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/q/ 4chan Discussion

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Anonymous 2013-03-31 11:36:17 No.520864

[Missing image file: 220px-Elminster_rom.jpg]

What would you guys do if you were mods?

/v/ would be a lot better if I was a mod. Sure, there would be complaining about "muh culture" and whatnot, but those threads would disappear too. It would be for the greater good.

Anonymous 2013-03-31 11:59:51 No.520870
I would probably ban people randomly

Anonymous 2013-03-31 12:10:31 No.520879
Die of a stress-induced heart attack in a week.

Anonymous 2013-03-31 12:19:48 No.520885
/jp/ would stop asking that retarded question.

Anonymous 2013-03-31 12:29:37 No.520896
Every mod act like this, they sometimes wake up, ban a few people out of the blue

Anonymous 2013-03-31 12:39:46 No.520903
Delete half the threads on a board and see what happens.

Anonymous 2013-03-31 12:46:13 No.520904
I would ban people who post porn on /pol/, just as I do what I can now with my non-Mod status.
/pol/ is not a place for porn.

Anonymous 2013-03-31 13:15:24 No.520938
I would stalk my tripfu's IP to see if they post anonymously.

Anonymous 2013-03-31 13:23:22 No.520950
I'd mod /b/

ban people who post naked pics of girls to their dads and mums (that's just not even funny)

ban rate my gf threads

ban "which girl would you fuck any why" op is obviously the fat girl on the right

ban YouTube raid threads (the most useless threads that achieve nothing)

perma ban faggots pedos who try and justify what they do
>hurrrr an 11 year olds body is biologically ready for sex so she obviously wants it from a fat hairy 50 yr old man

make my own threads as a mod of generally fuck with all of them

sticky threads that have lulz worthy potential i.e. #bald4bieber, getting the N.Korea leader to the times top place as most inspirational person of the year.....shit like that

ban faggots who think 5 year olds in thongs in sexual poses, isn't child porn, when in reality it is a category one image

and as i said above, just generally fuck with the hive mind of /b/

Anonymous 2013-03-31 13:26:01 No.520954
i hate to break it to you, but the mods really can't do much. every shitposter who gets b& can come back in like ten seconds with a new IP address. moot said himself that there's a core of fags who shit up the boards "like it's their full-time job". so what are you gonna do

/v/ would not be better if you were a mod. /v/ would not be better if i were a mod. /v/ would not be better if frank castle was a mod and promised to hunt down and destroy all those who shit up the place

this is why we have so many other boards to discuss the vidja on; the retards are not going to go away, so we have to move away from the retards

Anonymous 2013-03-31 13:42:26 No.520983
>every shitposter who gets b& can come back in like ten seconds with a new IP address
Where I come from, we rangeban by default and whitelist with cookies. Range sizes differ a lot and some providers give their customers their whole pool to choose from, but overall it works.

Anonymous 2013-03-31 13:45:59 No.520986
I've had to ban a /12 before. Basically all of Italy.

Anonymous 2013-03-31 13:58:37 No.520996
I've rarely seen providers hand out IPs in a single /12, usually it's a bunch of non-contiguous /16s to /19s or, when banning a whole provider, a bunch of /16s, /15s up to /12s. Use the RIPE db for looking up those ranges, banning a /12 blindly usually results in a ton of unneeded collateral.

Anonymous 2013-03-31 14:04:07 No.521004
Anyone who pointed out >tumblr in a filename would be banned for a fucking month.

Anonymous 2013-03-31 14:04:27 No.521005
Oh I was very careful. It was over several months of bans. Offender would come back with a new IP. The only common scope was a /12. About a million IP addresses.

Anonymous 2013-03-31 14:41:53 No.521056
I'd ban this slut.

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