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/tg/ Traditional Games

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Anonymous 2014-10-17 00:09:05 No.35572233

[Missing image file: ]

DBZ tabletop thread...again

Anonymous 2014-10-17 00:13:45 No.35572349
inb4 dump of the same ten odd pics in the past five threads

Anonymous 2014-10-17 00:18:45 No.35572467
While the Fem! Saiyan thing send to have died down, and I've still yet to whip up an analysis of the Tien character, it looks like last thread was finally getting to what it should have been about this whole time: DBZ Tabletop Games.

I'm vicariously excited that the TCG is returning although I think it would have been a smarter move to produce it as an LCG instead. In any case, it brings back good memories. I played from Saiyans all the way to Cell Games. I quit playing CCGs because RPGs interested me more and because the latter are on the whole cheaper.

On that note, we're also finally discussing a /tg/ original DBZ RPG. I still plan to whip up a Franken-system cobbled together from Fudge, Fate, Mini6 / OpenD6, Marvel FASERIP, and Wushu. Maybe more.

In any case, let's see what results this thread brings.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 00:44:39 No.35573041
I'll take a stab at Vegeta.
Vegeta is Goku's polar opposite. Goku was born to what amounted to a Saiyan peasant and shipped off to an alien planet to work, where he was adopted by another peasant. Vegeta was born the heir to the royal Saiyan bloodline where every king had been named Vegeta, and he was destined for great things. And he continues to believe so, even when the planet and people he was meant to rule are both vaporized, and he and his small squad of survivors fall under the aegis of a ruthless warlord of unfathomable power and boundless cruelty.
But while he and Goku both trained to push themselves, like all Saiyans, Vegeta had gotten complacent in his power. Even when he could only just match Frieza's weakest lieutenant, he still held on to his own pride in being the Prince of All Saiyans. Like most of his life, he was still fighting weaker opponents whose deaths massaged his ego, and he cared nothing for the closest thing he had to family - it says something that he was unperturbed by one's death, and killed the other as soon as he had outlived his usefulness, especially since they were a race on the very edge of extinction.
Vegeta knew he was outclassed, so he stayed in his pond, where he could revel in being the biggest fish - willfully oblivious of an ocean full of bigger and tougher predators just a few miles away. His "Saiyan pride" amounted to nothing, since the only connection to reality was the reputation the race has for being unmatched fighters - or, had, since they were wiped out by a single being. He was a ruler with neither nation nor subjects now forced to kowtow to his conqueror, so he just bullied the people around him to make himself feel better.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 01:05:28 No.35573467
Then Vegeta is assigned to Earth, and things start to change. You know the story: highborn prince beaten by lowborn peasant and halfbreed son, more at 11.
This event was pivotal in Vegeta's life. It's the first time in a long time - since his childhood - that the status quo has been challenged and overturned. Someone has shown him up, and forced him to run with his tail between his legs.

And that's not right. He's Vegeta, the Prince of All Saiyans. He's SUPPOSED to be the best.

At first, it wasn't that big a deal. All through his coup on Namek, his goal wasn't to re-establish himself as the top of the heap for its own sake, but to amass enough power to take out the PTO's power structure and then topple Frieza himself, avenging his father, his race and his kingdom all at once. All he needed was to become a Super Saiyan.

Something of note in all of this: at this point, Vegeta didn't hate Goku. In fact, he had a lot of respect for both Goku - whoops, Kakarot (and Gohan, by virtue of the potential his Saiyan heritage promised), enough that he wanted them on his side when shit went down. But then Kakarot fulfilled the ancient alien prophesy and became the fabled Super Saiyan (which Vegeta rightly believed he needed to achieve in order to beat Frieza). And THEN he beat Frieza singlehandedly.

And that's not right.

