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/p/ Photography

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Anonymous 2015-06-17 19:53:09 No.2607906

[Missing image file: ]

Gear thread.

If you have questions about a new camera, what lenses to buy and anything related to gear or wondering about getting into photography, post it in this thread.
Do not attempt to make a new thread for your new Rabal, broken glass and being new. You have been warned!
I repeat, ANYTHING GEAR RELATED goes in here!

And don't forget, be polite!

Anonymous 2015-06-17 22:39:23 No.2608024
>Buy £350 camera
>Sisters phone takes better pics

Th-thanks /p/.

Anonymous 2015-06-17 23:10:58 No.2608047
>buy 350 quid camera
>only take shitty photos of uninteresting shit
there's only one person to blame here and it's you

Anonymous 2015-06-17 23:11:54 No.2608049
I wanna get my hands on some film photography so I'm gonna go to the local flea market this weekend to buy a film camera. Any particular brands I should be looking for? Not looking for a bulky DSLR, but rather something smaller, maybe a Leica or something. Also what else will I need? I'm gonna guess film and batteries since I don't think those gypsies and turks will include them in the selling price. Can I just get those at a normal store that sells electronics? Anything else I should be looking out to make sure the camera is in a decent condition?

Anonymous 2015-06-17 23:18:19 No.2608054
>Any particular brands I should be looking for?
No. Look for particular models if you want features, or look for particular brands if you want a certain mount.
>Not looking for a bulky DSLR, but rather something smaller, maybe a Leica or something
Film SLRs are pretty compact. Rangefinders are minimally more so.

Bring LR44 batteries with you to test the meters, or AA batteries if you plan on getting an AF body.

Open the backs and fire the shutters. They should at least appear to be faster or slower. Close the back, and fire the shutter with a long exposure or with mirror lockup. You should see no light leaking in from the back. Look at the closed shutter from the rear. It should not leak any light. Do not touch the shutter under any circumstance.

Anonymous 2015-06-17 23:36:28 No.2608063
That's like being upset you bought a race modified miata and got smoked by other fags in their miatas. git gud

Anonymous 2015-06-18 00:10:47 No.2608084

Just what I was looking for.

Sold my collection of shitty cameras, (a bridge, a couple of point n shoots and a 1st gen gopro) and trying to buy my first DSLR. Is this good?

Anonymous 2015-06-18 00:36:22 No.2608097
should I go Nikon or canon?

Anonymous 2015-06-18 00:38:43 No.2608101
tl;dr K5 or KS2 and 20-40 or 35 macro.

After using my K10D for more than two winters' time, using only a few FA zooms and M primes, I decided that I would get myself new DA lenses for it. Within a couple days, my center weighted meter and rear dial both go out. Okay, so it's time to get a new body, and probably just one lens to go with it.

DA 20-40 WR, or DA 35 macro.
Pentax K5 used, or Pentax KS2 new.

I would love the WR. It doesn't rain here often, but when it does, I always want to be out shooting in it. I could get the 100 macro WR in the future in addition to the 20-40, but the 35 knocks out two birds with one stone in a small attractively priced standard prime. It's also a lot sharper than the 20-40.
The KS2 has the front-facing screen that I'd use often, but the K5 has the top LCD and the grip option that I use every day on my K10D.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 00:51:37 No.2608110
Yep that's a good deal. Those two kit lenses are both very good as kit lenses go.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 00:56:12 No.2608114
What focal length is the best for my first prime lens on a cropped sensor DSLR?

Anonymous 2015-06-18 00:58:26 No.2608116
Just general purpose? Probably a 35mm. It depends on what ya wanna be shooting though.,

Anonymous 2015-06-18 01:01:15 No.2608117
If you don't know what lens you need, you don't need a lens. Don't buy any equipment that doesn't fill a hole you've fallen into at least twice .

Anonymous 2015-06-18 01:02:19 No.2608118
For what?

Anonymous 2015-06-18 01:16:08 No.2608125
I'm looking for a small, walk around camera

Right now on Craiglist I see an RX100 ($300), a canon eos-m with the kit lens & a 22mm f/2 ($300) and a nex 5 ($200)

I shoot canon so I've got a couple lenses but I don't see myself needing anything other than that 22mm if I end up going that route


Anonymous 2015-06-18 01:19:58 No.2608126

you'll need an EF-to-EF-M adapter if you get the EOS M as well.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 01:23:09 No.2608127
Could someone please explain the Pentax range of DSLRs? I'm having a hard time distinguishing what the different use case is of the K-50, K-30, K-5, K-3, K-S1? Are the K3 and K5 in the same class? Are the K-50 and K-30 in the same class? What distinguishes them?

