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Anonymous 2013-01-02 09:54:22 No.1826454

[Missing image file: ]

Are there any rules of thumb for shooting video with a DSLR?

I just bought one for video projects. I'm fairly familiar with video itself, but I was wondering if DSLR (Canon EOS 550d) brings anything new to the mix.

Sorry if this thread pops up every day. I'm not a frequent lurker on this board.

Anonymous 2013-01-02 10:08:27 No.1826461
Canon? Put magic lantern on it.

Anonymous 2013-01-02 10:12:53 No.1826463
if at 29.97fps/30p shoot at 1/60s
for 24/25 shoot at 1/50s
(fader) NDs are very useful for this

don't underestimate the importance of sound, get a good mic

Anonymous 2013-01-02 10:14:12 No.1826465
You cannot use autofocus, so practice manual focus.

Anonymous 2013-01-02 10:16:45 No.1826467

[Missing image file: 1160035_l_f9bc5a87c3d8a82(...).jpg]
Thanks for the tips so far. I would also like to have links to tutorials, Youtube videos and what have you.

Keep them coming guys.

Anonymous 2013-01-02 10:18:57 No.1826468
Check cinema5D forums. IIRC they have great stickies with plenty of info.

Anonymous 2013-01-02 10:19:04 No.1826469
Focus. Learn about lenses and such.

Anonymous 2013-01-02 10:21:01 No.1826471
Digitalrev did a little video that demonstrates framerates.

Anonymous 2013-01-02 10:21:39 No.1826472

[Missing image file: 126225250290.png]
I already have a led panel attached to the camera, so where should I attach the external mic? How do people usually handle all this stuff while filming. I mean, you can't hold the mic in your hand when you need both of them for operating the camera?

Anonymous 2013-01-02 10:26:33 No.1826476

You can find a v shaped hot shoe mount that will work perfectly
I'm not sure where to find then but I know they exist

Anonymous 2013-01-02 10:34:31 No.1826478
lowering the resolution
will shorten exposure time thus reducing blur

practice panning and zooming
too many people are not smooth

Anonymous 2013-01-02 10:39:21 No.1826481

[Missing image file: photo.jpg]
Look at getting an L shaped flash bracket, gets a hand further away from the cameras sensor and gives you two hot shoe mounting options, put a mic on the bracket if you have an IS lens, some IS lenses make noise. Pic related,

Also, post some samples of your video when done.

[EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.]
Camera-Specific Properties:Image-Specific Properties:Image OrientationTop, Left-HandColor Space InformationsRGBImage Width267Image Height189

Anonymous 2013-01-02 10:52:52 No.1826492
a weighted monopod
may also be of some use

Anonymous 2013-01-02 11:05:57 No.1826502
>I was wondering if DSLR (Canon EOS 550d) brings anything new to the mix.

Mainly the ability to change lenses.
For example you can use a lens with a wide aperture to get a shallow depth of field - useful to make your subject stand out from the background.

Anonymous 2013-01-02 11:06:46 No.1826504
>lowering the resolution
>will shorten exposure time thus reducing blur

Anonymous 2013-01-02 12:30:22 No.1826529

[Missing image file: 1200060200628.jpg]
I imagine this to be clumsy as hell to operate if you have a led panel and a mic attached to your camera like that. Is there any other way?

Also do you people have any experience about DIY rigs? I was thinking of making one in the following days.

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Camera-Specific Properties:Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CS2 WindowsImage-Specific Properties:Number of Bits Per Component8, 8, 8Image OrientationTop, Left-HandHorizontal Resolution72 dpiVertical Resolution72 dpiImage Created2007:02:22 12:43:18Color Space InformationUncalibratedImage Width640Image Height480

Anonymous 2013-01-02 12:56:51 No.1826544
Mah nigga Lok:

Anonymous 2013-01-02 14:05:05 No.1826583

[Missing image file: 126022202947.jpg]
Very cool, thanks! Do you know more videos like this? I'm sure internet is full of this stuff but I just don't know the best sources.

Anonymous 2013-01-02 14:12:54 No.1826586
He fucked up.

He says 1/200s is smoother than 1/50s
But it's the other way around: 1/50s has more motion blur, and that is what makes the motion smooth.

Otherwise Lok is awesome.

Anonymous 2013-01-02 14:17:12 No.1826591
Rule of thumb.

Keep eyes in the top 3rd of the frame!

Anonymous 2013-01-02 14:34:04 No.1826607

[Missing image file: putinglasses.jpg]

Anonymous 2013-01-02 14:40:49 No.1826614

Anonymous 2013-01-02 14:46:25 No.1826619
he explains exactly that

Anonymous 2013-01-02 14:49:26 No.1826621
Should I really?

Anonymous 2013-01-02 14:50:10 No.1826622
Why is this?

Anonymous 2013-01-02 18:52:27 No.1826805

[Missing image file: 1233606255997.jpg]
What for?

Anonymous 2013-01-02 19:05:35 No.1826825

[Missing image file: jeremy thumbs.gif]
you don't say

Anonymous 2013-01-02 19:10:14 No.1826836
>warweewaabbuh ND filter

Anonymous 2013-01-02 19:21:09 No.1826852

[Missing image file: _r1_.gif]

Anonymous 2013-01-02 19:53:28 No.1826901
never really got this gif.. he clearly only makes it to "that raci..."

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