Eventually, he makes it back to Earth, and starts to train. He needs to be a Super Saiyan. He MUST be able to - I mean, if some peasant can do it, then a prince can too, right? But it wasn't working, whatever he was doing wasn't enough. After a training session, he attempts vent his frustration in a night of sweet, sweet monkey love with Kakarot's best friend and resident genius hottie, Bulma. But he's still angry, so he flies off into space to search for an answer.

And here's where we get to the crux of Vegeta's character.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 01:25:30 No.35573898
Vegeta, at his core, is obsessed with being the best. He has a pathological need to prove himself to not only be excellent, but top dog - and what are Saiyans the best at, if not fighting?

Out in space, Vegeta's focus condenses to the same white-hot point that transformed Kakarot. Beating him was all that mattered. Not the androids, not reviving the Saiyan race, nothing.
Just being better than Kakarot.

And it worked, but Vegeta didn't learn the lesson because he was so wrapped up in himself that he did not realize why he was finally able to cross that bridge. Vegeta may have always been the more cunning and tactical fighter, but Kakarot was in tune with both himself and others in a way that Vegeta was not - so when they each transformed, only one of them knew why. Vegeta just thought he had lifted enough.

So he arrives back on Earth and kills 19. He's still itching to prove his newfound strength, though, and everyone riding Kakarot's dick is only making it worse, so he challenges 18. He is promptly crippled and tossed aside, as is his supposed (Super Saiyan) son from the future, Trunks.

And that's not right.

When he recovers and learns of Cell, he starts training even more - they don't need Kakarot when Vegeta's on the case. Eventually he reaches a state above Super Saiyan, but it's not a true transformation, just a power boost. It's still enough to kick the shit about of Imperfect Cell, all the while berating Cell for his pride in his own power - mighty hypocritical of him. See, Cell is a devious creature, and he appeals to Vegeta's own pride, saying that it will be the truest test of his power if he can defeat Cell in his perfect form.

So Vegeta has a choice. He can either stop someone who most certainly can and will kill him, given the chance, from gaining a massive power boost and access to his full abilities, or he can feed his own ego and finally prove, once and for all, that Kakarot is obsolete, that Vegeta is the real star of the show.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 01:35:16 No.35574114
Including you there's actually three Anons working on RPGs, I'm hoping they all get to a playable state and then do a fusion dance with their best parts.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 01:40:09 No.35574195
I'm not so much working on it in the present tense, but I'm willing to dump it and work with /tg/ on refining it.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 01:52:13 No.35574404
So he lets him absorb 18 and become perfect, and gets the fight he wanted. While he's powerful enough to damage Cell, it doesn't matter because he can renegerate, and the Final Flash drained him of ki. Cell easily wipes the floor with him afterwards. He announces the Cell Games, and Vegeta realizes he needs to step up his game.

Now, here's where things get dicey. He enters the Hyperbolic Time Chamber alone (he had trained in there before with Trunks) - not to simply get big, but to master the Super Saiyan state (Kakarot and Gohan had done it by mastering themselves and being in control of their emotions while in the state, as well as expending no energy to stay in it). When he exits the time chamber, he comments on how little power he had gained. So did it work? Probably not, since we never see anything that indicates he's at that level - but I'm willing to bet he wanted to be alone because if someone saw him breaking down and admitting that he wasn't the best and that Kakarot had the right idea, it would destroy him.

The Cell games start, Goku isn't strong enough, Gohan could be strong enough but he's a pussy, Vegeta can't even beat the Cell Jr.s - it's a shitshow all around. And then Cell kills Trunks.

And that's not right.

Vegeta tries to kill Cell in turn, but Cell's not having it, and tosses Vegeta around a bit. When it comes time for the final blow, Gohan swoops in and takes a hit that puts his left arm out of commission. Then Vegeta does what he's never done before: he apologizes. Because he couldn't keep it cool, because he couldn't admit he was't strong enough, the only person who could have stopped this is crippled. And when all's said and done, Vegeta accepts his support role in defeating Cell, and makes peace with it.

