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/mlp/ Pony

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Anonymous 2014-09-18 00:48:02 No.19775964

[Missing image file: ]

Pastebins (So Far)

Did everyone just forget about the thread?

Anonymous 2014-09-18 00:50:54 No.19776012
Theres a mayor shitstorm because of posible Rainbow Rocks "spoliers"

Anonymous 2014-09-18 00:52:41 No.19776044
>forget about the thread
There was some talk in the last one about whether or not we should continue these weekly threads.

Since bugfags apparently aren't all that numerous.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 00:54:04 No.19776074
I didn't forget, I just prefer to wait until someone else starts it. I fear that I'd fuck up the OP somehow.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 01:07:47 No.19776329
>Since bugfags apparently aren't all that numerous.
That may be the case, but why would we close this out before Boner finishes his epic?

Anonymous 2014-09-18 01:08:45 No.19776349

Anonymous 2014-09-18 01:12:47 No.19776416
God I missed you fags.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 01:23:01 No.19776590
what spoilers?

Anonymous 2014-09-18 01:23:17 No.19776595
>I just prefer to wait until someone else starts it. I fear that I'd fuck up the OP somehow.
This is why I held off on making the thread, but eventually I realized that no one else was going to make it.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 01:24:51 No.19776623

Anonymous 2014-09-18 01:27:02 No.19776648
That's because no one else wants to make this circlejerk thread anymore

Anonymous 2014-09-18 01:31:51 No.19776720
cant wait for bonermancer

Anonymous 2014-09-18 01:33:29 No.19776744

Anonymous 2014-09-18 01:33:47 No.19776749
>That's because no one else wants to make this circlejerk thread anymore
I was wondering when you'd show up.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 01:36:05 No.19776784
Now we wait for the endless bump fags to get here and we'll be set

Anonymous 2014-09-18 01:41:49 No.19776881
bump :^)

Anonymous 2014-09-18 01:45:21 No.19776933
Or, we could post pictures and talk about Chrissie.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 01:46:18 No.19776944
No, cause then some fag will complain about reposts

Anonymous 2014-09-18 01:51:43 No.19777019
Fuck 'em. I'm still going to post.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 01:53:00 No.19777040
>ITT: Nihilism takes hold of reasoning. Anons terminate themselves in the futility of thread. Bugfag population drops dramatically. No threads were ever made again.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 02:02:36 No.19777172
It's only a dream

Anonymous 2014-09-18 02:17:54 No.19777340
It's going to take a little more than complaining to make that happen, though.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 02:26:33 No.19777456

Anonymous 2014-09-18 02:27:43 No.19777474

Anonymous 2014-09-18 02:38:19 No.19777629

Anonymous 2014-09-18 02:44:20 No.19777705
Wow repost much? You're turning this into the sun-day threads!

Bonermancer 2014-09-18 02:44:21 No.19777706
Sorry everyone but this week has not been kind and so I don't have enough for a post this week.
If you'd like to heckle me and such I do now have a Skype account bnrmancer and as always the email bnrmancer@gmail.com

Anonymous 2014-09-18 02:46:51 No.19777738
Just update your pastebin and if these fags are really dedicated they'll go and look it up, for now this is all rage and shitpost

Anonymous 2014-09-18 03:04:05 No.19778007
Actually, the Sun-Day threads have the least amount of reposted images, out of any recurring threads on this board.

Bonermancer 2014-09-18 03:07:12 No.19778052
Unfortunately I'm inclined to agree. The thread can't even get off the starting line without shitposts anymore.
It saddens me to see it happen like this but here we are. The story however will go on. If you're still interested in reading it please email me or contact me on Skype. We'll work something out if you don't want to read from pastebin.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 03:08:36 No.19778074
>if youre still interested in reading it please email me or contact me on skype
Or you could post the fucking story here.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 03:08:57 No.19778079
I wouldn't know. I don't follow Chryssi threads. I just wanted to contribute some stuff that I have.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 03:09:06 No.19778086
Not according to some fag a few threads ago

Anonymous 2014-09-18 03:10:11 No.19778094
>I want it on a silver platter!

Anonymous 2014-09-18 03:12:38 No.19778127
Where did the silver platter come from? He started it by posting in the threads, and he should continue to post it in these threads until it ends.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 03:20:40 No.19778242
And as soon as he proposes something else, someone immediately gets upset over it and demands that he posts it here

Anonymous 2014-09-18 03:24:16 No.19778295
But why wouldn't he continue posting his story here? It's not like anything is stopping him. Either way, these should be 'changeling' threads rather than chrysalis. So Changeling Wednesday would work, and would arguably drum up more attention.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 03:26:09 No.19778313
seriously read, not that hard

Anonymous 2014-09-18 03:28:43 No.19778346
But that makes no sense.
>b-but i dont have much to post, let me just blog about it here
>im gonna stop posting here and only update my pastebin :^((

Bonermancer 2014-09-18 03:32:04 No.19778381
I would support this idea but I'm sure shitposters would purposely ruin that thread too.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 03:35:41 No.19778440
The only reason why there is shitposting, is because everyone is taking it way too seriously and also because these threads have a low population.

The issue is, these threads are focusing on a mostly unpopular character here and on top of that a villain no less. If these threads start focusing on the changeless, rather than focused on Chrysalis, they'll get a lot more attention.

Bonermancer 2014-09-18 03:39:39 No.19778508
Can't hurt to try.
I'll continue the story in next week's changeling thread and see how it goes.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 04:38:49 No.19779430

Anonymous 2014-09-18 04:42:41 No.19779494
I just realized she has some wierd sphere thing hovering over her extended leg's hole.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 06:24:59 No.19780859
Do we really have to wait a whole week to get another shot at having a thread?
Can't we have a changeling thread now?

Anonymous 2014-09-18 06:37:26 No.19780975
And look what we have here! New content!

Anonymous 2014-09-18 07:55:31 No.19781666
I dunno, I guess we can have one now. How about we just merge changeling thread with chrysalis thread? Unite under one single banner. Maybe we can actually get some new content.

Anyway, since nobody gives a fuck about these threads anymore, I'm just gonna crash this thread with no survivors. Image dump is a go.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 07:56:44 No.19781674

Anonymous 2014-09-18 07:58:10 No.19781681

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:00:51 No.19781694
Before you complain about this image dump, I'll assure that I won't post reposts. Just got some new ones from derpibooru and deviantart.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:02:24 No.19781701

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:05:02 No.19781724

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:09:13 No.19781746
I know it's not December yet, but fuck it, i'mma post it.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:10:35 No.19781752

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:12:00 No.19781763

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:13:35 No.19781772

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:14:58 No.19781780

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:16:46 No.19781785

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:18:29 No.19781799

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:20:17 No.19781805

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:21:52 No.19781814

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:23:53 No.19781827

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:26:16 No.19781835

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:30:14 No.19781851
Posting some crossover stuff.
Starting with Alien.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:32:07 No.19781862
Twilight Princess.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:33:48 No.19781872

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:36:07 No.19781885

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:39:41 No.19781908
Gravity Falls

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:40:40 No.19781916

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:42:45 No.19781933
Attack On Titan.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:44:33 No.19781948
Lion King

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:46:39 No.19781958

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:49:51 No.19781981
Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:52:39 No.19782001
A Monster In Paris

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:54:24 No.19782014
League Of Legends

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:56:03 No.19782022

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:58:09 No.19782040
Star Trek
Where the fuck is everybody?Is Burgerland still sleeping?

