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/tg/ Traditional Games

Threads added between 2014/10/16 22:00 and 2014/10/17 04:00

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DBZ tabletop thread...again

Quest Thread General (Cutie Gee QTG) - Edgy Edgy Edgeville Edition

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Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/deSLX3UG GM: What's the edgiest, most grimdark quest you've ever made? Players: What the worst 'edgy' quest you ever played? Bonus: Has edginess been so overdone its become somewhat of a joke now?


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Link to previous thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/35530277/ -- 11 Days After Arrival of CCS Zhejiang in the Detroit System -- You are Mechwarrior Motoko Meilleur, and Andre was supposed to be back with the Doctor several hours ago. He has not returned. The submarine they went out on cannot be raised. The Wyrm would have satellite imagery, if the satellite hadn't been shot down by what you now know what was the CCS Zhejiang several hours ago. But that's not the first time things have gone wrong, and it probably won't be the last. The Ops Officer, Captain Shi, has called you to his office, without much explanation. It's probably about Andre's mission. Who was called to the office with you? > Your best friend and training partner. Slightly your junior, but your equal in skills. > Your instructor. The two of you go way back. > The old, crusty asshole you always see sitting and eating alone in the mess hall. And provide me a name for the option you've picked. All are 'pick the gender you want' as well.
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Would it be Fall of 648? An October, to be exact. Two years hence.
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What kind of wings would a quarter-angel, quarter-demon, quarter-faerie, quarter-dragon have?

A Tale Of Witches: Chapter Twenty-Five (Quest)

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[X] "Thanks, me too". [X] Leave for classes I smile, turning. "Eriadne… thanks. Please get some good rest, I'll be back for you soon". With that, I gather my supplies and leave the room, at once happy and strangely sad. ----- [The grassy hills seemingly spread to infinity, before the camera zooms on a girl in a long-sleeved sundresss sitting on a tree-legged stool sketching the lake beneath her before half-turning to smile at the camera] [Narrator] "Pretty nice, isn't it? Producer said I'm not allowed yet anywhere near the main places. Uh, this is Verdant, a planet that can be reached through a portal in the palace of the Emperor. Nothing here, as you can see. That's because the portal is half a continent away and access is reeeeaally regulated! Producer says that so far there is only farming being done here which makes the Imperial Palace independent from other people bringing food in. I guess that's important for people with power? They also say that the same kind of portal connects Mooncrest and Dragonheart, but that nobody knows how or why the portal to Verdant is where it is. Oh, anyway!! [she takes a crumpled-up paper from her sleeve, stares at it, then perks up] [Narrator] "It says here that last thread voted on letting Eriadne stay in bed. Producer wanted to know if people would be okay playing as someone else for a while. So, please, state your opinion, and be polite and don't cheat! Thank you, see you soon!" [she bows] [blackout]

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