Should I continue, or am I just pissing into the wind.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 01:55:02 No.35574441
Weren't the Cell Jrs just as strong as Cell?

Anonymous 2014-10-17 01:56:05 No.35574462
The difference was negligible, yes.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 01:56:27 No.35574466
>Vegeta just thought he had lifted enough
Everything else but this is good, but Vegeta knew that he transformed because he stopped caring about trying to stop Goku.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 01:58:33 No.35574506
Yes please continue! The Buu saga is Vegeta's best in terms of characterization IMO.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 02:04:57 No.35574653

I'm loving this stuff

Anonymous 2014-10-17 02:06:56 No.35574686

Anonymous 2014-10-17 02:08:17 No.35574729
>Cell is already the strongest being and defeating him would prove how strong Vegeta is
>lets Cell power up more anyway
That has always pissed me off to no end. Fucking retard can't even take his chance to win when he gets it.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 02:10:13 No.35574769
It was a mystery box moment

Anonymous 2014-10-17 02:24:17 No.35575045
Well alright then. It's good to get feedback.
Well, remember, Vegeta wants the biggest win possible. If he beats someone leagues ahead, it'd be even more impressive. It's supposed to make you mad because holy shit, how can you be this retarded?
Nailed it.


So Vegeta decides to settle down with Bulma and Trunks, training his son to be better than Kakarot's youngest son (and Trunks' best friend) Goten. He's a harsh teacher, and resents the ease with which the children achieve the Super Saiyan state, but his life is peaceful. But there's still story to tell, and there's a Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament coming up, so the main cast enters, with Vegeta hoping to fight Kakarot in the finals. Then Babidi shows up and hatches his master plan. Kakarot, Gohan and Vegeta make their way to Babidi's lair, where the wizard launches a mental assault on Vegeta. It proves to be too much for him, and Kakaro and Gohan have to save him from Babidi's grasp.

Alas, if it were only that ease. Babidi tempts him with power enough to defeat Kakarot, and, once again, Vegeta is left with a choice. He can either stop a mad wizard from summoning a djinn that would absorb everything then destroy what was left over, or he could get big.

He chose to get big, and Majin Vegeta was born. This leads to my favorite part of the series: Vegeta basically spells out exactly why he's mad, and Kakarot is weirdly okay with it. They have their fight, Vegeta breaking free of the mind control but still choosing to fight Kakarot and killing innocent bystanders to provoke him. This is the old Vegeta, the one that gave not a single fuck about killing Nappa and slaughtering a village of Namekians to get at their Dragonball.

It's a sight to behold.

Eventually, Buu emerges, and Majin Vegeta realizes his incredible fuck-up and fights him. He does about as well as you'd expect.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 02:50:35 No.35575604
Thread 1:

Thread 2:

Thread 3:

Thread 4:

Anonymous 2014-10-17 02:55:32 No.35575698
Hey, those are some hot saiyans! They're fun to look at AND we seem to get a new one or two each thread, so.... yeah.

As far as the card game goes, the new one seems to cover stuff from Saiyan through Trunks sagas, so you might be able to sneak in some nostalgia.

As far as the RPG goes, I need to get caught up on where it's at at some point. I played the one that actually had a pdf at some point (forget the exact name) but it took a lot of houseruling, so I'm eager to see what happens with it. And knowing me, I'd just make card versions of the player's characters for a little RPG/TCG crossover

Anonymous 2014-10-17 02:56:45 No.35575718
Oh sweet, thanks! I may peruse those a bit over the weekend. I especially want to get caught up on the character analyses- I might've missed one or two in there.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 03:13:20 No.35576049
So Trunks and Goten make it to the battleground, and Trunks saves Vegeta. Vegeta has a moment of clarity, tells his son how proud he is of him, and decides to sacrifice himself to take Buu out. It's a great moment, really tugs at the heartstrings, but it's all for naught, because Buu can regenerate.

