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Anonymous 2016-09-09 04:45:28 No.1003759

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I want to convert my MTB to a commuter bike i would use only on asphalt and concrete. Is ut useful to change my MTB tires to slick tires?

Anonymous 2016-09-09 04:48:47 No.1003762
Should make you go a little faster. Slicks have better grip on asphalt too. But you might get more flats. Knobs on mtb tires help keep the casing above small sharp stuff.

Anonymous 2016-09-09 04:59:48 No.1003766
Damn i dont wanna get flats.
Is the weight saving effect of the new tires important? I've seen somewhere that weight saving on your tires is more important than on your frame.

Anonymous 2016-09-09 05:01:08 No.1003767
So get slicks with good flat protection. There are a lot out there, often labeled as commuter or touring tires. I'm currently using Schwalbe Marathons and having good success with them.

Anonymous 2016-09-09 05:20:47 No.1003775
Schwalbe mararthons have a bunch of extra rubber on the inside for flats. Other tires have puncture resistant belts.

definitly, knobbies are garbage on the roads. Also consider a narrower tire. since slicks actually have a useful contact patch you can get away with thinner tires and still be comfy, safe and fast.

Anonymous 2016-09-09 05:27:47 No.1003776
use 1.5 slicks. kenda makes one thats chep and fucking great, forgot the name. maxxis detonator is overpriced as shot.

hardtail mtb with slicks are fucking awesome on city, you go fast as shit and fast. you guys wont regret it. they dont look as cool, but they rule

Anonymous 2016-09-09 05:39:57 No.1003778
Schwalbe Kojak

Anonymous 2016-09-09 05:52:37 No.1003779

The absolute best option is a 26x2.0 Schwalbe Marathon Supreme. If your rims are wide enough for them, you'll got real fast


The Marathons are way heavier than the Marathon Supremes. But cheaper. Supremes have nearly as good puncture protection but weigh half as much and roll like high TPI road tires

Anonymous 2016-09-09 05:56:52 No.1003780

Kojak is a great choice, but it's a poor man's supreme

Once in a while you can find supremes on sale for $25, they're usually $50 each

Here are some for cheap

jejamescycles has them for 28 now

I got mine on bike-discount.de for ~$25

Anonymous 2016-09-09 07:22:39 No.1003802
>Supremes have nearly as good puncture protection
So, not as good puncture protection?

Anyway, I'd say, if OP wanted to concern himself with marginal gains, he'd get a road bike instead of fredding up a fucking MTB.

Anonymous 2016-09-09 07:27:42 No.1003805
go for Soma New Xpress/Panaracer Pasela

Anonymous 2016-09-09 08:33:59 No.1003817
You will feel a great difference, OP. Do it.As other anons said, it is worth getting narrower profile too.

You can also disregard other anons telling you to get expensive schwalbes. Get lower end mainstream brand tires and roll. If you DO get more flats than you are willing to put up with, try schwalbes or other tires that are oriented on flat protection.

Best case scenario: you save some money with regular cheapos
Worst case scenario: you will end up on better tires anyway.

Anonymous 2016-09-09 09:47:51 No.1003824
I have a related question.

Tyres for road bikes are quite narrow, while tyres for mountain bikes are quite wide. What effect does the rim width have? As in, I have some 23mm rims, how narrow can my tyres be?

I'm going to be commuting by bike soon. I currently have a mountain bike, but would like to get a road bike eventually. I'd like to get some slicks that I can use on both; is this a worthwhile idea?

Anonymous 2016-09-09 11:51:44 No.1003859
I've got some 2.5" maxxis grifters on my mtb. nice tyres. The new surly ET tyres look pretty cash too.

Anonymous 2016-09-09 12:16:33 No.1003865

What I'm trying to say is supremes have very very very good puncture protection. The only tires with better protection are the standard marathon tires, and those are heavy as balls

Anonymous 2016-09-09 12:17:40 No.1003866

Schwalbe professional bike tires 2016-09-09 13:01:29 No.1003877
>crtl+f Schwalbe
>six results

Anonymous 2016-09-09 13:31:49 No.1003889
The Nashbar Streetwise tire is $18, less if you get it on sale

26x1.5" and it's 60 tpi

I can confirm it rolls very fast for a cheap tire, but I believe you will get occasional flats. Might be worth considering if you just want to TRY slicks for a while

Panaracers will be just as fast and probably less flats

The Marathons mentioned above are awesome but if you don't have rims that can handle 2.0 slicks at a low pressure, you don't want them. Rim should be approaching 20mm internal width for low-pressure riding. If not, you'll get tire-flop, which sucks

Anonymous 2016-09-09 13:35:13 No.1003891

Here's the streetwise

>Tyres for road bikes are quite narrow, while tyres for mountain bikes are quite wide. What effect does the rim width have? As in, I have some 23mm rims, how narrow can my tyres be?

"The chart included here shows the range of tire widths that can be used for a given rim width. The rim width measurement is the inside width of the rim (i.e., the width of the bead seat in the rim). This is a fairly conservative range; you can probably get away with using a tire that is narrower or wider than the range indicated. If you use a tire that is too narrow for the rim, you're more likely to get pinch flats and risk damaging the rim if you hit pot holes or other road hazards. If you use a tire that is too wide for the rim, you risk damaging the rim and tire, and are also likely to have handling problems."

Handling problems means tire flop, where the tire folds over the side of the rim on turns.

Anonymous 2016-09-09 15:50:26 No.1003942
Any reccomendation on hybrid tires ?

I ride mostly asphalt and gravel, but occasionaly I got through the woods with a lot of bog rocks and slippery mud. I'd say 50% asphalt, 40% gravel and 10% rocky muddy forest.

I currently have the Smart Sam tires just because they were the only tires availible in the bike store, because the shit that came with my MTB broke dute to sharp stones. But I think they are a bit too heavy and grippy for tarmac.

Anonymous 2016-09-09 16:17:07 No.1003946
>But you might get more flats
maybe if you run something like gatorskins or gp4000

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