Anonymous 2015-06-18 01:26:57 No.2608129

Oh yea definitely, I heard it was pretty good and worth the ~100$

Anonymous 2015-06-18 01:29:11 No.2608130
Unless he doesn't see himself needing anything other than the 22mm if he goes that route...

Anonymous 2015-06-18 01:48:08 No.2608141
There's two main lines, the entry-level and the high-end. Entry level is K30, which was replaced by the K50 (same camera, different body). They released the K-S1 as kind of a throw-it-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks deal. It didn't stick, so now the K-S2 has replaced the K50. Minor upgrade. If you want one of this line, get a K30 or 50, they're cheaper.

The high-end line is slightly better, and more expensive. K5 begat K5-2, begat K3, begat K3-2. They have a bit more dynamic range, I think a larger buffer, some shit like that. The K3-2 removed the pop-up flash, so if you need that you don't want a K3-2.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 01:50:24 No.2608143
It's probably the image processing the phone automatically does. Learn how to do some basic post processing and you'll be fine. What camera did you get?

Anonymous 2015-06-18 01:50:41 No.2608144
Ah okay, thanks dude!

Anonymous 2015-06-18 02:58:18 No.2608167
I don't have a scanner for MF film and I don't really want to buy one because dedicated high quality ones are expensive and I hate scanning film anyway, but I have an enlarger that will cover up to 6x9 film and I have paper and chemicals out the ass if I can just get motivated to build a darkroom again in my new house. I'm not sure if I'm man enough to start shooting photos that I can only see as prints and never have a digital copy to store and to post online, should I do it? I've been really wanting to buy a Hasselblad 500c and an 80mm lens for a while but I'm not sure it will be worth it and if I will be motivated enough to shoot photos that basically nobody else will see.

Also if I decide to do this how much should I budget for a body in usable condition with a waistlevel prism, an 80mm lens, and maybe 2 film backs? From what I'm seeing on KEH it seems like that might be close to $800-$1000 for bargain condition. And what model of the lens should I get? I really really want something with T* coating but I'm really not sure if that even makes a difference. I'm also not sure if I should even worry about whether the lens is CF or CFE or whatever all those other letters are as long as it's one of the lenses with a leaf shutter, is that correct?

Anonymous 2015-06-18 03:14:42 No.2608176
Whats a solid compact camera with a viewfinder and zoom? I've come to the realisation that I just don't need a full DSLR so will be able to sell off my T3i and 28 2.8 to some other indie filmmaker. I've been looking at something like the Fuji X30 or Lumix TZ70. Something like GR would be great but I dunno if a fixed lens would suit me.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 04:50:03 No.2608209
first DSLR

should I go Nikon or canon?

Anonymous 2015-06-18 05:13:18 No.2608216
DSLR is dead.

Go mirrorless.

E-M5 II, E-M1, GH4, X-T1, X-T10.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 05:15:49 No.2608219
I'm looking to shoot short film and also conduct interviews with a new camera, I want to spend less than 2300 USD (3000 AUD).

I grow quite weary of the point and shoot camera I have.

Where do I start if I want to learn about hardware? Google gives me such bs results.

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 05:25:09 No.2608230
need a portrait lens, should I buy the tamron 70-200m vc usd? how good is the weather sealing?

Anonymous 2015-06-18 05:28:34 No.2608234
buy the gh4 and tripod, some prime lenses nothing too expensive and a lighting set up for interviews

do exactly as I say

Anonymous 2015-06-18 05:30:30 No.2608236
doesn't matter, only retards care about the minute differences

Anonymous 2015-06-18 05:39:41 No.2608247
Thanks, I have a tripod and audio recording means.

Got any useful resources for awaring me on lenses?

Anonymous 2015-06-18 05:54:34 No.2608259
The 45mm (oly or pany, depending on what price you can swallow) is really amazing for a close, and the 14mm for the wide?