Vegeta shows up again in the afterlife, where if he dies again, it's permanent. He chooses to fight Super and Kid Buu, even agreeing to fuse with Kakarot to form Vegito. When the fight moves into the afterlife proper, Vegeta distracts Buu long enough for Kakarot to set up a Spirit Bomb, taking loads of punishment along they way.

At the end of it all, Vegeta has access to three Dragonball wishes. He's at a crossroads again, now with even more room for error. But he chooses to 1)remake Earth, 2) bring back the good people that have been killed by Buu and co. and 3) restore Kakarot to full strength so he could annihilate Buu with the ki of the entire universe. Again, Vegeta accepts his role as support, but now he's more involved in the process - it's his quick thinking that allows Kakarot to draw more energy by managing the psychic connection to the Earth through King Kai. When the dust settles, Vegeta's okay with it. Oh, he'll still train his ass off, but he's not obsessed anymore. He's Goku's friend now.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 03:13:34 No.35576055
So far you're doing well. I'll just throw in my $0.02 to add onto your thoughts.

Returning to the Taoist Kung Fu Übermensch idea, Vegeta is the same race as Goku. It's like the Z-Fighters fought the King of Monkey Kings.

I argue that Vegeta ultimately lost his battle with Goku in a few important, symbolic ways. First, he, a Saiyan Prince, was outclassed by a lowly peasant. Second, he had to resort to his Great Ape form. It's something of an admission - you had to become a giant beast to defeat your opponent; you're not good enough without your biological feature that any Saiyan has. No talent involved, you see? Finally, Goku had something else that Vegeta didn't have: people who cared about him and wanted him to live. What he did to Nappa, Nappa would have done if the roles were reversed.

Vegeta was obsessed with his lineage, his race, and his birthright. Him him him. He was quite worldly and not in harmony with the universe like Goku, which is ironic for a space traveling alien.

As you pointed out, he is like all other Saiyans in that he relies on his natural power to defeat weaker enemies rather than challenging himself. One thing I want to point out though is that we never see Vegeta train until after Goku went Super Saiyan.

And on that note, Vegeta makes the same fundamental error as Piccolo did: he trains to beat Goku. Again, Achilles and the Tortoise fable stuff.

When Vegeta went Super Saiyan, he says that he stopped caring about beating Goku. He was in danger from dying in a meteor swarm in space. This is where he achieved that same "empty mind" state as Goku. In that same Taoist way, he only achieved his goal by letting go of himself. He achieved it by letting his actions become something unconscious. In that moment, Vegeta found "The Way." Vegeta later bullshits himself and his allies that his heart was pure evil but we already know that he wasn't pure evil from when he survived the Spirit Bomb.

TBC after you good sir...

Anonymous 2014-10-17 03:15:02 No.35576084
Oh, I'm done. I was honestly just killing time waiting for you, I like your analysis better

Anonymous 2014-10-17 03:18:22 No.35576152
In addition to the one this other Anon helmed for Vegeta, I did Goku, Krillin, and Piccolo. I was going to do Tien but I've been caught up in other stuff. Hopefully soon enough.

Looks like you've finished since I've had connection issues. I'll respond later. Nice to see others taking a crack at character analyses in any case.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 03:23:34 No.35576238
Actually, we do see him train as a child. It's just that it happens in the Bardock special. When he's a kid, probably between seven and ten years old, he's fighting a group of Saibamen in what's undoubtedly one of Frieza's training arenas.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 03:28:16 No.35576324
That was such a weird scene for me- Nappa had HAIR. It was weird. It also made me realize he was a lot older than Vegeta.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 03:29:42 No.35576344
I figured someone pulled his hair at one point, so he shaved to keep it from happening again. That said, he was probably a teen while Vegeta wasn't yet eleven years old.

Still, funny to think that Vegeta's ten years older than Goku.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 03:32:24 No.35576395
Wiki says they're only 5 years apart

Anonymous 2014-10-17 03:34:51 No.35576445
Huh. He looked a little developed to be five years old. Especially considering how slowly Goku developed.

