>You kick the gun out of the other guard's hand and smash his cranium with your fist and powerkick him into the water fountain.
>2 ways, left or right from the door.. you hang a right.
>You hear cries of agony.. screams for help..
>They come from some sort of room filled with what looks to be server equipment.
>You bust down the door and search the room. They're coming from monitors that watch the room..
>They have Ordnung and Raritan, no sign of Alex however.
>You exit the room, you find the station's map of each floor.
>You see more holding cells on Floor F, that's your next stop.
>The hall has more guards.. which seem to be un-armed.. you approach them bluntly.
>Guard:" Stop right there Anon, your ass is mine now!"


Urban 2012-12-31 16:38:39 No.6993596
>You walk up to the guard, he pulls out his baton, you pull out your cross sword.
>He attempts to slam you with the baton, you slice the wooden item in half, his hand off.
>You stick the sword in his chest and powerkick the sword into the guard into the door
>The second guard tries to get you from behind but you swiftly kick him in the nuts and roundhouse kick him into the window into the window to the server equipment.
>You enter the door into the stairwell and spray the guards that guard the stairwell with the AR-15 you obtained from floor B.
>The door labeled "Floor F" is in sight.., you approach the door. It's locked.
>You attempt to kick down the door, when you hear a beep.
>The door blows off the hinges.. you're knocked over the rail.. onto your back on some stairs a level below.
>You get back up and approach the door, you look into the hall to see C4 charges literally EVERYWHERE.
>A keypad seems to deactivate and activate the trip sensors to the charges.. you don't want to risk blowing the building up, since it's mostly underground and the other 7 floors are held up by this floor and floor G.
>You move the tiles from the ceiling, you hop up and attempt to crawl past the sensors..
>It actually works, you hop down past the sensors, you find a switch to disable all sensors, you press it.
>You advance down the hallway.. you find another two guards armed with AR-15's, you spray them down in a hurry..
>You unlock the door with the key, the cells as well.


Urban 2012-12-31 16:39:12 No.6993601
>Raritan:" Anon! Thank god you found us! They have Alex and Fluttershy!"
>Ordnung:" They sent in at least another 3 teams.. we tried to stop them but they surrounded us. "
>Raritan:" Can we seriously just go home? I don't honestly want to do this anymore man.. I didn't think we'd be in this much trouble."
>You turn to see for any other prisoners.. another body lays in Ordnung's cell.
Who's that?
>Ordnung:" Oh, pickle managed to reach us.. not in time sadly. "
>Pickle:" Wha? What? "
Pickle, you okay?
>Pickle:" Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. But how did I get myself into this
>He puts on his shades..
>Pickle:" pickle."
No idea, but we need to get going. They're holding Alex and Fluttershy on floor D.
>Ordnung:" We heard the intercom, are you really going to turn yourself in?"
Hell no? Fuck that niggah.
>You hand them weapons, you tell them to guard Floors A and B in case of any other reinforcements.
>It's time for you to head to floor D.
>You sprint back towards the stairwell, and head back up the stairs..
>Past F, past E..
>You reach D, no guards though?
>You open the door with swords out.. no guards posted in the hall
>No guards anywhere as far as you can see.
>You silently walk and listen for a sound.. any sound at all.


Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:39:49 No.6993612
i was enjoying that i hope there is more to come

Urban 2012-12-31 16:40:14 No.6993619

[Missing image file: deus-ex3-human-revolution(...).gif]
>cut your shit or I swear I'll kill you both
>anon help me!
>Sounds of the voice come from the wall next to you, you walk away from the wall a bit..
>You charge at the wall, fist ready, you smash your fist through the wall and grab the commander, and break his neck.
>Alex and Fluttershy are bloodied and beaten, you walk around to the door and open it
>They both cry to you, thanking you, you open their cell doors
>You hold Fluttershy close to you, bringing Alex into a group hug..
>Fluttershy kisses you, nonstop.
>Alex pulls you away, he stares at the door
>Alex:" They're coming, god damnit"
>Units bust in from the 3 doors.. aiming guns at the three of you.. you hold Fluttershy only closer..
>You're surrounded.. an officer comes from the back of the crowd.
>The tag on his shirt reads "SSgt. Miles."
>You spit at him, fucking asshole..
>Miles smacks you with the butt of his gun against your face.. wrecking your jaw.
>SSgt. Miles:" You've shown alot of fucking resilience here, I hope you know I can kill you and get away with it. "
>Alex:" No you can't, it'll be all over the news. You can't just kill him like that!"
>SSgt. Miles:" Shut up.. anyways, I'm offering to make a deal, the same one the commander you just killed made you."
And why should I?