Anonymous 2015-06-18 10:14:02 No.2608338
Don't buy into the megapickles race.
If you can, get a K-5II used, if not then K-5
The K-S2 is not that much better than the K-50, regarding stills it is pretty much the same except a few more pickles. If you are going for new, get the K-50 instead.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 10:42:24 No.2608347
Ok guys so I'm finally going to upgrade from my 4 year old £80 camera (Fujifilm FinePix AX280).

I mainly photograph architecture, nature and landscapes.

I'm not looking for a DLSR camera, I want a camera that doesn't make me look like a professional photographer, something like pic related, so something not too bulky.

My price limit is £550/$900.


Anonymous 2015-06-18 10:46:11 No.2608351
Get an point and shoot or use your iphone

Anonymous 2015-06-18 11:13:06 No.2608365

Anonymous 2015-06-18 12:50:25 No.2608394

Anonymous 2015-06-18 13:04:29 No.2608399
it has nothing to do with megapixels. the 180° screen is the nothing only reason I would get a ks2. a k50 would be the worst of both worlds

Anonymous 2015-06-18 13:04:47 No.2608400
I want to get back into /p/

I have a d90 w 18-55mm kit lens plus the 35mm lens. my mother loves the d90 and 18-55 so I may just give that to her and keep the 35mm for myself.

what body should I get to go with the 35mm 1.8 DX?

I would prefer a lighter and more compact body if its still decent at taking pics.

or should I just get a higher end point and shoot that costs roughly the same a DSLR body

Anonymous 2015-06-18 13:07:25 No.2608401
I'm currently using a Nikon D3100 which I picked up as my first ever DSLR.

The kit lense on it is pretty fantastic for close up shots but I often find it suffers in terms of detail for outdoor stuff and distance shots.

I was considering getting something along the lines of this:

Any advice for a scrub? Is that a decent lens to be going for or a waste of money?

Anonymous 2015-06-18 13:08:18 No.2608403
Why would you buy a DSLR or even a dedicated camera for selfies? Just use your phone instead

Anonymous 2015-06-18 13:16:32 No.2608406
low or high angle shots

Anonymous 2015-06-18 13:31:11 No.2608410
Shud I buy a canonet?

Anonymous 2015-06-18 13:32:58 No.2608411

Anonymous 2015-06-18 13:34:24 No.2608413
not for arm's length selfies, for high quality photographs that include myself. I can make do without the screen but it really helps.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 13:35:29 No.2608414
Funny thing about DSLRs, you don't have to get them to be dedicated ANYTHING. You can take photos of birds far away, you can take photos of the insides of buildings, you can take photos at night, you can take photos of your dick, you can take videos of your fucking your girlfriend that you made out of paper mache and a rubber glove filled with peanut butter. And you can also have a feature that allows you to take the odd selfie now and then.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 13:35:44 No.2608415
>articulating screen as a deciding factor
/p/ has sunk to new depths

Anonymous 2015-06-18 13:39:06 No.2608417
this guy gets it. a DSLR should be versatile, high quality, and consistent. it's the whole reason you get one. well, its the whole reason I get one. even phones have manual mode and raw now.

that's what you've been saying every day since 2008

Anonymous 2015-06-18 14:01:16 No.2608426
>articulating screen makes things versatile
You don't go outside too often, do you?
It is the photographer that makes the camera versatile. Do you think the photojournalists in WWII needed moving screens? Did Ansel Adams need any articulating screen to make his landscape photos?
You know you are full of shit when you dismiss a camera just because >no articulating screen
Fuck you and your shit, you don't need a camera. Just stick to your shitty phone and be part of the Instacrowd you talentless hack

Anonymous 2015-06-18 14:17:24 No.2608434
Best post of the day, cheers to you. you don't read much, or well, do you?

Anonymous 2015-06-18 14:19:33 No.2608437
Rate mine.

[EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.]
Camera-Specific Properties:Equipment MakeCanonCamera ModelCanon EOS 30DCamera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop Camera Raw 8.3 (Windows)PhotographerunknownMaximum Lens Aperturef/1.8Image-Specific Properties:Horizontal Resolution300 dpiVertical Resolution300 dpiImage Created2015:03:26 18:13:35Exposure Time1/80 secF-Numberf/1.8Exposure ProgramManualISO Speed Rating640Lens Aperturef/1.8Exposure Bias0 EVMetering ModeAverageFlashNo Flash, CompulsoryFocal Length50.00 mmRenderingNormalExposure ModeManualWhite BalanceAutoScene Capture TypeStandard

