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Threads added between 2016/09/16 16:00 and 2016/09/16 22:00

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Is there any non American here (Europeans preferred) who moved to the states for extended periods of time and managed to work while there? My reasoning behind this is that my girlfriend is from there and she can't come back to Europe within the year due to doctor appointments, so i want to close the distance, but I'm also broke. I've scoured the internet but nothing has helped, so I'm hoping someone may have done the same thing.

Iceland tour

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Hey guys! I would like to ask for suggestions and experiences regarding a tour around Iceland that some college mates (so to speak) and I are planning. Some details: >we are from Hungary >we plan to go there around the middle of March, for one week >plan to rent car & sleep via airbnb We want to go around the entire island, but the biggest problem is the accomodation. Prices on airbnb start from around 130$/night/person which is very expensive, and we might also run into trouble due to our group size (no exact number as of yet, I estimate 5-8). Do you know of any cheaper way to sleep somewhere? Sleeping in the car isn't out of the question, but it might get crowded & cold. How hospitable are the Icelanders? Could we crash in someone's living room in sleeping bags or something? Anything else you can add, I would appreciate it very much. I know there are two existing threads about Iceland, but I don't want to derail them, I hope it's okay. Picture unrelated, probably not Iceland. addendum before posting: checked hostelworld.com as per the sticky, found some much lower prices, but not enough places for a round-the-island trip. We don't have an exact route yet, so I suppose advice in that regard is also appreciated.
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Hello, people. I'm a german 22 y/o kid who is currently in a kind-of apprenticeship. I hate my life and have few social life outside of family life. I'm have a big family but since i live far away i only visit them every couple weeks for celebrations. Outside of these i mostly just sit infront of my computer and zap through youtube stuff. Currently i'm listening to Estas Tonne since his style seems to be very enjoyable when im drunk. How and where should i go to surpass this semi-loneliness? Where can i drug down my social insecurities and go on adventures? Picture really not related, im too lazy to attach my second HDD to my computer

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