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/p/ Photography

Threads added between 2013/12/25 and 2014/01/01

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From 2014/01/01 04:00 to 2014/01/01 10:00 (7)
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From 2014/01/01 16:00 to 2014/01/01 22:00 (7)
From 2014/01/01 22:00 to 2014/01/02 04:00 (1)

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27 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: nudelol.jpg]
Hey /p/. I'm confused. How do I into nudes? I have been approached by a couple of female friends who would like to collaborate in some nude shots, and I don't have a problem with that, but of course I have never done this before and I'm finding myself a bit confused on how to approach the matter/conceptualize the shoot/conduct the shoot. Can people in /p/ who have experience in the matter share their stories? All input would be much appreciated. tl;dr share your experiences shooting nudes. pic related: the least distasteful nude i found on google images. [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Specific Properties:Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CS3 MacintoshImage-Specific Properties:Image OrientationTop, Left-HandHorizontal Resolution240 dpiVertical Resolution240 dpiImage Created2008:06:06 19:10:32Color Space InformationsRGBImage Width600Image Height608

Silverfast Ai Studio 8 Serial/Hack/Crack for MAC

1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: SF8_box_SE_Plus.png]
I bought a mid-to-top range scanner to scan the family's archive of negatives (100's of the fuckers) but the software that came with it is shit and doesn't automate properly. The Silverfast Studio 8 does the job but the shit is fucking expensive so I'm looking for a crack or hack. Google just has auto generated fake links to keygens, etc. and I've gone 5 pages in. It's been years since I was well versed in finding and using 'reputable' crack sites so can you help me? Please? PS I already /r/d this

critique me

5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: IMG_8240.jpg]
haven't been on /p/ in quite a while, tell me how my photos suck. can't be bothered re-exporting images without watermarks. [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Specific Properties:Equipment MakeCanonCamera ModelCanon EOS 600DCamera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.1 (Windows)Maximum Lens Aperturef/1.4Image-Specific Properties:Horizontal Resolution300 dpiVertical Resolution300 dpiImage Created2013:03:07 01:09:44Exposure Time1/200 secF-Numberf/2.2Exposure ProgramManualISO Speed Rating200Lens Aperturef/2.2Exposure Bias0 EVMetering ModeCenter Weighted AverageFlashFlash, CompulsoryFocal Length30.00 mmRenderingNormalExposure ModeManualWhite BalanceAutoScene Capture TypeStandard

Photo's that make you laugh

25 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: bee.jpg]
Post photo's that make you laugh >Come back from 3 days absence. >Find this Bee on my shelf. >Realise rigor mortis has set in. >Make him do a handstand.

35mm film resolution

54 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Hasselblad_Imacon_Flextig(...).jpg]
So how much resolution does 35mm film have? I mean not under ideal but under normal conditions. Handheld, shutter speed equal or higher than lens focal length, sharp lens like the latest summicron 50 Portra 160, Portra 400, Ektar 100, Velvia 100, Provia 400X
25 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: DSC_5205-1200.jpg]
Hello /p/, maybe you can give some advice on this one. I'm a film guy. I inherited a few years ago a Nikon FE from my grandfather (very similar to the one in the pic) and has been my camera since then. I'm not an expert in any way in photography, but just with my intuition and this camera's own personality, I am pleased with my results. I even have 3 lenses, for different purposes. The one I use the most is the 50mm, however, I have a wide angle lens and a zoom because sometimes you need them, and I wanted to have the best, so I preferred fixes lenses over one variable (sorry if this is not the way to say it). My only concern about this is that I have to think about it when I want to take some photos, because all this things are heavy and big. Maybe just the camera with the 50mm is not that big, but still big enough to be annoying to carry it, and this is metal, it's pretty heavy if you carry it all they. I have a Konica C35 also, and it's ok, but too simple. I come here because maybe you can give me some advice or ideas on a smaller film camera I could carry in my daily life, but still a camera I could play with, not just a compact one with a shutter and not much more. If anyone is curious about it, here you can see some of the Nikon FE photos and a few films with the Konica: ender.dunked.com (my friends always say I have some kind of intuition or talent, so I don't use to get any negative feedback. Maybe you can be the first, I'd love it, to improve!). Thanks.
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: OlympusOM1.jpg]
Hello /p/, I need some advice. I used to shoot a lot of film. My old school would let me go develop, enlarge and scan my film for free. The issue now is I've changed schools and my new one won't allow anyone but art majors into the darkroom. Anyway, because film isn't much of a viable option for me anymore I figure I should go digital, at least for the time being. I don't have any digital cameras. What kind should I get? I think the most important thing to me is image quality, pretty much above all else. My friend found some old 20lb fixed focus 7x5 aerial cameras and we went into the city and photographed buildings while hand holding them. I've never had as much fun taking pictures. So, for me, I think impracticality almost enriches the experience. I like doing landscape, architecture and portrait stuff. Street photography also has some appeal to me, but as far as gear goes it kind of conflicts with the three I mentioned previously. I'd like to spend less than $600 on camera + lens. So far I've been looking at the Nikon D3200 with a fixed 35 or 50mm lens. I've also been looking at Sony's stuff as I believe there is some way to mount Minolta AF and non AF lenses to them and I've got quite a few of those. I think my ideal camera would be some Hasselblad V camera with a digital back, but I dont have 10,000 dollars. I would have gotten into digital earlier, but the gear is usually more expensive and I hate the effect of digital sensor noise. If there is any software that can get rid of that I'd really appreciate some recommendations. [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Specific Properties:Image-Specific Properties:Horizontal Resolution300 dpiVertical Resolution300 dpi
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: sky.jpg]
what do you use to make star trails? my camera doesn't have a bulb mode and it only goes down to 30 seconds. what are some methods you guys use?
22 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: mgFvR.jpg]
/p/ what are some really good site to get decent knowledge about photography (no tec specs or gear reviews but composition n shitz). >inb4 kenrockwell