Anonymous 2015-06-18 14:31:49 No.2608444
Nice Leica b0ss

Anonymous 2015-06-18 14:35:08 No.2608449
Among russian gears only zorki resembles leica, lad.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 14:42:23 No.2608455
K-50 with its kit lens.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 14:54:11 No.2608459
I had the same problem with my K3.
Turn off high ISO and long shutter noise reduction, it will improve your images considerably.
Learn not to always shoot wide open, f/8 usually is the sweet spot of lenses. Try to stabilize yourself during shooting, elbows in, left hand under the lens. Keep shutter speed above 1/60, around 1/200 and only go faster like 1/500 or 1/1000 if you want to stop motion.
I'm going to get a lot of shit for this, but watch Jared 'mah fro' Polins video "Go above and Beyond Auto", but don't start watching his channel. He is full of shit but his video has everything a new photographer needs to know.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 15:13:22 No.2608467
>I wanna get my hands on some film photography so I'm gonna go to the local flea market this weekend to buy a film camera.

>Maybe a Leica or something

Good fucking luck with that, finding a Leica at a flea market. You'll find shitty old soviet block Practicas and Feds if you are lucky. If you are super lucky a standard old japanese SLR.

Just go to a fucking shop or eBay something it's usually cheaper anyway.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 15:17:46 No.2608469

Hasselblads have the ergonomics of a brick. There are so many better MF cameras out there. Plaubel Makina, Mamiya 6 and 7, Various Fuji Rangefinders, Press cameras, etc.

I couldn't get rid of my Hasselblad fast enough, not very reliable either.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 15:27:29 No.2608472
>Shooting events
I find myself strained when shooting in lowlight conditions. Currently use an APS-C with either a 17-50 Sigma or a Canon 50/1.8

Obviously the 50/1.8 does a better job in low light, but I also need wide shots, which it can't do.

I've saved up enough money to upgrade, either FF with a Sigma/Tokina 28-70 or 24-70 zoom and a 70-200 Sigma HSM, OR, a 2nd APS-C body and a 18-35/1.8 and a Canon 85/1.8

What does /p/ think?

Anonymous 2015-06-18 15:30:38 No.2608474
Pretty sure that's ?3D 5B, Canon's flagship before they started using the D for their digital line and putting their logo on everything.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 16:13:35 No.2608499
Those options are going to be pretty similar because of the slower lenses on the FF. Maybe just start using a flash, if you're allowed to. You can get some pretty good+unique looking shots with a flash depending on how you use it. If I had to pick, I'd say APS-C body with the f/1.8 zoom and 85m f/1.8 prime.

OR just flip your Canon gear since you're barely invested and it retains its value quite nicely and get a bunch of FF Nikon or Sony gear which performs better in extreme low light. Sounds like if you added the money from the sale of your current stuff to your stockpile of cash, it'd be ~$3-4k would buy you a VERY capable setup, especially if you bought used.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 16:47:46 No.2608531
Nah the sale of my used stuff would get me to around 2k usd. Also I really plan on sticking with Canon because I do both video and photo, so it makes it more convenient despite the worse Dr and ISO performance

Anonymous 2015-06-18 16:49:54 No.2608532
why not?

Anonymous 2015-06-18 16:50:55 No.2608533
That difference of performance is minuscule. Stay with APS-C and get better lens and a flash with a diffuser.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 17:00:35 No.2608537
What do you mean? Difference between Canon and other systems or apsc and ff?

Also yeah I use a speedlight but there are plenty of situations where I can't use flash in my line of work...

Anonymous 2015-06-18 17:05:11 No.2608544
sony a7000 + adapter.
hope they have similar pdaf like a7r ii

Anonymous 2015-06-18 17:32:36 No.2608557
Cross posting from the Stupid Questions thread (>>2608556 )

My A200 is pretty much dead. I was looking at getting a new camera and would like to not have an "entry" level one. I was thinking of Sony a77 or the Pentax K3. I have two Sony lenses (one kit, one telephoto). Would my a200 lenses work with the a77?

Snapsort says the K3 is better and I like that it's weather resistant. I don't care for HDR or video. I like taking landscape photography and I'd like to get into nighttime photography. A few weeks ago in a gear thread, a lot of anons suggested to get the K3. I had a friend who said I should look into the A77. The K3-2 doesn't have a built in flash, something I would need.


