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/tg/ Traditional Games

Threads added between 2014/10/19 16:00 and 2014/10/19 22:00

Quest Thread Rear Admiral

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Privilege Theory pastebin: http://pastebin.com/deSLX3UG QTG links: pastebin.com/vpx1YuuE QMs: Do you use programs to generate character images? Which? Players: What kind of MCs do we need more? Bonus Question: Which QM should be banned? Strawpoll: http://strawpoll.me/2817316 Why is Moonrunes such a cunt?
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So, which are some of the best 40k books? And why are they the Gaunt Ghosts ones?

Tiji Sector, Sub-sector A

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Previous Thread >>35586871 Lets get System 0207 started: roll20 page: https://app.roll20.net/campaigns/details/558520/tiji-sector Part One: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/35586871/

[Quest] Operation MAGICAL REALM.

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You all feel lurching as the "dropship" moves back and forth. The radio buzzes as a manly voice speaks with a heavy Russian accent. "Sorry for bumpy rides conrads. This good plane but we fly low due to radar network. Boss asked for me to play message. Here is it now." Tommys voice then starts coming though the loudspeaker. "Right guys. Sorry for the lack of comms and me not being there in person, but things in TE are getting a little hectic with the results of OP cold freeze. So as you already know, you are being sent in to grab 5 of my friends. I only have the real name of one. They go by the names of Joumun gander, Mikey ross, Mouth darongi, Data kong, and Chunk lageburg. I have their voices and faces on data and have uploaded them to your IFF computers. If you see them or hear them then your suits will pick them up. Now as you also know you will be dropped right outside an old dragon dildo factory. I believe there is a Reddit research cell underneath, where I got their message from. I don't know the reason they're there, but I know that this cell is going to be much weirder then normal. With Reddit the father you go down, the darker it gets. So go in; smash whatever you want, grab my friends and get out. The town has been put on ACs chopping block so don't worry too much about rescuing people as you might be doing it next week." Editi: "Tommy what do you have there?" Tommy: "It's a thought recorder!" "Cluck Clank!" Are the last sounds on the tape before is sputters out.

Long War Quest Part V

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22:17 Low Earth Orbit Over Kazakhstan. The satellite OPS 9627 had been in orbit for almost three decades. Having been launched in '82 by the National Reconnaissance Organization , it was part of the KH-11 series of imaging satellites that were used to spy on the Soviet Union. OPS 9627 was unique however, in 1985, a certain briefcase containing its control codes had vanished from the Area 58 facility. Three days later control of the satellite was lost and its transponder deactivated, leaving it floating in space without guidance. Two years ago upon receiving an encrypted signal from within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, it to started transmitting new satellite images to an unknown party. Three months ago, it started to be given missions on a daily basis, targeting energy emissions being emitted from various locations in Europe. It was one of these emissions it was focusing on. This emission however, was different, instead of moving at supersonic speeds before coming to a halt, it remained stationary, building steadily in intensity. As the satellites primitive electronic brain processed this information, it transmitted several photographs of the energy emission back to earth, showing a collection of buildings in the Kazakh deserts. Then. The energy buildup stopped, as if a capacitor had finished charging. The satellite exploded in a cloud of sliver debris, its hydrazine fuel tank touched off by some sort of energy weapon, once which melted its aluminum frame in less than a millisecond. Down below, in the deserts, a red beam of light pierced the sky, illuminating the dark night for less than a second before fading into blackness.


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LAST TIME ON CODE GEASS QUEST: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/35609359/#p35616208 Thread times and updates posted here: https://twitter.com/Crosswire A.T.B 2017, 26th of September Area 11(Former Nation of Japan), 6:00 AM Mt. Odake Base Your name is Xinlu Kuu...but that’s just a lie. No one can be allowed to know your true name, after all joining the military under a false identity is illegal enough as it is, if anyone found out you'd been mentally institutionalized prior to joining it could complicate matters even further. Even as Kuu it wasn't easy joining the military, your ‘condition’ almost got you turned away for being medically ineligible for service. It took the pulling of a lot of strings by your late father’s friend, Dr. Pailsen, just to get your new identity setup and have your condition overlooked. When you joined the military you expected it to be a test of your will and felt that deep down getting your revenge wouldn't be a simple matter of learning how to fire a gun. What you didn't expect was nearly being killed 8 weeks into your training during some rigged simulation battle. It was difficult getting any sleep after yesterdays event’s, but you managed to get enough shuteye to function properly. You were left out of morning PT, probably because whatever training they had intended to give you and the other recruits (if they intended anyone to live at all) was canceled on account of mass trainee death. >(1/3)

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