Richard Mosse, The Enclave

3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: azeazeae.jpg]
Hello /P/, Well, I've seen the work of Richard Mosse... « The Enclave » And basically, I wanted to know if it's possible to achieve the same look, without using the Ektachrome Infrared film, only by Photoshop + LR. Anyone interested ? Anyone knows about it ? Well, at least I can offer a link to a small reportage about that work. http://vimeo.com/67115692 Thank you.
5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Snapshit 2006.jpg]
You! Find the oldest photos you've taken that you still have, and post a sample. Does it still hold up? How much do you feel you've progressed since then? As a decent OP, here's one of my own. [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Specific Properties:Equipment MakeSONYCamera ModelCYBERSHOTCamera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CS5.1 WindowsMaximum Lens Aperturef/2.0Image-Specific Properties:Image Width2560Image Height1920Number of Bits Per Component8, 8, 8Pixel CompositionRGBImage OrientationTop, Left-HandHorizontal Resolution72 dpiVertical Resolution72 dpiImage Created2013:12:28 11:53:34Exposure Time1/80 secF-Numberf/2.3Exposure ProgramNormal ProgramISO Speed Rating100Lens Aperturef/2.3Exposure Bias0 EVMetering ModePatternLight SourceUnknownFlashFlash, Auto, Return DetectedFocal Length27.30 mmColor Space InformationsRGBImage Width1000Image Height750RenderingNormalExposure ModeAutoWhite BalanceAutoScene Capture TypeStandard

negative conversion thread

8 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: shit_pic.jpg]
I recently "scanned" some old negatives with my dslr. It worked very well with b/w film, got more details than scanning it with a flatbed scanner. Problem are the color negatives. I just can't get good colors in post. The original prints look perfect though. Also there is a strange "clouding noise" in all color negative scans thats not visible on the negative nor in the b/w scans. Might be my shitty dslr? Sample RAW here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/24526103/DSC_3684.NEF pic realted, it's a preview of the sample raw. [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Specific Properties:Equipment MakeNIKON CORPORATIONCamera ModelNIKON D40XCamera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CS6 (Windows)Maximum Lens Aperturef/1.0Sensing MethodOne-Chip Color AreaColor Filter Array Pattern718Image-Specific Properties:Image OrientationTop, Left-HandHorizontal Resolution300 dpiVertical Resolution300 dpiImage Created2013:12:27 14:01:12Exposure Time1/30 secExposure ProgramManualISO Speed Rating200Exposure Bias-1/3 EVMetering ModeCenter Weighted AverageLight SourceUnknownFlashNo FlashColor Space InformationUncalibratedImage Width1000Image Height667RenderingNormalExposure ModeManualWhite BalanceManualScene Capture TypeStandardGain ControlNoneContrastNormalSaturationNormalSharpnessNormalSubject Distance RangeUnknown

Gear Thread

41 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1385264443738.jpg]
Gear Thread Old one hit the bump limit, so people are ignoring it and making tons of >WUT CAMERA?!?!?!!?! WUT LENS?!?@?!?! threads. Let's try to keep the gear discussion IN HERE and not in DOZENS OF OTHER THREADS, people!


