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Anonymous 2013-01-01 19:28:08 No.354606

[Missing image file: Unbenannttt.png]

Hello mods and users!

I have a massive issue here on my hands. I browse and contribute to 4chan because its pretty much the last online place where I can truely be anonymous and say out my still raw houghts, or discuss things that are way too intimate or personal for me to permanent them online, given the ever-loosening privacy legislations. I dont want my future local police station reading about 'HURR, DURR, TRANNY PERN IS AWESUME DEATH TO ALL INFIDELS JIHAD JIHAD AN HERO ADALIA ROSE CAN SUCK MUH D***'.

When privacy is of such omportance, why is it that my IP has to be associated with CP when in fact I was uploading gore (which I precieve to be legal in the US as I browse many such sites like rotten.com where the picture came from, documentingreality.com etc.).

>I mean why does the 4chan-system brand your IP with CP when in fact it isnt sure what it was!?!

I contacted a mod clearifying the b& and he told me to include the picture, but made we wait ONE MONTH which is still running. Why does my IP have to be associated with CP for ONE MONTH before i MAY clarify it ???(!)

>inb4 rizon, there is not one bloody person on that site and it is way too complicated to get on btw
Wrote this from a friends IP.

Anonymous 2013-01-01 20:06:10 No.354627
There is literally nothing you can do now. Looks like you're going to prison, man. You're fucked, sorry.

Anonymous 2013-01-01 20:10:58 No.354630
Joking aside, OP, I very much doubt they reported you to the FBI over gore, it was probably just ment to scare you (I hope you weren't posting gore to shit up threads)
Now if you were posting dead, naked children cut in half, this is a whole different story.

Anonymous 2013-01-01 20:29:00 No.354640
dat beard thread on /b/


>create nick
>varify nick via email
> /join #4chan
> % and @ symbols before names are mods.

>if its new gore, meaning fresh, maybe a mod reported you and you'll just be monitored for a while. if it was CP or you requested it.

> dat V& might come a knocking. seeing as how the DoD was fapping-er... researching CP liked to terrorist organizations via autofile uploaded within the CP if your making those five salats and get on arabic sites that may talk about jihad, then... nice knowing ya op.

Anonymous 2013-01-01 20:46:29 No.354650
You IP associated with CP?


If you posted anything bare resembling CP and it gets detected by the system you are banned permanently with no way out.

gore, with dead children and all is legal.

What do you mean?

Anonymous 2013-01-01 20:51:04 No.354656

banning under a title which is the most utterly sick legal label is not allright.

Anonymous 2013-01-01 20:54:53 No.354658
associated being: 'reading #your ip was banned because of posting CP blablabla# when interacting with 4chan'

gore. simple gore. from rotten.com. US based site operating since the late 90s.

Anonymous 2013-01-01 21:29:06 No.354719
You mean a permanent ban that does not allow you to browse the site?

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