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Threads added between 2015/10/14 and 2015/10/21

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From 2015/10/14 22:00 to 2015/10/15 04:00 (4)
From 2015/10/15 04:00 to 2015/10/15 10:00 (4)
From 2015/10/15 10:00 to 2015/10/15 16:00 (2)
From 2015/10/15 16:00 to 2015/10/15 22:00 (6)
From 2015/10/15 22:00 to 2015/10/16 04:00 (4)
From 2015/10/16 04:00 to 2015/10/16 10:00 (4)
From 2015/10/16 10:00 to 2015/10/16 16:00 (4)
From 2015/10/16 16:00 to 2015/10/16 22:00 (1)
From 2015/10/16 22:00 to 2015/10/17 04:00 (3)
From 2015/10/17 04:00 to 2015/10/17 10:00 (2)
From 2015/10/17 10:00 to 2015/10/17 16:00 (5)
From 2015/10/17 16:00 to 2015/10/17 22:00 (6)
From 2015/10/17 22:00 to 2015/10/18 04:00 (3)
From 2015/10/18 04:00 to 2015/10/18 10:00 (5)
From 2015/10/18 10:00 to 2015/10/18 16:00 (2)
From 2015/10/18 16:00 to 2015/10/18 22:00 (3)
From 2015/10/18 22:00 to 2015/10/19 04:00 (4)
From 2015/10/19 04:00 to 2015/10/19 10:00 (2)
From 2015/10/19 10:00 to 2015/10/19 16:00 (2)
From 2015/10/19 16:00 to 2015/10/19 22:00 (5)
From 2015/10/19 22:00 to 2015/10/20 04:00 (0)
From 2015/10/20 04:00 to 2015/10/20 10:00 (0)
From 2015/10/20 10:00 to 2015/10/20 16:00 (0)
From 2015/10/20 16:00 to 2015/10/20 22:00 (0)
From 2015/10/20 22:00 to 2015/10/21 04:00 (1)
From 2015/10/21 04:00 to 2015/10/21 10:00 (0)
From 2015/10/21 10:00 to 2015/10/21 16:00 (3)
From 2015/10/21 16:00 to 2015/10/21 22:00 (0)
From 2015/10/21 22:00 to 2015/10/22 04:00 (3)

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168 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
[ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ] - /dbt/ Tommy Hilfiger edition. >Motorcycle Questions & Answers >Motorcycle Gear & Accessories >Motorcycle Photos & Videos >Motorcycle Routes & Maps >Motorcycle Adventures & Stories Read the pastebin and the sticky >>10361928 (Cross-thread) http://pastebin.com/0hTjvYFd Have a honda? Join the dickpic montage http://i.4cdn.org/o/1444790943920.jpg (embed) /dbt/ meet and fuck: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?msa=0&mid=z7CKLSFiJH_M.kMZoQpBOKipI Previous thread: >>13659141

Truckerfag Thread

103 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
>DRIVURS CHALK UR TIRES EDITION Your one stop shop for trucker faggotry, stories, etc. >How I get muh CDL? Community college, bank loan. Google. >Lot lizards? Gloryholes? Yes, but not really.

Infiniti G35 Coupe/Skyline V35

23 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Nissan really hit it out of the park with this one back in '03. Exceedingly nimble for its size, comfortable and plenty powerful. Reliable too, 250k miles isn't unheard of. People don't really talk about them much and ricers molest the hell out of them, but in stock or nearly stock form they are one of the best dailies IMO.

Strange whistling sound ('84 Laser)

17 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Hey /o/ I need your input on something I have a 1984 Ford Laser in mint condition, only 104,000 KM's on the clock >runs perfectly >gearbox is fantastic >so much fun for what it is >ecobox is life However >literally sounds like a fucking kettle >whistling and whining constantly >same consistancy of sound when idling and driving >no idea what it is >alternator maybe?? >pic related, my red kettle shoebox
28 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Sup /o/, /k/ here. What does /o/ think about the Ferd Focus? I want a relatively cheap hatchback that's reliable and fun as a daily driver. Is the big monetary upgrade to the ST version worth it or should I save the money and put it elsewhere? Thanks nerds.

