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/mu/ Music

Threads added between 2014/08/04 16:00 and 2014/08/04 22:00

kpop general

277 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
i didn't know korean women could be ugly edition
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What´s your favourite metallica album and your favourite song of that album? mine: >RTL >atm the call of ktulu
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>white urban kids who self-proclaim their "elevated sense of art" because they listen to negro-hop and contrived indie rock >has no understanding on music history >only avant-garde artist they've experienced at all is John Cage because they saw a 4'33 meme on facebook >Krautrock? Yeah I love krautrock! I have almost every Can album on itunes. >can't actually play an instrument, just learned random guitar tunes and just recycle through them with extremely vague alterations >buys random distortion pedals, plays with it for an hour, records it onto a pirated copy of Ableton (or if they're too dumb even for that, just Garageband on their MacBook Air™), then proceeds to upload their "deep findings' to soundcloud >justify their ignorance of music theory because "it restricts them", when they were simply too lazy and ADD to just study it for a week >I've been delving into some pretty cultural stuff, tired of being so ethnocentric. Check out my Bulgarian folk collection from the last century! >add me on last.fm :^) >I like to read a lot too, Ulysses is pretty much my all time favorite book. Lolita is a close second. >is a progressive individual, hates racism with a passion >God! These plebeians are effing listening to The Beatles and freaking Three Days Grace or whatever, lol! (actually says "lawl") >Kanye West is a genius, excuse my french. >first to hop on the Make Kony Famous trend >all his favorite tracks on any album are just layered crescendos over poorly organized glitches and extremely light distortions tossed in, making it "shoegaze" >I love /mu/ haha, 4chan is pretty shit though. I am SO passed my /b/ phase. Yeah... music is my passion! Can't wait for that AJJ (actually says ayy jay jay) concert next week!
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The band you're listening to right now just became a new Pokémon. What's it's level and type?
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New thread billclintonswag.com Rate out of 10, not out of 4, guess personalities, masturbate furiously.
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The greatest musician of all time. Thank You for the music, Ian.
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>"hey can I see what music you have?" >Sorts via "Songs" instead of "Artists"

ITT: why do you hate Death Grips?

25 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Im inviting all people who hate dead grapes to explain themselves. Why do you hate Death Grips? >their music is shit why? >their fans are annoying why?

Music Theory General No. 1

18 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Music Theory General No. 1 This thread is for music theory discussion. All are welcome http://strawpoll.me/1955957 Starter Question: >What are you working on? (ask me anything and I'll help you out)

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