Anonymous 2014-09-18 08:59:13 No.19782050
Necron Chrysalis is superior

Anonymous 2014-09-18 09:02:02 No.19782059
Nope. Chaos Marine Chrysalis is way better. Nurgle is best chaos god.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 09:03:49 No.19782066
>implying Chrysalis isn't Slaanesh's pet

Anonymous 2014-09-18 09:04:56 No.19782073
Xiaolin Showdown. Fucking loved the show.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 09:06:16 No.19782076
We /m/ now.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 09:08:18 No.19782084
>mfw I see how epic this thread became.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 09:08:23 No.19782085
System Shock.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 09:08:51 No.19782090

Anonymous 2014-09-18 09:10:20 No.19782102

Anonymous 2014-09-18 09:13:24 No.19782119

Anonymous 2014-09-18 09:16:09 No.19782138

Anonymous 2014-09-18 09:24:46 No.19782185
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.
Ran out of pics to post. May the writefags return and save us.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 09:31:38 No.19782235

Anonymous 2014-09-18 09:32:20 No.19782241

Anonymous 2014-09-18 09:41:15 No.19782284
i can't be bothered. request pics, will post if bored

Anonymous 2014-09-18 11:03:41 No.19782663
Reposting link compilation. Can somebody would kindly pastebin this?

Sovereign Claim by Bonermancer

Captive Anon by WriterOfStuff

Hyperspace Hyperwars by Wintergale

Wasteland Encounter: Sunchild by Wintergale

Chrysalis Story by Wolfkrone

Bug Butt Filler by Shrimpasta

An Invasion By Any Other Name by Affective

Chryssi Can't Cook by Affective

The Marvellous Mishaps of Anon and Chrysalis by HeshieokFasla

Untitled Anon X Chrysalis Clopfic by N/A

Queen Chrysalis Visits Anon by N/A

Hive-Host by AnonHieron

Dungeon Guard - Chrysalis by N/A

Chrysalis Domination by GrenadierApple

Propane Paraspritemares by Speedy05

Yet Another Bad Decision by Stavicodone

CYOA Chrysalis by Aether

Time For A Change by Aether

Just Like You by Techyconversant

Morph by Leucine

Don't Ever Change by lulzies

Emotionally Hostile by FiftyShadesOfYellow and AlexanderGrey

A little heads-up for you guys. 4chan is going to have a shitstorm. /mlp/ is very likely to be raided, but I'm sure it won't really affect the board much.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 11:19:53 No.19782761
>/mlp/ is very likely to be raided
pissing into an ocean of piss

Anonymous 2014-09-18 11:41:09 No.19782879
You misunderstand me. /mlp/ is already such a shithole of /b/-tier faggotry that even if it was raided the post quality would be mostly unaffected

Anonymous 2014-09-18 11:56:34 No.19782986
>tfw no still no MLP dating sim game
>tfw you'll never virtually date Chrysalis.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 12:04:32 No.19783040
Start programming!

Anonymous 2014-09-18 12:07:47 No.19783065
A Chrysalis dating sim? Most of those kind of games have you hedging your time between different girls and eventually picking one. I don't see Chrysalis as being terribly forgiving of any hint of infidelity.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 12:13:03 No.19783104
>No stories about Pirate Captain Chrysalis and First Mate Anon.
Is there any out there? It would be the best thing to ever happen. Definitely not a thinly-veiled /r/ for pirate chryssy.story

Anonymous 2014-09-18 12:15:00 No.19783114
Pirates and sailors were often known for having a different girl in every port. What if you were just one of the varying men pirate Captain Chrysalis visited? Whenever her crew docked, she'd look you up and spend a night drinking every drop of your love, but she'd be gone in the morning.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 12:48:09 No.19783284
A little announcement for you guys, Wintergale made a new one-shot which you can read here:

And Captive Anon has finally updated. Huzzah! You can read it here:

I'm sincerely hoping WriterOfStuff would post the update on this thread. It would make the thread a little more lively.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 12:55:39 No.19783328
I'm really fucking hungry right now, so here, have some pic of Chrysalis eating food

Anonymous 2014-09-18 12:59:35 No.19783345

Anonymous 2014-09-18 13:03:12 No.19783368

Anonymous 2014-09-18 13:06:09 No.19783384
How do you feel about this, /bug/?
He's fucking that plush right now

Anonymous 2014-09-18 13:13:47 No.19783434
Fancy hats.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 13:14:59 No.19783440
Moar hats.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 13:22:20 No.19783471
You /tf2/ now?

Also random Celestiafag says hi. Just passing through.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 13:28:08 No.19783506
Does a Chrysalis version of this exist? I thought i saved one a while ago, but can't for the love of god find it anywhere

Anonymous 2014-09-18 13:29:28 No.19783517
>You /tf2/ now?
Maybe. I dunno, I don't even play the game.
And also, Chryssyfag here says hi too. Looking forward for the next sunday thread. You guys got some good green.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 13:30:45 No.19783526
It's really off-model. I'm not saying I wouldn't hug it. But it's really off-model.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 13:35:20 No.19783553
I admit that it looks a bit...off. Quite hard to describe, but still, it should be a little bit more slender and the head should be a smaller.
Anyway, why are life-sized chrysalis plush always looking a little off somehow?

Anonymous 2014-09-18 13:35:43 No.19783554

Anonymous 2014-09-18 13:37:41 No.19783568
I want to become Chrysalis' pet. No matter the consequences.
Do you think she would take any of us as her personal pet? Are we too autistic for her?

Anonymous 2014-09-18 13:38:42 No.19783572
Well that one looks off for a couple reasons
>she looks like a stoner

This one
>The wings feel...odd
>the mane is quite short and sparse
>too fat

I think the material used is wrong in both as well. The problem being it gives it a fuzzy look, whereas everyone knows that the best queen is NOT fuzzy.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 13:45:17 No.19783592
Are we posting plushes now? Alright, time for me to post some stuff.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 13:47:00 No.19783597
>This was sold for $2000 on ebay
Why aren't you making some cash, /bug/?

Anonymous 2014-09-18 13:48:58 No.19783610
>tfw drawfags don't visit us anymore.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 13:52:30 No.19783626

Anonymous 2014-09-18 13:53:50 No.19783637

Anonymous 2014-09-18 14:43:03 No.19783892
>Do you think she would take any of us as her personal pet?
Well... depends. I mean if you're just some vampiric blood pet, to be drained until you can give more food, then sure.

As for being affectionately catered to and patted and treated like a human would a dog, I dunno.

Seems weird.

Lullaby 2014-09-18 14:45:36 No.19783904

Anonymous 2014-09-18 14:54:25 No.19783941
But... which is?

Anonymous 2014-09-18 15:03:54 No.19783995
Does it matter?

Lullaby 2014-09-18 15:23:55 No.19784134
Being treated like a dog. ; )
But they don't know that I am sentient.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 16:29:13 No.19784576

Anonymous 2014-09-18 16:31:33 No.19784601
No one forgot. Also Pic related...

Chrysalis 2014-09-18 16:35:57 No.19784631
Im the one who usually makes it. Sorry I forgot guys. Destiny has stolen so much of my time

Chrysalis 2014-09-18 16:43:04 No.19784685
Writefags get on this

Anonymous 2014-09-18 16:44:33 No.19784696
>4chan is going to have a shitstorm. /mlp/ is very likely to be raided
Who is it this time?

Anonymous 2014-09-18 16:46:25 No.19784710
well finally read to the bottom. see everyone next week.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 18:48:52 No.19785760
Man, thread is deader than usual. I feel like writing something though, so I'm bumping so it's not dead if i manage to get something presentable.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 19:07:22 No.19786072
Because Satan, Changeling fags resent Chrysalis fags for putting her on a pedestal

Anonymous 2014-09-18 19:10:59 No.19786194
>Le Bonermancer circlejerk maymay XD

Anonymous 2014-09-18 19:16:01 No.19786344
deus vult

Anonymous 2014-09-18 19:19:56 No.19786501
Actually, fuck it. The one-shot anon here, I was working on a Chrysalis pirate thing, but all this /pol/ raid shit is just annoying. I'll wait until the kids get bored and post it some other time.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 19:23:17 No.19786636
They're making their own shit threads, not posting in ours

Anonymous 2014-09-18 19:35:01 No.19787164

Anonymous 2014-09-18 19:41:42 No.19787344

Anonymous 2014-09-18 20:15:33 No.19788132
An entire 5 pages have been completely wiped, this is the end

Anonymous 2014-09-18 20:17:04 No.19788164
It was five pages of /pol/ idiocy. I'd hardly call that the end. Just tolerable modding.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 20:17:42 No.19788181
I bet we'll have our other five by Monday.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 20:25:24 No.19788325
/mlp/ is so fucking slow during the hiatus that it should just be 5 pages so that clearly dead threads don't last for days because one fag posts that the :thread sure is dead" and bumps it

Anonymous 2014-09-18 21:16:16 No.19789191
Are you really so upset that /pol/ raid died?