CDN$ 1,249.97 - K3 with lens

CDN$ 2,105.80 - Sony A77 with lens

Looks like, price wise and stat wise, the K3 is the better deal. I can take that $800 difference and invest that into some new lenses for my K3.

Is this reasonable? Thank you very much.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 17:38:47 No.2608559
Get the K-3
You get the best APS-C sensor from Sony and a very capable camera with a very usable in-body stabilization. The kit lens are better than the other brands kit lens plus the 35mm and 50mm pixie dust lens from Pentax are lovely.

If you want to keep on using your old A-mount lenses then I'd recommend the A77II, but Sony is killing off the A lenses lineup along with the E-mount crop lenses.

I say sell your gear while it has any value and go for the Pentax.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 17:41:12 No.2608562
get a k3ii or ks2.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 18:04:39 No.2608579
Many thanks.

The Amazon link ( http://www.amazon.ca/Pentax-K-3-18-135mm-F3-5-5-6-WR/dp/B00FKLQ0FS/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1434648383 ) will have everything I need, right? I can't find it now, but I read in a comment that the K3 a customer bought didn't come with the USB cord to take your photos off the camera. The Amazon link will have the built in flash, right? I've never before made a large purchase like this online and I'm really out of my element here. I really appreciate you guys, thank you.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 18:30:26 No.2608590
Just use any micro-USB cable, probably you have one for your phone, or just buy one for $1.99
It does support USB 3.0
I just take out the card and copy the photos directly to my HDD.
Yes, it is the one with the built-in flash, but mind you it's kind of a wimpy one, just like any other built-in flash. The K-3II has the O-GPS1 addon integrated with the Astrotracer function but takes away the space from the flash, hence no built-in flash. The Pentax 18-135mm is a very good lens, it is also referred to as the "premium kit lens", you will love it.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 18:32:16 No.2608591
But they're so pretty and square format and waistlevel finder and muh Zeiss glass and leaf shutters. What's unreliable specifically? Is it the film back system or the mechanical shutters? Because those both seem like they could be problematic.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 18:40:36 No.2608595
Leaf shutter is shit, get the fuck out!

Anonymous 2015-06-18 18:41:46 No.2608596
What sort of camera/lenses should I be looking into if I wanted to do night sky photography? Nothing like deep space or planetary stuff, just scenery that includes the stars in it.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 18:44:18 No.2608598
Anything that is wide with large aperture, like Rokinon 24mm f/1.4

Anonymous 2015-06-18 18:47:21 No.2608602
clean high ISO, and full frame (to help with lens selection.

Lens wider than 35mm, and as fast an aperture as you can get (preferably without losing too much sharpness in the corners.

Nice sturdy tripod.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 19:45:37 No.2608642
Which lenses are better to buy first 18-55 or 18-135?

[EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.]
Camera-Specific Properties:Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CS2 WindowsImage-Specific Properties:Image OrientationTop, Left-HandHorizontal Resolution100 dpiVertical Resolution100 dpiImage Created2009:08:29 23:19:43Color Space InformationsRGBImage Width640Image Height607

Anonymous 2015-06-18 19:56:41 No.2608646
Have: D7000, Nikon 70-200 F2.8, non-FF WA zoom.

Want: Fullframe.

The D610 seems to really lack features and speed. Should I go for the D750 or a secondhand D800? Also, Is the Tamron 24-70 F2.8 decent?

Anonymous 2015-06-18 19:57:51 No.2608648
What are you USING it for?

Anonymous 2015-06-18 19:59:07 No.2608649

(also, there are like, infinity reviews of the cameras you're discussing freely available. Come back with a question that can't be answered with Google. Your time is not more valuable than ours)

Anonymous 2015-06-18 20:03:25 No.2608653

The irony of this post is staggering.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 20:03:43 No.2608654
Canon kit lens are garbage in general, but if you want a travel zoom later then go for the 18-135mm

Anonymous 2015-06-18 20:04:05 No.2608656
>The D610 seems to really lack features and speed.

it has literally all the features and specs of any other dslr plus a massive sensor.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 20:06:31 No.2608659
So which one buy instead of kit ones?

Anonymous 2015-06-18 20:09:13 No.2608660
I just told you, the 18-135mm. The ones you listed ARE kit lens.
If you want more than any 70-200 f/2.8 plus some good primes 20-24mm f/2.8 or better, 35mm f/2.8 or better, 50mm f/2.8 or better.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 20:15:54 No.2608665
>Canon kit lens are garbage in general,
The canon 18-55 isn't close to garbage. What the fuck are you smoking?

