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Anonymous 2015-03-14 13:26:45 No.12195706

[Missing image file: ]

Let's do this.

>How many cars have you owned?
>How many do you own?
>Best car?
>Worst car?

Anonymous 2015-03-14 13:33:42 No.12195717
5, technically 6 if I count the month where I owned my parents' pickup.
Current car, an '03 Mercury Mountaineer in excellent condition.
A '95 Pathfinder with rust on the frame and a bad alternator. Only owned that piece of shit for a couple months.

Anonymous 2015-03-14 13:36:59 No.12195722
>'98 GP GT
>'04 GP GT2

might get a GP GXP next
based w-body simplicity

ty GM

Anonymous 2015-03-14 13:39:18 No.12195725
>3 cars in the past 9-10 years
>97 Explorer XLT was the best
>02 Chebby Cavalier sucked

Got an 08 Escape and 50cc Yamaha scooter these days.

I keep thinking about grabbing something fun, at least a real bike, but with a CDL you gotta be careful not to get into too much trouble.

Anonymous 2015-03-14 13:41:32 No.12195729
2008-2015: 13 cars
The best one is probably the Golf MKIII
worst one:1994 ford escort

Anonymous 2015-03-14 13:47:19 No.12195738

How many have I owned?
>1986 AE82 Twin Cam (red)
>1990 SW20 MR2
>1986 AE82 Twin Cam (white)

How many do I own now?
>1, the white AE82.

Best car
>AE82 Twin Cam

Worst car
>AE82 Twin Cam

The reason the MR2 isn't the best car is because mine wasn't a particularly good example. Engine ended up letting go after 7 months or so and it wasn't worth the money converting it to a turbo.

Anonymous 2015-03-14 13:49:00 No.12195743

Actually, I lied, I still own the red AE82 but it's unregistered and lives in a shed under a blanket in another state. The engine needs an overhaul as well.

Hopefully one day I'll bring it to where I'm living, and rebuild it.

Anonymous 2015-03-14 14:01:15 No.12195763
>'89 Thunderbird
>'01 Eclipse
>'96 Miata
>'15 Camaro

I sold the Thunderbird when I got the Eclipse. And when I got the Miata, I handed the Eclipse down to my younger brother.

I only now own the Miata and the Camaro (pic related).

Anonymous 2015-03-14 14:04:04 No.12195773
>owning both a miata and camaro
y-you sound pretty based

Anonymous 2015-03-14 14:14:40 No.12195812
Mostly Fords with a smattering of GM. No Chryslers. No real reason other than I've never found one I'd want at a price I was willing to pay.

>currently own two.
A Ford truck and an F-body


The one I'd want back was an 82 Capri RS 5.0 for muh feels. The one that distinguished itself for living through years of breakdown maintenance was a 90 Cougar XR7 which was the sister to the Thunderbird Super Coupe. Flogged that thing for well over 300,000 miles.


Would probably be the 90 Cougar through no real fault of it's own. The miles driven would only have been exceeded by the Capri which had a far simpler drivetrain and I had more money.

Anonymous 2015-03-14 14:54:30 No.12195922
T-thanks... y-you too...

Here's muh Miats.

Anonymous 2015-03-14 14:58:17 No.12195936
I currently own
>91 yellow Miata
>94 red Miata
>89 red Mighty Max
I've never sold a car, and the red Miata is the only car I plan on ever selling. The yellow car is the best I've owned and one of the best I've driven (better than an M3, worse than a Gallardo. I haven't driven enough cars in between to pin it down exactly), and the red Miata is hands down the worst car I've ever driven. The Mighty Max is pretty bad at the moment, but at least it has the proper number of pedals.

Anonymous 2015-03-14 14:58:26 No.12195937
nice wheels friend.

Anonymous 2015-03-14 15:29:42 No.12196021
shit here we go, not even counting parents of gf cars that I've maintained:

>84 camaro v6 auto
very slow, but fun
>85 mazda GLC 5 speed sedan
excellent car
>77 buick electra limited
fucking huge, had 9 ashtrays and 6 cigarette lighters
>84 vanagon
when it overheats it fills the van with coolant steam which is nice. good mpg
>2 dodge omni's
these were shit. never got either running. worst cars I've owned
>89 bronco
exactly as awesome as you would imagine
>96 chevy beretta
actually a good car

currently own:
>87 toyota pickup
my pride and joy, best car I've owned
>91 subaru legacy wagon 2wd
boring as fuck
>98 grand cherokee
super comfortable, v8 smoothness, very expensive parts
>92 mitsu mighty max
DD, very boring

Anonymous 2015-03-14 15:29:57 No.12196022
>10 cars over 20 years
>own 2 now, a Jeep XJ and an Accord shitbox
>the accord is the worst, but I got it to learn how to wrench and I was expecting some issues. But damn, it has needed literally every part replaced in the 18 months I've had it. The Jeep is a close 2nd as it has failed on me every time I've driven it, but I'm hoping to get the kinks out and have some fun with it.
>the best was the 67 Camaro SS. Pretty fucking fun. Too bad I sold it when I was 20 due to 6 mpg and high cost of gas. It would be worth 45k today (only paid 12 for it).

Anonymous 2015-03-14 15:34:01 No.12196038
>It would be worth 45k today
proof millenials are too retarded

Anonymous 2015-03-14 15:34:15 No.12196039
>How many cars have you owned? 14 cars 4 bikes
>How many do you own? 3 car 2 bikes
>Best car? 89 mx6gt
>Worst car? 99 forester

Anonymous 2015-03-14 15:47:43 No.12196080
I'm 26, and on my 5th car right now. Only own one cart at the moment, and its a slowass penalty box that I can't wait to trade in. Certainly not the worst - that was my last car, a '93 Beretta

Best was the '92 Rodeo. Y'know, back when the U still meant something in SUV.
I drove an '89 Toronado after that, which could have been my best ride but half the shit didn't work in it. Replacing the busted 80s tech would have been a nightmare, so I sold it to some trailer trash for a few hundred bucks.

OneSlowGTP 2015-03-14 15:51:39 No.12196094
>based w-body simplicity

Okay, listen to me carefully, as the owner of a ~300hp '98 GTP.

A 300hp V8 GP, even a later model, will blow up transmissions.

This is a fact.

Anonymous 2015-03-14 15:54:30 No.12196105
4L60E's, even HD's are shit
i already know this

96ls400goy 2015-03-14 15:58:20 No.12196111
>best: 00' es300. power, comfort, decent mileage
>worst: 98' camry: no power ever, blown struts (though that's my fault for not replacing them), and the reason I didn't bother trying to do the struts: rust, rust eveywhere. also somehow got the same mileage as the es

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