gore thread

38 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
starting with oc
41 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
are mudflaps okay even if you don't offroad/rally?
57 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
You know what? I'm gonna say it. WHO CARES. Who really cares about the M2? Or any of the other M cars for example? I could care less because it's just another M car that does nothing differently from the M cars of 10 years ago. It's just more of the same old shit and it's gotten old. Make something fresh and different for a change. Bmw is so blah lately!
12 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
So /o/, I've noticed alot of Kei trucks are for sale on the west coast. They seem to be over 25 years old, so they appear to be cool for cats to license. Are Kei trucks good? I can't deal with large vehicles as i'm primarily a motorcycle rider. I got a chevy impala and i was hating life because it was like driving a felled tree.
141 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
>tfw 59 hp/liter

Behold your future

176 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
It's the year 2033 and the highways of America are now clean and quiet. For over them drive millions of battery powered electric cars. They are the new norm and have completely superseded their fossil fuel burning predecessors. Gas stations have been replaced by charging stations. There are a number of IC powered vehicles still on the road, but they are dwindling relics of a past age. All the major manufactures have abandoned IC production due to low demand and environmental taxes. Soon none will remain. Despite that car culture is still going strong even if talk of cylinder volume has given way to talk about electrical efficiency.
101 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
What kind of car will win me a gf?


68 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Little known facts about the FC rx7. >driver controls were designed so you don't have to move your hand from the wheel >tach was centered and larger to allow better monitoring during spirited driving


88 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
[ D a i l y A u s f a g T h r e a d ] >modified hyundai edition >'Strayan Cars & Bikes >'Strayan Questions & Answers >'Strayan Pictures & Videos >'Strayan Blogging, Bitching & Moaning >'Strayan scenc as fuck /dat/ map: https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=1049739 Previous thread: >>13648687 THREAD QUESTION What modifications do you have on your car/bike? What was the first alteration you ever made to a car/bike?

DBT - [D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ]

91 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
[ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ] - /dbt/ >burnt out edition >Motorcycle Questions & Answers >Motorcycle Gear & Accessories >Motorcycle Photos & Videos >Motorcycle Routes & Maps >Motorcycle Adventures & Stories noob? http://pastebin.com/0hTjvYFd (embed) map? what the fuck is this map even? https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?msa=0&mid=z7CKLSFiJH_M.kMZoQpBOKipI last thread! >>13665543 ? #
24 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Fuck this piece of shit. This little creepy cunt is the harbinger of the death of people actually being able to drive and enjoy vehicles. Do you really think in 50 years we'll still be allowed to drive? Fuck self driving cars
118 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
>be haggard garage >get shitbox >get fantastic idea to do a burnout in a FWD car in a dry forest on a tree >attempt >ignite and total car, and almost start a forest fire in the progress, and get arrested >call up your friends who have no fire extinguisher, rather than 911 >film the whole thing on your phone as evidence Lordy have mercy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbiO8E2WgRM

Driving Music

55 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Post your best cruising/toe gay/night run/general driving music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ki-fATpXa00

"Craigslist Thread"

23 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
>go to craigslist cars & trucks - by owner >Type in "Custom" >Post Results http://orlando.craigslist.org/cto/5267630444.html

/osg/ - Sticker General

16 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Auto Sticker General #15 Previous Thread:>>13632798 BOMBSQUAD (NEW UPDATE!) http://bombsquaduk.bigcartel.com/ WAT RACING DEVELOPMENT http://watracing.com BACKYARD TUNERS (IN PRODUCTION) http://backyardtuners.bigcartel.com/ >WE INSTAGRAM NOW https://instagram.com/autostickergeneral >List of Sticker Websites (Now with Blacklist!): http://pastebin.com/AGc66Z8j >Auto Sticker Reviews http://pastebin.com/tzEbrXRL >Sticker Collection https://mega.nz/#F!zMgTUBoT!5t13MNZBcINAyDAlmBtvjA >What is this thread for? A thread to discuss, post, create, and review anything related to Automotive Decals and Stickers. >FB Group fb.com/groups/AutoStickerGeneral/ >Currently looking for: Idea Guys (Come up with Sticker Ideas, /o/ club names, etc.) Anons with artistic talent willing to make decals for free. Anons with decal production equipment The current goal moving forward is to create sticker content and an /osg/ club name If anyone is interested in the above, send an email to autostickergeneral@gmail.com or post in this thread!

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