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Anonymous 2015-03-11 23:22:45 No.12179877

[Missing image file: ]

ok dudes, i got a set of wheels im looking to clean up and polish, but theyre pretty beat up. i know they were sitting in some guys yard for a while before i got them. most of the stuff ive been reading has been saying wetsand a shit ton and then polish. but what the fuck do i do about the rust, the old clearcoat/varnish, and those fucking gouges?
>pics related

Anonymous 2015-03-11 23:23:39 No.12179884
not as bad as the first one

Anonymous 2015-03-12 00:11:01 No.12180145
>Dem Conquest wheels
Naval jelly and have them repainted.

Anonymous 2015-03-12 00:14:42 No.12180167
> give to powder coater
> shall be sand blansted and powder coated
> give shekels
> habe wheels that look bitchin, stupidly durable, amd brake dust wipes right off

Anonymous 2015-03-12 00:21:40 No.12180207
>naval jelly
says not to use on aluminum
i was quoted 350 to have them refinished. would be nice to have them professionally refinished, but not possible as of right now.

CRXguy 2015-03-12 00:33:09 No.12180259
wire brush like a battery terminal cleaner on a drill to clean the lug holes.

After that, shit tons of sanding. the marks need to be sanded out. This is where your labor is. Going to take a lot of elbow grease to sand them out. I would start at 180/200 grit paper and see how it did on getting marks out. You may need to go coarser on some of the scratches.

After that, polish them again and clearcoat.

Anonymous 2015-03-12 00:41:13 No.12180320
cool. thanks bruh. any other tips/tricks i should know? this will be my first time refinishing wheels

CRXguy 2015-03-12 00:43:54 No.12180335
it's gonna fucking suck, that's what you should know. Lol

It's a time consuming process. patience will be rewarded with better finish. Get plenty of sand paper and keep a spray bottle with soap/water set next to you. wetsanding takes lots of liquid.

Anonymous 2015-03-12 00:52:46 No.12180389
yeah i figured it was gonna fucking suck, but i do a lot of wet sanding for work so im fairly used to it by now

Anonymous 2015-03-12 01:26:55 No.12180543
If they're alloys, that's the studs rusting and not the wheel so you can just wire brush it off.

Anonymous 2015-03-12 01:33:46 No.12180579
i was thinking about hitting them with a dremel and a wire bush attachment or something similar. but those spots that are rusted look like pressed in inserts, which ive never noticed on any other wheels before.

Anonymous 2015-03-12 01:48:46 No.12180663
dremel with the sanding bit works wonders for getting scratches out
then smooth the section with sandpaper to remove any flat spots.

Anonymous 2015-03-12 01:50:52 No.12180675
>starion wheels
my nigga
They work on any 80s shitbox

Anonymous 2015-03-12 01:58:18 No.12180728
i might give that a shot. id be paranoid of sanding too deep with it and have some wavy shit going on. but it might be my best bet to get those gouges out
agreed. heres some one my 90s shitbox
>inb4 starquest guys complaining i stole their wheels

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