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/tg/ Traditional Games

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Anonymous 2013-10-22 17:24:35 No.27881826

[Missing image file: Fuegan_by_John_Gravato.jpg]

WS9 BS9 S5 T5 W5 I9 A5 Ld10 2+
Eternal Warrior, FNP, Exarch Powers, Fleet, Ancient Doom, Battle Focus, It Will Not Die, Battle Reflexes, Unquenchable Resolve, Fearless, Independent character
Fire Axe, Phoenix Armour, Fire Pike, Meltabombs

Battle Reflexes: 5+ inv. save (Phoenix Lord universal rule)

Unquenchable Resolve: Each unsaved wound Fuegan takes increases his Attacks, Toughness and Strength characteristics by 1, and improve his Feel no Pain to a maximum of 3+ for each wound suffered until the end of the game.

Exarch Powers:
Multi-Shot: Fuegan may shoot the Fire Pike equal to half his attack characteristic, rounding up.
Crushing Blow
Ignores Cover
Blazefire: Enemy units that are hit by Fuegan with a close combat or shooting attack are afflicted by Soul Blaze until the end of Fuegan's next assault phase.
Ignite: Instead of shooting the Firepike normally, it may fired with this profile: Template, S4, AP5, Torrent

Fire Axe: AP1, Armour Bane; Hits against enemies afflicted by Soul Blaze are re-roll failed wounds and cause Instant Death.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 17:56:09 No.27882128
>Each unsaved wound Fuegan takes
>It Will Not Die
so theoretically he could be S10, T10, A10 W5 and 3+ FNP?

Anonymous 2013-10-22 18:03:41 No.27882214
sure why not

Anonymous 2013-10-22 19:05:44 No.27882949

[Missing image file: Phoenix_Lord_Shrine.jpg]

Jesus, he gonna be 400 points?

While you're at it make you should fluff Blazefire as being Fuegan's baleful gaze. Dude is supposed to be able to make people catch fire by looking at them.

Also, I'm liking the ammount of Phoenix Lords threads on /tg/ recently. Have people only just realized how badass these guys are?

Anonymous 2013-10-22 19:34:55 No.27883335

if they so badass why do they keep dying all the time?

Anonymous 2013-10-22 19:41:23 No.27883427

Because they're so badass death is a minor setback.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 20:52:09 No.27884373

[Missing image file: 1381713197048.jpg]
I'd make make him S4 T6 with Fleshbane axe.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 20:56:46 No.27884455
Also it would be fluffy to drop something and give him an ability to be wounded by flamers/melta/plasma/soulfire and pyromancy only on 6. Fluffy as hell.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 21:07:57 No.27884666

[Missing image file: 2013-10-10_143004.jpg]
One problem with brewing an Apoc PLs is what a monster will become Phoenix Court.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 21:13:45 No.27884777
Because they use their immortality to perform suicidal missions.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 21:26:22 No.27885007

[Missing image file: 1366138400163.jpg]
What if an apoc formation of Fuegan and a bunch of Dragons that instead of firing normaly lands few D-shots.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 21:28:48 No.27885051

Eh, just price it appropriately.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 21:29:11 No.27885062
Was thinking 350-500 points or so for them depending on which one or their abilities.

Anonymous 2013-10-22 23:06:56 No.27887012

[Missing image file: 2013-06-13_151519.jpg]
Mama Bumshee

WS9 BS9 S4 T4 W3 I10 A5 Ld10 2+

Eternal Warrior, Exarch Powers, Fleet, Ancient Doom, Battle Focus, Fearless, Avoidance, Silent Storm, Storm's Wake, Bladeshiled, Independent character

Zhai Morenn, Jainas Mor, The Mask of Jain Zar

Avoidance: 3++ invul in close combat, 4++ against shooting

Silent Storm: If she has not fired any weapon in the shooting phase enemy can't fire an overwatch at her. In addition Jain Zar never suffers an initiative penalty from charging frough difficult terrain.

Storm's Wake: Until Jain Zar is on the table every enemy model suffers Night Fighting

Blade Shield: In the beggining of shooting phase can choose instead of fire/run increase her invul against shooting to 3++. Butif she does so she loses Fleet.

Zhai Morenn (Blade of Destruction)

r- s+2 ap2 Melee Mastercrafted Instant Death

Jainas Mor (Silent Death)

r- s user ap3 Melee Fleshbane Soul Blaze


r 18 s user ap3 Assault 1 Fleshbane Soul Blaze

The Mask of Jain Zar

Before firing an overwatch every model in a unit she charges suffers a single s3 ap2 auto-hit. However that doesn't work with Silent Storm. You must choose which of these two abilities use before declaring a charge.

In close combat reduces enemy's initiative and WS by 5.

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