Then again, if Goku's power level was in the double digits when he was twelve, while Vegeta was fighting multiple opponents that were on Raditz's level when he was five, it might make more sense for Vegeta's musculature to be more developed.

...Still, I wonder what Vegeta would say if he knew that he was taller at five than Goku was at thirteen.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 03:39:58 No.35576551
Better genetic stock, also anime.
Most anime girls with huge tits are 14.

Yams 2014-10-17 03:48:28 No.35576714

They just released rare card Images
And overall I'm pretty hyped for the ccg


As for a dbz/tcg/rpg crossover I think animayhem tried that from what it sounds like the game had different player created maps too

I really don't know tho

Since there is only one guy on YouTube that did a solo play with it

Anonymous 2014-10-17 03:52:35 No.35576803
I always figured it was an art style thing more than anything else. Gohan looks twice as tall fighting Cell as Goku did in Dragonball and they were about the same age, right?

Anonymous 2014-10-17 03:55:41 No.35576872
A good comparison is Krillin. Krillin never really grew more than a few inches, so he's pretty solid as a measuring stick.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 03:56:36 No.35576900
Oh good- I'll have to see how many I have and what I still need then.

I have a tendency to want to do things like that. Had my group not bailed on me, our game last New Years probably would've involved them being players at a LFGS and actually playing various games in a Yugioh/Cardfight Vanguard type of deal but where multiple games exist in universe.

What I REALLY want to do, is run a Star Wars d20/Saga edition game with space combat playing out with the X-Wing miniature game, except with custom cards/upgrades based on the players' characters.

Also, good to see you came back from the last thread (I got your message at the end of it, just fyi)

Yams 2014-10-17 04:00:08 No.35576993

Also has anyone noticed that alot of cards are re-prints from new sagas ?

ie: namekian overtime = namekian energy focus(cs) just without the "if" modifier

Anonymous 2014-10-17 04:09:11 No.35577205
Did they fix the thug with the card art not having a single goddamn thing to do with the card itself?

Anonymous 2014-10-17 04:10:14 No.35577226
Fix the thing.

I don't know why my phone decided to change that to thug.

Yams 2014-10-17 04:12:01 No.35577267

I'm going to miss t-rex defense

And goku's stripping nipple..

But in all honesty card art appears more relevant now

Anonymous 2014-10-17 04:37:26 No.35577719
Regarding the TCG, I remember when Tokui-Waza was more of self-imposed challenge than an optimal strategy. It wasn't until Trunks Saga that the different styles started to actually feel like they allow for different playstyles.

Then Masteries came and not playing Tokui-Waza seemed like the greater challenge. Did they ever make using whatever style you want viable again?

Anonymous 2014-10-17 04:57:06 No.35578076
there were a few cards that rewarded not having tokui-waza, including one of the most broken cards in the game that allowed for an instant win

Anonymous 2014-10-17 05:02:39 No.35578169
Some are close reprints but not exact reprints (for example, Black Defensive Burst does 4 life cards of damage instead of 3, tacking endurance onto cards, changing it from a Combat to an Event, etc.) which means we can't use the old cards.There's some full-on reprints though, which makes me happy

By a bunch. They also seem to have done a good job about reusing art- if they reused it, it's probably on a card by the same name (though, not all cards of the same name reused art).

Once you actually figured out what they DID, T-Rex Offense and Defense were pretty fun

It wound up being viable in the old game, but they've taken it out in the new one. At first I was a little ticked that they did, but after looking at some of the potential interactions between colors, it makes sense. It seems like it will be a good way to balance things

Yams 2014-10-17 05:04:21 No.35578192

Tokui-Waza looks like it's forced now since everyone has to use a mastery
Also way to many cards would be over powered even if you gave up on using a mastery

Anonymous 2014-10-17 05:06:03 No.35578221
there a quite a few cards that have pics from old cards but on a completely different card

there are also gems like this

Yams 2014-10-17 05:12:50 No.35578328
Cosmic backlash?