Anonymous 2014-09-18 21:23:04 No.19789277
Where in there did I say I was upset about that?

Anonymous 2014-09-18 23:24:53 No.19790908
I would also like to know this.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 23:36:47 No.19791062
It's been a while since I've written action, and never really in the greentext style. The pacing for this is sorta all over the place, and it's a bit shit, but I figure I'll post it anyway. Thread's half dead regardless.
>Equestria wasn't exactly how you pictured it
>Somehow, you ended up in a different Equestria.
>It's darker, less fantastical and more... maritime.
>You've had a while to contemplate this, being stuck in a Spanish-Jennet prison
>You've been here three days, and from what you've heard, pirates are to be hung tomorrow, and you're in that batch
>Having hands means you're a friend of that Ahuizotl rebel on the mainland, apparently.
>Coltagena is a dirty, smelly city, like most of the Maribbean, and you're stuck in the bowels of it.
>Today though, something's different. You hear voices down the hall, and the scuffles of a new prisoner
>A mare, by the sound of things, though there's an angry edge to her voice that you can't quite place.
>The guards speak harshly to her as they forcibly throw her into a cell to the left of yours.
>"In there, wench! You're lucky; you'll only have to spend a day 'ere. Get to know your neighbor, you'll be hanging together at dawn."
>You hear her spit, and then guard growls but only saunters off with his friend laughing at him.
>A moment or two of quiet in the cells, as you listen to her stand up and her hoofs clack against the stone floor.
"So who are you?"
>The hoofsteps stop.
>Her voice is curt, and by the tone, she's uninterested in chatter.
>"It doesn't matter. I won't be here long."
>There's a buzz behind her words. It's familiar but it's been a while since you saw the show, and things are so different here.
"No, we won't. Like he said, the hanging is tomorrow."
>Her only response is a strangely smug-sounding chuckle.
>The guards call out from down the hallway to stop chatting.
>Nothing to do but wait for tomorrow.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 23:37:58 No.19791078
>Dawn comes early, and as miserably hot as ever.
>Breakfast is the typical hard bread and water, which you choke down.
>Your new neighbor isn't especially talkative this morning either.
>It's only a few minutes after breakfast that you hear the clop of a dozen hooves coming down the hallway.
>Seems like rather a lot of guards for just the few inmates.
>A guard opens the door to your cell, and you walk out.
>He binds your hands with rope, somewhat sloppily
>He must be unfamiliar with creatures that have them to begin with
>You're kept at sword point
>When you look up, you realize the reason for the guards
>The High Governess Twilight Sparkle is actually present for the hanging
>Though she's currently ignoring you completely, standing with her cadre of guards and looking into the cell next to yours
>"Chrysalis of Port-de-Change, the so-called 'Pirate Queen'. You have been found guilty of high treason, piracy, consorting with outlaws, and..."
>She stops herself from going through the list.
>"Of too many crimes to name. Today you will be hung before the good ponies of Coltagena. Do you have anything to say before you are brought to justice?"
>The Pirate Queen?
>Even in your short time free in the Maribbean you had heard of her.
>She's an absolute legend.
>That smug chuckle sounds from the cell.
>"You haven't hung me yet, Twilight Sparkle."
>Twilight just looks miffed, and turns on her hooves, walking toward the door
>The guards open her cell, and Chrysalis walks out, head held high
>Her horn is bound, as is typical of unicorns and other magic users, but the guards don't bind or drag her
>In fact, she leads them away, following the Governess, and without a second look toward you
>The guard's sword point jabs into your back, and you trudge along behind Chrysalis.

Anonymous 2014-09-18 23:39:08 No.19791093
>You're not sure how the hell it's this hot this early in the day
>You stand before a throng of various pony races, all here to watch the execution of Pirate Queen Chrysalis.
>Well, her, the few pony pirates, and you, the strange ape-creature no one is quite able to place.
>You're naked, aside from crude burlap pants tied at the waist with rope
>High Governess Twilight is rambling off some boring speech, smug and confident in her victory
>She'll certainly please Princess Celestia with this capture.
>You turn to your left, and see Chrysalis standing tall and proud despite the noose around her neck.
>She glances your way, and then turns her head slightly towards you when she sees you looking
>You give her a weak smile
>Couldn't ask for better company, after all
>She smiles back, though it's really more of a smirk
>Her voice is low, quiet enough that the Governess won't hear.
>"I will not die today. If you are lucky, neither will you."
>You don't have time to ponder that before you notice a guard approaching Twilight
>He whispers something to her, and Twilight looks out over the ocean
>There's a ship out there, but she's flying no colors.
>Twilight's voice is angry.
>"I thought I told them no ships were to leave port until after the hanging! Rules exist for a reason, you... know..."
>The Governess goes silent, her eyes widening as she looks at the ship
>You look as well, and realize why
>She's running out her guns
>Twilight shouts out, just a moment too late.
>"Drop the floor, hang the prisoners!"
>At that moment, everything seems to happen at once

Anonymous 2014-09-18 23:40:18 No.19791106
>You see a puff of white at the ship, and a half-second later the gallows seem to explode into splinters
>A flash of green catches your attention, and what seems like a solid quarter of the crowd is suddenly replaced with black, bug-like changelings
>Green magic shields Chrysalis from the flying debris
>All hell breaks loose
>When the gallows splinter, you're thrown aside like everyone else
>Everything is broken wood and screaming ponies
>After a moment you manage to open your eyes, and find yourself next to a guard
>He's laying still, dead or unconscious
>you wiggle your way over, and tug at your ineptly tied bindings
>A minute later and you're free
>you cut the noose from your neck and stand
>It's complete pandemonium
>Ponies are running around in a panic, the guard is fighting some kind of running battle with the changelings, and none of the pirates are still on the gallows
>You can see Twilight some distance away, her fancy governess clothing torn and tattered, but shouting orders and trying to maintain command
>A deafening fusillade of cannon fire shakes the fortress, and the ship in the distance shakes and begins to sink
>A dozen black specks scatter off of the decks, flying up and then toward the town
>The changelings are everywhere, but they seem to be withdrawing toward the docks
>You know you were to be hanged with her, but it seems unlikely that Chrysalis is about to hire you on
>You take to the back streets, hiding from the mob
>No part of Coltogena is entirely free of the chaos here
>But you manage to only meet a few inept town guards, and find yourself still free
>A voice catches your attention, a stallion, nearby
>"Halt, Chrysalis!"
>You sneak toward the sound, unable to hear her reply
>When you peek your head around the corner and look into the alleyway, you freeze
>Guard Captain Shining Armor is standing there with a dozen of his unicorn elites.
>All of them have flintlock pistols hovering in their magic, trained on Chrysalis

