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/p/ Photography

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Anonymous 2013-01-02 08:58:37 No.1826422

[Missing image file: 300px-Nikon_D90P8.jpg]

So I have this project for my photography class, and the subject I have to photograph is Courage.
I'm in need of inspiration because I somewhat lack creativity. What would be some non-cliche photos?
I need 15, but I mainly want to discuss ideas.

image somewhat related, I own a D90

Anonymous 2013-01-02 09:04:49 No.1826426
Maybe something like the faces of children going off to school for the first time. Just as they turn around from saying goodbye to their mother.

Anonymous 2013-01-02 09:09:13 No.1826429
interesting. I think It'd make a great shot. As of now I have to figure out how to capture that moment, but none the less. I was thinking of maybe doing something of the sort but at an airport possibly? Maybe of someone's departure.

Anonymous 2013-01-02 09:34:26 No.1826447
Yeah thats a pretty good idea. Pulling off mine would be fairly difficult.

If you have some friends/family getting married soon I also like the idea of getting a candid shot of the bride taking a deep breath/composing herself outside before the ceremony begins.

Anonymous 2013-01-02 09:36:46 No.1826448
Forsure, I'll see what I can scavenge. I'll be keeping an eye out for this thread. Thankfully I found some help on /p/

Anonymous 2013-01-02 10:27:15 No.1826477
you could try to find a new mountain biker
on the crest of some hills
they pause for a moment to weigh the situation

Anonymous 2013-01-02 11:01:46 No.1826498
>doing a photography project for class
>not bothering to go to Afghanistan or Syria

show some dedication or you'll get an F, faggot

Anonymous 2013-01-02 11:23:38 No.1826508
Two options:

Get some local firemen to pose with sooty faces (easymode)

or get a cat way the hell up in a tree or on some dodgy looking ledge, cats dont care about anything their tough as nails
(thats courage)

Anonymous 2013-01-02 12:04:53 No.1826518

[Missing image file: 1350856707770.gif]
the thing is your only gonna get cliche shots unless you go extreme.

things like:
crossing the street : NO GREEN MAN :O


unhappy anon with canon camera/strap: IN THE NIKON SHOP :O

**examples are cliche, not extreme btw!

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