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Threads added between 2012/12/05 04:00 and 2012/12/05 10:00

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Anyone got any advice for booking flights? General advice as well as specific advice for Australians? I want to go to Vietnam from mid January to late January/Early February with a bit of flexibility but I don't want to be there for Lunar New Year and I'd like to stay between 1.5 and 2 weeks. Anyone know any good sites for finding out the best price with flexible dates? Jetstar has a good system for picking cheap flights but it'd be beter if there's one to compare every airline available with flexible dates

skiing Europe

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hey, my last thread didn't get much attention from you or myself, so I'm back. Ausfag going solo to europe for 10 days in Jan/Feb, mainly for skiing and partying. Can I just book flights and let the rest take care of itself? I'm thinking something like fly to Serbia/Austria, ski and travel around, end up in Amsterdam (hopefully), then come home (which is currently Shanghai). Can you get around Europe without booking trains and accommodation?. And should I leave from the city I arrived in (a return ticket) or can you get two one way tickets for reasonable value. I don't have too much money to spend right now. I'm open to better suggestions if you have any Thanks for your advice
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I've dealt with depression most of my life I recently took an interest in Ernest Hemmingway's works and life When he was 19 he signed up with the red cross to drive ambulance trucks in Italy in WWI That got me thinking. Are there any organizaions that you can sign up to work for that are somewhat adventurous? I just want to take a year or two off and travel and work and do something dangerous, is there anything like that these days? Peace corps wouldn't want me for anything, and they seem kind of bland anyway
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What would be the best road bike I could buy for around 200-250 dollars? i don't care if it's used.
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Anyone traveled to or around the Philippines? How safe is it? I hear it is more dangerous than Cambodia, what can I expect? Single white female here. I will see Manilla, Mayon Volcano, and do some island hopping. Advice?
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Hey /trv/. Thinking of doing a gap year and looking at locations. I'm really attracted to going around Central Asia, aka the 'stans. Has anyone here been, and do you have any advice (ie don't go it sucks/it's amazing) Danke

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