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/mlp/ Pony

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Anonymous 2015-05-28 07:01:01 No.23228414

[Missing image file: ]

Who would you rather be a father of? Remember, they are not for sex.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 07:04:53 No.23228433
>not for sex
if that was true this board would have never been created

Anonymous 2015-05-28 07:19:27 No.23228542
>no sex w/daughteru
....C'mon now.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 07:20:02 No.23228545
You gotta respect your blood, m8.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 07:24:27 No.23228571
I wanna bang them all, BUT OP, to answer your question:

Twilight would not be much trouble. Keep her in books and you'd be fine.

Rarity would be expensive as hell, and she has a little whorish side to her. One to watch.

Flutters would be easy to raise, but so gullible and innocent you'd have to watch her like a hawk.

AJ is a no-nonsense gal. You could rely on her. She'd take her daughterly status seriously.

Pinkie would drive you nuts. You'd love her, but you might have to waste your spare time doing the rounds of clinics, checking her for food allergy, various disorders, etc.

Dash would be difficult. Rebellious and a likely prospect for getting herself a teenage pregnancy just to spite you. You'd have to make sure she had a lot of sporting activities going on to keep her distracted and under control.

So to finally answer your question, OP - best daughter would be the last one I'd actually want to fuck. Applejack.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 07:27:53 No.23228597
>"Dear Diary..why won't mah pa fuck me? Gotdangit, ah know ahm not purty as Rarity or promiscuous as Dash, but ain't ah deservin of love?"
You sicken me, you march your ass right in that girls room and you [farm euphemism for sex] her like it's going out of style.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 07:28:17 No.23228601
>Dash would be difficult. Rebellious and a likely prospect for getting herself a teenage pregnancy just to spite you. You'd have to make sure she had a lot of sporting activities going on to keep her distracted and under control.
>implying she wouldn't be a loving daugtheru

Anonymous 2015-05-28 07:34:09 No.23228633
>virgin Rarity
>whore Dash

This is what rarafags actually believe. The element off loyalty would never have premarital sex. That would betray her future husband.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 07:36:23 No.23228645
[spoilerwe're talking about human dash tho[/spoiler]

Anonymous 2015-05-28 07:38:49 No.23228653
Apple best daughter followed by Flutters.
Applejack would be simply the easiest to deal with, and Fluttershy would fulfill my desire to guard my daughter.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 07:42:25 No.23228677
Would you let fluttershy have a boyfriend?

Anonymous 2015-05-28 07:44:22 No.23228691
Same rules apply.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 07:48:48 No.23228724
"Dash, I told you to stop flirting in the gym! Why can't you be a good girl like Fluttershy?"

Anonymous 2015-05-28 07:51:18 No.23228743
Twilight obvs. Easy access to all her friends during slumber parties.

Rarity would have a daddy complex, & you'd even get a crack at Sunset. Fluttershy would be best at keeping it a secret.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 07:56:56 No.23228769
only if he can keep her happy, safe, AND handle my unending overwatch.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 07:57:18 No.23228770
That's another side to the question... what if they were ALL your daughters?

Anonymous 2015-05-28 07:58:18 No.23228776
And never actually touches her of course. If he gets the urge, he needs to eat a raw potato.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 07:58:21 No.23228778

>What if the mane 6 was your Harem

Anonymous 2015-05-28 08:01:40 No.23228794
great set up

shit idea, fuck off to AiE

Anonymous 2015-05-28 08:01:59 No.23228796
6 daughters sounds like a nightmare
>"Pinkie stop jumping on the bed"
>"Rarity that skirt is too short"
>"Twilight go to bed, your reading is turning you into an insomniac"
>"Dash stop touching Fluttershy"
>"please stop crying Fluttershy"
>"Applejack stop building barns, we live in a suburb"

Anonymous 2015-05-28 08:05:42 No.23228815
>"Dash stop touching Fluttershy"
Is that like when kids annoy other kids by touching their arms or hands and the other kid is crying for no reason? Or you're just a dirty prick.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 08:09:42 No.23228836
the former, Dash seems like the "I'm not touching youuuuu" type.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 08:10:11 No.23228839
>Remember, they are not for sex

Anonymous 2015-05-28 08:13:36 No.23228852
>"So, mr. Anon, where is the mother?"
"Oh you know, she died giving birth. I mean, popping out six kids at once? heh"
"I mean, I use black humor to help me cope up with the pain."