1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: DSCF1081-0768.jpg]
so, /p/ i want to get a good and stable tripod with head for landscape, wildlife and macro. Since I dont own any huge L glass, i was looking in the 100€ region, maybe more, if there is a significantly better model for, say, 150. I dont really know what good value is for this price, as there is quite the choice. Also: Ballhead with horizontal axis or 3-way head? General tripod thread, i guess. Say what you have, what you can recommend, etc. Pic related: Ken's "best tripod I've ever seen". I own something similar, its just to wobbly. [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Specific Properties:Image-Specific Properties:
2 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: lauden5-R1-017-7.jpg]
What causes some photographs to be more dramatic and engaging than others (even of the same subject), and what are some good resources to learn more about this? [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Specific Properties:Image-Specific Properties:Horizontal Resolution96 dpiVertical Resolution96 dpi


92 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: IMG_0015.jpg]
Old one's about to suck it. Remember noobs:- Resize to ~1000px on the longest side Files under 1mb plox [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Specific Properties:Equipment MakeCanonCamera ModelCanon EOS 550DCamera SoftwareDigital Photo ProfessionalFirmware VersionFirmware Version 1.0.8Serial Number1132529712Lens Name30mmImage-Specific Properties:Image OrientationTop, Left-HandHorizontal Resolution350 dpiVertical Resolution350 dpiImage Created2013:12:20 22:55:19Exposure Time1/50 secF-Numberf/1.4ISO Speed Rating1600Lens Aperturef/1.4Exposure Bias0 EVFlashNo Flash, CompulsoryFocal Length30.00 mmColor Space InformationsRGBImage Width1000Image Height667RenderingNormalExposure ModeManualScene Capture TypeStandardExposure ModeManualFocus TypeAutoMetering ModeCenter-WeightedSharpnessUnknownSaturationNormalContrastNormalDigital ZoomUnknownShooting ModeManualImage SizeLargeFocus ModeAI ServoDrive ModeSingleFlash ModeOffCompression SettingFineMacro ModeNormalWhite BalanceAutoExposure Compensation3Sensor ISO Speed65408Color Matrix129
115 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: _41C3271.jpg]
Car photography thread general? Post your own shots + discuss rigs, lighting etc [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Specific Properties:Equipment MakeCanonCamera ModelCanon EOS 5D Mark IIICamera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CS6 (Windows)Maximum Lens Aperturef/3.0Image-Specific Properties:Image Width5582Image Height3721Number of Bits Per Component8, 8, 8Pixel CompositionRGBImage OrientationTop, Left-HandHorizontal Resolution300 dpiVertical Resolution300 dpiImage Created2013:12:27 01:15:51Exposure Time1/50 secF-Numberf/4.0Exposure ProgramManualISO Speed Rating500Lens Aperturef/4.0Exposure Bias0 EVMetering ModeCenter Weighted AverageFlashNo Flash, CompulsoryFocal Length42.00 mmColor Space InformationUncalibratedImage Width1000Image Height667RenderingNormalExposure ModeManualWhite BalanceAutoScene Capture TypeStandard
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: studio.jpg]
I am literally about to do my first portrait shoot in a few minutes. Never worked with a model before. Got any tips/links for posing or working with a model and shit?
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 4be886b19ed71.jpg]
Are you from Melbourne? If so come join my meetup group i made http://www.meetup.com/Melbourne-Photographers-under-30/ Its for Melbourne photographers under 30. Basically no mumtographers, old people, crappy workshops, or zzzz wedding photography.
10 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: void.jpg]
New into the photography world, making another thread with stupid questons. >What is the technical difference between a SLR and a TLR? >What are the types of films (not talking about ISO)? >If I have a lens with a wide aperture and want to take a wide angle picture in the dark, I would have to use a more narrow aperture and a slower shutter speed. But if I don't want to use a high ISO so I don't have a compromised photo quality and I don't have a tripod (I forgot on this stupid trip), how screwed am I? >I have seen some people (don't recall if on this board or another place) saying that lomography is for dumb hipsters. Is this true? If not, any tips on cheap lomographic cameras that I can carry around without being worried of being mugged? >Are there any other essencial things I should know about analogical cameras? Again, picture not related since I am on my phone.

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