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Threads added between 2013/10/21 04:00 and 2013/10/21 10:00

Pathetic shit I witness at my FLGS

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So I live near a really awesome game/comic shop, it's fucking huge, like 15 tables for miniatures with boxes of high end terrain, probably 20 tables for card playing, huge stock, well lit, super friendly staff, yet the fucking customers are just a sad reflection on the gaming community. Now maybe this is because I'm a touch too "normal" and got used to the idea of people over 18 bathing daily and putting SOME effort into their appearance, but goddamn, I went in tonight after dinner with the wife and witnessed the following. -Easily 15 shitty neckbeards -probably 10 men wearing fedoras -the only female customer was a guy's girlfriend waiting patiently while he played WH40K, clearly trying to show off while she looked bored as fuck -One mouth breather who got too close to my wife while she flipped through RPG books and when I asked her if he was bothering her he literally replied "I was merely trying to see if she actually cared about games, you fucking white knight" -Audible mouthbreathing and the disturbing sound of a mouth breather laughing So tell me /tg/, why is it that merely by wearing a dress shirt and slacks I get called a "faggot" by people who've never touched a woman? Why can't gamers seem to take care of themselves like adults? Why does a great venue such as this get shit up by a bunch of basement dwellers?
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>A street urchin accuses the paladin of your party of having touched her secret place

Attack On Pokemon Hunter Quest 2: Your Training Continues (Part 2)

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>Stick to Training >Be civil with Bryan. With some steady breathes, and a little support from Marine, you work out most of your anger and let yourself back into the water. Diving underneath, you swim over to the gym's pier to find Bryan has taken a seat at, letting his tail dangle into the water. Leaping from the water, you clamber onto the edge of the pier and pull yourself up, albeit a bit clumsily, and sit beside the pinkish boy. "Hey, umm.. I'm sorry if I seemed a bit bothered by you beating me. It's just been kind of hard lately. I thought I'd be better than I am, and I'm not. I guess I'm just not as great as some people think I am, or I'm really just some kind of loser. I don't know. But, uhhh... What about you? You're really strong, how'd you even do something like that?" You pause, expecting a response. After a moment, you begin to feel like he's ignoring you, and then he seems to start nodding. Though, with a look into his eye, you see that he's fallen asleep. Instead of feeling embittered though, you try to follow your mom's words. Reply violence with kindness. He's not being malicious anyway, right? Seeing how relaxed he is, you kind of get a relaxed feeling too. Before you know it, you fall asleep upon his shoulder, while the others train, even drooling a little bit. ______________________________________________ >(Acquired) Rest(Rank 1): Sometimes the best thing to do when feeling a bit sick or tired is to rest. This does just that.(Requires out of combat.) After that day, whether he listened or not, Bryan seemed to give you tips here and there for your training, he'd even speak to you about what training with the Saffron Espers is like, yet most of his accounts are about how much they love to laugh. He still seems like a pretty nice guy, and he seems to be earnest more than anything else despite being slow.
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Hey /tg/, I'm running a homebrew campaign currently for a few friends and I'm trying to make it open ended and free for them, because that's what they asked for, but they keep asking me when I'm going to bring in a BBEG. We're about 6 sessions in and they are just doing quests and learning the world. Should I throw a BBEG at them? I don't want to make a "HAHA, EVIL DARKNESS" guy, since it was one of the reasons why our last DM sucked so bad and got kicked from the group. How do I do this?
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Sell your Jaces now.
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This worked pretty well the last time we did this: Your father finds your latest character sheet. Assuming that he can read/understand it, How does he react?

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