Anonymous 2014-09-18 23:42:38 No.19791139
>The Pirate Queen is alone, with felled changelings all around her, and looking furious
>"Stand down, Captain! You wouldn't take the satisfaction of killing me away from your little sister!"
>He doesn't look like he's about to step down, and he raises his foreleg to signal the shots
>If it wasn't for this... mare, you wouldn't be alive right now
>you're dead exhausted, covered in bleeding wounds from the splintered wood, and you're not entirely certain you'll live out the day
>But by God, Chrysalis isn't going to die here, not alone.
>With a war cry you didn't know you had in you, you sweep around the corner and shoulder into the line of ponies
>Gunshots ring out, as magic snaps and all the ponies shout and struggle to stand
>By the time they're back up, you're standing in front of Chrysalis, with your arm around Shining's neck, and your sword pressed to his throat
"We're walking free or you're getting a new captain, boys."
>Captain Shining Armor shouts to fire
>But only one of the guards has reclaimed his gun and aimed it again
>Running on pure adrenaline, you lift the pony in hand and throw him bodily at his suboordinates
>they collide and collapse into a stunned pile
>And before you manage to think, you're running alongside the Pirate Queen
>her horn glows, and she blows open the back wall of an alleyway ahead of you
>You tear through the rubble and find yourself entering the docks
>You don't have time to stop or even think
>As Chrysalis runs, she fires a bolt of magic into the sky
>in seconds you're both surrounded by changelings
>together with her crew, you keep the panicked guard and occasional brave privateer from the Queen.
>strong-arming ponies is easy when you're backed by a dozen minions
>Chrysalis stops for a moment, and looks over the ships moored in the port, before grinning and making for a particular one
>With nowhere else to go, you follow along

Anonymous 2014-09-18 23:43:43 No.19791155
>Changelings pour onto the deck of the ship
>A smallish barque, by the labels on the wares, probably Prench.
>Seems like the crew must have been attending the festivities in town
>Changelings run up the mast and unfurl the sails, while others cut the mooring ropes and secure the ship's floors
>In the middle of the well-organized crew you feel a little out of place
>Chrysalis strides up the deck, wearing a tricorner hat and waving a cutlass in her magic, shouting orders to her minions.
>With a lack of anything else to do, you walk up the short stairs to stand beside her at the sterndeck.
>She looks up at you, as the ship begins pulling away from the piers
>"What drove you to do that? Standing up to a dozen guards isn't an easy thing to do."
>A few snappy responses ring in your head a half-second after your mouth just says the first thing in mind.
"Couldn't let them kill you."
>She narrows her eyes slightly, suspicious.
"I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for you and your crew. Consider it payback."
>Suddenly, a voice calls out from overhead
>"Hey! What are you doing on my ship?"
>You look up, and only have a second to act
>A sky-blue blur, wearing a red-striped bandanna and carrying a cutlass between her teeth, is barreling down toward Chrysalis at a hundred miles an hour
>if you had time to think, you'd recognize Captain Dash
>Captain of the Wonder Bolt, fastest barque of any Buckaneer in the Maribbean.
>But you don't have time to think
>Instead you instinctively use your height to your advantage, reaching up and deflecting Dash's insane aggressive flight, grabbing her mane and swinging her around, causing her to slam face-first into the deck

Anonymous 2014-09-18 23:47:13 No.19791215
>She's stunned long enough for a few bodyguard changelings to knock her unconscious, dragging her down to the brig
>Chrysalis looks at you again, and then lifts her tricorner hat from the deck, where the wind from Dash's charge had blown it
>She sets it back atop her head, and speaks to you.
>"If you swear to me, I will make you my First Mate and bodyguard. My last fell to Captain Armor. Your fate will likely be the same. Will you serve me?"
>This morning you were resigned to die anyway
>Any life you have left is because of her, and her crew.
>You nod, shouldering your short pony sword.
"I swear it. I'll be your First Mate, Queen Chrysalis."
>Chrysalis nods, and turns back to the wheel, turning the ship north once you're out of port.
>"We're sailing for Saint Chitin, my crew! Full sail, and not an hour's delay!"
>The crew gives a rousing cheer, and sets to their work.
>And that is how you became second in command to the Pirate Queen, leader of the finest crew in the Maribbean.
>It's a hard life, sailing the Maribbean, living on stolen food and spiced rum, and feeding your Queen when she desires it.
>This isn't the Equestria you imagined
>But it's the one you got
>And at Chrysalis' side... it's really not so bad.
End. Also I know the sterndeck was quite possibly a poopdeck on some barques, but I'm not about to use the term 'poopdeck' in a greentext.

Also I fucked up the line from anon in that last post, which is why i deleted and am reposting it.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 01:01:52 No.19792358
page seven or eight

Anonymous 2014-09-19 01:17:51 No.19792586
Thanks for that one man.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 01:51:54 No.19793129

Anonymous 2014-09-19 02:13:39 No.19793458
Glad at least a few folks liked it. Not my preferred genre, but fun for a lark. Also puns.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 03:05:07 No.19794208

Absolutely glorious, fellow writefag.

Consider me interested in an extended series.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 03:15:32 No.19794357

Anonymous 2014-09-19 03:52:59 No.19794857
Any drawfags present that could draw Anon and Chrysalis so that they look like Stannis and Melisandre?

Or just Chrysalis as Melisandre?

Anonymous 2014-09-19 04:14:35 No.19795226
Here you go

Anonymous 2014-09-19 04:24:00 No.19795363

"Oh Tzeentch, Lord of Change(lings), protect us! For the night is dark and full of Emprahs!"

Anonymous 2014-09-19 04:28:50 No.19795437
Godfuckingdammit you made me laugh.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 04:39:11 No.19795613

Aaaaand so for this idea

Anonymous 2014-09-19 05:42:46 No.19796553
I liked it, I'd be interested in more.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 05:45:28 No.19796603
Did Writerofstuff post his new chapter?

Anonymous 2014-09-19 05:48:20 No.19796648
Capped so fucking hard. I fucking love pirates, so this story has just become one of my new favorites.

Are you sure you don't want to make a pastebin? You've written, like, 5 or 6 one-shots.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 05:50:33 No.19796691
Yes, you can read it here: http://pastebin.com/e68gwS8r

Anonymous 2014-09-19 05:52:21 No.19796717
I was just wondering if he ever posted it to the thread, or last thread that is. He usually does.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 05:55:56 No.19796791
He hasn't posted it to anywhere other than his pastebin afaik. Really hoped he'd post it here.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 05:59:37 No.19796857
Is this story going to be continued? It has potential.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 06:02:04 No.19796913
Anyway, posting some screencaps.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 06:05:05 No.19796963

Anonymous 2014-09-19 06:07:15 No.19797000

Anonymous 2014-09-19 06:12:51 No.19797077

Anonymous 2014-09-19 06:16:58 No.19797129
Chrysalis is trying to rape you. Wat do

Anonymous 2014-09-19 06:19:07 No.19797158
You can't rape the willing

Anonymous 2014-09-19 06:20:39 No.19797185

Anonymous 2014-09-19 06:23:33 No.19797248
Would you eat it?

Anonymous 2014-09-19 06:27:04 No.19797295
>something I wrote is capped in the chrysalis thread

Anonymous 2014-09-19 06:27:33 No.19797302

Anonymous 2014-09-19 06:28:05 No.19797310
It's not rape if you let it happen

Anonymous 2014-09-19 06:30:33 No.19797332
Filly Chrysalis is so fucking cute. Will dump some of her pics later.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 06:35:05 No.19797386
do it now!

Anonymous 2014-09-19 06:43:48 No.19797520
What do you think Chrysalis do on Heart & Hooves Day?
Does she send all of her drones to Equestria to gather all the free love and stay at the Hive?
Or does she leave the Hive in the care of her council and have some fun feasting on the populations?

