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/mlp/ Pony

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Anonymous 2017-01-23 23:16:09 No.29326742

[Missing image file: ]

Member Woona? Member?


Member Molestia? Oh yeah, I member Molestia.

Oh, what about JackTHerbert? O-Or xXHomerSimpsonXx? LivingTombstone? Member them guys?

Member Nuh Glimmer? Member when people thought Sunset was a shit? Member?

Member "Stop fapping to the ponies?

JanAnimations? Silly Filly Studios?
Member when people made original content centered around mlp?

Anonymous 2017-01-23 23:20:43 No.29326762
I can't member what happened in tember back when pony died trails during my ride

Anonymous 2017-01-23 23:20:52 No.29326764
Ooooooh, I member.
Member when the catalog had interesting non-generals?

Anonymous 2017-01-23 23:27:15 No.29326817
I member

Anonymous 2017-01-23 23:29:27 No.29326837

ha nice joke

But if you are serious, do something about it. I don't understand the change you want so you'll have to be that change.

Anonymous 2017-01-23 23:50:01 No.29326982
Ah fug man

Anonymous 2017-01-23 23:54:45 No.29327014
member non general threads reaching 500 replies

Anonymous 2017-01-23 23:55:57 No.29327021
Member fun?

Anonymous 2017-01-24 01:36:54 No.29327686
Sad to see a fandom that has given me so much joy is slowly dying

Anonymous 2017-01-24 01:40:39 No.29327705
Member when Bobby Boucher showed up at halftime and the Mud Dogs won the Bourbon Bowl, do ya?

Anonymous 2017-01-24 01:44:47 No.29327724
remember rdn?
when i'm pony
when tombstone wasn't a steaming traitorous pile of mule shit

Anonymous 2017-01-24 02:06:59 No.29327839
We're on track. >>29324820

Anonymous 2017-01-24 02:36:03 No.29327993
Tombstone has really disappointed me.
He almost gone on to completely deny his ties with the fandom.

Mlp is what made him.

Anonymous 2017-01-24 02:52:12 No.29328120
I can still watch episodes of the first three seasons and enjoy almost all of them. There are a select fee from 4 and 5 that I would watch again, but season 6 has been such a slog. It isn't about remembering OP, it's about a loss of quality in this case. I know nostalgia glasses play a part in a lot of peoples feelings about things they like, but I can say that if I go back and watch rugrats, I won't enjoy it but if I watch season 1 of this show, I will.

Anonymous 2017-01-24 02:57:11 No.29328155
member when dj pon3 had red eyes?

Anonymous 2017-01-24 04:26:09 No.29328664
This, I just want quality, and with how long the hiatuses have been, I expect more.

Anonymous 2017-01-24 04:34:57 No.29328703
To everyone here sad about the fandom dying:
Cut your losses, take what makes you happy in this fandom and make a clean, gradual exit.

Stop browsing boards aimlessly in search of fresh new content, because you won't find it without intense effort that's not worth it anymore. You discovered gold and it's been an amazing ride, but the content mine has run dry, and exposing yourself to the dried up places daily takes its toll on your happiness.

Start occupying yourself with stuff irl, and then treasure the little things your mlp fandom involvement left behind, and don't go searching for gold here anymore. It's over. It's done. Nothing lasts forever. You must find the next thing, anons, and cherish the memories you did manage to make.

Anonymous 2017-01-24 04:35:11 No.29328705
Member when we thought it all might have made sense, so we talked about it like it would matter?

Member when we thought they'd make great new toys of the show instead of turning the show into shitty old toys?

I member.

Anonymous 2017-01-24 04:38:03 No.29328719
>movie coming up soon
>fanart and music still being created
>still watch episodes
>read greentexts
Just because the ride slowed down doesn't mean its dead. It doesn't need to be 2011 for it to still be enjoyable.

Anonymous 2017-01-24 04:42:12 No.29328731
I only watch episodes from S1 nowadays although I like episodes from the first five seasons.

Anonymous 2017-01-24 04:49:08 No.29328767
The fast part of the ride was the amazing part, the constant hits at the funny bone, the crying, the inspiration.

I may have just relied on this place too much...

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