I heard some people got it to work with master roshi

But never really had the cards to build that deck

Oh those are the gold print cards I think

Which you can use the old score cards and still be legal for panZ tournaments

Anonymous 2014-10-17 05:14:56 No.35578354
yeah Backlash. Roshi Dragon Ball with Backlash in as a backup was an extremely common deck.

Yams 2014-10-17 05:23:18 No.35578462

Ya I could never pull the other rare Dragon balls in the booster packs
Kinda hyped that most balls this time are easy to get

Anonymous 2014-10-17 05:26:14 No.35578507
Yo what

Anonymous 2014-10-17 05:49:25 No.35578812
Gentlemen BEHOLD Corn!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 2014-10-17 06:10:30 No.35579049
I...I'm not at all certain I want to know the context behind this picture...

Anonymous 2014-10-17 07:23:47 No.35579775
Off work now so here's my first initial idea regarding that big ball of systems I planned to mash together.

Fudge Points (Fudge), Fate Points (Fate and Open D6), and Karma (FASERIP) are three fairly similar mechanics. Fudge Points and D6 Fate Points are exceptional in nature. Fate Points Fate-style drive the system. Karma is somewhere in between in FASERIP.

My big idea here is to blend them together into an expendable, recoverable, and expandable resource pool mechanic called "Spirit" as in "Fighting Spirit."

My initial desire is to track Spirit on paper rather than through tokens but it is subject to change.

Spirit can be spent during gameplay to gain a variety of advantages. It could fuel other mechanical doodads as well.

Spirit might also be permanently spent to upgrade a character.

Spirit recovers through a character carrying out certain role playing actions. Some may be general while others might be character specific.

Third, I think there could be power up techniques that temporarily raise Spirit. However, there might also be power up techniques that use it.

I have the idea that a character who runs out of Spirit loses a fight. They do not die however. They simply cannot continue until they regain Spirit somehow. The in-game reasons will vary but it is up to the GM and players. Whatever the reason though, the end effect is that the character is all out of Fighting Spirit.

I gotta catch a 50 year sleep now but there's my initial big idea.

In this way, Spirit is double-edged and has real consequences in how it is used.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 08:55:07 No.35580584
Other RPG guy here. I put some more solid ideas down on paper today!

Core Stats have a base of 2 for PCs, cost of increasing a core stat is (next level x 20) XP, they are:

I’m thinking of adding a 4th Speed based stat, which would mainly play a roll in chases and number of actions in a round.

Core Skills start at 0, buying a skill costs 10 points, each level after that costs (next level x 10) XP. They are:
Awareness (Covers perception, observation, detection)
Body (Covers all physical feats of athleticism, acrobatics, and endurance)
Control (Covers driving, piloting, and riding)
Evasion (Covers dodging and avoiding)
Fighting (Covers unarmed martial arts, and blocking)
Lore (Covers various knowledge skills like sciences, history, current events, ect)
Performance (Covers acting, disguise, singing)
Power (Covers using ki powers and other inborn powers)
Ranged Weapon (Covers the use of guns, cannons, lasers, bows, crossbows, and other ranged weapons)
Social (Covers all kinds of social situations such as persuasion, etiquette, bluffing, ect)
Technical (Covers crafting and engineering, vehicle repair, robotics, computers, and other high and low tech stuff)
Weapon (Covers the use of knives, swords, and other weapon martial arts)

Derived Stats only work as derived at character creation, from then on they only increase via XP. Starting XP CAN be used to increase derived stats at character creation, calculate their base value first before spending XP to increase them, these are:
Health (Your HP): (Physical + Body) x 5
Toughness (How much damage you naturally negate through sheer badassery): (Physical + Body + Fighting) x 5
Fatigue (How long you can go before getting tired): (Physical + Body) x 10
Power Level: Sum of all Core Stats and Skills x10 at start for Hero characters, thereafter 10xp per +10 with an additional 100xp fee for crossing into a new Tier.