She'll never send you a valentine card like pic related.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 06:48:16 No.19797577

Anonymous 2014-09-19 06:48:36 No.19797581
>What do you think Chrysalis do on Heart & Hooves Day?

clop like hell

Anonymous 2014-09-19 06:51:57 No.19797617
>Pic related

Anonymous 2014-09-19 06:58:11 No.19797691
>get that pic in the mail on H&H
>along with the delivery colt and several guards wanting to ask some questions

Anonymous 2014-09-19 07:22:04 No.19797931

Anonymous 2014-09-19 07:25:57 No.19797963
Is it just me or Chrysalis would fit perfectly in cyberpunk-themed stuff? I can easily see her as a character in a cyberpunk game.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 07:32:42 No.19798023
Posting some filly Chrysalis. She's just so fucking cute.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 07:34:46 No.19798047

Anonymous 2014-09-19 07:36:22 No.19798068

Anonymous 2014-09-19 07:40:44 No.19798119
>"Hi, Anon!"
>"Do you want to play hide-and-seek with me?"
>"Or maybe we can play tag? What do you say, Anon?"

Anonymous 2014-09-19 07:44:01 No.19798152

Anonymous 2014-09-19 07:46:47 No.19798181
Do you think changelings have festivals of their own or something?

Anonymous 2014-09-19 07:52:08 No.19798238

Anonymous 2014-09-19 07:56:52 No.19798298
Do any of you guys use a pony wallpaper?

Anonymous 2014-09-19 07:59:50 No.19798326
They may have a few. The day Chrysalis took over might be a day of celebration. Perhaps a few random dates throughout the year marking specific accomplishments for the hive as a whole. I think a lot of personal holidays (like birth/hatch days) are lost on them.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 08:08:37 No.19798405

Anonymous 2014-09-19 08:37:52 No.19798681
We're lacking on sexy stuff right now. C'mon, fags. She needs your liquid love.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 08:39:33 No.19798697

Anonymous 2014-09-19 08:40:47 No.19798712

Anonymous 2014-09-19 08:43:15 No.19798731

Anonymous 2014-09-19 08:45:24 No.19798749
I just fucking love this pic.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 08:49:50 No.19798797

Anonymous 2014-09-19 08:51:17 No.19798804
Why is she so perfect?

Anonymous 2014-09-19 08:56:33 No.19798832

Anonymous 2014-09-19 08:59:40 No.19798854

Anonymous 2014-09-19 09:03:02 No.19798876

Anonymous 2014-09-19 11:05:57 No.19799462
Anybody still lurking?

Anonymous 2014-09-19 11:24:10 No.19799523
Do you think Chrysalis has a fetish? If so, what is it?

Anonymous 2014-09-19 12:08:36 No.19799668
I dunno, BDSM maybe?

Anonymous 2014-09-19 12:55:24 No.19799800

Anonymous 2014-09-19 13:00:38 No.19799825

Anonymous 2014-09-19 13:05:10 No.19799836
Thanks for capping it, always good to see people do that.

I suppose I ought to make a pastebin one of these days. I've written what, five or six at least for this thread. I have 49 files in my 'greentexts' folder.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 13:13:18 No.19799865
>I have 49 files in my 'greentexts' folder.
Damn, are all of those your own stories? Or is the folder just a place where you put downloaded stories?

Anonymous 2014-09-19 13:25:12 No.19799911
Would you watch shitty soap-operas with her?

Anonymous 2014-09-19 13:26:49 No.19799917
>What do you think Chrysalis do on Heart & Hooves Day?
I like to think she and the other changelings actually dislike it.

Look at how she does as Cadance. She's not good at being romantic. She couldn't get a gift for the stallion she's fooling, she couldn't be lovey or anything. She'd be that much closer to being found out, or just being dumped anyway.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 13:30:45 No.19799930
what about robotech?
shit was romantic

Anonymous 2014-09-19 13:32:32 No.19799939
It's stuff I've written, and caps of stuff I've written.

Varying things, just whatever thread catches my attention and doesn't get shitposted all over before I finish writing.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 13:35:52 No.19799957
I want to cuddle Chrysalis non-sexually.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 13:38:15 No.19799967
Watching shitty stuff and doing things you don't want is the price of being in a relationship.

So sure.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 13:47:55 No.19800019
>Still no colored version of this.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 13:50:30 No.19800032
Looks like the expressions you see on her in the comics.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 15:33:27 No.19800699

Anonymous 2014-09-19 15:47:38 No.19800770
Would you still tell Chrysalis, who was large and cradling a distended belly, gravid with eggs, that she's beautiful?

Why do i not have any pictures of this

Anonymous 2014-09-19 16:00:15 No.19800830
they are my sons?
the answer still yes anyway

Anonymous 2014-09-19 16:01:38 No.19800837
Of course I would.
Whether or not those incoming kids are mine.

Pregnancy is a major fetish of mine.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 16:06:34 No.19800859
For a thread that started with "durrr nobody wants this thread around anymore" It sure does have an awful lot of new content this time around.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 16:11:12 No.19800879
I'm not into pregnancy or anything. In fact I think it's a little gross. But even if they weren't mine, yes I would still say it and mean it.
Chryssi, you are beautiful.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 17:55:36 No.19801576

Anonymous 2014-09-19 18:21:09 No.19801809

Anonymous 2014-09-19 18:21:54 No.19801817
>Not Arachne

Wolfkrone 2014-09-19 18:30:04 No.19801886
As much as I prefer Smite anon, I think more people would recognize Elise over Arachne.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 18:31:08 No.19801898
Trip stuck, sorry...

Anonymous 2014-09-19 18:42:32 No.19801973

Anonymous 2014-09-19 19:29:48 No.19802353
What the heck.
>The end of another long day
>You had it in your head that being... something like a Queen's Consort in the changeling hive would be an easy life
>It's not though, not for you and not for your Queen
>But the work for the day is over, and the two of you are in her private chambers
>Chrysalis is laying on her side, one foreleg idly laying against her large belly
>Eggs, of course.
>A lot of them, by the looks of it
>She's been getting bigger for weeks now, but it seems to have leveled off.
>It's in the part of her that's a bit translucent
>If you look closely you can see the nascent changelings inside, still not entirely encased in their eventual shells
>Yes, you had to ask some questions of her when this started. It's a bit different than humans.
>You sit together in silence, while she goes over some logistics information for the hive, and you idly read one of the books her minions have smuggled out of other nations.
>She turns to look at you, and you glance over at her, but then go back to your book
>A low growl comes from her, and you look back to her again.
"Sorry, Chrysalis."
>She smiles at the immediate apology, but then looks at you carefully.
>"Do you regret this?"
"Regret what?"
>First reaction, couldn't help that question.
>Her eyes narrow slightly, and she moves her foreleg against her swollen belly.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 19:29:49 No.19802358

Anonymous 2014-09-19 19:30:52 No.19802368
>You can't help but glance down at the changelings growing inside her, and one squirms a little at the movement.
"What, getting you pregnant? No, of course not. Why would I?"
>Chrysalis looks down at herself, still lightly rubbing her belly.
>"It is not always what a male wants."
"What do you mean? They're mine, right?"
>Her eyes flash as she meets yours again.
>Her voice leaves no room for question.
>"They are MINE."
>You cough into your fist, knowing that tone and the sort of emotion it implies.
"I only meant... uh, I'm the one that... fertilized them?"
>Her body language remains tense for a moment, and then she softens.
>"Of course. I have not laid with any other since we met."
>You tentatively reach out and run your hand over the smooth, translucent... 'chitin' isn't the right word.
>Anyway, over her belly.
>It's firm, taut from the pressure inside.
>After a moment, you let your hand reach her hoof, and you wrap your fingers around it.
"Of course not."
>She looks at your hand, and then to your eyes
>Chrysalis looks into your eyes a moment, and then turns her head aside and pulls her hoof away
>She's kind of cute when she's embarrassed.
>Her voice is quiet when she speaks again.
>She doesn't often drop her standoffish, regal, almost hostile personality.
>"Am I still... attractive?"