Urban 2012-12-31 16:43:40 No.6993667
>SSgt. Miles:" Well, unless you're wanting your pretty horse friend to suffer and die, I'd suggest you hear to my compromisation."
Fine.. what.
>SSgt. Miles:" Well, I'd hate to see you go to prison, but I can't have you roam this dimension free from punishment.. so how about this. A life, for a life."
>Your mentality snaps.. you've had enough
Over my dead body
>You spring at Miles with the cross swords, slicing his head clean off..
>The guards open fire upon you.. filling your entire being with lead.
>The guards fall to the floor, Ordnung and Raritan spraying them down with the AR-15's.
>They were sadly, too late.
>Fluttershy rushes to your dead body.. crying and weeping over you.
>Alex holds his hat to his chest, looking away in remorse.
>Ordnung and Raritan rush to you and pull you through the hall
>Up through the stairs
>Pickle and Clever back to back shooting down guards rushing through the halls
>They notice you and rush to you,
>Clever:" Jesus Christ, how the hell?!"
>He begins to follow, giving cover.
>T1G and Page annihilating any and all guards with cross swords.. they rush ahead and clear a path..
>Fluttershy still weeping by your side.. Pickle, Clever, your team, in remorse.
>Killing yourself wasn't the brightest decision, but it was like you had options either.
>The team reaches surface level, pickle engages the c4 sensors and blows the building down.
>Rarity, Celestia, Twilight.. all waiting for you, only to see you dead.

End of Chapter 3, SIM-13
Next Chapter 4, ReAnimation

Urban 2012-12-31 16:44:16 No.6993673
It's been fun posting for you guys, see you guys in about a week, paste bin is here.

Anon the Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:58:29 No.6993879

There will be.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 16:59:02 No.6993893
>jim rettulf
>flutter mij

Anonymous 2012-12-31 17:04:30 No.6993967
Bad news folks 2nd Day Of Peace part 6 is going to be delayed.
I'm almost finishing the part but I really gotta crash.
Coffee isn't my best friend right now. Probably going to crash pretty hard.

I'd like to say good night and/ or day to you.
and keep posting those stories folks. Genius work you guys.

Anon the Anonymous 2012-12-31 17:06:37 No.6993997
Get some rest man. Looking forward to 2nd day of peace part 6

Anonymous 2012-12-31 17:08:01 No.6994020
>What a horrible night to be in Equestria
>Before you head to bed you hear a knock on the door
>Better not be that yellow h-
>It's Fluttershy
>And she's wearing a black and red cape, and her hair is dyed gray
>Before you were able to tell her off she tackles you to the ground
>"Are dark lords your fetish?"
>She reveals her, apparently sharp fangs and takes a nip at your neck
>You try not to scream in pain as blood trinkles down your neck
>You grab your holy water from your pocket and throw it at her
>Fluttershy lets out a blood curdling scream as the water burns through her skin
>She backs away and your limbs were free
>You grab your whip and take a crack at that demonic mug of hers
>She retreats a sobbing mess, leaving a trail of bloody tears behind
>Fucking Fluttershy

Anonymous 2012-12-31 17:12:47 No.6994088
Thanks Anon.

Also on a different note. Happy New Year to whoever this messages applies to. Some guy is in 2013 right now and I'm still in 2012. Ha just thought I point that out. signing off til...when I wake up.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 17:16:37 No.6994146

[Missing image file: whatisapony.jpg]
bretty gud!!

Anonymous 2012-12-31 17:21:25 No.6994202

[Missing image file: Nightmare Moon - What Is (...).png]
I laughed.

Anonymous 2012-12-31 17:23:40 No.6994227

[Missing image file: freakin lol.jpg]
Read this now I can't go to sleep.
Laughing too hard.
My sides are in a better places.

A Flock of Yorkshire Puddings 2012-12-31 17:30:06 No.6994340

[Missing image file: odns32706787.jpg]
Funny stuff, man. My sides need superglueing onto me.

Happy New Year to any Australians in.
I've got cousins in Perth and they tell me it's 1 in the morning over there.

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