Anonymous 2015-05-28 08:16:22 No.23228858
Superdad Anon sounds like a cool greentext.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 08:24:18 No.23228876
nah, that's what his shock collar is for.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 08:37:15 No.23228899
>Who would you rather be a father of?
Pin Kipie and Apple Jo Ack

>Remember, they are not for sex.
>Implying you can stop me
Consensual incest is the purest form of love

Anonymous 2015-05-28 09:05:07 No.23228984
"Please girls, can you go to sleep already? You have school tomorrow and I have to work!"
>"But I'm not sleepy at all!"
>"But I still need to finish this book!"
>"But the soccer match is still not over"!
>"But I need to decide on a dress to wear tomorrow!"
>"But I'm so excited for the trip to the animal shelter tomorrow!"
>"But the other gals don't let me sleep!"

It would be absoulte hell.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 09:29:28 No.23229053
I wanna see them all work together to get the perfect fathers day gift

Anonymous 2015-05-28 09:30:53 No.23229056

They are all orphans and he has to take careof them.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 09:43:37 No.23229094
someone write this please.
I would, and will if the concept stays, but I'm in the middle of exam term.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 09:44:25 No.23229095
It's 3:44 am, can't write it right now.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 10:48:54 No.23229257
bump so I can write something for this thread when I wake up.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 11:00:30 No.23229283
>no sex
>no fun

Anonymous 2015-05-28 11:04:25 No.23229287
>no sun
I'll take a Twi then...

Anonymous 2015-05-28 11:12:31 No.23229313

Honestly I'd probably want to have AppleJack. Strong, independent, honest (mostly) and caring. She's not perfect but I'd be proud of her.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 11:25:20 No.23229347
We already have one anondad thread.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 12:58:42 No.23229676
If it's me.
>big daughteru harem
Dick: muh

Anonymous 2015-05-28 13:04:19 No.23229710
Jesus christ somebody please write something based on this.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 13:24:49 No.23229797
> If it was Fluttershy we'd end up constantly butting heads over her green hippie bullshit and her befriending degenerates like the tree hugging bitch and homeless lunatic who used to run the school. I'd force her to eat meat and go hunting to get over this phase and really become part of the family and she'd end up resenting and hating me for it. On the plus side she's the least likely to phone the police when she catches me smelling her underwear.
> Pinkie's a lot like I was growing up, which means I would end up seeing a lot of myself in her which means I would end up being a lot harder on her than the others. She'd grow up thinking I hate her when really I just don't want her to make the same mistakes I did. She'll hrow up with daddy issues because I could never just be proud of her.
> Rarity would absolutely hate living with me. The house would be a perpetual war zone, my decor more practical than anything, and my attire all stained and stinking from being worn multiple days. I would love and be proud of her as a daughter but she would want to get away as soon as possible. Once she left I don't think she would visit, even on holidays. She'd find time for her whore mother though.
> I would adore a daughter like Rainbowdash. I'd teach her you don't need to sacrifice femininity to be a better athlete. But, if she ended up becoming a lesbian I think our relationship would end. She wouldn't be able to even think of her "bigoted" father without crying.
> AJ would be a good daughter to have. Family oriented, hard working, QT. Problem is Apples are a package deal, she becomes my daughter so does Applebloom and Big Mac. AB might end up a little jealous of AJ, but Big Mac would be miserable. I'd have impossible standards for him as my son and heir that he would always fall short of, sooner or later everyone in the family will end up resenting me.
> Twilight presents the same problem as AJ, where I risk messing her up indirectly through her brother.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 14:53:15 No.23230261
God damn apple looks smoking in that dress. I'm maximum over jelly

Anonymous 2015-05-28 15:00:22 No.23230309
Surely not Fluttershit. She is so naive that she would suck dick of every creep near the playground because she would believe that is a meat lollipop

Anonymous 2015-05-28 15:05:23 No.23230342

>Who would you rather be father of?
Possibly the only time you can pick your family.
>Remember they are not for sex.
However, the fact that your daughter is a hybrid of human and pony features means you probably had the Mane Six for sex... No hooves guys, get in here and take responsibility...


>Your name was Alan, and it probably wasn't a good idea to post that to 4chan. You were part of the Anonymous Legion that went to Equestria, but the only one they were able to track down afterwards. "So this is what you really look like..." Princess Celestia said as she walked in on you. You know that racist thing, where they assume you know everyone else and can speak for them? Yeah, ponies are better about that now, but the zebra still doesn't have a house in town.