Anonymous 2014-09-19 19:32:15 No.19802381
"Of course you are."
>Her head whips around and she stares daggers at you.
>Okay, maybe you answered too fast.
>Backpeddle, uh...
"Since when do you wonder if you're pretty? The first time I said i thought you looked good, you yelled at me."
>Chrysalis growls again, and then huffs and turns her head again, looking down at her belly.
>"I didn't care about my appearance. I never have. Ponies were attracted to me because I looked like someone they loved."
>You keep your stupid mouth shut. It's never really good to interrupt her.
>A few seconds of silence pass, and you watch her eyes flit over her own belly, hooves, and flank.
>Her tail flicks a little, and she gives another rattling growl.
>"You don't. You like... me. It's new. Different."
>Her voice drops again, low and almost vulnerable.
>"I like it."
>Well, that's good to hear.
>You squeeze against her hoof lightly, and run your thumb over the smooth chitinous surface.
>She furrows her brow as she looks at you, trying to look like she's angry instead of worried and nervous.
>You hold her hoof, and look into her eyes.
>After a moment, she loses the angry expression, and her hoof shakes a little against your hand.
"You're beautiful. You always have been. You are now, with our children in you, and you will be after they're born. You never have to worry about that."
>She stares at you a moment, and then reaches up slightly with her forelegs

Anonymous 2014-09-19 19:34:58 No.19802408
>Her belly is a bit heavy for her to get up immediately, so you set your book aside and lay down with her.
>Chrysalis hooks her forelegs over your shoulders, her belly forcing a bit of space between the two of you.
>She leans in and rests her muzzle in the crook of your neck.
>her tongue flits lightly over your skin
>there's a quiet, rasping purr in her throat
>"Thank you. It's... important to me. To hear that."
>You run your hand lightly down her back, over the scales there, and lightly over her belly
>She nuzzles your neck, and huffs warm breath against it.
>"I will be this way for another month. The laying will... not be easy."
"I'll be here."
>That quiet growl again, but less threatening than before.
>"Yes, you will. Then I may want to start another clutch."
"So soon?"
>She gives a low chuckle, and flicks her tongue along your neck again.
>Her body is warm against yours, and you recognize the throaty hum she gives.
>"We should practice now."
>You turn and kiss along her horn.
>Time to prove to her just how beautiful and sexy you still find her.
End. Just because people were talking about it.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 19:35:27 No.19802413
>that is when the fire nation attacked

Anonymous 2014-09-19 19:39:22 No.19802455
Never watched the last airbender. I assume that's where that's from.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 19:42:06 No.19802489
it is the respectable manchild's show, you should check it out

Anonymous 2014-09-19 19:42:33 No.19802492
Are you implying that MLP isn't respectable

Anonymous 2014-09-19 19:45:06 No.19802515
no, im saying that the manchildren who watch it arent respectable

Anonymous 2014-09-19 19:49:31 No.19802560
That was cute.

Anonymous 2014-09-19 19:56:16 No.19802630
Original is infinitely better

Anonymous 2014-09-19 19:59:38 No.19802661
But the two things in that picture aren't people and I will never acknowledge them as such

Anonymous 2014-09-19 20:06:15 No.19802730

Anonymous 2014-09-19 20:12:43 No.19802798
You. Where have you been?

Anonymous 2014-09-19 20:26:07 No.19802951
You can go ahead and stop namefagging since you haven't updated anything in forever

Anonymous 2014-09-19 20:30:42 No.19802991

Plus, I-Im writing

Anonymous 2014-09-19 21:28:36 No.19803715

Anonymous 2014-09-19 22:07:47 No.19804171

Anonymous 2014-09-19 22:10:22 No.19804200

Anonymous 2014-09-19 22:12:47 No.19804219
>Is my human form to your liking, Anon?

Anonymous 2014-09-19 22:14:40 No.19804233
>Fucking anthro
That's heresy anon
>Inb4 you should love your queen in any form

Anonymous 2014-09-19 23:51:26 No.19805389
I have heard your people like clothing, Anon. Does this suit me?

Anonymous 2014-09-20 00:39:28 No.19805997
You fugly.

Anonymous 2014-09-20 01:05:28 No.19806330

Anonymous 2014-09-20 01:46:54 No.19806910

Anonymous 2014-09-20 01:48:37 No.19806944
i need more for medical tests

Anonymous 2014-09-20 01:49:10 No.19806954

You were so close...

Wolfkrone 2014-09-20 02:07:24 No.19807213
>You're naked, and you're in Chrysalis' personal hot spring.
>You initially were worried that something bad was going to happen, like a repeat of Canterlot.
>But no, she simply let you take a bath in her hot spring. Which is at least a thousand times better than any other bath you've had here.
>Not saying the others were bad but...
>This is fucking awesome.
>Sliding a bit further into the water you stop the water as it gets a bit over your lips.
>Letting out a slow but strong exhale from your nose causes the water to cone and start splashing upwards, tickling your nostrils with little droplets.
>This is extremely relaxing.
>How long have you been here?
>You have no idea.
>Soaking in the relaxation and comfort, you don't notice the door creak open slowly.
>The soft sound of hooves on stone sound off in the otherwise silent room, you ease your eyes open to see who it is.
>Chrysalis is at the edge of the hot spring, giving you that same look.
>Piercing, yet with something else you still quite put your finger on.
>It's something like an interest, a physical interest maybe?
>Ram Charger just might be right about this.
>You try to keep yourself calm as Chrysalis slides into the water, the surface not even yielding a ripple.
>"I figured a nice, respectable stallion such as yourself would hate to be alone in here. So I thought I'd give you some company".
>She slides noiselessly over towards you, stopping a good foot from your body.
>"You know Anonymous, keeping your feelings all bottled up isn't healthy. Take it from the queen of emotions, although I am enjoying the thoughts quite a bit".
>Your face reddens as you try to avoid her gaze, the effort is in vain as she slinks to your front, facing you.
>"Despite that, if I recall correctly you had said there wasn't any other sapient being on your planet. Which means..."


Wolfkrone 2014-09-20 02:08:27 No.19807228
>She gets closer to your face, you can almost feel her breath, "You're a...ahhh what was the word. Xenophile"?
>"N-No. It isn't that, I'm not attracted to any others in this world. I'm not a Xenophile".
>She tilts her head, "So it's just me? Hm, I'm flattered, flattered that of all the beautiful things in this world you choose to have these thoughts and...desires towards me. Though I'm not saying that there is much things more beautiful than I am".
>You're taken aback.
>Just how much does she know?
"How did you-".
>"Emotions reveal many things Anonymous, I know things about ponies and other races of beings that would destroy lives, tear apart families, send entire empires into disarray. I know things about you that you yourself might not know".
>"For example, I've known from the moment you were in my presence that you've wanted to do things with me that would make any regular mare blush".
>If your face got any hotter the water would boil.
"I-I don't know what you're-".
"Oh please Anonymous, it's only natural to lust after things of beauty and magnificence, besides".
>Her eyes are boring into yours, their immense ability to keep you entranced is the only thing keeping you from looking away.
>"I sort of-have an interest in you also, I will be honest with you and say that it's not a love interest but because your love is very, very delightful and would help our hive out a great deal".
>She put her snout to your ear, her cold but soothing breath caressing your ear as she whispers, "But it's still a win-win scenario isn't it"?
>Despite the heat of the hot spring you shiver, chills rolling up your spine.
"I-I uhhhh, I'm not sure what you're trying to say Chrysalis".
>A soft, high pitched chuckle comes from her as she wipes some hair of her face.
>"Well maybe this will reiterate what I was proposing".


