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/tg/ Traditional Games

Threads added between 2015/11/11 and 2015/11/18

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From 2015/11/16 16:00 to 2015/11/16 22:00 (2)
From 2015/11/16 22:00 to 2015/11/17 04:00 (7)
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From 2015/11/18 04:00 to 2015/11/18 10:00 (1)
From 2015/11/18 10:00 to 2015/11/18 16:00 (1)
From 2015/11/18 16:00 to 2015/11/18 22:00 (1)
From 2015/11/18 22:00 to 2015/11/19 04:00 (3)

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PDF Trade Thread

272 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Other one's almost at limit.

What happened to broquest?

200 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
I don´t see anymore threads talking about it nowdays.I remenber that someone was making a game of it.Did he quit? In a similar fashion what happened to Towergirls?

Jumpchain CYOA Thread #584: Pile of Bricks Edition

46 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
>Google Drive https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B20r6rsFLOg_Zk5RdVdya3hJNnc&usp=sharing >IRC http://client00.chat.mibbit.com/?server=rizon.mibbit.org&channel=%23JumpchainCYOA https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.rizon.net/?#JumpchainCYOA >Rules http://pastebin.com/Gqj3iKyn >Last Thread >>43587865

Age of Sigmar General

260 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Age of Sigmar General Ju ju doc luv u edition Archaon and friends incoming, The Sword of Chaos (Chaos Knights) and Many-eyed (?). >>resources pastebin.com/sQ5NryL7


97 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Now that the Brassholes have turned you loose, yourKANT-O-CELKANT-O-CELLE QUEST: BOLLIO BADMINTONLE QUEST: BOLLIO BADMINTON first priority is Naka. You'd hoped to delay this for a bit - give her some space, some room to let the morning-after humiliation of spilling her guts while drunk wear off. You remember how mad you were when you said a little more than you'd intended to when Goto got you buzzed in his office; how humiliated and exposed you'd felt. You can't begin to imagine what Naka felt like as she sat up in bed this morning and hit her head on the hangover. But - - she was right. The lie you told to Thomas turns over and over in your mind - the delphinium flare in Shigure's eyes as she struck; the signature of an abyssal's gaze. You'd denied it to his face - treason, some might call an omission of that magnitude *treason.* But after what you saw in the cell block - the young Marine who risked his very life to save her just because he was the only one that could - you couldn't bring yourself to utter it. After Shigure's violent and final demonstration of the futility of containing a rogue shipgirl, future responses will go straight to killing. You think of Naka's guilty face, voice thick with tears as she tells you about leaving a part of herself on the other side of the veil. An icy spider crawls down your spine and nests in your gut. You won't allow it. There's a lot of things you can't affect, but this isn't one of them.

Pathfinder General /pfg/

212 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Pathfinder General /pfg/ Monstrous Races Edition edition If you are asking for build advice, please mention if any third-party books are allowed, and if so, which. Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/HwxEjiKW [Embed] Previous: >>43588578

Leaf Ninja Quest #43

245 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
>This is a quest taking place in an alternate version of the Naruto world during the same time period as the story, with a few notable differences. You will be playing as Kon Karagowa, a young Leaf Jonin. Your character is defined by your choices, so write-ins are always encouraged. And remember to have fun! >Quest Info:http://pastebin.com/fAM8Rsaz >Previous threads:http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Leaf%20Ninja%20Quest

EDH/Commander general

151 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
OH GOD THE BUGS edition RESOURCES http://www.mtgcommander.net >Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list. http://www.tappedout.net >Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices. http://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/the-game/commander-edh >Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck. http://www.edhrec.com/ >Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet. http://manabasecrafter.com/ >Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity. CARD SEARCHING http://gatherer.com >Official search site. Current for all sets but has a terrible UI. http://www.magiccards.info >Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface

Warhammer 40k General

12 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Why the fuck has nobody remade this yet edition >Rules databases https://mega.co.nz/#F!pFgm0RKR!J06C1gVYcjzNGsF8YNLsjQ https://kickass.to/warhammer-40k-pdf-library-t9575373.html >40k 7th edition quick reference sheet(s). https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4104995/Games/7edRef_V5.pdf FAQs http://www.blacklibrary.com/faqs-and-errata.html >Forgeworld Book index http://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Forge_World_and_Apocalypse_Rules_Index
42 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Possible return of specialist games from GW

Holy Sword Quest Part 46

107 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
You are Siegfried Schmidt, a former guard from the city of Morsland. Due to various circumstances, you have become the new wielder of Galadriel, a holy sword which houses a powerful six-winged angel of the same name. Now you have come to the White Watchtower, a fortress close to the border between the Forsaken Lands and the kingdom of Iseria, to train with the crusaders so that you can protect yourself from the demons that might come after you now that the sword is in your possession. Shortly after arriving in Iseria's capital you ran into Lord Bernadotte, one of the Councilmen and Erika's father. He then asked that you meet him and Captain Laurentius at the palace to discuss matters relating to the upcoming meeting. For the most part, however, it felt as though you were just there to listen, as Lord Bernadotte discussed ways to sway the vote with Captain Laurentius. He did however warn you to be careful what you do and say while at the capital, as the opposing councilmen may try to twist your words against you. A while later, while you were lost and looking for the city's guard post, a stranger offered to give you directions. As it turns out though, the strangers true intentions were to lead you somewhere quiet where you were ambushed by thugs, whom Leviathan has discerned were hired by someone to attack you. They proved to be of little threat to you, however, and the guards arrived shortly after, with Nerillian in tow. As it turns out, Nerillian was visiting his daughter at the time, who is one of the city's guards. Upon learning what happened, Nerillian escorted you back to the palace, to report back to Captain Laurentius. New to HSQ? Read the old threads to get caught up: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Holy+Sword+Quest Character Sheet: http://pastebin.com/M9uy7iw3 QM's twitter: @sparkthetgqm