>Six little bundles of joy were given to a virgin bachelor NEET. There weren't words to describe what a bad idea this was. Technically, the princess was only expecting you to find the original father(s), and she had other royal duties to take care of so...

"What kind of formula do they need...?"


"Baby Formula, its a powder humans mix with water to feed babies before they're ready for solid food, but ours aren't designed for horses, so they won't provide adequate nutrition..."

>"What's wrong with milk?"

"Do I LOOK like I'm lactating?"

>"...I see your point..."

>"So you were put on the Equestrian version of food stamps. Princess Celestia appeared once a month with food and other baby supplies. A pocket dimension was set with a similar magical field to Equestria where the babies could learn about whatever powers they had inherited from their mothers. The portal to the daycare dimension was hidden on the human world side, and "locked" on the Equestria side. The Mane Six were the heroes of Equestria and had other responsibilities, so the task of raising these children fell to you...

Anonymous 2015-05-28 15:07:50 No.23230357
Fuck off, faggot.
I'd fuck Ponk or Dash. Who would you fuck, anons?

Anonymous 2015-05-28 15:08:27 No.23230361
>EQG shit
None, chickenfucker.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 15:12:44 No.23230399
Doesn't matter which one I choose.
I'm just gonna let my wife do all the work of raising them. I'm just around to pay the bills and spank them when they've been really bad. My responsibilities end there.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 15:16:27 No.23230422
Applejack, no question.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 15:17:32 No.23230428
Applejack, although I'm sure it'd be a grave task.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 15:25:53 No.23230484
Oh, look. Memebaby has come.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 15:31:06 No.23230523

>There were other children, and Princess Celestia promised to tell you about them as soon as you found the real father(s). Time was made to flow differently between the two dimensions upon your request. You were literally only gone for two minutes as far as the babies were concerned. The trade-off was that you aged significantly from caring for all six of them.

>Unicorn babies have the same natural curiosity about the world that causes them to read books. Unfortunately babies explore the world with their mouths. Rarara loves shiny things, and there's nothing Twiliot won't put in her mouth.

>The babies have very different sleep schedules, and with the time difference there's no way of dealing with this besides watching the babies sleep, which is peaceful but boring. Orange Apple is a morning pony, and the way she sucks down her bottle, her dad must have had a lot of fun but apparently wasn't satisfied with blowjobs or Applejack wouldn't have gotten so very pregnant. Punkie Poe is a bundle of energy and getting her to go to sleep is as difficult as getting her to stay asleep, which is as difficult as getting her to take a nap. Once Orange Apple is awake, so is Punkie Poe, and the challenge becomes keeping them all from waking up at once.

>Rarara is fussy when she wakes up, like she thinks the lack of sleep will give her wrinkles or something. Fluttershy needs to be held and reassured almost constantly, so after being rocked to sleep in your arms, she's upset to learn that you set her down in her bed some time after she fell asleep and she's "all alone" three feet from you and whatever sisters woke her up. Rainbow Dash takes three naps during the day so she's often up later than the others and not as worried about missing sleep when apparently its time to play.

>The best way to keep Applejack calm is with an infant massage designed to help her muscles develop. I don't know what it is about earth ponies, but they like to dig up the floor...

Anonymous 2015-05-28 15:57:36 No.23230700

>You ever have one of those dogs that dug up the yard? Earth pony babies are a lot like that, which might have been dangerous living in an inter-dimensional bubble. Applejack was the first of the foals who had to be taken outside into the human world, though naturally you couldn't leave the other foals alone in the bubble for more than a few minutes. You explained the situation to Princess Celestia when she arrived with your monthly supplies and she was kind enough to put in a "sandbox."

>Not that you couldn't have done that, but weren't sure how to explain how the daycare got covered in potting soil since her last visit. The babies were of course covered in dirt by her next visit, but this way the sandbox was her idea. In addition to the sandbox, a baby bathtub was added. Some sort of magical fountain filled it with warm water and soap, but of course all the babies wanted the water at a different temperature.

