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Threads added between 2014/11/03 16:00 and 2014/11/03 22:00

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>psychology is a science

Fourier Series

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Fourier Series appreciation thread. I am learning it atm and I am very amazed. How could somebody come up with this? I was actually hoping someone could give some insight on how this was initially thought? How can somebody be so clever?

minimum IQ necessary to complete a PhD in mathematics?

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What is the minimum IQ necessary to complete a PhD in mathematics?

The drink made by the company: COCO - COLA

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What organs is coke bad for? I have heard that that drink comes from the under earth and is slow poisoning for our bodies. Cococla or pepsi. Destroys an organ which is connected to the brain or central nervious system VIA a A SPECIFIC GENE. I am trying to find the name of that organ. It is loacted in our digestive track. So when we have coke, the worry effect takes place in our body immieadiately. So i am sure that it is an organ located near our chest. As far as i know that organ filters water to our lungs or some other body parts that i think i am unsure of. What coke does is destroys that organ so that water cannot pass by. This organ is mainly used for water purification or filteration. ANYTHING elese would destroy it. Then make us worry alot therefore disabling us to do work effeciently or without worries. We worry because that organ send a message to our brian via a GENE. The gene doesnt function propely because the organ is not able to function peopely since it is destroyed. Now that organ fails to filter water. So the brain and gene and organ keep interacting with eachother. So during our whole life time that organ fails to function therefore causing a side effect. Please can someone tell me the name or just reserach or tell me a name of a organ that may have a similer effect. Ass far as i know that THIS has nothinG TO DO WITH OUR LIVER or kidneys. It is located near out throat or lungs. So since when coke is digested into our tracks, it takes effect immeadiately.
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Homotopy type theory thread.

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