Drawthread: Wolfslayer Edition

19 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Because the old thread is about to autosage: >>43521586 Post any art requests you have ITT. Keep in mind, the drawfriends are doing this for free, so do not be surprised or upset if they gloss over your post. Just be patient, and bump your request ONE time, every 24 hours after posting it. Don't be a jerk and immediately repost your request because you don't like the FREE art you received. Additionally, please provide good, detailed references, so the artists know what you're looking for as best you can. If you've recently had a request filled by a drawfriend, please be considerate of less fortunate anons and hold off on additional requests for a while. Mind your manners, don't be rude to other people's requests, and remember: say thank you! Feel free to drop your tumblrs/websites/commission/etc information drawfriends. Books and Tutorials: https://mega.co.nz/#F!2RARFaLA!VTiQb6eRXfV4V6mYQ6FJTA https://www.dropbox.com/s/kno4yv719g88pol/Tutorials.zip?dl=0 Paint Tool Sai: Need a mirror plz Figure Drawing: http://www.quickposes.com/pages/random

filename thread

183 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
/tg/ was too long without one of those. So, filename thread !

Snakecatcher Quest: Thread 64.5

173 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Previously, you had continued on directly from Thread 64. Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Snakecatcher%20Quest Twitter: https://twitter.com/OuroQM Party: http://pastebin.com/hcK81hKL Inventory: http://pastebin.com/kpSHTiZi Pastebin Directory: http://pastebin.com/yYATEBvy Thing where you ask questions: http://ask.fm/OuroQM
241 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
What are some /tg/ approved manga?
277 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
stat me /tg/
42 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Do Hunters in VtM hunt werewolves?

DELTA GREEN - Kali Ghati

83 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Starting prep on Kali Ghati, reading it now. Any handouts, ideas, experiences, or just general DG chatter very welcome. >Quickstart kit + adventure https://www.dropbox.com/s/uen96o0fj9ytswm/Delta%20Green%20RPG%20Quickstart%20Kit.zip?dl=0 >Core rules official beta https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OogZHpifybUFvdSi9lCpttF50hkiRPGw3J-Efiax-YQ/edit?usp=sharing >Podcast http://theunspeakableoath.com/home/category/unspeakable/ >Shotgun scenarios + wiki http://fairfieldproject.wikidot.com/shotgun-scenarios >Fiction (audio) http://theunspeakableoath.com/home/2014/10/unspeakable-episode-14-the-thing-in-the-pit-a-story-by-dennis-detwiller/ http://theunspeakableoath.com/home/2014/10/unspeakable-episode-15-drowning-in-sand-a-story-by-dennis-detwiller/ http://theunspeakableoath.com/home/2014/11/unspeakable-episode-16-intelligences-a-story-by-dennis-detwiller/ http://theunspeakableoath.com/home/2014/12/unspeakable-episode-17-philosophy-a-story-by-dennis-detwiller/ http://theunspeakableoath.com/home/2014/12/unspeakable-episode-18-punching-a-story-by-dennis-detwiller/ >Actual Play http://actualplay.roleplayingpublicradio.com/tag/delta-green/

/wodg/ World of Darkness General

147 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Who's your nemesis, /wodg/? What character wants to kill you, or at the very least make your life a living hell? Maybe you're the one trying to drive them to ruin, plotting ways to make them pay for some crime they committed, some offense they made against you and yours? Who is on your list, and who's list are you on? For all WoD books http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/index.php Onyx Path Schedule http://theonyxpath.com/schedule/ Custom Character sheets http://mrgone.rocksolidshells.com/ Character-portraits from Pandora http://gangrel.minus.com/uploads Visit the wiki http://whitewolf.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page For creepypasta http://creepypasta.wikia.com For diceroller (and guessing about other people's games) http://rpgroller.com/nwod/index.php Last thread >>43629959

Star Wars General: Stone Cold Edition

255 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Post about X-Wing, Armada, FFG's Star Wars RPGs (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny), d6, d20 (Saga), movies, shows, books, comics, vidya, lego, lore and everything else star wars related Previous Thread: >>43638098 Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing and Star Wars: Armada Miniatures Games >http://pastebin.com/Wca6HvBB Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars RPG System (EotE/AoR/FaD) >http://pastebin.com/v77AhEFV >https://mega.nz/#!DkNTDTyZ!PUupCOep4RmRcsgI3rNhU_Pk_xcyFbYWnhrq8gwrVv0 Other Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Tabletop (Imperial Assault and the Star Wars LCG) >http://pastebin.com/ZkpXpbJ1 Fantasy Flight Games Dice App (Works with X-Wing, Armada, the Star Wars RPG system and Imperial Assault) >http://www.mediafire.com/download/64xy3uy6vepll8v/com.fantasyflightgames.swdice.ver.1.1.4.build.9.apk Older Star Wars Tabletop (Including d6 and d20/Saga) >http://pastebin.com/wXP0LdyJ Reference Materials & Miscellaneous Resources >http://pastebin.com/AGFFkSin All Canon Novels and Comics (via /co/) >https://mega.co.nz/#F!2R5kDTqQ!WfrDla-jvDIn05U57T9hhQ Just What IS Canon Anyways? >http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Canon#2014_reboot >http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline_of_canon_media So you want to watch The Clone Wars (But You Don't Want to Watch the Whole Series) >http://img.4plebs.org/boards/tg/image/1442/36/1442364889994.png Writefaggotry >http://pastebin.com/nXspTQRn

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