Applejack hated baths, regardless of termperature. She'd splash in a puddle for hours, but getting her into clean water took all five of her sisters. Rarity loved bubbles, though they didn't taste very good. Rainbow Dash liked the water slightly cold for a human, and Twilight lived with a dragon. The solution was to use a "boat," a little inflatable raft that didn't get the ponies very clean. However, Pinkie Pie treated everything like a bounce house, and the sound of her laughter was enough to make Applejack feel left out. Fluttershy went wherever you since you were carrying her. Bath time usually involved running a hot bath for Rarity while holding Fluttershy with the other arm, washing Rarity, washing Twilight before the water got to cold. Getting out the boat, drying Rarity, getting Pinkie Pie to actually go in the water while drying off Twilight, getting into the freezing cold bath with Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Applejack doing cannonballs, styling Rarity's wet mane, and only done because the Princess was visiting.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 15:58:54 No.23230707
Hoi there Anon.
You have slain me.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 16:00:43 No.23230721
Top Kel

Anonymous 2015-05-28 16:01:08 No.23230725
What the FUCK is Dash wearing? What is this shit?

Anonymous 2015-05-28 16:03:57 No.23230754
Applejack. Well behaved, hard working, and unattractive.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 16:25:09 No.23230965

>Twilight adored Princess Celestia, which I was sure would lead to issues when she met her real mother. You know that feeling you get when someone else offers to take over the easy jobs. When they act like they're doing your favor for covering the front counter while you're taking out the trash or cleaning the toilets? Twilight was the nice quiet child, so of course she was the one Princess Celestia wanted to take to school in Equestria.

>What were you supposed to do except hand over the Bop-It? Twilight deserved better than to teethe on a "pull-it" "flick-it" "bop the button" toy. There was only so much you could teach her about magic with pentagrams drawn in the sandbox...

>Applejack promised to keep notes on the dozen or so beansprouts they were doing a science experiment on. Rarity glued a lot of glitter to something as a going away present. Pinkie Pie put on a big smile, and only Fluttershy cried when she took Twilight.

>Rainbow Dash sulked for days after that. Princess Celestia came back a month later. Everyone was happy to hear news about Twilight, but then she suggested that since we had room for new ponies now... Five pairs of eyes glared angrily at her, but none of them were mine. I very calmly told her I wasn't interested in getting emotionally invested in somepony else she was planning to take away.

>She had very good reasons for what she did, none of which she could explain to a child that had just lost their sister. You could see her face change when she thought of Luna. I wasn't totally unwilling, I could only imagine what kind of time the other hybrids were having in Equestria instead of our little world where everyone was like them... Visits were arranged, but then Celestia got defensive and acted like it was my fault for not finding the real fathers on the internet...

>Negotiations broke down...

>A month later, Princess Celestia presented the competition. A branch at her school had been set aside for the hybrids..

Anonymous 2015-05-28 16:48:47 No.23231159

>She introduced it as a wonderful educational opportunity. I introduced it as "We're going to go see Twilght!" For the first time in my children's tiny warped lives, we were going to Equestria.

>It was my second visit to Equestria, but the first hadn't ended well. Anonymous was Legion and we hadn't been selective enough in our "recruitment." With our profanity we profaned this magical world, and with our perversion we had spawned half-breeds that were welcome in neither...

>...The ponies heard me coming before they saw me, yelling for Rainbow Dash to slow down for the rest of us. Not that the rest of us were moving at top speed, Rarity wanted to stop and look at every store window. Fluttershy was getting a little big for me to carry, but we were in a strange place... Pinkie Pie kept smelling food, and Applejack was going to run out of those Pinkie Snacks eventually...

>A little more speed would have been welcome, a crowd was starting to form. Here was one of the anony-monsters, walking down the street, trying to act like a good dad. Some speculated that I couldn't actually be human, that I had to be an older brother who took after the father more than the little sisters around me. I heard my species called unpleasant things that I had no way to argue against.

>Other ponies had to remind the voices in the crowd to watch their language. There were children present, and suddenly Rarity felt less like shopping. The college presented a more enlightened atmosphere...

>...the hybrid branch was a zoo. The official facilities were still under construction, but I knew a zoo when I saw it. Those in charge were scientists who understood "alien hybrid" more than "children." However, the children in question put one in mind of a wild frat party with the whole kindergarten packed into a spare dorm building...

>This was our Twilight's magic kindergarten... A place where she had no friends... The "real" unicorns hadn't exactly accepted her...

Anonymous 2015-05-28 17:12:02 No.23231346

>...not anymore than the Canterlot Elite had accepted a bookbinder's daughter. Eventually Princess Celestia opened the school to other hybrids, once Twilight got the test scores to prove her entire species (no pressure). However, the other hybrids were angry at the whole world...

