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/mu/ Music

Threads added between 2015/02/02 22:00 and 2015/02/03 04:00


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Metal General: Orthodox Edition old: >>53302957 useful links: http://pastebin.com/pwPUDzEX>>53302957
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I'm trying to get into rap and I feel like I've gotten a start. I got most of the essentials like MF Doom, Wu Tang, Captain Murphy, and Deltron. And then my own shit I like like Tyler, Earl, RTJ, P.O.S, and Jurassic 5. I've tried Kanye for years but I could never get into him. Personal preference i suppose. But what do I do if I wanna delve a little deeper? What's some good rap with good productions and fantastic lyrics? Help a guy out, /mu/.
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current song:heavens on fire- the radio dept current feels:depressed go

Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread

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Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again the time for our nightly countdown for Pitchfork's 5 new reviews to be updated on the site at 1am eastern time. 10.0? 0.0? Best New Music? Best New Reissue? 8.0+ with no BNM? A shitty set of 7's and below? Weird Al eternal BNM incoming hypetrain! Noctourinquetcourts Review? Ian FUCKIN' Cohen? Ryan "THE TASTEMAKER" Dombal? Lindsay "qt feminist" Zoladz? [retired patrician, memory lives on forever] Jayson "8.7" Greene? Larry "retired BNM godfather" Fitzmaurice Craig "Meme Rap" Jenkins? qt Kim "Meal Goddess" Kelly? Grayson "Grizzly" Currin? Brian "Backup" Howe? Will someone dethrone Panda Bear's/Sleater Kinney's 8.7 for AOTY? The most wonderful time of the night, every night, right now. Here it is, the nightly P4K thread. Time to get comfy. >P4K Collection Rar (Over 300 deleted reviews, pics of every staff member, etc.) https://mega.co.nz/#!XMRE1DxS!TLIOznAZL9p54Cdd6BsaiQb-V7RMHMBfGzjmuO0jjJQ >Tonight's Top Stories -I got dubs and trips yesterday, go me. -SAUNA hype/circlejerk thread, day 2 of xx.

Real /sauna/

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Since mu can't actually talk about an album, get in this thread to actually talk about sauna and not post memes. Let's do a >best >runnerup >over >under >worst >where it ranks in Phil's entire discog >favorite lyric from the album >anything else?


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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qj0poI9yo4Y thats it, i am out what a fag

Soundcloud thread

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Didnt see a soundcloud thread and wanted to listen to some stuff. Also shameless self promotion... so hit me up for some cold and warm vibes. Chilly weather and warm vocals! https://soundcloud.com/frost-and-fame/cold-heights Returning all feedback on SC! love me a good icy mix!
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Medulla = Biophilia > Homogenic = Vespertine > Post = Debut > Selmasongs > Vulcura > Drawing Restraint 9 > Volta
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I haven't heard anything from the last 5 years that even begins to come close to this album, except maybe The Seer. Try and convince me that anything else is worthy of topping this for status of AOTDSF


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Didn't see a thread already >young chop realest of all time edition Remember to use: >clyp.it for WiPs >soundcloud for completed tracks and getting called a fruit for not going to soundcloud threads We're making an album! (or trying to). Check the next post for info. Stuff: >Pastebin - Links, books, videos, articles, tutorials and stuff: link to pastebin.com >/prod/ wiki - looking for contributors (wink, wink) link to mu-sic-production.wikia.com


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reminder to ignore, report and hide shitposting and shitposters /bleep/ is for club culture discussion and all music that suits clubs you don't have to be a club goer to appreciate /bleep/ music (though it is recommended) take euro vs. america shitflinging to >>>/sp/ thanks and have fun

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