Wolfkrone 2014-09-20 02:09:37 No.19807245
>A hoof slides over your left shoulder as she presses her lips to yours.
>Taken by surprise you open your mouth just enough to pose a weakness.
>She takes this as an invitation, sliding her long and slender tongue into your mouth. Licking your teeth and vibrating her tongue with subtlety, before breaking the kiss.
>"Oh, this is going to be such a joyous time for the two of us".
>While you lay there still in shock, she exits the spring just as quietly as she entered it.
>"Oh and Anonymous, your quarters will be moved to my personal wing, such as a Royal Knight's quarters should be. Your ceremony will begin tomorrow at dawn, so rest up".
>Her sultry voice echoes around the otherwise silent room as she exits, shutting the heavy wooden door behind her with a loud thud.
>You still stare straight forward, your mind lost in a state of severe disarray.
>What just happened?
>Your face is on fire right now.
>Never expected this to go down that's for sure.
>Getting up you dry off and get dressed, picking your rifle up from the wall you sling it over your shoulder and exit the Queen's wing. Making a beeline for your room you hurry past without saying anything to anyone, lest they figure out what went on.
>If they're anything like their queen they already know the shit flying through your head.
>Damn you and your base desires.
>Sure enough, some of the hive's residents are giving you odd looks as you pass.
>You hurry even faster to your room/workshop, making sure to shut the door quickly.
>Standing against the door, you let out a long, drawn out sigh.
>Need to get to sleep and clear your head.
>Placing the rifle against your bedpost and getting undressed you notice a note laying on your desk, walking over and picking it up it reads.


Wolfkrone 2014-09-20 02:10:41 No.19807262
"Knight Anonymous, in celebration of your induction into the Queen's personal guard. Your residence will be moved to the Queen's wing, in light of this you will have full access to the hives' facilities, including the massage parlor and the Royal Library".
>You continue reading the letter.
"Also, as per tradition, royal armor has been fashioned for your use in ceremony and battle. Due to you having no natural armor and your stature being vastly different from Changeling kind we could not use our traditional armor and had to custom forge these pieces to better suit your body, we hope it is to your tastes".
>Well that was quick.
>Wait, armor?
>You look around the room, its' modest contents yielding no traces of any armor. Only your desk, wardrobe, and queen sized bed are in here, bar the more smaller clutter and knick knacks you've come across in the desert and other hives.
>Reading over the letter again doesn't tell you where the armor is, but you can guess it's in the wardrobe.
>Walking to the large metal wardrobe and opening the doors reveal a dark grey chitinous plate suit, similar to chainmail but there seems to be little metal in this armor.
>Picking it up and holding it out you get a closer look at it.
>It's light, only weighing about as much as a good winter coat back home. It feels like a hard plastic but you know it's most likely the same stuff the tips of your black bullets are made out of, moulted chitin.
>Taking your clothes off, leaving your underwear and jeans on you slip the suit over you head. Putting it on like you would a T-shirt.
>It fits really slim, like some hipster's turtle neck. But it's very comfortable, you have free range of motion with your arms and such.


Wolfkrone 2014-09-20 02:11:45 No.19807281
>Slipping the greaves on over your pants yields a tight fit but it's doable. The plate and metal braces working very well to allow you free range of leg movements, almost like your just wearing extra thick pants.
>The chitin plate boots fit perfect too, a little complicated to buckle down but a great change to your worn out hiking boots.
>Looking yourself over in the mirror reveals a very different looking you, instead of the run-of-the-mill looking human with some ragged clothes there stands a man in a uniform.
>You like this, you're truly starting to feel like a part of this hive, instead of just a long term guest.
>You notice the small insignia on the neckpiece and on your right shoulder, it's a green and black coat of arms.
>A dark green shield, sporting a black border with an image of Chrysalis' head on it. Under it reads, "For Queen and Swarm".
>You look into the wardrobe again, looking for anything else.
>A sword is hanging in the corner of the wardrobe, its' black chitin scabbard glistening in the dim light.
>You pick it up and pull the sword from its' sheath, the sound of scraping metal the only thing in the room.
>It's a beautiful sword, about the length of your arm. Its' steel blade shining brightly despite the low light level, the hilt is a dark wood entwined with grey steel bands which fit comfortably in your hand.
>The pommel has one single emerald in it, the exact color of Chrysalis' eyes.
>Looking over the blade in the light you read, "Knight Anonymous" near the handguard.
>You're truly flattered she would do all of this for you. Then again with what she was doing in the hot spring...
>Shaking your head loose of thoughts you put the sword back in its' sheath and place it carefully on the table.
>Getting undressed for the second time you climb into bed and quickly fall asleep.


Wolfkrone 2014-09-20 02:12:50 No.19807292
>A hard knocking tears you awake, as the door opens slowly and the same nameless Changeling enters, "My Lord, your ceremony starts in one hour. Please come to the main dining hall at that time, the Queen will be waiting for you".
"Alright thank you, what is your name"?
>He seems a bit taken aback, "M-My name? It's Scratch my Lord".
>He bows before exiting the room, never turning his back on you.
>Scratch huh? Odd name.
>After the door shuts you get out of bed and open the wardrobe.
>Getting everything on the thought just hits you in your drowsy mindset.
>He must be being extra nice for the ceremony, that's all.
>You check yourself in the mirror, staring back at your reflection you can barely recognize the man looking back at you.
>Well you say a man but by all accounts you can still be called a child, you're only 22 after all.
>Your face had gotten more shapely and defined, instead of the slight round boyish look you had before.
>Your eyes had also gotten to be a hazel color instead of the darker brown they used to be.
>Your brown hair is getting longer, you can see your bangs when you look up.
>Making sure everything is together you grab the sword and fasten its' scabbard to your left side, out of the way of your rifle while it's on your back.
>You slip the leather gloves you found on, their hard chitin sitting over the top of your hand and knuckles. Kind of like the high quality mechanics gloves you had back home.
>Making sure everything was in its' proper place you exited your room, walking towards the dining hall.
>The heavy thud of your boots on the stone is something to get used to, the noise is bouncing off all the walls.
>Walking past some changelings they turn and bow as you pass them, some even greet you as Lord.
>Lost in your own confusion you accidentally bump into Ram.
"Oh hey Ram, sorry about that I was distracted".


Wolfkrone 2014-09-20 02:14:02 No.19807304
>He bows his head towards you, "Pay it no mind my Lord".
>What? Him too?
"What is this whole 'Lord' thing? I'm a Royal Knight now aren't I? I think 'Lord' is a bit of an overstatement".
>He cocks his head, confusion painted on his features.
>"Lord Anonymous, there isn't such a thing as a Royal Knight. That insignia you wear is a unique coat of arms only worn by the king, the Queen has chosen you to rule along side her in our hive".
>You stare at him in disbelief, you can't move from the shock.
"You wanna...say that again...".
>"You are our king, my Lord".
>Your entire brain is burning itself out trying to get this all straight.
>You, essentially an alien from another planet, had just been given sovereignty over a kingdom after you only being here for half a year?
>This doesn't make any sense.
>"With all due respect my lord I would make haste to the dining hall, your ceremony starts in about 20 minutes".
>Snapping out of it you thank him and hurry off.
>You never signed up to be a king, hell you never signed up for any of this.
>Damn her and her alluring gaze, she can get whatever she wants.
>No wonder you can't say no, look at you. You're mind is so jumbled and erratic from thoughts about things you'd rather not think about to wondering why you're doing all this.
>Why king?
>Why you?
>She said something about your love being strong, and that she can use it for the hive.
>She's using your attraction to her.
>You can't even explain that either, you're human you mate with humans. Not a pony/insect hybrid, or anything else in this world for that matter.
>So why her?
>She's blatantly using you, she said it herself in the hot spring.
>Yet you're not upset, you're not miserable about it.
>You're happy.
>Confused, but happy.
>But why?
>You almost run into the dining hall's doors from being spaced out for so long.