>They weren't exactly welcoming to the first human they had ever seen... Rainbow Dash had yelled for quiet in the zoo, even after all your talks about "inside voices"... However, at the sound of your voice, the whole place became silent... creepy silent... All of the hybrids you could see were female, and you were guessing they didn't hear many male voices like yours...

>Twilight certainly seemed to recognize your voice immediately... She pushed her way through the crowd and there was a happy reunion with all her sisters... At least it started happy, then Twilight broke down into "happy tears." The kind that start when you're so happy to see someone you love, and then someone asks "what happened," and everything that's happened finally catches up with you...

>You pull Rainbow Dash into the group hug before she can fly off like an overprotective big sister demanding answers... Twilight started talking about the books she'd read... not the friends she made... She started talking about her teachers... choked up... and said they were "nice"...

"Is there anyone here you want to invite with on our special tour of Canterlot?"

>If there was anyone who was nice to Twilight, this was her chance to reward them... Maybe even gain some clout with the other hybrids, convince them to be nicer to her in the future... If you even let her stay here...

>"...No, there's no one..."

"Then we'll keep our first visit just between family..."

>...there was no way you were leaving Twilight here... In truth, this was just you trying to get your daughter to make the decision for you... If she'd picked one or two hybrids, then you could have adopted them and not felt so guilty...

Anonymous 2015-05-28 17:28:23 No.23231465

>...However, this was humanity's mess, and you couldn't just "do your part" and hide in your only little part of the world... You hadn't given birth to these children, but you were the closest they were going to get to a human father... Princess Celestia caught up with you at Joe's Donut shop...

>She had that relieved look behind her royal composure, like she'd been expecting us to run back to the human world. I was surrounded by my daughters, and Twilight smiled like someone she wasn't sure deserved to be so happy... I gave Celestia a firm look that cleared up her relief and replaced it with pure royal composure.

>She wanted to give me a tour of the school personally, but we'd left early to avoid that horse manure. I didn't say that out loud, and certainly not in those terms, so instead I asked her one of the easy questions...

"How is Twilight doing in her studies?"

>Princess Celestia had so many nice things to say, Twilight was blushing. Twilight was apparently the top of every class, and there was talk of putting her into a more advanced curriculum. It came as no surprise to those who knew her birth mother, however...

>"You should be very proud of how hard Twilight has been working!"

"I am not."

>This was not according to the script, apparently. The blush, all the color drained out of Twilight's face. Princess Celestia had the nervous and increasingly desperate of a parent who promised a trip to Disney Land for straight-A's only to find the theme park was closed...

"I am proud of her for not letting this school change who she is..."

>Here comes the "happy tears" again. Twilight had always been a hard worker, Princess Celestia couldn't take credit for that. However, her school was a horrible place for a hybrid, and of the very few things that could keep Twilight here was fear of disappointing someone...

>Had I said I was proud of Twilight for something she did at school, she would have been trapped here...

Anonymous 2015-05-28 17:43:37 No.23231572

>Back at home, there were five other sisters to divide my attention. I couldn't always tell her how proud I was of her, how fast she learned things, how polite and well mannered she was when everyone was acting up. Twilight would rather go back to the lions den than fade into the background in the chameleon cage. However, I was proud of her before, who she was before and still was despite the elitist/us-against-the-world attitude the school encouraged among those who wanted to survive...

"Would you like to come home for a visit?"

>Twilight nodded, too emotional to form the words. I excused myself and Princess Celestia to discuss the details. Six sisters, not related by blood, held each other in a way that made them all whole.

"Begging your pardon, your majesty, but it seems like you could use some help?"

>"Oh, is that what you call it? You think this is "helping?" Helping who exactly?"

"I normally have my hands full with six ponies, but you mentioned I could maybe handle one more, so why not you? You're just trying to make the best of this hybrid situation..."

>"A situation you and your species caused!"

"If you've found a foal that I sired, I'll gladly take responsibility. I even gave you that DNA sample, but the fact that you haven't brought little Alan to me means that you either haven't found one or that you're worried I'll give up my adopted daughters after caring for them for so many years..."

>"Alright, fine! You're the one human who abstained from sex while you were here, you're a bucking saint!"

"I saw the dorm, Princess, I don't think it could hold 999 children... A few bad apples may spoil the bushel, but half the trouble is that everyone assumes my entire species is like that... If humans are all like that, then logically half-humans will be just as bad, unless we prove otherwise..."

>"Which you intend to prove by taking the best and brightest and hiding her from the world?"

