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/n/ Transportation

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Anonymous 2013-10-22 18:21:26 No.579974

[Missing image file: bishop-bikes-singlespeed-1.jpg]

Hey /n/. So I had my perfect bike, a black single speed Schwinn hybrid. It may not be your idea of perfect, but it was perfect for me and I had it since highschool. Then some faggot stole it at the bart. I have no idea where to get a new one quite like it, especially since I am now in college and don't really have much money to replace it.

Any ideas on where I could get a new one that's very similar?

Pic sort of looks like it.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 18:27:49 No.579982
By the way, when I bought it, the bike was like 200 bucks.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 18:40:00 No.579983
youre a moron for leaving your bike locked up at a bart station.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 18:53:42 No.579990

1. get some chains
2. tear your clothes into rags
3. stand at the bart, rattle your chains and scream "Return the bike!!! RETURN THE BIKE!!!" and after a while you'll get a lot of media coverage.
4. Your bike will be returned to you.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 18:59:14 No.579996
Only my second time, had no other choice shithead.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 19:02:53 No.579998
LOLOLOL good one m8.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 19:22:30 No.580001
Thruster from Walmart, $100 or less if you find one used.

Since you're from the bay area you should be able to find one of those container importers that has a bunch of Taiwanese SS for sale at around $200-250, sometimes less, look on CL and ebay. Or you can get bottom-of-the-barrel Bikes Direct, $250 shipped but they are frow/n/ed upon here. Barring that you could look/work for a conversion bike at a co-op.

Velo Uber Alles 2013-10-22 19:35:52 No.580005

[Missing image file: 4067195220_83d9e5e182_o[1].jpg]
I remember seeing at a CX costume ride, Jacob Marley, Scrooge, and 3 Christmas ghosts. They also had a Tiny Tim on a BMX in the pit area.

Pic related enough.

OP, you had what, a Schwinn cutter? The internet direct sellers should have that sort of crap for under 300.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 20:08:50 No.580014
Oh snap, I think it was a cutter. Good call, but I don't wanna spend 300 right now to get one online. Thanks though!

Anonymous 2013-10-22 20:16:58 No.580015


Anonymous 2013-10-22 20:24:02 No.580018
Thanks a bunch m8!

Anonymous 2013-10-22 20:46:03 No.580029
Thanks man. I went ahead with your idea and got a Thruster off craigslist for 60 bucks.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 21:03:26 No.580033
Pic? Just to satisfy my curiosity.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 21:22:39 No.580038

[Missing image file: 1.jpg]
There ya go.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 21:33:31 No.580046
oh god no

that's the worst possible bike you can get

madisonbro 2013-10-22 21:35:16 No.580047

[Missing image file: RcYlQ.jpg]
the bikesdirect.com kilos are great. they're probably REALLY similar to what you have.

otherwise if you're stuck on schwinn, you can always get a madison (pic related)

Anonymous 2013-10-22 21:45:30 No.580048
honestly for $60 it's not bad

not that i think you couldn't do better but tbh you couldn't do a whole lot better if the thruster is in good shape.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 21:45:52 No.580049
Glad you're rolling again.

The Darth Ronald McDonald paint scheme can be changed pretty easily, there was a guy on here a while back who stripped the paint off the rims, got new tires, and did the frame in a nice green. On the other hand, there was an ad in my local CL calling a bike thief stupid for stealing a repainted Thruster. You might want to keep it identifiable as low-end.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 22:32:56 No.580070
Thanks man. If I do make any changes, they will probably be minor, not that I've ever done any changes to a bike like that before. I usually just keep it the same for colour scheme. You're probably right bout the lower likelihood of theft though.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 22:40:23 No.580071
Word up.

Anonymous 2013-10-23 06:07:22 No.580312

[Missing image file: 100_2848b.jpg]
It looks alright man. I had a thruster fixie too so for 60, that's not bad at all. Sometimes we just don't have the money for what we want and have to settle for less.

Anonymous 2013-10-23 18:16:27 No.580454
The REAL question i know everyone here wants to ask but is too afraid to:

Is it barspinnable?

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