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Threads added between 2016/09/15 10:00 and 2016/09/15 16:00

Chile, Peru and Argentina

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So, i long story short i will be staying in Viña del Mar, Santiago, Cusco, Lima, Buenos Aires and Mendoza next year, about a month in each. Unfortunaly i won't have much money, so i won't be able to stray too far from these places, so aside from obvious Machu Picchu and Parque Aconcágua , what are some things to do and see around these areas? Is gym cheap? any chilean/peruvian/argentinian bros can recommend one? How cheap is supermarket and everyday necessities? How are women? Any tips at all really


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I wish to plan a trip to Denmark, some time in the future. As for why Denmark, I don't know, but I have an unnatural liking towards the country, and I'm learning the language right now. I'm trying to get advice on what to do there. I've traveled before, to Thailand and Hong Kong, but it was with family and I didn't really hold the reigns for the traveling decisions. Denmark will be my first trip where I get to hold the reigns and also my first time in Europe. A thing that I already had in mind worth doing was biking, but maybe skiing as well. Is skiing worth it in Denmark, or would I be better off just going to Norway instead? Also possibly fishing. Is it possible for a tourist to go fishing? Especially since I've only fished very few times in my life. Or would I just have to make friends that know how to fish to take me? Are there any other fun activities like that? I'm not really a shopping and museums person, unless the museums can hold my attention. I don't mind seeing historical landmarks as well. And I'm definitely willing to go outside of Copenhagen. I know my whole post might sound really vague for someone to give advice to since I haven't said anything about my budget or about how long I plan to be there. But this trip is very far into the future and I don't even know yet how much I'm willing to spend. Again, I'm just looking for recommendations for stuff to do or what it will be like if I go there.

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