Anonymous 2015-05-28 18:01:34 No.23231707
>not for sex
Fuck off normie.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 18:03:07 No.23231715
>frog poster words
Either way, this

Anonymous 2015-05-28 18:05:09 No.23231728
This and only this

Anonymous 2015-05-28 18:07:31 No.23231753
This story has me feeling feels

Anonymous 2015-05-28 18:08:45 No.23231760
shit story.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 18:13:36 No.23231787
>anonymous legion that went to equestria
stop this shit, it's painful

Anonymous 2015-05-28 18:13:56 No.23231790
"Don't talk to me about taking the best and brightest, your highness. All six of my daughters are wonderful, intelligent young ladies. Every one of them deserves the chance to go to school, but you took the one who looked easiest to teach, not the whole family, not even all the Elements of Harmony... You know that they are much stronger together..."

>"Do you realize what I had to do to get Twilight accepted to the school?! The Elements of Harmony have saved the world, but that much power makes ponies nervous. How much more when it is in the hands of humans!"

"My daughters are as much pony as they are human, and I intend to teach them to be proud of that fact! If that means giving them a space to be themselves, I see that as being no different than giving the griffons their own kingdom..."

>"Oh, don't YOU start on the griffons!"

"Ah, so this isn't just about them being half-human, its also about them being practically griffons..."

>"Oh, they're not that bad!"

"With all due respect, neither are griffons..."

>"So you think the griffons would be more accepting of your precious hybrids? Be my guest, or rather, their guests..."

"If anything, the griffons would be even more insulted at the comparison. The problem is that a "master race" will be offended at anything that is not itself, no matter how old or new, whether friend or enemy, regardless of individual merit..."

>"So what do you suggest?"

"...For big decisions like this, it is traditional to consult with both parents... Perhaps it is time my daughters to met their mothers?"

>"...I'm not sure how well that will go over..."

"They'll be teenagers soon, do you expect it to go any smoother then?"

>"I see your point... Very well, what time did you want to meet with them..."

"I won't be meeting with them. I'd rather not muddy the waters with any talk of "real fathers," so let the Elements of Harmony assume that the biological father was found and has been raising them all this time..."

Anonymous 2015-05-28 18:19:09 No.23231829
Only if I'm watching from 600 meters with a high powered rifle. A hole in the cock dissuades rape/pre-marital jimmy jams.

Anonymous 2015-05-28 18:31:33 No.23231937

>"Are you sure? Not that I don't understand your wanting to hide your incompetence..."

"I'm not incompetent for not being able to find an anonymous person of volunteered in the internet. We didn't know if the portal was going to work, we didn't know if we'd arrive safely or be able to get back home! If anything had gone wrong, the people running the portal would have been the prime suspects in the largest missing person case in human history. Therefore no one knew anyone's names or where we were going, so if we disappeared, that was it... Trail cold, case closed..."

>"And yet you went anyway? You volunteered for something like that?"

"We all had our reasons... Maybe if we'd been more concerned about everyone's reasons, there wouldn't be so many daughters... However, while all living things have some magical ability, the human magic field is so limited that it took a thousand of us to open the portal. We couldn't afford to be selective, not until we knew if it would work!"

>"And it did work, but why didn't you just return home with your proof immediately afterwards?!"

"Like I said, we all had our own reasons for being here. Everyone was a volunteer, so there was nothing to stop us from wandering off on our own. Some of us wanted to go back immediately, but we didn't have the numbers. We knew we needed a thousand humans to open the portal from our world, and while we could have used the stronger magic of Equestria, we didn't have the numbers needed to do the calculations. We studied the magical herbs of Equestria, built siphons and mana wells, and meanwhile the volunteers returned from whatever business they had in Equestria. Waiting for the entire legion to return was less risky than relying on experimental data, and we were able to bring what we'd gathered home for further study... We didn't even know if crossbreeding would produce a viable offspring until you showed up..."

>"And who is "we?" You've been in contact with someone..."

Anonymous 2015-05-28 18:35:30 No.23231981
Well i have to choose, i pick Flu-
>Remember, they are not for sex
Oh come on!

Anonymous 2015-05-28 18:45:28 No.23232053
AJ, Shy or Twi would all be fine. The other 3 are too high maintenance

Anonymous 2015-05-28 18:58:23 No.23232156
shit story

Fapman 2015-05-28 19:03:14 No.23232190
All of them?
With different woman.

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