Anonymous 2015-06-18 20:32:34 No.2608670
Your image shows the 15-85mm, which is a fantastic lens. Get that if you can afford it.

The 18-135mm lens is big and heavy, and has zoom droop when you point it up or down. It is also soft at all apertures with extreme CA. You really need to be at f/8 at all times to get technically decent images, and even then, its only really acceptable as long as you don't zoom past 50-85mm.

The 18-55 basic kit lens is cheap and light, but actually optically superior to the 18-135mm. Still terrible, but not as bad.

Get an E-M5 Mark II and 12-40 f/2.8.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 20:45:28 No.2608676
Thank you. It should come with a cord that connects it to my computer, right? That's all I need. (I live in a small town and don't have many options for electronics, I'd have to order online and wait for delivery.)

I don't use flash often, so I guess I don't technically need it, but it looks like the K3 II is the same price as the K3 but only comes with the body, no lenses:


So looks like the K3 is the camera I'll be getting. Just need to sort out a few financial bits. Wow. This will be my most expensive purchase I've ever made.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 21:01:34 No.2608686
I like how they're throwing in $10 SD cards and shutterfly albums as bait

>6400 max ISO
>shoots up to 4fps
>11 focus points
>only 1 crosspoint
this isn't a bridge camera?


you're welcome

Anonymous 2015-06-18 21:07:24 No.2608688
>learning how to do post
>not just importing your photos into lightroom with autotone and autoWB

Anonymous 2015-06-18 21:10:15 No.2608691
TIL Hasselblad are the BMWs of the photo world

everyone creams over them but the people who own them know how much of a status symbol but also headache they are

Anonymous 2015-06-18 21:40:04 No.2608705
>$10 64GB
where can i get them?

Anonymous 2015-06-18 21:46:52 No.2608714

Anonymous 2015-06-18 21:47:02 No.2608715
the nikon d3300 kit, posted in the quoted post, comes with a 16gb "class 10" card, buddy. [spoiler]nearly every SD card on the market now a days is class 10[/spoiler].
I know your nikon shill of a boss requires you to combat the forces of canon, sony, and pentax, but please step up your shill game.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 21:48:27 No.2608718
rx100 iv.
a7000 + 20mm.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 21:50:31 No.2608720
24mm f2.8 or 50mm f1.8 stm.
sigma 18-35mm f1.8

Anonymous 2015-06-18 21:54:30 No.2608723
I wouldn't get this unless you wanted to shoot 4k, and if you were getting a changeable lens camera for video, I would go with an a6000 (or wait for the a7000 which is expected to be $750 and shoot 4k)

if you want pentax entry, go with the k-50, the k-s series didn't actually make improvements on the entry level bodies, they went for the meme factor (selfie mode; 4k capable; flip out screen) and the camera is twice as much. if you're going to spend $750 on pentax, get the k5ii

Anonymous 2015-06-18 21:58:56 No.2608726
so is there any differences between the Pentax K-5 and k-5iis, besides battery life and gps.?.
or im a missing something?... And aren't they pretty much the same as a K-50??. Saw some good deals in ebay for the k-5.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 22:07:24 No.2608730
I don't know. this would be the ultimate re-branding to raise the price if I've ever seen it


Anonymous 2015-06-18 22:24:04 No.2608732
I've never heard anyone complaining of having problems with Hasselblad V cameras and from what I've heard they're pretty reliable except for the usual problems with shutter timing and stuff like that if the camera is old and hasn't been serviced in a while. Do you have a source or something? I'm genuinely curious.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 22:24:14 No.2608733
I am thinking about getting myself a Ricoh GR instead of an equally expensive wide angle lens. Did anyone sell most of his gear after acquiring a compact such as this and regret it? I man I only have three manual primes, but the thought of a one camera one lens setup is tempting.

Anonymous 2015-06-18 23:18:01 No.2608761
Pentax uses II as a mid term update between camera models. usually they experiment with new features that they aren't sure about adding to their flagships yet. the iis has no AA filter, and the k5 has a metal body and top LCD and more controls compared to a k50

Anonymous 2015-06-19 00:31:20 No.2608785
Should I get a used Panasonic GH1 for $200? That seams to be the average price on ebay/otherinternetsites. I think I'm ready for something more than my dirt cheap point n' shoot.