Wolfkrone 2014-09-20 02:15:07 No.19807321
>Grasping the handle you slowly ease the door open, peering into the organized chaos that is the dining hall.
>The din of the dining hall is enough to distract you from your thoughts.
>Until the door slams harder than usual.
>Instant silence as every changeling in the room looks towards you, their bright blue eyes boring into your being.
>The lack of silence is deafening you, you raise your hand in a small and insecure wave.
>All at once, every single changeling in the room rises to their hooves. They all face you and bow in sync.
>"I see they've already taken I liking to you Anonymous, or rather....'King' Anonymous".
>Chrysalis rises from her seat at the head of table, she silently walks towards you. Her deep emerald eyes casting their typical spells.
>"I was going to have a large ceremony with you giving a speech and all that good stuff. But I think I just want to put this crown on you, you'll look so adorable in it. It'll match the armor after all".
>A chitin crown is raised to your head, it's seven jagged spires resembling Chrysalis' horn, with a single emerald inlaid into the front.
>Chrysalis catches you in a deep and passionate kiss before breaking, her smile even wider than before.
>"Ahhh, just how I wanted it to look on you. My jeweller will be happy when I tell him the results".
>What followed was a massive feast and a lot of drink, Chrysalis had deemed that no changeling should work today in honor of your coronation. That in itself had caused a massive roar of cheering amongst the crowd.
>The entire time you had struggled to keep a happy facade as you mull over why this is happening.
>Why? You were just a tool to her, you're existence was thanks to a simple exchange. You helped her, she didn't kill you.
>In the hot spring she had said that she's using your attraction to her as a power source of sorts, that she's making you king in exchange for it.


Anonymous 2014-09-20 02:15:49 No.19807329
I want

Wolfkrone 2014-09-20 02:16:11 No.19807340
>What have you gotten yourself into Anonymous...
>"I would think the king would be a bit more upbeat, I can taste your frenzied thoughts like a bad cup of coffee".
>You snap out of your haze of thought and look the Queen in the eye, the little light that is present reflecting off of them.
"Sorry, I just got lost in thought".
>She raises an eyebrow as she takes another sip of wine, "A king already in this deep in thought? I applaud your enthusiasm but for now it's a celebration, you are this hive's first king after all".
>You get yourself together, shaking the previous thoughts from your head.
"Really? I would think you with all of your wisdom and allure would have gotten married by now".
>Her chuckle slowly makes itself apparent as she finishes her wine, "You flatter like a true stallion, but I am still very young compared to me equals in other hives. We are the youngest hive in the territory, however we are the most technologically advanced".
>She puts her wineglass down as she takes a small bite from a cake that was brought to her, "So you are now the king of an up-and-coming hive with a very young and beautiful Queen at your side. To wage battle on the rouge changelings and any enemy of our territory, sounds fun doesn't it"?
>You take a sip of your own wine, savouring it's sweet raspberry-like flavor before putting the glass down.
"Sounds great, even if I'll be behind the front lines from now on".
>"What? Oh you didn't know I should have figured that...".
>It's your turn to raise an eyebrow at her.
>"The king of every hive is usually on the front line, it signifies a confidence in victory while maintaining troop morale. The idea behind it is if the king is fighting by your side, you yourself would fight harder, better, faster, and stronger".
>You nod as you sip more of your wine, looking out to the changelings cheering and drinking up the day.


Wolfkrone 2014-09-20 02:17:14 No.19807353
"So, I'm a soldier now? Instead of a caravan guard"?
>The Queen tilts her head to the side, in a mock thinking pose, "Essentially yes, except you'll have command of the troops on the field while I command the ones at the hive".
>She touches your shoulder with a hoof,"Though I'll let you...ease into that, like some other things that also comes with being the king".
>She chuckles to herself as a changeling approaches, bows, and speaks, "Your Majesties, the Royal Wing has been remodelled as you requested. If you please, you may go and see if it's to your liking".
>"I will, thank you young one".
>The changeling bows and returns to the table to join in the festivities, as Chrysalis looks to you, "Do you want to see your new home? I guarantee you will -love- it".
>With a nod you two get up, while she announces that the two of you are retiring to your bed chambers.
>Exiting the din of the dining hall, the silence overtakes your hearing. The ringing of silence echoes in your own ears, with only the slight drips of water as accompaniment.
>"You know, I thought that I would end up ruling this hive alone".
>You say nothing as the two of you continue down the hallway, wondering if this just an elaborate dream. Something seems off about this whole situation, and you can't place your finger on it.
>"Although, I would never have imagined it would be with you, of all beings. Though the passion you emanate is of the best quality I have had in a long, long time".
"Is that all this is? I get a position that looks more like I just sit around and give you emotions"?
>Why are you so annoyed now? You were fine before...
>Her voice sounds sharper than usual.


Wolfkrone 2014-09-20 02:18:19 No.19807369
>"I understand your feeling of being used, but that is why I had made you king, instead of just throwing you into the dungeon and using you as cattle. I feel that you are a great asset to our hive, and in order to show my full gratitude I had put you into a position equal to mine".
>"Plus, I can feel and see how you think about me Anonymous. I wanted to...let you have your cake and eat it too, so to speak".
>You struggle to keep your collar cold, approaching the door to the royal wing Chrysalis stops you.
>"I'll go and see if there's any...last touches I can do before you see. Wait out here".
>She gives you a peck on the lips before shutting the door, leaving you alone in the hallway.
>Maybe this won't be so bad after all...
>The clopping sound of hooves gets your attention as a lone changeling approaches you, "Your Majesty"?
>Before you could react a green beam charges up and hits you square in the face, causing you to fall to the floor.
>Before had lost consciousness all you heard was the door being blown off its hinges and a very, very angry Queen...


That's it, sorry it's so small and doesn't seem to progress much. Life has been getting in the way.

Immediately working on part 4, gets a bit meaty then.

Anonymous 2014-09-20 02:34:44 No.19807583
Glad to have you back wolfkrone.

Good update.

Anonymous 2014-09-20 03:43:25 No.19808493
I wasn't aware there was more to this.

Anonymous 2014-09-20 04:03:17 No.19808757
Yep, two other parts, pretty good read so far if a bit slow paced.

Wolfkrone 2014-09-20 04:05:24 No.19808798
Part 1: http://pastebin.com/bBuMe3ma

Part 2: http://pastebin.com/7FxwE6S3

Part 3 (Today's Update): http://pastebin.com/qVWv09fZ

Should've had the link for the third part ready, completely went over my head.

Anonymous 2014-09-20 04:30:35 No.19809154

Anonymous 2014-09-20 04:56:04 No.19809434

Anonymous 2014-09-20 04:57:15 No.19809445
I like it so far.

Anonymous 2014-09-20 05:00:01 No.19809474
Y-You too...

Anonymous 2014-09-20 05:18:57 No.19809763

Anonymous 2014-09-20 06:00:07 No.19810347
Is this the face you want your Queen to have? How will you cheer her up?

Anonymous 2014-09-20 06:07:12 No.19810462
Get started on the destruction of Canterlot, I guess.

Anonymous 2014-09-20 06:59:00 No.19811052
Hot monkey dick

Anonymous 2014-09-20 07:10:07 No.19811227
That's a pretty good mood lifter.

Anonymous 2014-09-20 07:40:56 No.19811629
Hot damn, that's a pretty big update. Really happy you decided to continue writing, man.

Anonymous 2014-09-20 07:44:08 No.19811679
Clothing, you say?

Anonymous 2014-09-20 07:53:57 No.19811817

Anonymous 2014-09-20 08:03:16 No.19811926
What kind of car Chrysalis would drive? I think she would drive a Mercedes, or maybe a Koenigsegg.

Anonymous 2014-09-20 08:14:10 No.19812025
Do you want Chrysalis to bite you in the neck and inject you with a sedative/aphrodisiac?

Anonymous 2014-09-20 08:22:34 No.19812099
Capped for future posting. Damn, you're one hell of writer. Not everyone can churn greentext that much.

Anonymous 2014-09-20 08:44:16 No.19812254
Why is sad Chrysalis so heartbreaking for me? My mood doesn't really change when I saw feelsy pony pics, but when it's her I always get a little down and uneasy.

Anonymous 2014-09-20 08:59:47 No.19812362
Any thoughts on pic related? Do you think changelings have a caste system?

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