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Threads added between 2013/06/01 16:00 and 2013/06/01 22:00

Vampire Doll Quest 11: Strategy

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Well. It's been an exciting week. As you sit down to your weekly chess game with the mayor - who seems to have been improving his game, perhaps you won't have to play so far below your level anymore- you take a moment to consider everything that's gone on since the attempt on your life seven days ago . Let's see, you: - Captured several street gangs in Eyesocket; - Sold those street gangs to the Earl Blackford in Shadescast, keeping a few for your personal servants; - Took control of an airship yard in Mark and nearly quadrupled production in a day; - Commissioned some expensive dresses from a tailor in Mark; - Received a present of fleshcrafted toys from your dolls; - Sent those toys to successfully retrieve a runaway servant; - Promoted Scarlet to being your lady-in-waiting; - Conquered a village in Ulvenwald and took all its inhabitants as slaves; -Begun investigating exactly who killed you in the first place. Not bad. But there's also been quite a bit of wasted time due to not really having much of a clear direction and having to consider what to do next every time you finish doing something. And since you've got to play this game for the next half-hour or so, this seems like a good time to make a mental itinerary for the week. > Continued
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Greetings /tg/, I've been getting into 40k (novels, mostly) recently after years of interest, and with my friends getting into Fantasy, I've been getting a craving to paint some mini's. My wife and I, we've been getting into Dark Heresy, having played AdEva, and liking the system and the overwhelming jokes about how GRIM the setting is, I've finally gone the next step and got my hands on the new rulebook for the battle game. Now, here's where I humble myself before you: I've taken a liking to the Tau, and my wife said she'll look into getting me some fire warriors and paints for my birthday but other then that...I don't really know where to start. I haven't painted anything since car models with my dad years ago and I'm still learning the fluff and crunch. Help a guy out?


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