Anonymous 2015-06-19 00:32:10 No.2608786
When's the next version of the x100t coming out?

Anonymous 2015-06-19 01:01:35 No.2608794
Thanks a lot for that advice. I downloaded and watched the video you recommended, and turned off those two settings you mentioned, but I ran into a problem.

The images are now REALLY fucking dark. I was trying to take some pictures in broad daylight indoors, with the lights in each room I tried it on, but the images I took just showed up as black.
I had to set my ISO at numbers that seemed excessive for such well lit areas, as well as having the shutter speed set real low too.
I don't know if that's supposed to be the norm, but that's how it turned out.

For example, if I set my shutter speed to 1/60, my ISO to 800 and F5.6 (seems to be the max when I'm at 55mm with my shitty kit lens), the image is incredibly underexposed.

Anonymous 2015-06-19 01:03:01 No.2608795
The T is nearly brand new. Two years at least i would imagine.

Anonymous 2015-06-19 01:04:11 No.2608796
I recommend investing in a tripod. that would enable you to shoot at ISO 100 f/8 and an exposure of several seconds, getting a bright and super cleanly detailed image in a dark place.

Anonymous 2015-06-19 01:06:35 No.2608797
$200 is a fair price if it includes the 14-45mm lens. that's not a good price if it includes a 14-42mm lens or no lens.

the g1 is a good camera for stepping up from a p&s. it's a lot of fun to use, which a lot of cameras lack regardless of price or quality.

Anonymous 2015-06-19 02:29:34 No.2608847
the k5 came out before the k50, it came out with the k30. unless you mean the k5ii which, according to everything I'm seeing, came out simultaneously with K5iis

Anonymous 2015-06-19 02:33:26 No.2608851
When I say K5, I mean K5 and K5ii and K5iiS which are all essentially the same camera. They all also had roughly the same launch price. Unlike other companies, Pentax really only means update when they use the ii designation. There's almost no situation where the I won't suffice compared to the II, it just depends on the date you bought the camera.

Anonymous 2015-06-19 03:23:06 No.2608875
Thanks for the advice! I'll wait a little longer and search for a better deal then. You've cemented my decision to get a GH1.

I've had a surprising amount of fun with my p & s, (it was a gift from my brother) and I can't wait to get something more "serious"

Anonymous 2015-06-19 03:46:26 No.2608888
After shopping for apartments, and talking to a lot of property managers/realtors, I think that with a bit of practice I could try to make some cash doing interior work. I do a bit of urbex stuff so I have a bit of a portfolio to show, but nothing like architecture work. Thing is I shoot a crop (Fuji ff when?) and finding anything <12mm is proving expensive and hard to find. You guys got anything you could recromend? I'm not throwing out the possibility of finding an old slr lens and using an adapter, it's not like the pics are going on anything bigger than a 2mp screen anyways

Anonymous 2015-06-19 04:15:11 No.2608901
Stick with Canon, Nikon or Sony

Anonymous 2015-06-19 04:40:23 No.2608930
Is that advise directed or just general

Anonymous 2015-06-19 04:50:05 No.2608938
Use whatever you'd use in the day time. when it comes to doing landscapes or lunar stuff, like those cool long exposure shots of highways or starry skies, you'll be using somewhere f8-11 for a longer dof. So don't buy some hugely expensive 35 f1.4 and realize you just wasted your money on something you'll be keeping at a narrow aperture anyways. Invest that money in a nicer tripod, or a new head for the one you got

Anonymous 2015-06-19 04:59:44 No.2608940

Virtually everything, it's an archaic design. The light seals constantly need fixing, the shutter and mirror system jam without constant attention. The focal plain shutter models need to be babied or they shutter deforms and they die. The modular parts quite often are loosely fitting. They are a pain in the arse to load, which is annoying because you'll be doing it a lot. The lenses are fungus/dust magnets, etc.

In general they are just a bit shit to use and look after.

For the price just get a Mamiya 7 or 6 if you like a square format, I don't personally its shit. You can crop to 6x6 if that is you thing, but compositionally and for printing it's shit.

Anonymous 2015-06-19 05:05:48 No.2608945

How many people actually use Hasselbads these days? The reality is it's 99% hipster kids because they think they look cool. They aren't going to complain because they are bitch to use because they use them just because they think they look cool.

