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/n/ Transportation

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Anonymous 2016-12-24 02:57:36 No.1036019

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Greetings /n/

as many of you know the Festive 500 are coming up. A group of friends and I are planning to do it in one go as others have done before. My longest ride so far was 340km but that was in summer so in addition to the distance this will be even harder. Not sure if I can do it but I will try.

Anyway: Does anyone have exprience with this kind of distance or more. What tips can you give me except the obvious things like sensible pacing and regular eating/drinking? I'm an experienced rider but have never tried this distance under these circumstances.
I will be riding in northern europe, temperatures will likey be around the freezing point so not super cold.

Anonymous 2016-12-24 04:24:09 No.1036028
One thing you might want to try is a pace that puts your exertion quite a bit below what you'd normally do. Normally I ride with my HR in the 140s, but I've had several long rides where other people were bonking so my HR was high 120s at the slower pace. I rode a lower cadence and I found I didn't sweat as much or burn as much energy.

Longest I've done is 428 km in just under 24 hours elapsed time. This time of year you'll have more time riding in the dark than I did.

Anonymous 2016-12-24 13:17:30 No.1036086

that's pretty impressive.
did you train up to this or did you just go for it.
I'm working up to 120km right now. nutrition is holding me back mostly.

do you just keep eating bananas as you go in fixed intervalls ?
do you use any kind of additive to your water ?

I've been thinking, a drink high in carbs and maybe some protein would be great

Anonymous 2016-12-24 13:48:51 No.1036088
I've been doing 200 and 300 brevets for a few years before my first 400 and had a 200 and two 300s done in the weeks leading up to the 400.

For solo rides up to about 160 km I usually just bring some bottles of high calorie Ensure (355 calories in a 235 ml bottle). Drinking one after 1.5 - 2 hours then another ever hour after that. Eating smaller amounts at a shorter interval would probably be better, but I never get around figuring out what a convenient on bike food would be.

Doing brevets with a group we stop a few times at restaurants so I don't carry as much, but I like to eat something just before a restaurant stop due to the digestion lag between when you eat and when those calories kick in. I mostly just use plain water, though I might pick up a sport drink along the way to mix things up.

Anonymous 2016-12-24 13:50:10 No.1036089
Long distance is a mental game. Steel yourself, having a mantra to internally recite can help you get through difficult portions and keep you focused.

Anonymous 2016-12-24 13:52:09 No.1036090
>high calorie Ensure

that's quite the tip , 355 callories at 235 ml is really good

Anonymous 2016-12-25 17:00:40 No.1036241
OP here, on anything up to 200km I mostly just eat energy bars/bananas and drink regular water. If I'm with a group sometimes we'll do a half way stop and get some fries or something.

On longer rides it's defintely nice to have something to change it up, if you sweat a lot you'll want to consume something to replace the salt you've lost too. A pepperoni sandwich is a godsend if you've been eating nothing but sugar bars for 6 hours. If t's cold I find it helps to have something with added taste/sugar in your bottles, I tend to not drink enough if it's just plain cold water.
Always eat BEFORE you're hungry, if you do it after it's too late and you'll bonk. Energy Gels are great to get through a temporary drop (or before long climbs)

For long rides it also hels to have a feed bag on your handlebars. You're more likely to just reach in and take a bite or two than if you have to fumble it out of your jersey pockets every time.

Other than that, I don't really "train" for these rides consciously, I'll do a longer ride every now and then for fun and other than that I just go for it and suffer through it. I usually pick routes where there's at least one or two train stations nearby (europe, so good train system) in case I need to abort for whatever reason. There's not really a downside to trying, worst case is you end up exhausted in bumfuck nowhere and need to find transportation back home, it's nothing that will kill you.


We definitely plan on keeping a reasonable pace even if it's tempting to go faster. Headwinds might also come into play.


Yeah the darkness is gonna suck. It's like 5 hours of daylight up here right now, it'll pretty much be dark almost all of the time. We all have good lights though.

Anonymous 2016-12-25 17:09:53 No.1036243

thanks for the input I'm really looking foward to spring. I`ll have my bachleor finished by then and will try to do some real distance.

as a student I'm super cheap on stuff like gels but I suppose they worth it in moderation.

the "eat before your hungry" tip is something I definitly have to work on.
I usually grab something to eat when Im allready spiraling towards doom, then overeat and then suffer.

Anonymous 2016-12-25 17:14:35 No.1036244
I've had people riding next to me nod off briefly and bump into me a few times. Usually gives them enough adrenaline surge to keep them awake for a while after that.

Anonymous 2016-12-25 17:56:43 No.1036258
Thanks dude that's terrifying

That's actually one of my main concerns, either me or other people eating dirt towards the end because of laps in concentration. Maybe I'll get some caffeeine pills or something.

Anonymous 2016-12-26 05:33:39 No.1036352
My longest is 305km. I bring water, clif bars, and Clif Shot gel.

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