More incoming

Anonymous 2014-10-17 08:56:15 No.35580594
Power Level Tiers: Tiers start out rapidly advancing then stagger the higher your Power Level increases. Initially Tier 1 starts from a PL of 1 up to 50, where you must spend a 100XP fee and cross over into Tier 2, which goes until 100 (where you must once again spend another 100XP fee). From then on every 100PL increases Tier by 1 up to 1000, where Tier increases every 1000PL up to 10000, where Tier increases every 10000 up to 100000, where it increases by 1 every 100000 up to 1 million, where it then increases every million, then every 10 million, then every 100 million.
Remember every time Tier goes up, 100xp must be paid. It is possible to have a PL at the beginning of a Tier threshold without paying the 100xp fee, but you CANNOT increase your PL until you pay the fee for entering the Tier, and you are considered still in the lower Tier until you do so. Thus, you can increase your PL to 300 normally, not pay the 100xp, but still be considered Tier 4 and NOT Tier 5, and cannot increase your PL until you cough up the 100xp. Anything that boosts PL permanently or temporarily without costing XP, like transformations, power ups, unlocking hidden potential, wishing on the Dragon balls, ect, do not require the 100xp fee for increasing Tiers, and you may be considered in the higher Tier if you are sitting on the threshold after such a boost without paying the fee as well.

1-50: 1
50-100: 2
100-200: 3
200-300: 4
300-400: 5
400-500: 6
500-600: 7
600-700: 8
700-800: 9
800-900: 10
900-1000: 11
1000-2000: 12
2000-3000: 13
3000-4000: 14
4000-5000: 15
5000-6000: 16
6000-7000: 17
7000-8000: 18
8000-9000: 19
9000-10000: 20

Anonymous 2014-10-17 08:57:35 No.35580607
Dice system and what Tier even does:

The dice system is a Roll and Keep system. To fight and perform tasks you roll a number of d6s equal to your stat plus your skill, and of those dice you select (or “keep”) a number of dice equal to your stat. During combat most rolls will be opposed rolls, but certain tasks outside of combat can have a static target number you must meet or beat to succeed set by the GM. The GM is also free to rule you automatically succeed on a task if your dice pool is so high that it would be impossible for you to fail, thus making rolling a waste of time.

Rolled dice cap off at 30 (just a working number for now), and every die above the cap of 30 becomes another kept die, so for example, 31k10 becomes 30k11. Kept dice have the same cap, 30, and every kept die above that become a flat +2 bonus to the roll. Thus, 31k30 becomes 30k31 which then becomes 30k30+2. If for any reason your number of kept dice is bigger than your number of rolled dice, you DO NOT get any benefit from this overage, as you cannot keep more dice than you can roll. Thus 10k31 does not become 10k30+2, it remains 10k31, and you treat the roll the same as 10k10.

Tier: Tier works in a number of ways. First, it acts as a cap for stats and skills increased with XP. Mainly in order to prevent low PL super powered characters, no Core Stat or Skill may be increased higher than your Tier after character creation. Power ups, perks, transformations, and certain techniques can bypass this limit.

Second, if one fighter’s Tier is higher than his opponent’s Tier, then the fighter with the higher Tier gains the difference between his and his opponent’s Tier as bonus rolled dice on ALL attack, defense, and damage rolls. In theory making pumping up your PL pretty important.

Third, once we get into the Powers and Perks/Flaws systems Tier may come in to play as a component of these features.

That's what I've got for now.

Anonymous 2014-10-17 09:05:20 No.35580660

Some of my main issues so far are 1) Giving Tier a cooler sounding and more flavorful name, 2) If the numbers will work out in playable ways, and 3) Looking at it now, I'm not sure if how the Tier cap on stats and skills currently works is going to work so well with starting/low PL characters.

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