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Anonymous 2015-12-30 23:31:39 No.64561138

[Missing image file: ]

Was it autism?

Anonymous 2015-12-30 23:33:48 No.64561176
"chip kelly voice"
I don't understand the question, what do you think it was? anything else you have to add, anon?

Anonymous 2015-12-30 23:37:01 No.64561227

I dont get why a bunch of nerds on 4chan have the views they do about this guy

He looks like the step-dad that would sigh at you all the time and barely acknowledge your existence unless you were a great athlete. Or the gym teacher that would bully the typical 4channer and make snide comments at you as you change for class.

Nothing about Chip Kelly says "autistic" or "meme lord"

Anonymous 2015-12-30 23:47:10 No.64561448
>no friends
>no family
>socially awkward around black people

Anonymous 2015-12-30 23:47:53 No.64561465
>Fat fucks are bullies in the land of freedom
How? Are you guys dwarfs? Because only in the race of dwarfs you see fat fucks being able of bullying others

Anonymous 2015-12-31 00:18:51 No.64562095
the eagles are stupid you don't fire a winning coach without letting them see their plan through

did anyone see how bad nick foles was this season with the rams? he was like the worst qb in all of football.

i guarantee you they would have been torching teams next season.

chip built a good team that some other bum is going to lead to the owl they just need time to build chemistry

continuity is the most important aspect in the nfl that's why the eagles keep sucking

chip made moves for the future and now the jew ownership will just hire some cheap bum to reap the rewards

Anonymous 2015-12-31 00:21:28 No.64562139
"Memes were a mistake" - Chip Kelly

Anonymous 2015-12-31 00:39:45 No.64562441
He crashed the iggles on purpose. All part of his memester plan

He's a real hero

Anonymous 2015-12-31 00:51:32 No.64562588
Howie Roseman is gonna get the GM job back and, just like when Joe Banner was around, they're gonna find a coach that agrees with Roseman and Lurie, regardless of whether he is any good.

Eagles are gonna be stuck in mediocrity land. Never really bad to blow everything up, but never good enough to get past the divisional round, with MAYBE 1 NFC championship appearance.

Anonymous 2015-12-31 00:54:22 No.64562632

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