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Threads added between 2012/12/05 22:00 and 2012/12/06 04:00


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Hey /trv/ this is my first time on this board so here it goes: Me and a buddy are planning a trip to south America. We plan to go for a month and our 3 countries of choice are Peru, Venezula, and Brazil. A few things on our must do list: See Angel falls Hike the Inca trail Spear fish in Brazil Anyways, I'm just looking for people who have been to these countries to give their input. What did you like most? What are some must see/must do's in your opinion? How about foods of those countries, what are some of your favorite dishes there?
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Would I be able to go to another country and just apply for a minimum wage job? Let's say I wanted to work at a grocery store in New Zealand, just to get myself started up and eventually work up to something practical. How long can I visit a country without a work visa? Can I even get employed without a work visa? How exactly does a work visa even work?
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This pales in comparison to every other thread here, but does anyone know of any cool places to see in the midwest during the Winter? The lady and I have a couple of days off in the beginning of January and would like to take a roadtrip for a few days. We're from Minnesota, and would prefer to stay away from here and Wisconsin as far as destinations. Originally was thinking about Rapid City, South Dakota (go ahead, laugh) to go see Mount Rushmore and Custer Park but I'm not sure how viable these things are in early January. Thanks!
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I am 22 and I want to move to Boston by January. I also would like to go to school there preferably in some community college or trade school. Can anyone give me some suggestions on good schools there that I can get some sort of cert/degree for cheap? Also I am planning on just finding someone to room with over craigslist. Any other unrelated advice regarding Massachusetts/Boston would be helpful too. Thanks /trv/

awesome travel trips for France

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Naegleria fowleri.......im staying the hell out of lakes forever.

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