I owned one and it was a nightmare piece of shit from day one. Everything about it was annoying. The shape, the shutter button placement, they viewfinder, the film backs, it kept getting light leaks and breaking down. It only had two actually pluses, it was small and people liked how it looked. Everything else sucked ass.

I shoot a lot of medium format, so I've tried pretty much all the popular cameras. Pentax 67 if you want an SLR, Mamiya 7 if you want a light option. That simple.

Anonymous 2015-06-19 05:18:47 No.2608958
Rangefinders aren't really my favorite, I would really rather have an SLR especially for medium format. If I were to get an MF rangefinder though I think it would probably be one of those Fuji 6x9 monsters. There's also the Mamiya RB/RZ67 but I don't want something that unwieldy, the Bronica SQ cameras just seem like cheaper slightly inferior Japanese Hasselblads, I have used a TLR and it was awful, a Pentax 67 is maybe an option, and a Pentax 645 is more automated than I'm looking for. I really think what I want is a Hasselblad.

Anonymous 2015-06-19 05:59:25 No.2608970
Going to buy canon t5i.

Anonymous 2015-06-19 06:07:51 No.2608973
Don't the old Bronicas use Nikon glass?

Anonymous 2015-06-19 06:36:58 No.2608987

Don't do it, it's not worth it. I'll trade you my medium format scanner for your enlarger that covers 6x9 and all your paper and chemicals. I hate having digital copies of my photos but don't really have means to print them that isn't paying a lab loads of money to do it.

On a serious note you should get a hasselblad. My advice for people who want something is to get what they want even when I think there might be a better option. Someone asked me whether they should buy a 6D+24-105mm f4. I knew that if the person got anything else they will always wish and fantasize about the 6D. Now that person never uses that camera and all it has done is depreciate. At least that person knows that the camera they want is not always the camera they want.

Get a Hasselblad. There are places that even let you rent them and try to see if you can do that. Unlike a 6D it wont depreciate as much so you could sell it if you don't like it and not be out on too much money. Before setting up your lab you could try paying a pro lab to do it for you. It's expensive but doing it a few times should not be so bad since it's just to see if you want to do it yourself. It would suck to set up your lab and get a hasselblad to find out you don't want to do that and end up with a lab that takes up space and sits idle.

Good luck anon. I believe in you. Hope you fall in love with the hassleblad and with printing. You can even get a cheap scanner to scan your prints. Scanning prints can be done much easier than scanning film.

Anonymous 2015-06-19 06:51:59 No.2608993

I like them. They are not as loud as focal planes and they sync flash at all speed. Also they have less vibration among other benefits. They are limited by shutter speed and aperture. I rarely shoot at 1/1000th so 1/500th is fine for me and even that gets rarely used. I miss the faster lenses but I think that would add weight that would be too much.

Focal plane shutters are great for smaller formats but I don't know anything bigger than the pentax 67 that doesn't use leaf shutters.

The first time I used leaf shutters I was amazed and now it's just what I expect so I guess they spoiled me.

Anonymous 2015-06-19 06:59:35 No.2608997

Look into the sony rx100. Pricey cameras but they might fit your needs. Also if you look at the GR look at the x100t.

What did you use for the t3i? Why do you feel you need a zoom?

Anonymous 2015-06-19 07:14:46 No.2609003

You're mom is smart. The D90 should still be pretty good. I don't know why you would want to give that up but you should give it to your mom since she will probably get better use
out of it than you ever will and get yourself a D5300. Knowing you you will be better off with a point and shoot because you will use the size of your DSLR as an excuse as to why you don't take pictures. With a point and shoot you will have to find another excuse. Give your mom the 35mm too so she can show you how to use it.

Anonymous 2015-06-19 07:22:12 No.2609004

There doesn't seem to be another option for you. I was going to tell you to get a fixed lens because that zoom has small apertures so you are going to be using higher ISOs which will hurt your image quality. When I looked there were not telephoto DX fixed lenses and an FX lens would seem like a waste.

The lens that you posted seems pretty cheap so it should be good for your purpose and it will either be the greatest thing or make you realize what you really need.

Anonymous 2015-06-19 07:34:12 No.2609005

Adapt an crop wide angle to your fuji like a canon 10-18mm or a nikon 10-24mm or some third party crop wide angle.

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