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/tg/ Traditional Games

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Anonymous 2013-06-05 19:03:28 No.25262505

[Missing image file: 12499785_1.jpg]

How is GURPS 4th Edition? I have no idea how up to date my collection is, but I have PDFs from before demonoid shut down.

I'm primarily interested in it because of the crossovers you can make, like having TL12 people from a hard scifi universe appear on a stone age level fantastical planet. That, combined with the fact you can make 'realistic' and superhero PCs too. Granted, the latter isn't really unique. But that is what sets it apart other than being a generic system.

Campaign wise, I was thinking of something like 1632 or A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.

How balanced is the RPG system, and anything I should houserule or look out for? How math/crunch intensive is it? Will people need spreadsheets to avoid recalculating every time they add something to their sheet? Will combat drag out from people having to reference tables?

The other system I was considering, and have an itch for is ORE. It's also pretty universal, and doesn't have the stigma of GURPS. I'd probably use the GURPS books for inspiration either way, though. Or suggest the GM to, since it handled campaigns like that.

Anonymous 2013-06-05 19:22:00 No.25262742
Ive been playing it since it came out: cut my teeth GMing it even.

It is balanced, in the way that "Guns make all men equal" is a balance. If its your first time GMing it, dont go overboard trying to include everything forever in your first game. Pick a theme and stick to it. Don't be afraid to veto stuff youre not comfortable with seeing.

The game itself includes no difficult math; at worst, you need to calculate encumberence, or maybe a very detaile dpiece of equipment might come up (styling, with fine quality, with etc. etc.) I'd suggest picking up the Character generator software; its like going from atlases to using Excel software; you wont look back.

There is not much table referencing /after character creation/. In combat, you use the range table mostly (for guns), and a lot of other 'tables' to check, like the R.O.F. bonus one, scale in exactly the same manner. Soon you will just remember when to add a +1 here, or a -2 there, just like other systems. The hardest part will be bookmarking where they are; take my advice and just prin the fuckers out. The formatting may be disjointed in GURPS book, but the rules are all there.

Will combat drag out from people having to reference tables? No. If you find shit getting bogged down, make a judgement call, move on, and /afterwards/ look shit up with your players, make notes if you need to , but just move on. Dont let shit get you down!

Anonymous 2013-06-05 19:28:20 No.25262822
>Character generator software

Link? And, is GURPS stuck in the 80s/90s or have they updated things?

Anonymous 2013-06-05 19:37:13 No.25262939
isohunt and such are your friends. "GURPS character creator"

And no, the game is not "stuck in the eighties". They have very much distnaced themselves from being in any way genre specific; many books for the game are setting handbooks, suggesting how to take the basic books and use them to make X setting. the '-tech' books may describe a historical period of weapons and tools, 'Space' and 'spaceships' each in turn sugges tthe multitude of games that can be made in an outerspace setting. The list goes on.

Some of the old books in third edition were printed in the eighties, and at the time, the baseline Tech Level Eight worl d was established. 4th edition doesnt put a date to it anywhere, but TL8 is considered sometime between Pocket calculators, and iphones; personal tech much like our own, but not from one specific time or place or world.

Read the infinite worlds splatbook, and you'll come to understand what I'm talking about. Its a pretty nice setting to use as the backdrop to a new game and a new GM. heck, you can fight Nazi's "out of the box" in that book :D

Anonymous 2013-06-05 19:40:12 No.25262984
From what I heard, they messed with the TLs in a way people didn't like.

Anonymous 2013-06-05 19:42:37 No.25263018
Could you elaborate?

They broke it down pretty well from what could see; you had ages seperated very neatly by , more often than not, major tech breakthroughs.

TL0 Stone Age (Prehistory and later).
TL1 Bronze Age (3500 B.C.+).
TL2 Iron Age (1200 B.C.+).
TL3 Medieval (600 A.D.+).
TL4 Age of Sail (1450+).
TL5 Industrial Revolution (1730+).
TL6 Mechanized Age (1880+).
TL7 Nuclear Age (1940+).
TL8 Digital Age (1980+).
TL9 Microtech Age (2025+?).
TL10 Robotic Age (2070+?).
TL11 Age of Exotic Matter.
TL12+ Whatever the GM likes!

Anonymous 2013-06-05 19:49:16 No.25263115
There was no longer mixed TL settings, like "TL4+2, Biotech 7"

Anonymous 2013-06-05 19:53:28 No.25263179

[Missing image file: 1369240172637.jpg]
Sure there are! (the person advising you might not have read the books :/ )

Campaigns, page B511
“Tech level” (TL) is a general rating of a society’s highest achievement in technology (or a certain type of technology). Tech levels run from zero on up. Each TL describes a set of technologies that become available after a certain point in time.

page B14
Divergent Tech Levels
In other cases, a society has a single, consistent TL – but it got there
along an unusual path. The GM can designate this “divergent TL” with the notation “TL(x+y),” where x is the TL at which the technology diverged, y is the number of TLs since the divergence, and the sum x+y is the effective TL for most purposes.

Example: TL(5+1) is effectively TL6 – but a different TL6 that split off at TL5. TL(5+1) devices produce similar results to TL6 ones, but look little like those devices and rely on different operating principles. A TL(5+1) “steampunk” world based on Victorian visions of the future might have steam cars, steam dirigibles, and high-speed telegraph lines instead of the automobiles, airplanes, and telephones of TL6.

Anonymous 2013-06-05 19:58:35 No.25263245
I see. Is it true the Magic book is ridiculous point for point when compared to Advantages, but Thaumaturgy is less whack?

Anonymous 2013-06-05 20:02:35 No.25263313
Well....there are definitely stock spell choices that make you a bit more OP than you would think. I had a player go full batman (not the character, but the PLAYER; fucker had spreadsheets!) and he managed to make a 350 point wizard of ridiculous proportions. Again, this was in line with everyone else, and was 'point balanced' but really, spells can be mismanaged and get out of hand, and some are stricktly better than others RAW.

thaumatology is a great book for ruling on how a magical setting can be Point-statted out. Really helped me figure out converting Eberron to GURPS without losing flavor.

Really, just remember to make judgement calls, and make sure people are spending points on things to benefit from them. Thats all anyone ever needs to do. Sure, you can break GURPS, but it requires the Player to make something broken and the GM to actually ALLOW it to happen. Dont be afraid to say NO to obviously intentionally stupid shit.

Anonymous 2013-06-05 20:57:53 No.25264113
Can this actually do Evangelion or Cthulhutech?

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